F1 2011 Indian GP Official Race Edit Highlights Indian Grand Prix

Vettel after GP: Indian roads are much challenging than the circuit
Back when all engines (top speeds) were pretty much equal...
Asher Rose
makes f1 video.....puts music over the engine noise......
LF1Racing 00
better Than Sochi Circuit i miss Buddh India
LF1Racing 00
better Sochi that circuit is Bad layout Buddh is Better,
Krishna Vid's
Sebastian Vettel❤️
@jerbz01 You me at six - Bite my tongue
@NUDIFRAMAR You me at six - Bite my tongue
@jerbz01 i took this video from f1 site so i don'«t know sorry i'll try to find out anyway keep in touch
whats the title of the music?
Sun Il
Good circuit
Вот где кайф то, когда не заводская команда драла всех
Francesco Errico
come si chiama la canzone ??
song name
The Dinkles
even though i'm a hamitlon fan i think that was his fault
E gaming
nice video
india is only win for vettel Edit: And then the bobs and vagena jokes come in lol. If i talk about Vettel most wins in track, I prefer Suzuka lol.
Abhilash Bhatt
The most difficult grand prix  for drivers