Pole Dancing Fails 😂💃 Epic Pole Dancing Fails (Part 2) [Epic Life]

You won't be able to stop laughing after watching this 😂 Subscribe for weekly videos! Pole dancing requires skills and physical strength. You must have a strong stamina and it will take more time in order to perfect it. You will experience a lot of bruises and pain before you can do it right. Are you ready for everything just to perfect it? Check this out! We have compiled several clips of pole dancing fails that was caught o cam. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy! --------------------- subscribe /> Pole Dancing Fails: /> Subscribe to Epic Life Channel to make sure you catch the absolute best in funny videos! More Epic Life videos: Thanks for watching Epic Life!

They're beauty They're grace But most importantly They fall on their face
JoeyP Productions
1:05 she just gave up
Andy Dawn
Ok but, how does a pole in an actual studio fall?
Filed Away By April
do these ppl not know the poles should be anchored in a ceiling center and floor joist? Like you cant just screw em in & hope for the best lol
Not Funny
They move with such grace..
Steve Jones
did the one at 1:04 actual die there was no life there after she fell she didn't even try to get up or move. looks like she gave up on life.
Nancy J
Those guys in their 30's and still doing dumb stuff oh my goodness 😂
nvelet koslin
2:18 had me in fits with that music
Fluffy Pixel
way funnier than when they are actually doing it lol
2:12 why have your window open
Devin Terrazas
LOL damn! That first one was crazy she got on the floor just in time
BoB YoUr MoM
At 1:59 the girl didn’t look very good at pole dancing
Joanna S
OMG i have some fails in my life but... I never tipped the pipe xD
Gametrue 22
Came here for a meme, got the meme, then left.
Aalyah Diaz
1:52 her feet are really dirty
Devin Terrazas
These are like those cheap poles u get at Spencers or something. At least they tried. This shit was hilarious!
Christina 21
They should really put mats underneath...
And this is why you don't jump onto poles
Iyana James
Girl feet was DUSTY AF
Princess Sugar
All the poles that broke were mostly the same brand and set up the same. Get a pole with a heavy bottom and that's drilled into the ceiling.
mama Turner
Frank Berardi Deep Music Channel
Rawad Khalil
3:01 well she survived
lol I laugh a lot
Mezz Pinckney
Someone's feet are dirty
Snoopy ftw
Song? 1:08
Tea Bich
1:00 god help her
Spike Fojas
Where’s the video link to 0:58
Bennie Baxter
Carmelina Escobedo
abu abu aburrido :v
Frank Berardi Deep Music Channel
Alina Berglar
Not good
Wheres the fat girl in the thumbnail tho
TaeTae BaeBae-BTS
1:02 that’s me trying to pole dance right there😂😂😂
Jeremiah Taylor
Where the juicy mama in thumbnail?😠
why were there men in this video??
Beautiful Đaý Chãñ
That woman in the thumbnail is very inspiring !!! She's not a fail .
Scott Esau
Wish that pole at 2:41 was my face....
T mo
Looks so gay for a dude to swing on a pole! Not right
quentin zucchini
Ou est la grosse ?