Destiny 2 Forsaken: How to Get Exotic Ace of Spades (Cayde Cache Locations)

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Hey, it's Ace of Spades. It's an exotic quest video. We're just gonna read through the steps and I'm gonna show you the cache locations. 5% discount on ASTRO gear: (new international links coming soon) Need a good chair? SecretLab has you covered, use my referral link here: (United States and SE Asia Only) If you enjoyed the video, a positive rating is always appreciated. Subscribe to the channel for more Destiny: /> Datto Does Destiny Social Media: Twitter: />Facebook:

Simeon Chavez
I don’t understand why I need to do this quest when I literally picked up and had the gun at the end of the story
John Nguyen
EDZ 2:20 Nessus 3:10 Io 3:50 Tangled Shore 4:27
XxPranksxX 24
Okay, why is everyone in the comments complaining about the crucible kills when the gambit requirement is worse? Edit: They just changed it OOF.
Banshee forgot cayde died that’s sad man
i hate being forced into PVP to get these weapons
Jack Healy
"...the next step requires you to get 25 precision kills in the cru--" Welp, guess I'm not getting Ace of Spades then.
Kody Price
Its a shame that Bungo continues to force me to play PvP. Im bad. My teammates are dragged down because of me. The other team gets easy kills. I want to die IRL. It will probably be a month or two before I get the Ace. Edit: Theyve changed how the Gambit part of the quest works, so it should be easier. P.S. I have the Ace now.
Sturm's Overpowered bullets two taps gambit invaders and one taps in Crucible. Happy hunting.
i guess i'll have to use my rare blue quality sparrow to get to some of these
Logo Tho
_So... Much... PvP..._ *_UGH..._*
Andrew Li
Sooooooooo much better than that Kackis guy. I swear he goes on for like 10minutes to make a simple point. Top vid Datto
Rip cayde 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 Lol
arthur morgan
You don't need to do this anymore you just have to kill ai and other players in gambit
Why the hell do we have to do all of this shit for a handcannon? I was able to use it in a cutscene, why cant i just use it now
Just use Crimson for literally all of this. So easy
Michael Strohschein
I wish they would combine and give the option during the 250 strike/25 crucible kills. Don't force players to do an activity they don't enjoy as much, just give us the option to do one or the other.
very poor and very annoying quest, for starters putting a focus on the gun during the whole PVE campaign then forcing people who might not like PVP into doing PVP is just going to cause rage. sure put that thorn 2.0 behing a pvp quest cause its only really useful in gambit or vs taken but AoS should have been a PVE only quest OR better yet give players a choice between doing the gambit step or doing a PVE variant step, the gambit way is faster but for those who do NOT want to play PVP can do a longer winded step to get the gun.
Magenta Freak
Just Ask Cayde 6! Oh Wait...
To be specific, Memento Mori bullets are 6 shots with ~50% bonus damage. They last until you fire six shots out of the gun, but do not refresh themselves back up to 6 if you were to get a kill with say, your 3rd or 4th one. You need to be out of them before you can get more. Essentially, it's a 6 shooter with 7 cheater shots. Another cool detail is that the chamber glows when the weapon is empowered by any kind of buff, including an empowering rift or the weapon's own perk.
Bryce Jonathan
But Datto how do I get the hawkmoon? I miss it so much. RIP hawkmoon.
Anthony Fernandez
Only took me 10 hours for Gambit and then15 for 25 head shots
'Memento Mori' oof
Why do people say use crimson? Some people don’t have it. Like me.
Waifu Cruz
The pvp steps are gonna be the bane of my existence, smh.
Vlone sucks
I got back into destiny 2 and forgot how fun it was playing with friends
I'm on the verge of completing this quest myself. Gotta do it for Cades honor, although I can imagine the gambit part is the hardest. FOR CADE!!!! ♤
Sooooooo.... basically I'm never getting the gun.
Can we just get a good gun that doesnt require me to kill other guardians? Zero pvp requirement questline plz?
Hello 17
Yesterday, I had a sandwich, and it was really good!!
Call of Ktulu
I’m getting the same feeling from this expansion as the Taken King. Even more so because there’s so much to do right now I’m almost overwhelmed and overjoyed. I could spend hours just looking through the collections alone figuring out builds for the future for each activity. Great job Bungie 👍
Mitch Connor the 3rd
Well won't be getting this gun.. really pisses me off they keep making play the shitty crucible
Tasty Does Games
Ace of spades masterwork. Just imagine it. Goodbye
"You keep watching it, so I keep making it" thats the thing I love most about you Datto, no sugar coating, you just call it as you see it.
Does anyone actually even like crucible steps. It ruins quests there should be a pve alternative.
neoturk nope
"get 25 headshot kills in PvP" ME: Ugh *closes video*
Dimitra Mparla
Who else got the Gambit part in their first match? I did!
Nathan Toutounjian
So I only played until the Osiris dlc, at 300 power, and stopped... I just bought the new dlc any tips
Uhhhh I got a quest step that said “get 250 kills in strikes” anyone else get that?
well I suck at crucible so guess I will never get this
I got the Ace!! Took me half a day to complete it but I feel pretty good ♤
Best technique for me on the precision kills with HC was to pop someone with the bow then swap and kill with hand cannon 😎
Jacques Saker
If anyone is on the 25 kills in crucible use the ikelos hand cannon, I did it in 1 and half games.
Holland Harris
My first step was get 25 kills invading or killing the invader..
