Apple - Steve Jobs introduces the iPod - 2001

I had to get this posted for the 10th anniversary of the iPod. Amazing! I remember ordering this online the second Jobs announced it. It was ground breaking! I really fell back in love with music in a way that became so much more personal than ever before. Thanks Steve, the ripple goes beyond the sound grooves on vinyl. This was bigger than any number one song could ever achieve. This was earth shattering.

"Here's some Japanese songs" *camera zooms in on random Asians in the audience*
Michael S. Yelland
To think for the first 20 minutes of this video, the world didn't even know what an iPod looked like. It's fantastic.
Steve Jobs 2001: "We believe the mac can become the center of your digital lifestyle"  2014: So here I am, sat watching his video on my 27 inch iMac, with my iPhone, and iPad on one side, and my macbook on the other. Great job Steve!
If i just bought a 1000 dollars of apple stocks in those days  
Ben Wasserman
Back before this event, the world had no idea how Apple would shape the world. Now here we are, commenting on these videos, most likely on our iPhones and MacBooks
Niazi Mujahid Kahn
Did I see Tim Cook??
Antonio Nešić
36:51 That bald guy reminds me of Steve Balmer :) 
leander saz
Steve Jobs An Inspiration to the World!
Dylan Benedict
I still use my iPod Classic. The iPod is like my all time favorite electronic. Such a great invention.
Brad Meyer
One time I found my dads old 3rd generation iPod Classic but it doesn’t work.
Steffen R.
young Tim Cook at 26:00!
This is the second 14:33 Apple became know to all, other people than the upper middle class.
Paul H. Kircher III
I guess that's always why they were trying to introduce to next new version of Me to You and that would be Jihyen.
Stuart Holloway
36:51 Is that Steve Ballmer yawning? 😂😂
Alex K
25:57 Future CEO
Alex M
we've come a long way
iPod was amazing! I never enjoyed using a mp3 player as much as I did using my Black Nano gen3 8gb. It was more than just a mp3 player, it was aesthetically very pleasing, great functionality, fun to use and it held 8gb of my fav music!!!
Nisson Lee
the ipod is great! THANK YOU STEVE JOBS.!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the way Steve took it so lightly in the beginning saying "hey we are doing an music player called iPod". Then with all those people like Smash Mouth and Seal coming and saying how great iPod is, it became immediately clear how BIG the deal iPod was. When it is over, Steve left people in awe sitting there and couldn't believe what they just saw, which was a historical product that led to iPhone and iPad and the whole world was changed right there...
tim cook 25:58
Kevin Maryles
When he put on Bach's Cello Suite by Yo Yo Ma he raised the intelligence level in the room like crazy
Todor 2112
That thing was huge but in those days it seemed like sci-fi.
Alia A
Alia A
Wow! I want one of those.
murty intent
o bb
25:50.. look at tim cook.. waiting to be a CEO... you got it man
Pinkie Pie
Apple went down hill since Steve died.
Dashcam Dumbasses
Yeah people can hate on him all they want but really catapulted Apple into the big leagues and you can tell he loved his job. Great humor and very entertaining to hear him talk during his keynotes.
Justin Franks
Such a tiny auditorium! It's incredible how much Apple has grown over the past dozen years. And it was the iPod that started that explosive growth.
That pricing logic xD HAHAHAHAH! CD player-75$ => 15$ per song dear me xD
Bobbie Brennen
Damn that thing is Gigantic lol
thats certainly true, though it is a funny contrast, the two :PPP I love steve jobs, he is an innovator and genius. The funny thing to me about the comic sans thing, is he emphasized graphical interface and typefont in the original apple products, as something that would make apples design stand out, and appeal to more people. He was a brilliant designer, and people are loyal to him and his company for that...and there he is with comic sans, and everyone HATES comic sans, HATES! now thats funny
Apple design is much more than the font they used.
This is a jab a Microsoft, y'know cause they announced nothing about games, just media.
Lol wtf 144p
Ilan David
"Here's some Japanese songs" ...Camera showing Asian people....
