Besatt - The Kingdom of Hatred

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DISCLAIMER: The following song, and all its contents does not belong to me. It is property of Besatt & Undercover Records and all its subsidiaries. The purpose of the post is to share the music without any economic or social intentions. All copyrights are holded by label and the band. Band: Besatt Album: Sacrifice for Satan Year: 2004 Format: Full-lenght Origin: Poland Label: Undercover Records ( ) Lyrics: Nights and days You build hellish kingdom Night and days You look for gloomy souls Fire and sword That’s what your enemies feel Fire and sword In gloomy hands The bloody moon is rising In the destination’s nights The rides are coming On the black horses You are standing In the chariot of fire And we are Apocalyptic army of hell Pure soul Is sacrifice for Satan Let them burn Christian churches So feel Mighty of Satan Let be Darkness Evil and hatred It’s destiny of your life Evil and hatred It’s your power Fall and pain Is waiting for Christian god Fall and pain Angels deserve for death Time for revenge Sacrifice for Satan Hell’s master Hail Satan

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