LeBron James Full Highlights in 2013 ECF Game 7 vs Pacers - 32 Pts, 8 Rebs, 4 Asts! | FreeDawkins

LeBron James Full Highlights in 2013 ECF Game 7 vs Pacers - 32 Pts, 8 Rebs, 4 Asts! - LeBron's Head At Rim Level as Dunks it! FreeDawkins - NBA Video' --Like And Subscribe For More! Follow me on Twitter - />Boxscore - />DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended, all videos are edited to follow the "Free Use" guideline of YouTube. __ __

Lavar Ball
Lmao didn't read 2013 and thought you had a time machine and brought us highlights before the game even started
kf 3
2013 lebron was the greatest player ever
Felipe Barbosa
Back when even with a big 3, NBA still have a competition....now with gsw and KD, its not the same
He has to play much better than this today, because of how shit his team is. Kevin Love is averaging 11 points but I believe in LeBron.
Henny Spiderman
Damn I miss that Miami team. They were hella fun to watch. They was all about dunks, alley-oops or 3's
Corbin Biddiss
Its so weird hearing Steve Kerr commentating then
Vito Brnic
He is at his best when he is thinking only about scoring, not distributing. Game 6 against Boston, he had 5 assists, game 7 against the Spurs, he had 4, game 7 against Indiana, he had 4, game 6 vs GS, he had i think 7, game 6 against Detroit, he had 8 ok, but he scored last 25 points
bruce lau
LeBron has been amazing over the years in Game 7s all time, the Cavs need him big time today .. 2013 prime LBJ was amazing...
Cameron Choi
If LeBron doesn’t win today, then he’ll lose today.
Miami LeBron was a wild man
Can’t Primo
I miss headband LeBron
Jon Seversike
Shouldn't this be under vintage?
keanu griffiths
this pacers team should be in the next 2k honestly.
Andre Iguodala ✔️
His teammates need to step up, Smh it’s More like Lebron vs pacers.
It used to be scary watching him when you were going for the opponent.
That Indiana team led by Paul George was scary... That shows you that Paul can lead a team unlike one individual
Sweet Uce
This is prob going to be the worst ever season for the king! But you know he will be back next year getting that chip...
Lil Dirt
Houston taking the ring
Finally, the last highlight from this series had been made , thx bro.
Mr.Sauceman X
He will have a similar game like this tonight. Nobody has ever stopped LeBron in an elimination game 7 like this. Going to be great to watch.
Iloveprettyfeet Women
Lebron changed his shot and got better at 3’z AFTER all of his achievements 🤦🏾‍♂️smh and y’all see he ain’t the goat..because his game not pretty and flashy like mj kmsl 💪🏾💪🏾
william hardenbergh
Pacers WIN 108-100
King Heem
The Man head literally above the rim 🤦🏿
Monty Wills V
Miss this team ..2013 was one of his greatest years
Bron finna have a 40 point triple double and still lose
Kyle Wowry
Peak LeBron James
PG Broome
Paul George is playing absolutely no defense lol
William Turner
Dang game 7 I guess the east was always weak when lebron was winning
Amged Fraik
“Very close to a travel” bruh he took like 4 steps lmao
Fateh Fini
2010-2014 lebron was another level
Veljko Milanovic
POOR PACERS..... :'( I feel sorry for them.
Josiah Thibodeaux
Man I miss this team soo much, this was one of the best things LeBron ever decided to do.
5:20 why does the guy behind lebron looks like floyd mayweather lol
Wei Zita
ray allen:durant be like, if you can't beat em join em.
Paul George had an unaggressive george hill, trash ass Roy hibbert, and average David west as his back up and took this Miami team to 7 games.
Sailomyenh Sisanasunthon
The Rockies can be killing the Oldman rosters. Percer - Hot young rosters have a energy. CAVS Collections the Oldman rosters very expansive team same Dallas . Maybe Cavs can't beat Percer in Game7
We taking over this game 7. #ALLIN
Skip 2 My Lou
chuck was right. Everybody on the heat stunk it up all series. Lebron carried the heat to the title this year.
elamurugan murugan
almost his head above the rim
Keanan Spear
imagine if lebron played how he does not back then
But he wasn’t playing with bums back then
Jahse Lipsey
Anale Beads
Lebron is good in Game 7s? Cause to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking at this matter in a different perspective and without being condemning of ones view and by trying to make it objective, and by considering each and everyone's valid opinion, I honestly believe I completely forgot what I was going to say
Ian Aguirre
1:20 travel
and that was off one foot jesus
FreeDawkins >>>>>>>>>>> Ximo Pierto
Henny Spiderman
Best duo? Bron and Dwayne or Bron and Kyrie?
Jay Whiteside
Pepperidge farm remembers Norris Cole
Tyler west
I miss this Lebron
elamurugan murugan
look his head at 1.58
Jordison Jonkaes
Lebron going for 41-9-6 tonight.I hope it’s enough though
Playground 22
Hopefully history won’t repeat itself...
Lt. Longshot
LeBron completely owns the Pacers. Like more than he does the Raptors.
william hardenbergh
Pacers > Cavs
How many times did he get a foul and miss the layup or shot? Half of his point where from the free throw 15 am I the only one seeing this or do u guys get blind because of the stats
KaHLiL 2Classy
I remember this shit . Pacers got fackedddf
spyrakosss 69
Kevin Durant
LeBron going for 50 tonight with a triple double
Green Runs Deep
LeBron > St3-1phanie Currinjuryproned
Lebron should have never left Miami.
Lil TAY #YungestFlexaUfDaCentery
NBA will win it for him today. Like usual