I feel like I'm watching the Xbox One announcement
Thanks! This does exactly as it says! It gave me a virus that costs $3,000 per month to constantly remove! -.- Seriously though, stfu and gtfo. c:
I fucking hate that PRE workout supplement commercial. Sorry, just venting. :P
Cmon it was 2001 :>
I can charge my ipod To 100% in 20 - 30 minutes. No lie
Desi Trump
Drunk Audience
Michael Cully
18:26 I can charge my IPhone to 100% capacity in about 20 minutes! Crazy!
Clark Johnson
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Sam Barney
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Priyanshu Chauhan
steve face 14:39 applause for ipod
Felix Dodd
MPMAN - released 3 years earlier than ipod - better sound, lighter and cheaper. lol
omg he picked the song that's used in the apple adverts now
He is a genius.
Fred Garvin
It's simple to bypass iTunes & just drag & click.
Fred Garvin
I use a classic. I carry 12k songs wherever I go. I'm lost without it.
Robin Conet
Esa Syt
Lol. Plays Japanese song, camera focuses in on Asian dude. xD
Vaidy Krishnan
Scott forestall at 32:06
What a stupid idea. It will never work.
Louis Chao
26:03 Tim Cook was there.
Jun Lee
there was 144p?
Say what you will but nobody could sell and present like Steve Jobs.
Barried Gharizah
glad to know that Steve Jobs had Utada Hikaru ((宇多田 ヒカル) songs on his ipod :D
Imagine 12 years from now. Dear god.
That charger is similar to the iPad charger.
Bernardo Neves
I bet most of the people there watching Jobs talking, about a mp3 player, were thinking "Hmn it's an ok product nothing major special about it..." and then Ipod made Aplle what it is today.
best apple
Suraya Abdul
Love Steve Jobs.:).
Isu Asenjo
It's not comic sans.
Tim Penasse
25:55 Tim Cook in his younger days!!!
Ernesto Viana
15:26 a hard day's night
DJ Shuffle
Ha, iTunes 2... Now we have 11.0.3!
Frederick Pancho
I'm listening to this on an iPod touch 5
DJ Shuffle
240p...we meet again!
Apple Design....comic sans font.
Smith Js
funny nobody there had a clue the ipod was going to be this huge, may be accept steve jobs.
Smith Js
what a small stage to be introducing a revolutionary device. compare to the latest stage he stood when introducing ipad.
Matthew Roop
Oh god is that comic sans steve
Could have better def
Игорь Коробков
i speak in english/ cat dog man apple cherry mouse
Игорь Коробков
Total game changer. The beginning of Apple's true breakout era!
Jerry Dodge
This was 14 years ago, when 1,000 songs was considered enough for someone's "entire music library". Now, 2015, my entire library is over 10,000 songs, and about 100 of those are between 1-3 hours long.
mike brown
26:00 Tim Cook
Louis Pharconides
cool video
joshua tavora
20:21 chuck norris
These were the good old days!
Seal was telling the truth 100%. I remember when I got the first IPOD it was shocking I carried it everywhere.
Anthony Skrilla
The day he changed lives
Francisco Maury
I put one in my mouth and use the free hand to type ;D
Bernd Lauert
how can you type when holding two dicks in your hands?
Bernd Lauert
"160kbps bitrate which is a very high quality bitrate. very high quality." That son of a bitch...
Bernd Lauert
2001 - the year apple started their ghey products.
Francisco Maury
If you have a Mac you just have to press "option+shift+ k"
I'm probably way off but did he say, at 5:04, "..and those CRAP parents made that movie in 5 mins..."????
Lol, I thought I was the only one that noticed that.
43:10 ipod and macbook ??? macbook ?? what macbook in 2001 :P
Hahaha, they introduced the super drive just months ago. They just got rid of it a couple months ago. :)
zoe trope
17:57 huge win
Chris Rothgeb
I love how they zoom in on the asian guys when he talks about japanese.
Raymond L
36:55 Johny Ive
please give time code on video