Shannon Sharpe doesn't buy rumors LeBron James will play PG next season | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Should LeBron be the Lakers’ starting point guard?
LeBron been playing point guard his whole career, primarily ball handler. Rendering traditional pg’s like Rondo & Lonzo useless on his team. That’s why he works best with a combo guard Wade/Kyrie.
Zay G
Skip praising LeBron for most of the video wtf
Skip tweeted “It seems Vogel doesn’t realize yet he’s Lebrons Assistant Coach” And it was the biggest W he’s ever earned
Brayden Morin
All that’s changing is his title. He’s been a point guard
Dre James
If the balls always in your hands and you bring it up your the point guard
The Formula
Where is the REAL Skip? Skip praising LBJ???
I'm K-Black Yall Know Who I Am
High pick and roll with eyebrow and king 😂🤣
Emeka Ekwulugo
Media already trying to put stories together to undercut his relationship with the new coach smh this is why ppl don't like Lebron. Not his fault
407Movement Beats
Skip knows he deeply respects LeBron and likes him because he will give the highest most accurate praise of him 😅
I'm more excited about the NBA season starting than the NFL.
Hassan Monroe
Why is this a topic every day in this positionless basketball era
Aey Phan
Breaking news russell Westbrook traded to the Houston rockets for chris Paul and a few first draft picks
Jethro Jacinto
He’s always been a PG anyway why is this a controversy?
Lebron has been a point forward his whole career...I don’t see why everybody surprised
Hes always played point guard but he guarded the 3 and he had a 1 who guarded the 1 but really played like a 2
If Chris Broussard said it then it's gotta be true
Lebron and Rondo together with their IQ shouldn’t neglected. That’s important especially when it’s two great minds on a team
De Anfernee Burch
Why they keep pushing LeBron height up lol when stands next to AD, PG they 6'9 or taller even Ben Simmons taller. This man is a true 6'8
Khánh Nguyễn
LeBron: "snezze" Skip: He doesn't like Vogel. You know it and I know it.
Lamont Gaston
"There has been a report right here from our very own Chris Broussard" like if you laughed out loud at that lol.
Emm Jayy
But is he changing his number back to 23 again, again? After he said that number should be retired out of respect for Michael Jordan? Lol
Trevor Philips
LBG at PG is semantics. technical position aside, he always practically been the point guard or sharing half the load of primary ball distributer and, more importantly, pace and tempo controller
Michael Plowman
The idea of what position LeBron is playing is more about who he guards. It's never been about his offiense.
Bron was the point guard his rookie year.
Skip “you’re crossing swords with him” Bayless
Skip keeps calling/comparing Vogel to a first year head coach. Vogel has been an NBA coach for a while, with some success actually. It's not the same situation.
A Son Rises
"Lebron may or may not play point guard". You can't find anything more interesting to discuss? No fun debate topics?
billl o'connel
Damn what an upgrade at the moderators seat! Woo
"When u goat, u can do goatess thing."😆😆😆😆💯
Lebron is basically been a PG type guy he always handles the ball and bring it up.
Michael Paun
If he wins the chip +fmvp at pg, he will be the first to win a chip +fmvp with 3 teams, in both conferences and at 3 different positions.
your mother
why would PG join lebron when he can play with leonard who is way better than lebron and his mother mother
[email protected] (#RapThanos)
Skip: So we're Going all time all time... Shannon: DON'T WORRY BOUT WHERE WE GOING!!! #Factz #TOBY 😂😅😣💀
Where Da Plug
Havent heard them talk anything about the NFL in so long lmao. Nba really taking over sports media
Jeffrey Riley
1:51 Shannon: "Stop it. He's not changing positions. He's a small forward." 8:23 Shannon: "I agree with him. I don't think we should put a title and say he's a point guard, he's a this, he's a that."
Skip praising LBJ? Am I dreaming or something?
UglyBoy Trey
What is up with skip talking good about Lebron all episode???
Ryan Jones
If the Lakers start ballin like the its gonna b alot of snoop smoke and Jenny next b-ball season on undisputed..🤣🤣🤣I can see it now RHE GOOOOOOAAAAATTTT💪💪💪💪💪
Skip said “magic didn’t drive to the basket “ yeah he was Steph Curry
Lebron has always been a points guard even when Kyrie was a point guard.
Suck Me
Daaammmnnnn... I want Jenny back but this 🔥 snowflake is making a case to stay!!!
John S. Know
C'mon Sharpie! Basketball today is almost positionless in the way we remember it! Bron has always been a Point "whatever he wants!" Magic played Center Point before and he won a Chip that game! He is like Magic, and we all know that!
Jeffrey Riley
As I've stated before, LeBron has been playing point guard for the last 10+ years.
warren steele
SKIP said Majic didn't drive the ball to the basket. What? Is he serious?
JG14 Gerhard_Bar
that's cause he does "things" *GOATISH THINGS*
money Mark
News flash Shannon your man crush lebron has always been the point guard
Young Chuy 23
Undisputed ~ The LeBron/Tom Brady Show
Jesus/Yahshua is Coming BACK. Are You Ready?
Skip Iz Funny !! Shannon and Charles R The GOATZ of Sportz Review !! Oh, and The Lakers Coach Iz a Wrapp Already, B4 The Seazon even startz. 😂😂🌠🌠💯💯👍👍
Izzy Gonzalez
Was Skip high?? I’ve never heard him talk this good about Bron
Cristian Fernandez
This is what position less Basketball is all about SF who are PG's. PG's who are shooting guards. 4 who play the 5 and spread the floor. A lot of players who can guard 3 to 4 positions.
