Blackmore`s Night - Live In Germany 1997-1998 FULL CONCERT

Blackmore`s Night - Shadow Of The Moon Live In Germany 1997-1998 FULL CONCERT

Klaudia Erika Fedor
I love renaissance music, my husband is a classic rock music / Deep Purple fan, so WE LOVE Blackmore's Night:)
I soak up every bit of music Ritchie makes, the man is talent personified.
Amazing. I started watching this video, thinking I would not be able to bear too much of this kind of music, but to my own surprise it attracted me more and more, so I watched it through till the end. I especially enjoyed the little talks between the songs, so I got to know how it started this whole thing. I believe playing this kind of music too, proves Ritchie's versatility in music. He is a great musician! Candice's voice is simply beautiful. They are a good match.
I love Jessie Haynes
john fowkes
At the end of the day I can only listen to myself. Thanks for that Ritchie
beautiful vocal harmony on the 16th century green sleeves chorus
One of the very few artists that did 2 seemingly different things, they were both successful and both cornerstones in their respective genres. And all that without being ultra-commercial but instead being fully deep and musical. I consider this as one of the hardest achievements a man can reach.
Richie, you are so right on.
Chris Manzi
Mr Blackmore, even his appearance is mesmerizing , he has it all , The greatest guitarist of the 20th century and I'm sure the 21st lol
Sue Ellen
ohh..i really like this..awesome..!! this makes me relax..
Yashar Mazloomi
He is my Hero..
Michelle Mazziero
Muito bom uma pena que não encontro quase nada deles.
Six-String Steve
Always wonderful to see Ritchie and Candice - thx for posting!
such a brilliant singer.
Old Blackie
Tony Houle
37:27 to 40:05, magic! What a great song!
... great video .... some beautiful background moments here ... thanks for sharing ...
Claudiu Cont
.. every history has its own first steps ! ... thank you for the upload ! ...
Valeriy Blinov
Super Legend!!! Great!!!!
Pedro Hereira
I allways have been a lover of Deep Purple Mark I music, this renaissance style make me remember them.
Xunel Asturies
John walsh
The guy on guitar looks like the fella from Rainbow,and i don't mean Jeffrey,who just passed away,RIP
yasuharu saitoh
Best insight in Ritchie's mindset, to date.
Dark GaMer
Thank you for the video
Vanderley Suntak de Souza
Gostei muito
Vince Schier
Are there any words for how good this is?
otoniel de jesus nuñez
ahora blackmore respira paz y tranquilidad con esta música - el lo dijo , la música renacentista lo atrapo - en todo estilo que toca es el mejor- todo un revolucionario de al guitarra. larga vida a blackmore.
lstar rtna
Bart Boeckler
Ritchie & are both amazing the medieval music (soothing and melodic) and I don't know who she is but that female guitarist and vocalist is amazing too!
This Originally released on video in small quantities was Really the First introduction to the Real Ritchie-Very Imformative and wonderful music. It shows how easily Ritchie adapts between Rock Guitarist and MediEvil Minstrel!
Tom Signs you guys!!! Tomasz ...Canada ...Poland
Оля Омельченко
Интересное интервью. Прекрасная музыка...Спасибо
Prasadam Nirvana
What an amazing ban! I wish the quality was better.
god this is so good !
26:25 under a violet moon
Furry Animal
This lot are good. Only just discovered them by accident late 2016v
flip inheck
That black semi-acoustic fender that Ritchie is playing throughout this video doesn't appear to have a scalloped neck like his electric white strat does. Just noticed that!
Ольга Литвинова
Маленький кусочек из Лебединого Озера Чайковского
zaza merabishvili
Zal Moxis
Damn she is beautiful....
Kenneth Moh
Wurdalak Persempre
Awesome for the non commercial music
Zdeněk Švejk
Egal Anders
Ich könnt mich in den Arsch beissen nicht dabei gewesen zu sein - die möglichkeiten habe ich gehabt :-(  P.S.  Wer weiss mehr über Jessie ? Wikipedia schweigt hier :-(
will Yale
If I close my eyes,I can see Friar Tuck eating a roast pig with an apple in its mouth........................’Renaissance’ Music is like Dogging,should be kept private and underground!
Lord Vulcan
I'm amazed she hasn't fixed that overbite yet. Jeeezus.
will Yale
This needs stopping-it’s wrong on SO many levels!
he plays as Rome burns....I love his music yet they dress up as peasants and poor, yet they live rich and dont sing against the rich, they sing to keep the poor..poor ..such a dirty to it as rome burns  and enjoy your torture
What awful awful music. Sorry Ritchie but your name gets people to follow but if an unknown came out with this music they would be starving.