Ok. Never got this quest, don’t have DLCs, heard you can get it without quest. Obviously after the newest update, Gambit has been kinda removed as far as I have seen from non-DLC players (correct me if I am wrong). Anyone wanna help me understand dis lol This seems like one of the few hand cannons I might have a chance with (and the other is a Legendary). So, aside from a random possibility from Xur (if it is even possible to get it from him), can anyone tell me if there is a non-DLC method of getting this gun without going through the very unlikely chance I will get it from Xur and without having to spend 60+ dollars for the DLCs?
Poke Bowl
Do you have to be a hunter to get the Ace Of Spades? I got confused in a different video as I am a warlock
You get all hype but then realize you don’t have ps plus
So, use a hand cannon to take out a player who likely has a sleeper/sniper/super. Sounds fun.
That gambit part is hellish for single players. It was either me and my hand cannon vs a sleeper stimulant across the map or the team would just discard of the invader and take the kill. Took me a few days to do that part, the other steps I did in a few hours.
ben's minion
The second quest step was changed, you just have to get a lot of kills with a handcannon in gambit now
Update ur exotic tier lists with the new update
I’m just now getting it. After the fucking massively long quest, it better be good and they better not nerf it into the Earth’s core.
Hipster: Roxas
The gambit step alone will be hell if you’re a solo player I would imagine
Etherious NatsuDragneel
Yea.... Gambit ain't a thing no more I think..
A Fuzzy Wubbit
Great video Datto! super informative right to the point, your guides are always my favorite and I always go to them when I am curious about any exotic weapon or Destiny info! Thank you.
smul by don
Limmy for ever
every one is crying about the 25 kills and im here stuck as a hunter trying to get the io chest.
Welp, gotta pull out my Crimson for this job.
patrick eberle
I can’t get the chest on Io with his directions; running a hunter plz help
HunterGrgamer 2789
Thanks bro my favourite weapon
[ Jokke ]
Im so happy that i got it because of u! Thank you!!!
Bungie why you make me pvp?
Project Get Friends
Beat what story the forsaken?
Make pve options to the pvp for people who don't want to play pvp, it wouldn't be that hard. Make it as "challenging" as the pvp challage but give them an option if they are adamant on not playing pvp....
I think this was changed. My first step is just to kill enemies in Gambit. I have a bar from 0% to 100% to fill
the nightmare taco
Datto: "Self explanatory steps" Datto 30 seconds later: "wording on this is not the clearest" "a lot of people got confused" lol
LittleWolfy 479
Do I have to have the forsaken dlc to get the Ace of Spades?
John Adlington
screw that
Lord Solaire
new logo is fire
Dyson Rocha
No ace for me screw it.
mickbutts21 The Third
So when are we going to see how to get malfeasance
Krisztián Csuja
WHY the FCK forcing mee to Damn PvP??????
I’ve actually gotten so tired of bungie mucking up the exotic quests, in year one of the first destiny it wasn’t so bad but as time progressed bungie seems to have gotten pretty bad with it because I’ve done 7 rounds of gambit and have yet to manage to get a single kill with a handcannon
Oh well, another exotic quest I won't bother with.
Shootthechickenb ‘
Here before 6 million
thomas shepherd
I say the gambit part the hardest
Christopher Mattsson
The gambit requirement is brain dead stupid. I've already been playing gambit a lot so I'm matched with higher rank people who only invade when they have full supers. How am I supposed to dodge golden guns and kill that enemy with a handcanon that takes 3 shots?
does golden gun count as hand cannon
1:21 you can also just kill the PvE enemies
Hijacked TARDIS
The easier trick is to take out the disc for Destiny 2 and go play something else. Bungie has done too much damage, this game is beyond saving.
Phoba Fett
Glad to know Bungie still forces pvp on their players.
Pinhead Larry
Yeah no way I’m doing this quest lmao 😂
Will Lashley
I still hope thid game dies
Craig Ryba
The way Datto says "so hadayagetit" is so satisfying
I'm way past being pissed off at Bungie for delivering another mess of a game. More pissed at myself for being duped by this lack luster team of "game designers" and paying more money for a product that should have been included in Destiny 2 original price along with the other 2 dlcs. They have the balls to charge 40 for this trash. Hey Bungie game developers, for starters can you let us reload our guns while running\dodging. It's a joke that you can't reload while sprinting. #Done with Bungie #They suck #Reload while sprinting
You want a grind , monster hunter world but I just couldn't stay there with the Clanky mechanics
Makes my day to have this gun back, very fond memories of it as a Hunter main. Even happier to hear that it's quite good now, because it was just alright before. But I used it anyway.
Proxy Epic
Who here is just watching but doesn’t want it
Noah Campbell
Why doesn’t nobody use salute to the colonel ornament for ace of spades?
Broly The Fucking Legendary Super Sayian
I had a op hand cannon the trust and sadly the explosive mod made that 3 times harder
Myles Flores
I completed the first two steps without even realizing it, great!
Savion Smith
The invasion kills were the bane of my existence for about 5 hours
Its Lethal
Great job Datto waiting for your first thoughts of Forsaken
Ben Larson
I now have a far greater respect for Mr Fruit grinding that whole quest out in one night. Seeing as how I absolutely suck at crucible this quest is gonna take a long time for me to complete
matthew Brown
It's not a hunter only every single Guardian can wear you're so stupid
Paul Hampton
I hate hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE getting through this quest..the crucible part sucks soooooooo's so difficult when people use bows or shotgun's and you use a crappy freaking hand cannon 😠
b smitty
probably the worst guide i have seen in a while
Real Meat
Pvp steps ruin these quests
Do you suggest any specific hand cannon for crucible precision kills?
ultra insticnt Ez YT
When cayde said "im coming home ace" i wanted to throw my controller
kirito natsu
Says hunter only hmmm