Ashanti - Happy ft. Ja Rule (Official Music Video)

"Watch the official music video for ""Happy"" performed by Ashanti featuring Ja Rule Playlist Best of Ashanti: />Subscribe for more: /> Music video by Ashanti performing Happy. (C) 2002 The Inc. #Ashanti #Happy #Vevo #RandB #OfficialMusicVideo #JaRule "

The early 2000's was like The 90's 2.0
Brandon Henry
I swear you couldn’t escape Ja Rule & Ashanti in 2002 man, they were EVERYWHERE
amine king
ashanti and ja rule best duo
Cardi b and Nikki ain't got nun beautiful as this Queen Ashanti!
Face By StaceJa
Who still listen this and it's June 1 2018
Melica E
90s and early 00s were the best era of music tbh. miss those days!!
charlotte nottage
She was so young here 😍😍i love her
tronocoso jose
This song always make me go crazy whenever I'm listening to it. Hit the like button if you're here with me 3/26/2019
She Didn’t have to show that much skin And she still look good.
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
I remember like it was yesterday. Early summer of 2002, I was in my grandpa's television room with my big sis and her friends, and BET was on and this video was playing. I had already purchased the "Ashanti" (2002) album earlier that year, but the video was a new experience to my 8-year-old senses. I'll never forget that weekend we drove to Sam Goody's and instantly purchased the "Happy" CD single (back when you had to do so, or phone to your fave station, in order for your song to go #1) and also bought J.Lo's "I'm Feelin' So Good" CDS. I was the luckiest and happiest lil child in that store that humid evening lol, drove my fam nuts when I kept humming to the chorus on the way back home lmao.
Julius jeaN baptiste
Back when girls wore clothes lol
Dancehall Madness
I love this song so much 🔥🔥🔥
PinupLady Castro
Ashanti is bad ass ,no matter what.
Reminds me of the good old days👌👌👌
Still touching the inner person decades later. Beautiful track
Jackie V
Man o man !! Can I go back to these times , no social media, no high tech iPhones , no worries in life lol
Hi, I'm Paul!
Ashanti + Ja Rule = 🔥🔥🔥
I'm playing all the r & b throwbacks 😭😭💙 I'm not disappointed at all
Johnny Brooks
damn I miss these days
Listenin in 2018 💯
Jason Rodriguez
Omg this brings back so many good memories... wish I could go back in time.
Krysyal White
my jam still listening 2019
Derrick M
I bought this album when it first released. I was in middle school about 12 or 13 yrs old. Until my cousin stole it though
Chauntel Shannon
Ashanti and Aaliyah were 2 of the most beautiful caramel-skinned, Nubian goddesses I've ever laid my eyes on.😍😍😍
I will never forgive 50 for takin prime Ashanti away from us
Maxwell King
Still sounds 👍🏾 in 2019!
Nicko AGB.
2050 who's listening encore ici Ashanti the best
She was lovin her weave through the whole video
krizzia cruz
Does any one still loves listening to this? 2018! :)
Claudia Rodriguez
ill forever be grateful for growing up in the early 2000s
Wow nostalgic af. Look at what those kids got on lol baby phat omg this brings me back😣😣😣😣
Xk 12
Tam Ahmed
Damn, I had a bloody brilliant music taste when I was 12 !
Dayane Francisca
Ashanti e ja rule perfect combination love😍
Joseph Archibong
Man this era was so beautiful like everything about it is just one of a kind , not to mention murder inc and G unit had the game on lock 
Stellar Nesss
Back when most music was based on actual lived experiences and not 90% about being depressed
Rodrigo Lima
Whew, right back at cha It's the world's most talented record label Murder, Inc. And that angelic voice you hear in the background Oh, that's our new princess of Hip-Hop and R&B It's Ashanti Boy you fill me with so much joy You give whatever it is that I need Now I'm here to stay, Won't never leave So glad that you fell In love with me My love is so good That I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you babe My love is so good That I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you babe All of my life (I've been searching for you) Everyday (So glad that I found you boy) On my mind (I've been feining for you) Everyday (I'm so happy baby) Boy you got me feeling so good You take all the pain away from me Without you around, I couldn't breathe And I knew you fell in love with me My love is so good That I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you babe My love is so good That I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you babe All of my life (I've been searching for you) Everyday (So glad that I found you boy) On my mind (I've been feining for you) Everyday (I'm so happy baby) I'm so happy that I fell in love I thank God he sent you from above I'm so happy that I found someone I thank God he sent you from above All of my life (I've been searching for you) Everyday (So glad that I found you boy) On my mind (I've been feining for you) Everyday (I'm so happy baby) All of my life (I've been searching for you) Everyday (So glad that I found you boy) On my mind (I've been feining for you) Everyday (I'm so happy baby) Ohhh that I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you babe It's so good, that I wouldn't be without you babe Couldn't see me without you baby
Mikiraki zuma
Good old music
vince carter
Who still listen this I February 2019 ♥️
Who remembers Ashanti always being on MTV when MTV was MTV ? lol I miss those days. 😭
Sokaly .h
April 2019 who is listening with me?
