Apple Music Event 2007-The 3G iPod Nano Introduction

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the 3rd generation iPod Nano with video capabilities.

Best iPod EVER.
Le Docteur
Coverflow was great, shame they got rid of it
I still use these iPods: the pinnacle of the nano for me. Battery life is immense and they're so small you can easily take your phone as well in the same pocket. Wolfson DAC too.
I'm still amazed that Steve never dropped one of those tiny slippery devices on stage all those years
This was my first iPod. I got it for Christmas in 2008, and it still works flawlessly.
6:50 EVEN BACK THEN they were talking about Net Neutrality.
I was never thrilled by this gen iPod Nano, but I have to admit Steve really was an amazing salesman. No keynote now even comes close even if the products are better now. I watch these keynotes and find myself wanting the old tech.
Zoheb Khoja
2014 and using iPod classic !
Christopher Inductivo
I miss coverflow
MapsProject TV
Steve Jobs 😍🔝💪
I have this one but it's green.
Even in 2006 they were talking about net neutrality
Saswata Satapathy
My ipod
Kevin Nohl
Yo lo compré ahora, me encanta <3
Jeremy Ducharme
what song 8:55
Karl Washington
The iPod Classic is like a bigger
Karl Washington
The good old days. I remember I got this in 2007,and it lasted until May 2013. This thing was small but it was,and still is THE BEST iPod EVER
Ha i mlike the killers AND green day. Song one... mr brightside the killers... song two... good riddance(time of your life) green day
Manny 98
I have this iPod in Silver and 4GB. My first iPod I have ever had! Seeing my iPod how it is right now with a case looks like it was just yesterday when I got mine!
DF Studios
This was my first iPod/Media player! But it is pretty overpriced by today's standards. You could get a Nexus 7 for $199 at 16GB. I still love it though, mines in silver at 4GB! :)
I'm your newest subscriber
Krishan Gopal Singh Mahar
i still use 3rd generation nano 2013 its cool
I wish they could sell this again with even bigger storage
shame on you! JK
this was my first ipod. so much nostalgia. had it for 4 years until i got the Touch, and then i never used my Touch after i got the iPhone 4.
random spam channel
When i read the title of this video I actually thought that it has a 3G antenna.
LoneWolf 7
what is product red?
Prayudi A.
Gosh, God Bless YouTube, lol!
Anderson Toledo
Agree. That's the most beautiful design. It kinda looks thicker now that all other ipods came out, but just make them thinner and it will be the best again :D
random spam channel
Apri Swajaya
i love this ipod
random spam channel
can somebody tell me what "product red" is?
Best Buy and UPS lost my 4g iPod mini when they sent it out for repairs, I was devastated, so they bumped me up to a 8g iPod nano. Still use it today, but I'm 3 clicks away from going back to a mini.
I got this ipod for my twelth birthday, I'm 17 in a week and its still going
You are 100% right!
It was my first ipod and I still use it! The best ipod ever!
No you were a fail.
no it was Time of Your Life
ipod classic mini...
Joseph Allison
My favourite Ipod is still the Ipod video. I Still use it to this day. XD
Mark Nulty
I think it is 'Time of your Life' by Green Day
this ipod was such a fail
I want that iPod :-(
does any1 know wut song it is at 9:10
Halling Roosa
Better than 4th gen
abinav ram
i got the 8gig silver one, when it launched and still using it, not a jiffy of a problem ever. steve you really made things that worked. Love to you. Meanwhile, the iPod touch had came out then, bummer I didn't have the money for it.
Josh Lisker
This Nano was my first iPod! Though while I got the normal 4 gb silver one, my brother got the product red 8 gb iPod...
Sean R
zen vision and microphoto are significantly less expensive and significantly beter as well
Joshua Ortega
Just buy an iPod Touch instead of that
everything seems to be taken over by the ipod touch now! all the click wheel games have gone from itunes! this was the best ipod ever. i somewhat want to listen to music on this rather than the touch - it has a anice feel to it! best ipod to me.
Erick Soto
This is my all time FAVORITE iPod :) I love that design! and the pastel colors!!!
Can you still download games ???
the newest nano sux tim cook needs to get off his ass
steve jobs likes zoolander
What ever happened to PC Guy?
