How To Make A Large Bird Cage Pt.1/2

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This is part 1 of 2 on how to make a nice enclosure for medium-sized passerine birds like crows (in my case) or parrots. This is an enclosure that I made for outdoors, but it would work just as well in the house, and it'll save you four or five hundred bucks at least from buying something of similar size from a retailer

Hillbilly Hellion
While I was working on a power line during the early spring I came across a very young Red-tailed Hawk who had been abandoned and fell out of the nest. I raised this hawk till it was a year old in which I built a 12 foot square aviary for the raptor.
Vadym Rodionov
so i made it too :D just by using woodprix plans:)
Kimberly Kirkpatrick
Something to consider.  The wire that you are using appears to be zinc coated.  If the birds are mouthing or biting at the wire the zinc will gradually poison them.  Heavy metal poisoning is one of the most common causes of death in pet birds, Anyone know where to get stainless mesh?
Beverly Scofield
Ingenius. Thank you for the ideas. I must make a cage to fit in the cab of my pickup truck. While I travel, I don't want to leave my five cockatiels in the travel trailer--they should be with me to enjoy with me all the sights along the way. You  have given me many good ideas.
maysy marky
It's safe for birds
Suzette Alfonso
Thank you so much for sharing this ... I am looking to build something similar and this type of step by step is exactly what i needed.... very detailed informative and thorough.. Awesome how to video!!!!👍👍👍👍
I love this video! If I watch this over and over I'll eventually get myself psyched up enough to try it! :)
One shoul always use stainless steel wire. Wire that contains zinc is toxic. A huge amount of birds die or have a shorter life due to zinc poisoning
ameen gujjar
great bro
I was really hoping you were going to clear that area out completely and turn that entire area into a cage, Crows are pretty big and looking at the finished cage its pretty tiny.
Beth Thornton
Thank you for the comment on the chicken wire not being a good idea and explaining "why". Thanks for the step by step, easy to follow directions .. I'm going to give this a try and replace my bought outdoor avaiary with a bigger custom made one.
عامر العراقي
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tran xuanhau
Thanks for posting! it is very good stuff. can i use hardware plastic mesh cloth instead of metal mesh cloth? I plan to have an american robin/mocking bird. thanks
mick lippett
a lot of wasted time  in video to get to a good cage...didn't need the waffle
I feel in love with the idea of the cage being under the patio but I wanted to see you add the birds :(
Mahtab Ahmed
Crows?? You look like the type of guy who looks after eagles and falcons and other birds of prey! Excellent video, I was able to follow and that is saying something. :)
This was a great video and my favorite thing about it is how you didn't rush anything and stayed at a good pace for me to understand and visually see what you were doing. And this video was also very relaxing to watch and it felt like an asmr video. This has really helped me because i really want my birds to have a bigger cage but i don't really have the money for it (i have no clue about finances whatsoever either bc im still a student) and i think it'd actually be fun to make my own birds cage and I'd be proud of my work. I'll watch part two tommorow bc now its getting late and I don't wanna fall asleep in class again.👌HOPE EVERYBODY HAS A GOOD DAY BYE
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ripa hasan
i will recommendation for Panlarko Expert Aviary Planner.its really a great can also get it by google search just searching by how to build an outdoor aviary.
Elizabeth Lujan
This is awesome! Never thought I could build my own birdcage!:)) thanks!!
Shah Fahad
good , its awesome . i m like it.
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xX 7MCBunnyGirl7 Xx
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Dawn Riddle
This is so helpful. Thank you very much. Just a friendly reminder that "galvanized" wire will kill birds - it's toxic. PVC coating is also toxic There are other kinds of steel/wire you can get. Stainless is expensive and safes. Some people use powder coated wire as a happy medium. Check out for more info on steel. Not sure if others have ideas.
Hemn nabard
many thanks for your information ...good job... I will make a large bird cage as soon as possible.
Graeme Fox
great video, thanks for making it. Got lots of tips for my cage project.
GAZO 1980
Thank you bro nice and good
Holliston Lester
As seen in other comments I also have to give my props to Hyezmar. If you have the skills or want to learn easily, you might want to look him up on google.
Matthew Lavergne
I am pretty sure you can find good solution on woodprix page :)
Marcus Vlogs
What camera do u use in this video
Keli Weisgerber
Go to woodprix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think.
Short Fuse
for a second i thought....why is there a black man cowering in fear sitting there on the couch....then i realized it was some sort of martial arts training im faced with another question...why is the mannequin wearing clothes?
meld beach
Is that thing seating on the couch to scare away the burglars? lol! cool idea!
Laurie Davies
I just built (today) a flight cage for my parakeets using the exact same galvanized mesh, you've used, and I have a question: Have you experienced any problems with your birds being sick? I've worked all day on this cage, and read through some forums about installing doors, only to discover that the toxicity from the zinc on galvanized mesh could kill my birds. So, now I'm frightened to put them in the cage.
Kayla Roo
Great job!
meld beach
I cant use chicken wire. any suggestions>?
kasum samarajeewa
There are several tips for building birdhouses: Give yourself plenty time. Use done for you boat plans. (I learned about these and more from Aviary magic method website )
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Alan Zidan
good work bro
Shanna Gutierrez
Well this is a great video! Is there any chance you sell these?
Luvenia Waiters
It's simple, Just go to WoodPrix page - click the start button and make it yourself.
Omar Ghulam
For this materials we need a lot of money in this money we can buy a big cage
yahya Dhamshe
thanks helped alot 😘😘
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Redda lamachi
will done :))
Egor Tetenko
This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it by myself.
Prajo Pawar
Ye chije kitne tek milagi
Ali Satar
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Good work bro
Faizan Shaikh
U are very hot man . Like u video
Rhodora Irilis
Vadym Antipov
This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself :)
Ali Satar
Borys Kerchu
Hi. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'woodprix' . I know you'll find good solutions for your idea.
Garzon Laperle
Nice movie. However you can make it yourself. Just google WoodPrix and learn how to do it easily.
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