Kyng Symba
They tryna run LBJ out the NBA like Kobe... Naw Bron should play off the ball and take his time👀
Unc... you know what we call a player who brings the ball up, initiate the offense and leads the team in assists? Unc 🗣😂😂😂 that’s a PG
Seven Mill
Skipp problems: The king passes the ball to the open man to win a game... The King calls a play for him to take the last shot and he wins the game.. Skipp problems....
Denzel Wilksch
“Lebron is gonna be Lebron” “Ok but Lebron has always been Lebron” Bruh
Davalian Scents
LeBron is not going to play point guard but is going to take the ball down the court every possession, like a point guard and lead the team in assists, like a point guard, and do everything Magic did like a point guard. Got it. Starting at LAPG (Like A Point Guard) LeBron James.
James Mcghee
Yes I love it skip praising lebron thank you kawhi 😭😭
Ben Mercer
Today's NBA is positionless, who cares what label they give to Lebron's position. Bottom line when he's in the game, he's the one with the ball directing things.
Almighty Syte
He's a point-forward let's just say that and quit arguing
griffin dianich
Skip actually complimented Bron😂
Jacob Pfeiffer
Lebron gonna make all-team NBA as a point guard now.
Wait I actually agree with skip for once
Shannon really be wearing the cleanest suits 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Crius XIV
Shannon never experienced this feeling of skip praising bron, look at that smile.
6:59 timeout, did skip said that if Bron had won that afinals could be Goatvargue? Lol, he managed to put 2-1 alone againt 4 allstars playing first outside... until he run out of gas, wich is obviusly gonna happen. But im impress on Skip comment by the way. Pd: who in history u thougth will have won this series? Nobody. And with Kyrie Cavs would havewon, no doubts.
D Woolwichpoly
I learned a new new word and imma use it here: He was the defaqto point guard from the start.
Shannon Sharpe on point preaching basketball wisdom LBJ #GOAT
Mondoeray Moore
RESPECT to Bron Bron but personally i feel Scottie Pippen is the Greatest small forward ever.
Jesse Richardson
great analysis of king James a magic Johnson point guard with a Karl Malone body dam case closed.
Angel Canez
The Ball always runs through his hand anyway. That's why lanzo was never going to reach his potential in LA.
timothy alphonse
How is skip going to give Vogels background, then not mention he brought the Pacers to the Eastern conference finals. Twice I believe.
Erwin Martinez
Tako Falls is the future of the NBA
ToltalDomination x
I personally think Jokic and Murray have the best pick and roll...that's just me though.
Shannon needs to stop speaking basketball , Lebron was made for point guard
Daniel Luong
Today : lebron playing PG Tomorrow : lebton playing C
hakeem campbell
Is it just me or is skip actually agreeing to what Shannon’s saying and not talking trash 🤔
genaro dacayanan
LeBron can play any position offensively and defensively 1-4, sometimes can guard the 5.
Bobby Buchanan
🤣🤣🤣 this & first take is the best sports show #StriveForGreatness
Hayden Erickson
Respect to Skip for the Julius Caesar quote
Everyone's trippin. Lebron will play exactly like he's always played. He'll orchestrate the offense like he always has. Call him point guard, point forward, whatever. It'll look exactly the same.
Nexx Level
Why are they quoting a Chris Broussard statement?🤔 Really?! 🤣
Osmin Smalls
Ok. I don’t usually agree with Skip but he has a point.
LeBallHog will play the LeBallHog System. He is incapable of playing anything else. The LBH System is: WHEN LEBALLHOG WINS IT'S BECAUSE HE'S SOOOOOOO GREAT; WHE LEBALLHOG LOSES IT'S BECAUSE HE HAS NOOOOOOOO HELP!
Tae 2x
The only difference is the position name, LeBron has always been a point guard he handles the ball a ton
Lebron has ah pinch of Brady goat and ah pinch of MJ goat combined. Great passer and scorer.
Charlie Wethington
I love how they paired these two together they vibe so much better than Skip and Stephen a. Like you can tell they hang out a lot outside of the show.
really wish they dont let him be pg only to not let him have his self-conceited way be a normal player, not half coach-half player, that's rondo's thing, and he does it better…and silently
Jmeezy FoSheezy
My Sac Kings will win 2 games next season against those Lakers. Put a stamp on that!!
Pedro Aliu
I'm just an NBA fan from Europe, I don't understand why Kawhi Leonard gets so much paraise, he was finals MPV with the Spurs but wasn't even a top 2 player on that team, now he wins the tile against the Warriors with no KD and no Klay. Are you serious? Lebron James and AD will sweep these boys Kawhi and Paul George.
Isaac Barrow
doesn't buy it? lmao hes been playing point guard for 16 years
Leo Paul Bravo
He is the "SCAPEGOAT"...Shannon.
Don't forget the almost 4 turnovers a game every year lol
Ricky Dhillon
1:55-2:00 😂😂😂
Ray G
Shannon is just blowing up the Lakers so much. Yes, they got upgraded but they're a long way from getting that title. Chemistry, health issues, how Boogie will play out (health and complimentary role), supporting cast contribution, new coaching philosophy etc. That AD and Bron combo looks good on paper but everyone else got better as well. So we'll see. And, this should be exciting.
Joseph Watson
Skip secretly loves LeBron lol
rence r-23
youre right leshannon.. he aint. coz he will play a diva.
Cant wait till football 😎
Max Kellerman
Nobody whatsoever: Skip: Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm
LeBron James will play PG