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The ESPN FC crew breaks down the upcoming Champions League final in Kiev, between Zinedine Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, and Jurgen Klopp, Mohamed Salah and Liverpool. ✔ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: />✔ Watch Latest Episodes on WatchESPN: />✔ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: /> Get more ESPN on YouTube: ► First Take: />► SC6 with Michael & Jemele: />► SportsCenter with SVP: /> ESPN on Social Media: ► Follow on Twitter: />► Like on Facebook: />► Follow on Instagram: /> Visit ESPN on YouTube to get up-to-the-minute sports news coverage, scores, highlights and commentary for NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, College Football, NCAA Basketball, soccer and more. More on

Miguel Vale
True everyone wants Real Madrid to fail They were happy when Real were in a CL slumber and United were getting cakewalk draws and Barcelona were diving to victory. They thought they’d finally rid themselves of the Kings of Europe. When we came back and started making semis with Mou they laughed at us because Barcelona were the darlings of football. The world fell silent when Ramos rose to meet Modric’s corner on 92 minutes in Portugal on that fateful night. You could hear a pin drop when Marcelo, Di Maria and Isco ran riot in extra time. They knew we were back and they’ve been hating in silence since. Atletico was whipping European ass for fun for 4 years straight and only we could stop them. They smacked Barcelona so bad Barcelona had to avoid them to win the CL. They trampled over Bayern but we stood strong and knocked them out. Where’s our respect? The Juve game which had zero legitimate controversies(except Isco’s goal really) was used by the media and opposing fans as an opportunity to cry foul. Now we’re painted as a villain. A King hated for reclaiming his throne. They are now going as far as to discredit a trophy we haven’t even won yet. If Liverpool wins it will be because the match was fair but we dare not win lest we be accused of rigging the final in some way. I was easy about this final initially but the more I hear these suckers talk the more I want Real Madrid to be in the final 3 more consecutive times after this. I want us to win until they call it the "Coupe De Los Merengues". I want us to win until teams don’t wanna play anymore because we’re always winning it. I want us to win until they change the rules and say the defending champions can only field 10 players and have 1 substitute on the bench. I want us to win until the other leagues make a European XI and include players from South American leagues and make a new competition where they can compete and we’ll beat them down and win it as well. I want us to win so much they’ll ban Zidane from coaching and he’ll become a football guru living in the mountains and Pep and Mou and Klopp take sabbaticals to go and learn from him. I don’t even want a big score line. I want to win by the scapiest own goal of all time where the ball has to cross the line 3 times before it’s confirmed a goal.
Jose Ruenes
These guys would be throwing a party if Barcelona was in the finals.
Alessio Fazz
If Roma was in the final it would be 100% Real 0%Roma
Ryan Laus
Madrid three in a row
Myles Morgan
Anybody that calls this "soccer" just leave don't bother don't belong here
38 Baby
I like Liverpool but all this Liverpool hype will be put to rest on May 26th a midfield of Milner, Henderson, and Wijnaldum won't stop Real Madrid from winning the Champions League AGAIN, you look at their bench Klavan, Moreno, Ings, Solanke, Woodburn and Mignolet Lmaooooooooo, Liverpool depend so much on wing play with Mane and Salah playing Asensio and Lucas adds a couple of bodies and no one beats the high press as good as Real Madrid look at Real Madrid's first goal against Bayern yesterday Bayern high pressing Real Madrid breaking through patiently and scoring Real Madrid will win the 13th regroup in the summer and spend big Real Madrid is only getting started.
Freddie Marsh
Is this a joke? Liverpool are the most overrated team in the world with the most overrated manager in the world. Klopp has a better team than Brendon Rogers had and Brendon Rogers still got way closer to winning it than Klopp has ever come. Liverpool have a good front 3 with a shit midfield and a really shakey defence with Lovren. And I have one final question for people who think Liverpool will win, what’s gonna happen when Kroos, Modric and Isco come up against the likes of Henderson in midfield?
any good names please
Win, lose or tie, Madrid till I die.
david milwood
The thing with real Madrid is that they don't need to be the best team on the day to win because a team can have 70% of the ball and more shots but yet real Madrid will still win not a lot of teams can do that plus the experience they have
If experience is everything then France would not have beaten Brazil in the 98 WC final and Liverpool would not have won in 2005. If experience is everything then Greece would not have won Euro 2004. Experience is important but it's a one-off match - anything can happen.
Why does this matchup feels like a super bowl 52. clearly real madrid is a heavy favorite and liverpool is the underdog in this match. hopefully liverpool have some of that eagle's underdog magic!!!!
Vincenzo Di Giuseppantonio
Real madrid played PSG, Juve, and Bayern. Liverpool played Porto. Take your pick.
