Advanced macOS Tricks and Utilities Using Terminal!

We dive into the macOS Terminal and use Homebrew's best utilities and tricks. All Homebrew commands - /> Follow me on Twitter - />Follow me on Instagram -

Snazzy Labs
Thanks for watching, everyone! It has been a while since I've done one of these. Hope you enjoy. 😉
Eeshaan Pirani
1st rule of youtube-dl: don't talk about youtube-dl
Andrew Joy
grep , echo and pipe ..... THE best command line utilities :)
Turtle Shell
More tips! Every time you upload one of these, I always learn something new! Thanks again Quinn!
Andrew Turnblad
For those curious about "brew install" vs "brew cask install": "brew cask install" is for installing graphical applications, while the shorter "brew install" is for installing command line utilities. Fun fact Quinn: I'm watching this video after downloading it using youtube-dl :)
rai ZOR
holy shit, this was amazing, can we do a whole series just not homebrew
Mitchel Valentino
Always great to see content about the command line! Cheers!
Matheson Steplock
You might want to blur out your ip shown in speedtest-cli
Sergey Karchmit
Minus m? It’s dash m Good video. Learned new things!
John Mal
Wow very similar to Linux. I assume just like Linux once you learn these commands it will be so much faster and easier than using the GUI'S. *GREAT VIDEO*
Bruno Rezende
Hey Quinn, love your videos. Please do a follow-up on ffmpeg!
Hey Quinn, a question: Where are these casks hosted / who uploads them? Given that you didn't' address this I'm inclined to think that casks can be generally regarded as safe, but downloading files from an unknown host through terminal feels... sketchy. Thanks!
Pedro Nunes
Thx thx thx! Pls, do more videos like this! :)
Victor Aghaebita
Please make sure to never delete this video until I get my very own MacBook. 😄😉. Thanks.
Thank you so much for this video! Please make more of them, now I can finally download 8K videos from YouTube :D
Using console task manager to have graphs since built-in GUI task manager doesnt have any. Huh.
joshua oduse
Thank you so much for this. I really enjoy your content, and as a young IT professional getting into the world of Apple hardware/software, videos like these are always helpful.
Impulsed Ideas
youtube-dl -f best actually downloads better quality. Don't ask me why but it's the way it is
Kiyoshi Kirishima
Your use of xcode-select command is wrong. It is for switching between multiple installations of XCode i.e. the 'select'. To install the command line tools, just type 'make' or any other developer tool.
Trieu Truong
Great video! I hoped you will upload more video like this, I learnt lots of thing from those. Thank you so much.
Dominic Grove
I live for these videos! Best YouTuber by far 👍🏾
Joel Sawyer
I hope you have a dynamic ip - its visible @ 6:25 - in case you didn't notice!
Sammy Spitzer
what keyboard was used in this video? sounds super tactile and satisfying!
Eros Luciano
Hi, do you know glances software? (brew install glances)
Vicente Akira Kamata Rivera
Please dive more into youtube-dl! Thanks for this videos
Ariel Richardson
thanks my man!! i just got a Macbook pro and i am a linux user and i mis install from my terminal so much... is like have my thing again THANKS!!!
Aleksandar Mićanović
Power of Unix/Linux
David Reyes
Loved this video, especially since I am new to mac os. Thanks.
Q-Mansnaz, this was pog! Thanks for introducing us to this amazing stuff.
Steven Poodle
Amazing tricks, you should upload more of these terminal videos!! Keep up the great work.
4:20 I would suggest iStat Menus though ... most amazingly beautifully powerful way to view EVERY THING your machine does
Odd Solberg
xcode-select —install --- missing a dash---> xcode-select --install
Reed Harston
“To give an example of how truly powerful image magic is...” Quinn then proceeds to show off the power of BASH. 😉 (like if you actually know what I mean 😂) Great video Quinn. I personally use MacPorts instead of HomeBrew, but I may have to check out that cask utility...
Grant Derepas
Is there a recommended way to migrate from manually installed applications to cask-managed apps?
Danny Danymal Lee
Insanely cool! Youtube DL was particularly awesome. Cheers!
MH Photography
I like these videos a lot! Thanks for posting them! What is your preferred way to copy a large number of files from your mac to your NAS frequently? Is there a good command line tool beside rsync?
Watching this from my Arch Linux install.... LOL
Sean C.
Wow I didn't think I'd see a bash for loop on snazzy labs today! I absolutely love that you exposing people to some of that sweet sweet bash CLI nectar! Please do more like this 👍
mateos vargas
I got 35mbit down 11mbit up, on my "100mbit connetction" somebody is getting a call tomorrow
Cordell Ruzewski
I may be doing something wrong, but when I typed "brew search --casks" I never got any results?
Alan Hardman
Along with imagemagick's "convert", the "mogrify" tool is amazing for doing batch conversions. For example, convert all JPG images to PNG: mogrify -format png *.jpg
Try Oh My ZSH. It's like bash on steroids.
Tyler Thompson
“The power of UNIX married with the simplicity of Macintosh.” I think Steve Jobs said that officially at some of the keynotes. I like how that rolls off the tongue. Cool video by the way, Homebrew is pretty cool
João Azevedo
Are you wearing the German national colours? 😳🇩🇪
Does anybody know if (or how) I can software update (running 10.10.1, need 10.10.5) Mac which has been updated with MacPostFactor?
Marco Pfeiffer
And if you are a real nerd you use xargs for your image conversion to start multiple processes at the same time.
Michele Brotto
Super useful, love your videos! Thanks for sharing.
A. S.L
can we install different brew in different terminals at the same time
zhang you
I used brew to install Syncthing, ntfs-3g and wget. All are very essential apps to me.