PanaRican Princess
Back when weaves looked real and didn’t have those glued down baby hairs 😂
Pretty Boy Cedd
If remy ma and fat joe can come back ja rule and Ashanti can come back
Christina Zaragoza
Ashanti is still beautiful, and this song 🎶🎵sounds good. 2018 anyone listening also.
Is it possible to die from nostalgia
Anyhow Ja Rule´s Voice reminds me of Tupac.
Tash Gooden
I forgot how I use to love this song😍😍
Nicholas Furey
2018 is almost over and I am still jamming to this!
Back when we would have to buy the album to listen to our favourites.
sunsun pinnock
Ashanti got dem Prada shoes on i see every london youth rocking them hard now a days lol
Kendrah marie bugg Terrell
Happy this song makes me happy🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈❤❤miss ashanti❤❤❤😏😏
Shamaneika Johnson
This take me back
Kris Kilpatrick
Who's still 2019ing this in listen?
Black Country Boy 1992
I wish ja rule and Ashanti came out with some new songs in 2018
gathoni liz
Who is here 2019. Good old days!
James Guinnup
I am geting this cd in the mail for my birthday this year
Brohm's Adventures
I miss when things were a lot more simple...
Jerry Marck
Makes me wanna marry
RageReaperX JR
Where’s my people in 2018!!??
Irv Gotti trying to look hard at the end, that guy is about as hard as a loaf of bread.
I love these lyrics! So positive and full of love! Underrated! Beyonce overrated!
choudhury shadmani
God so many memories!
O'Shea Champiom
Summer of 2002 I was only 5 but I remember literally everything man... Shit was so much simpler from. 02-12 this song still bop lol
gregory arrington
I've always love Ashanti.. When I see the video or hear the I can my brother dance to this he loved this song.. I miss him as much...
Shawna Monae
Yoo i did that dance infront of my mom and she was like "I see that u been listening to ashanti"🤣🤣
Elizângela Assis
listening in december of 2018
Beautiful Memories ☀🌇🌃🌌🗽
Life Circumstances
The Mom’s got an attitude.
fully clothed and very age restricted to watch now fast forward to 2k18 your kids cant watch half of the videos because everybody half naked its crazy
Agustina Melgarejo
Back then when R&b and Hip Hop was innocent
Kimberly Hansen
Oh man I was 19 when this came out😂🤦🤷 still 🔥💯
on the positive side, i can finally afford that mercedes. lol
They were too cute next to each other.. Love this damn song too.. Whole album was real and fun. Shes mad gorgeous! And didnt have to do much to be gorgeous like todays women in 2018..
Daniel Martinez
2018 form venezuela The bEST hits..
amine kouar
Hello listen the music Hacko Original style 👍👍👍👍 Hacko une rose for YouTube Hacko fanthomme for YouTube
Miss Thorne
I love you Ashanti
Conscious Brother31
I see everybody on here remember those video that seem like they were filmed on Saturdays in the summer, just sunshine all the time people smiling, laughing young and old. Those were good music video days. Now its dark dreary naked drugs blood money cussing no love horror devil worshipping stuff. The sign of the times "Get it Righteous or be Left Behind !".Jesus Christ Peace
Chaz Sadlier
Angelica Villafane
I was in elementary school when this song came out and was dying to be grown. Now I wish I could go back in time and enjoy being a child. Trip down memory lane. Ahhh.
Kendrah Terrell
This song makes me ☺ love ashanti s 🎶
Zwelethu zueli
its 2018 and still listening to this
Jessica Floyd
I will say this about murda Inc...they had those summer jams from 2000-2002..
not sure
best summer of my life 17 years old wilewood new jersey summertime. met some hottys. this chick started singing ashanti killed it. ended smashing later. time flys. enjoy the youth kids
ronnie ogutu
Yoh....this were em days, when music was life... When you bumped em music on em speakers and you felt it all through your soul
Cherise Miller
Who's listening in 2018 June
Nina rica
I miss this era man Slappin FOREVA THO!!!!! YEEE!
Dilf Hunter
what happened to tunes like this love coming across songs I aint heard in tym
Ryan Klass
What does ja rule do in this?
Ogou Ange Yannick Monnan
2018 and I am still in love wit the song ever
Deon Richards
So glad you fell in love with me! Red Cup Approval Tune!
Queen of R&B.
Jared Banks
Ahhh summertime in the early 2000's those were the days. Back in my old neighborhood in the all the kids would be out playing and everyone's parents knew each other, the neighborhood was safe , the older kids looked out for the younger kids. I remember playing outside until it got dark and going inside and stuffing my face until i passed out and waking up and doing it all over again. Man being a kid was fun lol 
Deah Roy
Great voice coupled with great beats..💙☺
Andres Campos
Clubbing days. Wow such a long time ago
Alexis Cisneros
Andrea Desmond
Still listening to this in 2019
Neisha Tatts
Everybody rocking those pants now like it's brand new lol