Bitaal Sadiq
Wonder if Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane will be fasting for Ramadan the days leading up to and the day of the champions league final!
Eric Olvera
These dudes so bias against Madrid lol can’t wait til Madrid whoops some ass
Frank Hernandez
Madrid always find a way to win, so I say Madrid. Salah alone can't win this finals. Bayern was the strongest opponent.
Mirabelli Luca
65 % Real and 35% Liverpool..
juan Ramires
Real Madrid have not been in their best season league wise, but UCL is a whole other animal. Real Madrid have been TESTED this UCL season. They took a loss to the spurs, had a difficult group stage match up. And they went on to beat the French Champions, the Italian champions, and the German champions. Liverpool has had it... well, less difficult. With Man city as the exception. Liverpool beat Man city, which are the English league champions. If Madrid beat them they would have successfully beaten the world's top league teams.
About 2 years ago I'd say liverpool has no chance of winning against real madrid but now I have a lot of faith in Liverpool and know they will put such a fight that that actually might beat the recently clumsy real madrid. Come may 26th 2018 , the city of madrid and Spain will be silenced for a really long time. #ynwa ❤🔻🔴🔴🔴 #england #liverpool #salah
Dhirshan Gobind
Madrid will walk the final. Too much Liverpool hype! They need to be quiet and humble before this final.
Dirk Kuyt
Liverpool fans will recreate something like the Anfeild atmosphere. That's how passionate we are!! Don't forget Istanbul.
Sulfiker J.s.
LIVERPOOL will take it 💪
chris zeijja
2 of my favorite teams playing in champions league lol I dreamed of this since I was a child but never thought it would happen
Jaheim Botha
i know Liverpool is good this season in the UCL............. Never underestimate Real Madrid because Real never give up......Real is the best team
Jose Martinez
Let's not forget that klopp is on a losing streak in finals. I'm pretty sure real madrid has already won this ucl.
Alexey Tikhonov
I would like Liverpool to win but Real won't let this happen.
Brian Lam
Real Madrid deserve to win the UCL title more than Liverpool because they had an extremely hard path to the final compare to Liverpool's. I know it will be hard for Real Madrid to beat Liverpool but Real Madrid are very good at making the impossible possible.
Odunuga Olalekan
People keep saying Liverpool didn't play good last night but they forgot we've bn playing with the same team for how many months They are humans,they bound to be tired but come may 26 it will be fresh legs for both teams but I can assure u lfc will give all
b 88
How is liver pool got a 46 percent chance? I hate Madrid but this will be a one sided match.
Sit On my dick
Liverpool are a hole different story in the champions league wait and see
Tejas Chintala
History favours liverpool......they were the last team to beat madrid in the Ucl final(1981)
Mudassir Ali
*Real Madrid is 4 times in finals in 5 years and Liverpool are coming after 11 years if I'm not wrong*
I want RM to win especially Ronaldo toget his 6 ball' dor, but Liverpool has a good chance of winning. I can't wait for this game.
Edguin Manuel
#HalaMadrid❤️ #APorLa13
natural mulundu
I am a real Madrid fan and Liverpool is my second team .. I can say this.. U only know how good Ronaldo is when u support against him... I learned that in the Euro against Wales when I supported against him.... He does literally nothing, but the ball comes 13 feet above and the dude heads it in... Thts depressing... The reason I want Madrid to win is simple... Liverpool fans have been talking too much, especially the Muslim guys who know nothing except supporting any Arab dude the see which to me is just stupid, they now saying salah is the better than Messi and Ronaldo coz of one season and they keep bring stupid religion in the game which to me is just stupid ... I am also a die hard Liverpool fan... I feel like all the way from the manager to the players they have become too cocky and have forgotten about respect... Liverpool might have a good chance of winning, but their demise is their cockyness, and in all honesty real Madrid, they don't like such teams, I feel like for real Madrid, the only team they think is worthy of been cocky is Barcelona, same the other way round.. Same thing about Ronaldo, his only criptonyte is Messi ,anyone else is just a small obstacle... But we will wait and see, if Liverpool win then good for them... If real Madrid win, good for them also...
Fernando Gomes
Real Madrid is vulnerable in the air and that is not where Liverpool is strong at. They have no chance.
Ali Farahat
This is the most biased punditry I have ever heard. Liverpool will be murdered they have had the most lucky set of games in the UCL this year. They are a sub par team that will be destroyed on the 26th May.
Ric 8888
Guillermo Cabrales
Why everyone saying Madrid is gonna win easily? I guess they are the better team but that's what everyone was saying about Barcelona vs Roma & Man City Vs Liverpool and look what happened! Madrid might have the upperhand but this tournament has been full of surprises!
Real Madrid will be too well drilled on Champions Cup finals. Liverpool will lose the ball to shit passing and bad through balls to Salah and Mane because of all the pressure to score you watch this pretzel performance from Liverpool.