Andrew Fluck
2:44 - "will pop uu-uup" Nice way to introduce Mac people to the command line world and developer tools!
Peter Miles
Dark mode might be all the rage at the moment, bit the contrast between white text and dark background made it nearly impossible to read on a 9.7” iPad. Otherwise interesting.
i would love to watch more videos like this one you made Advanced macOS Tricks and Utilities Using Terminal!
janzi p
Man this is crazy good! I'm learning so much from your videos and you made my Mac OS experience even better. Thank you and keep up the good work!
You didn't tell us download ffmpeg was going to download 50+ dependencies as well...
I hoped the title would be "oneplus 7= 8 Mac Tips"... Since I saw the tweet I was really looking forward for the title...😔
Repping The Critical Slide Society! Love from Sydney :)
Niklas Flue
what for an password is requested using sudo htop? the mac password? and then tiping it in and hit enter? or how can i confirm the password?
ricky v
Your Terminal videos are very useful and powerful, Quinn. Definitely interested in using these terminal commands. Thank you.
PSW The Musical Digital Nomad
Thank you, now your Twitter has one more follower.
marshall branin
Have loved home brew ever since I started using it years ago! Also, “sudo killall coreaudiod” is great for fixing audio issues in Mac os
These are awesome. Convert will help me a ton. The Snazz strikes again!
Mayi Pasumarthy
Great video, Quinn! Keep up the good work!
sye riz
thanks for the great video , can you please teach me how to download youtube videos in different size 720, 480,360,240 by terminal
Utkarsh Anand
Shift + Command + U for the Utilities folder, there are some cool thing in there to mess about with as well
Muhammad Hamza
Who else is Windows/Linux user with no intentions to switching to Mac and watching this
Cameron Simons
Thanks so much for this. Can you download adobe apps? Or just the ones in your application store?
Christopher Burnett
I would love more videos like this! Keep up the great work.
Tom Sherlock
"for normal Joe's like you and ME"
Jon Espinoza
This is exactly the kind of videos I want to watch related to macOS tricks! Part 2 please with more useful tools in "brew".
Just to let you know, you don't have to install cask like you did in this video. It comes with homebrew now
Deirdre Young
I'd love to see some Wine demos. I love some programs on Windows and miss them on my Mac. I did find Total Commander for Mac, which works as well as my beloved Q-Dir does on Windows. But yes, Wine please! :)
"open ." is the ultimate terminal trick
Someone Else
Wait did we just install something to install something that installs things?
You can install cask quick look previews to view files that are not supported by default
Domingo Moronta
Thank you! Also, over on pastebin the xcode install line reads xcode-select -install. I believe you need a double dash/hyphen before the install option.
shannon campbell
Just an FYI its xcode-select -—install instead of -install on the pastebin sheet, this may mess up a few people when trying to install the Xcode common line tools
Who’s here after watching the video about the $5,000 Mac 🖥 pro thingy video
A. S.L
i can't download youtube-dl, it says error in child process. oh my....
Mykhailo Karnaukh
Awesome video, though if you would like to get something prettier then stock MacOS terminal my suggestion will be to use iTerm+ZSH+oh-my-zsh that will give you a bit better experience(use that day to day in my software developer job). Awesome tricks with ImageMagick btw=)
Marcin Adamowicz
how can I uninstall brew and xcode? I've installed those 2 + youtube-dl and it took 15gb from my ssd... How to revert it all back?
Raúl Alejandro Muñoz Araya
Do a video with a decent version of terminal, iterm or somth like that
Mr. Ted H.
I will try it hope I don't break my MBP
Salman Zafar
i use brew all the time, it's super easy to install packages
willem schipper
Activity monitor can also show you the per-thread usage
Jonathan Copeland
I love these videos, thanks dude 🤘🏼
Wenzel Massag
OMG thank you! Where do you find these things?
I like Mac OS X. I also use it.
Fernando Goya
Homebrew is really awesome. I created a .bh with all apps that I need to install in case I format my Mac. One command and I have back almost all apps that I use. Plus, other settings that I need. Try to do more videos like this one. Command line is really amazing way to handle our Mac.
Asif Mahmud Akash
Thanks for all those command lines. Those are unbelievably powerful and useful. Can you share something about professional apps excluding video editing software.
Brett Gough
really helpful stuff that you would have no idea about without a guide. Lots more of these vids please
Nice, gentle intro to the command line! Instead of focusing on all the arcana and getting lost in the weeds, you gave numerous quick examples showing why you should care in the first place. Those with the temperament to deal with it can seek out more info on their own. It’s also worth mentioning that the standard BSDGNU Unix utilities are a treasure-trove of useful one-trick ponies; when strung together with pipes on a single line, you can accomplish a huge array of file, text and data processing tasks.
Slipper Z
Like the sound of the keyboard!
frank javier
To be clear, it added a 15px border on the image. Applying 30px between the two ends of the photo. Just in case someone is trying to figure it out.
Rally cool stuff! Could you make more videos about homebrew?
Vincent Saipudin
awesome, thanks for sharing Quinn!
Ali Reza
try using GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick, it's faster.
John Snow
Quinn, keep doing videos like this! Thank you!
Stefan Driesner
Snazzy finally discovers what Linux/BSD users have been using for years: the Unix command line. I find it fascinating you can be so impressed that a .dmg can be downloaded, verified, extracted, and installed with a single command -- this requires 4 lines of BASH script, tops. The real tragedy is that Apple treats the command line as something to be hidden in the Utilities folder rather than a first class citizen in the Dock.
sivan ferna
When you think you know a lot about computers and realize you are a peasant, the dock spacing is my favorite trick you gave me, thanks
Tab-complete may also have been a good hint for any terminal-novice