Dxniel Alpuche
mi favorito aun lo uso como principal mi iphone lo guardo para lo que es
Sarah Herminia Sanson
my first iPod!! I remember when i a got it for my Bday!!! I got it in white and kept it for 4 years
i remember getting this for xmas best xmas ever ahh the high school days lol
Stickie Linez x_O
an amazing ipod nano with a nice clean design,very best of apple inventions,i was very happy(and still am) when i updated my 1st gen nano with the 3rd gen 8gb :)
I have that
Manny 98
I got a used one from my friend and it works great. The thing is the there is no more click wheel games in the store. :( Im going to cry! No more extra buying games! I am sad!
Michael Morgan
its so funny watching the new ipad and then watching this and they say that 204 ppi is the highest pixel density screen they've shipped =P brings back memories....
Manny 98
Mine broke yesterday when someone came into my room when i was at school! They threw it to the floor because my mom was babysitting! I hate it when she has to babysit for a bunch of lunatics!
I wish Apple those days are still focusing on iPod's just like before... now its just about iPhone and iPad and they forget that amazing thing ... the iPod
Luis Hernandez
In 2017 and I still have it blue in very good condition!
Jen Diaz
@bigtechboy26 Me too! The battery life is so long. I've been using it for 4 years :)
Steven Ellison
eughh! i dont have this iPod but i think its the best nano! looks so goood! and FUCKING SEXY!!!
Old BigTech (SUB NEW)
I still use this iPod today!
Bobby Tawil
@danmiddleton7893 Me too, I still use it today.
you know Steve was Great At everything except Choosing CEOs
Garrett Lajoie
I still use this iPod today; It's fantastic, even though it's 4 years old. It doesn't feel obsolete at all, never fails. So great. Steve Jobs, you're the greatest. We will never forget your legacy.
@danmiddleton7893 same ;)
Bálint Orbán
I bought my 3rd generation nano a few month after the 4th generation came out, and I'm still using it. For me, this is the best iPod ever made! Thank you Steve Jobs
Justin Charles
R.I.P Steve Jobs
When Steve Jobs was alive apple was better 😪
@danmiddleton7893 me too
1:13 How is steve so damn great at holding electronics? He always pulls them out and holds them so it looks like they are about to fall. When he pulled out the macbook air in 2008 i was expecting it to drop out of the sleeve
Vairesh Gunner
lol 7:10 i would like to be a windows computer
I always wanted a Nano 3G
Robert Lundy
204ppi, eh? My gs5 that I just watched this video on is more than DOUBLE that. We've come along way in seven years.
@chadvader93 i TOTALLY agree with you
I have just ordered an Ipod Nano 6G comes tomorrow. Love the clip, finally no more tugging of the head phones, just fit it on my pocket ; )
Timothy Szep
@gus911hot er.. it obviously isnt. hence '3rd generation' u mad?
I agree with 123strum1 !!!
Best nanos are 3th,4th and 5th gen. 6g is shit
Tom Mattin
@FoxSpirit7 lol
You guys know why this people want to change ipod's genereation every year?Well,this people change the ipod's generations,so every year other people can buy this new generation at stores and they go crazy and thats how this white people get reach every year!
The 2nd generation was the one that a lot of my friends had in 5th grade. But this one is amazing <3
@danmiddleton7893 Me too! I had the red one. I brought a 3g iPod Touch a year ago and I now use that. I gave the 3g iPod nano to my mom and it still works like a charm. :)
Mohamed Sahl
@danmiddleton7893 just a question , if u put an widescreen movie , will it show as full screen ? ( cause I think if it shows as widescreen , it wont be that good on such a small screen )
the ipod nano 3g is the best of the nano series
@danmiddleton7893 me too. but now i got a touch!
Steven Goggans
i Have uploaded the 2nd gen nano intro see on my channel and video responses
@JUNIOR6289 i love my 3g green ipod nano
i love my 3g pink ipod nano
This is the only ipod that I've owned that's actually lasted... The other 3 I had before it broke or fucked up in some way, I've had one of these since late 2007 and never had a single problem with it. I'm getting an ipod touch soon so I'll be giving my nano 3g to a family member that doesn't have one.
@suxatguitar1 I agree!!! I have one right now; it broke 6 months ago, and I fixed it recently :))))) so glad to have it back!!! so convenient
Dan Middleton
This was the first iPod i had :))