Geetaranjan Th.
Real Madrid win 🏆🏆🏆🏆
Eric Olvera
Bayern is better than Liverpool 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ just bc Bayern looks good against them doesn’t mean Liverpool will lol
viraj patel
The mentality will play a role,imagine Madrid down 0-1 in first 10 minutes and then imagine Liverpool down 0-1 in first 10 minutes.
Amanullah Sa
Real Madrid (Hala Madrid) 💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪💋💪
Ashwani Sharma
Real madrid Hatrik
Iron Man
Apparently RM has already won the UCL🔥🔥 #HalaMadrid👌👌 PS:they had beaten all the elite teams(juventus,psg,bayern) on europe this season soo are most deserving also👍👍
Liverpool stopped City's run in the league and will stop Madrid run in the Champions League.
Yeah because madridogs are sons of uefa.. UEFA will help them in form of penalty or anything else
Akhil Bandi
I feel it's a 50-50 between the 2 of them. I'm a Real Madrid Fan
Liverpool will stun Real Madrid in the final mark my words on that!
trebu bu
Will be exhilarating game. Will be a high scoring close game. 3-2 Madrid, but could for sure see Liverpool winning this.
Dream Work
Madrid forgot their own shit after liverpool's game. But remember the final is a one leg match and Liverpool's attack is much potent than Madrid's.
CODMW3play1 YT
The thing is in second leg liverpool got there ass beat 4 - 2 but still won. Liverpool losing in second leg drom away goals. (7 - 6) in total. Real madrid had to face a team worse then roma. Bayern is more competitive then roma. Liverpool couldnt beat bayern if they had the guts to. Real madrid don't care about any other game but the quarter, semi, classico, and the champions league. When its time to play like champs thats what real madrid will do. Liverpool don't know how real madrid can get.
I remember when we were paired with city everyone thought liverpool was gonna be knocked out... We are going to shock madrid..its gonna be a huge margin like 5-2
Pradeep Raut
These guys are talking about experience all the time. Experience is not the only key to winning. If it is, a team should be made of older guys and they can win everything.
Human Beings R Infinite Beings
Referees carrying Liverpool in CL,blatant wrong calls first against ManCity,now against Roma,both of both ties Liverpool would lose if the calls were right.Ever since American agencies intervened in FIFA the Old Relic Clubs seem to being carried to the helm,all of a sudden Real Madrid start winning back to back CLs after decade of draught,and now Liverpool being carried.Referees cant make so many obvious to the eye blatant wrong calls in a single game unless under order.Its like the Frauds of FIFA been replaced by even bigger Frauds.
Mauricio Aguilera
Let me ask you all this. Stronger teams have tried and failed, what makes you think they’re any different? To give you a better perspective, you have Milner and Henderson going up against Modric and Kroos 😂😂. Don’t get triggered, those are facts. Don’t @ me ✌🏼
Chan hoa Au duong
Real Madrid 2 - 5 Liverpool
Nbv Kyng
Espn won't pin this
kushal ramchurn
well i am a real madrid fan but good luck to both teams and may the best win
Since 2009 champions league
I'll be pulling for Liverpool but Real is just way to deep. NAVAS vs Karius not even close. Real midfield should own the game. I pull for Real in LaLiga so it will be cool to see a 3 peat. But just maybe Liverpool can pull out a miracle.
Ronnie Escoto
Madrid, Madrid, Madrid Hala Madrid!
55% Liverpool 45% Real Madrid. Madrid's style of play is not going to work against Liverpool. They will get punished.
Ivanka2024 for POTUS
real madrid needs the title more
Akhil Bandi
It'll be 2-2 after the first 90. Real will win in Extra Time
Joshua 1
Real Madrid will win no disrespect to Liverpool
Benj Houston
Real Madrid’s luck will run out. Liverpool ftw.
Abdirizak Ilyas saayga
Real Madrid is gonna win
That game could work as some sort of reverse psychology. Everyone knows that won’t be the same Liverpool that plays real in the final. I think real will just about win it but it will be close.
Dixon Cider
Soccer is trash and boring
Edeillton Melo
Keylo Narvas melhor CARVAJAL melhor Marcelo melhor Sérgio Ramos melhor Casemiro melhor Tony KROSS melhor. cr7 melhor
Muhammad Sobur
liverpool have no chance of winning. simply bcoz l'pool's attacking players lack creativity, dnt make most out of the time and space with ball in and around oppositions box. Madrid will smash them 4-1, 5-1. firminho, salah are average mane is below average full of shit and to selfish. Arnold etc etc are also shit.
The story is written for liverpool and klopp..just like 2005 Istanbul..the magic is in the air..we play the most exciting and attractive football..we score the most goals..score 3 and we are scoring 4..simple as that..Salah is a better scorer then Ronaldo at this current moment..ronaldo does not hav a firmino or mane..liverpool's counter attack is much more lethal then Madrids..Madrid will be defending for the most part..liverpool plays much more beautiful football then Madrid..super fucking faxxxxxx
Stanley Tang
All these BS about the "know-how", I say Liv will win 3:1
Stephen berko
Hey guys you didn't add me, if you add my % liverpool will have 55% and they will win no matter what. .Liverpool is liverpool
The same thing will happen the last time Real played Liverpool in a European cup final. Liverpool will beat them again and lift the European cup again
Giorgio Mirobelli
Siviglia beat Liverpool in Europa League 2016 Final so won it 3 Times in a row. The same will happen in 26 of may. Relax people they beat Juventus defence with 4 goals, the best defence in the world with Chiellini, Bonucci, Alex Sandro and Dani Alves... aw yeah, best goalkeeper.. Buffon. RIP Liverpool 1892-2018
RedMist LFC
Can LFC fans recreate Anfield in Kiev.... You're not serious bro?! Course we can, Istanbul... HELLLLLOOO!! We cheer our team on to entertain... Madrid fans sit there waiting to be entertained. 6X's!
at least for the Liverpool players to have the opportunity to have a look at how champions league final is...But the cup? the rest is another history. SAY NO TO MADRID HATERS !!!! GOOO SPAIN GOOOO LALIGA GO MADRID GOOOO RONALDO.
Stephen berko
I will turn my tv and I will see liverpool 4. RM 1..
Santiago Henao Restrepo
Who knows if they’ll be playing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” this 2018 summer in the Liverpool vs Man. City game in New Jersey for the International Champions Cup??? If they do, I’ll go! 😍
Dan the Man
What I'm really wondering is will Ronaldo stand on his tippy-toes again for the pre-match team photo in an attempt to look taller than all of his teammates?
Jagrit Kumar
all players of liverpoll have great pace but madrid is more technical so chance is still 50-50... if you are betting on this match then choose mane ronaldo salah isco ramos marcelo karius van djik
Alex Marenco
I think that this game will be decided on who has a better offensive capacity. Both teams had troubles this season defensively. I think Madrid has better starters, but they have not impressed throughout the year. They have conceded to many goals. If Real wants to win, they should dominate the midfield, which they can. If Liverpool wants to win they need to overwhelm Madrid's defensive line, which they can. It all comes down to who scores more. What I predict is that the game will not go scoreless to any side.
80% real madrid vs 20% liverpool. 60% of the 80% for real madrid is from the refs.
Mack Mick
Every person has the first step to reach something, Real madrid is the best team Yes, and they have experience Yes, for ten years or more now since we beat the best team at that time, we will beat the best team again, to beat the best team you don't need money, referee or an experienced player but you need courage to finish what you start,you need power to pursuit you need spirit to fulfill because we are coming to play for our family, our fans our hearts. This is Liverpool
Rodjs Daro
Even the possible "IF" Liv lose the battle, stil their journey story more interesting more than anything. YNWA
Swapnajeet Dash
Sorry , but i can see madrid destroying liverpool in the midfield. Liverpool dont have that pedigree in the midfeild. It works against smaller UCL teams and EPL teams but against the big3 they know what u will do.
freendy sinaga
Real Madrid will win it. as a liverpool fan this is sad, but Klopp is just clueless when it comes against spanish teams, and also in finals. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla has beaten Klopps team.
Lalo Luna
If Liverpool attack without holding back they'll win.
Roberto Feldmann
Finals are won by experience... unless they are won by by a fantastic Liverpool... That, of course, unless the referee creates false penalty kicks and / or sends players out. The last 10 minutes of the first half, and the first 10 minutes of the second one, are when experience weighs most.
Shibu Kottuvankonam
I am real mandred big fan but winning chance Liverpool attacking amazing pley salah femeno mane
There's NO WAY this Real Madrid side Can go to Porto and Score 5 nil against them!!!
Abdisamad Hassan
History repeats itself
Ronaldo vs Dejan Lovren .... .... still....we have Salah, Mane and Firmino and each of them need to score twice against Madrid so cover the defensive frailties. Klopp has good European history though, so it’s a game of who wants this more?
Edeillton Melo
Eu moro no Brasil : mas eu sou HALA MADRID Real Madrid é o campeão.
Dark lord
When is it
joe james
Ally is a big Barcelona supporter and clearly wants Real to lose
Tyrell Mccoy
So many melts in the comments. It’s football. 2 teams. Both have equal chance to win. End off.
Thomas Gage
I would say the tiebreaker is momentum... real madrid had to be helped immensely to get past both Juve and Bayern. Liverpool smoked the competition