Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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Please 'LIKE' my Facebook page : /> Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan! Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend. It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 . Enjoy. Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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The best in the past, present and future
The Outcome
2019 and still not a single one comes close to being the GOAT.
wow. GOAT
Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened.
John Bills
Comparing LeBron to Jordan is an insult.
Alec lewandowski
Man I wish I was alive during the 90s. I just have to watch him on youtube.
Kobe might've been smarter, LeBron might've been more physically skilled, but Jordan had something those two didn't have - an almost psychotic driven competitiveness to win and beat everyone else.
How The Hell Do People Think Lebron Is Better Than This Man Smh.... Unreal!!
Malik Lewis
This man could have won eight or nine championships if he wanted Jordan was an still is the goat. Nobody's comes close, not even mr James
Ken Marko
8.7k dislikes are from kids...aka Lebron fans... lol 😅
He earned his title
Richard Navasca
Michael Jordan = Greatest Of All Time | Lebron James = Going On Another Team
luc Pfeiffer
Watching this 2019?????
now i understand AIR Jordan :)
Best athlete in history ever!
Doesn't it look like he almost floats sometimes? Like, he just stays in the air forever.
Xylon C
still got goosebumps by watching this in 2019
How is there even a comparison between him and Lebron
11:31 This is so beautifull bro,It seems like he is really flying.
The Liquidator
Lebron " I feel like I'm the greatest of all time because I won for Cleveland" Meanwhile in Planet Reality : Michael Jordan’s first 667 games, (Pre-Retirement) 84-93 3 Rings (6 career total) 3 NBA MVPs (5 career total) 3 Finals MVPs (6 career total) 7 scoring titles (10 career total) 3 steals titles Defensive player of the year Lebron James Career (1143 games) 3 Rings 4 NBA MVPs 3 Finals MVPs 1 scoring title Jordan showed to be the superior player in half the time. Winning for Cleveland doesn't make you the greatest of all time, it just means Cleveland sports teams suck balls.
it's not just the numbers, the championships, etc... it's the way he did it. The most electrifying, exciting, Athletic, player ever. Never afraid of taking the game winning shot and 9 out of ten times he beat you with his no fear of losing. When you are not afraid to lose, you have the best chance to win. Lebron. is. not. even. close.
abc xyz
He makes it look soo damn easy
Someone in 2019 jan 1?
hari hermawan
He's The best basketball player of all time
I don't know anything about basketball but I know Michael Jordan ....that says a lot.
TigR 5hark
Lebron is not better than Bird, Irving , Russell, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Oscar, and definitely not MJ.
joe chrow
Lebron is better than THIS dude?....Come on now
Lurch 17
Lebum can't do any of this
9000 dislikes = salty cavalier fans
Truth Witness
*From the days as a UNC Tarheel to the Wizards to the Bulls. If you ever saw him play you knew he was truly something special. Jordan had the incredibly ability to make guys like R. Miller, D. Mutombo, P. Ewing, L. Byrd, A. Mourning, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, H. Olajuwon, C. Barkley, and K. Malone (just to name a few) and make them look common and average. And these men themselves, today, are considered NBA legends. Many people will compare Jordan to guys like Iverson, Durant, LeBron, Bryant, and many others. All the while overlooking the rarity of Jordan. It didn't matter who was in front of him. Jordan was special in the complete sense of the word. A rock that was a diamond. A diamond cut and polished in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.* *If you watch these replays carefully and contrast them to plays from today's great players you'll notice one key difference. Jordan's calm before the storm. For example, look at # 6. Jordan is trapped and being swarmed by defenders yet he finds an opening, explodes, and not only scores but slams it down. That's special. Something unique. It's like watching Mozart perform Molto Allegro at the peak of his career. Or seeing Chopin perform Minute Waltz for a sold-out crowd. He defied gravity (# 2, 3, 8, 21, 29 to name a few) and made us wonder if he was truly human underneath all that talent.* *Jordan captured the imagination of his audience just being Jordan. Perhaps one day someone else will come along that'll be able to match his long list of accomplishments and astounding performances. In the eyes of his colleagues, Jordan was regarded as the greatest player they've ever competed against. A player who continues to enthrall generation after generation with his incomparable feats that defied human logic.* *For those of us who were fortunate enough to watch him play, undoubtedly there were moments of astonishment. Sheer awe. And unbridled respect for the spectacle happening before us. The kind of moments that become folklore to grandchildren. The kind of moments I personally remember, and cherish. Thank you Michael for permitting us a glimpse of your greatness.*
David Frye
I 4get how great Mike was. I love LeBron and I'm from Ohio. But while watching this. As great as LeBron is, Mike is #1. No doubt.
Some players might have better statistics. Some players might win more trophies than Jordan. But no other player will ever be as GREAT as Michael Jordan. He is a legend and way more than just a basketball player. There's Michael and there's the rest. Period!
My mouth is still wide open from watching these plays absolutely amazing, Michael Jordan did things on the basketball court you only dreamed about, Michael Jordan made you realize dreams can become a reality #Goat
I said "Holy Shit" 50 times during this clip!
i wanted to just celebrate Jordan yet i see all this unnecessary Lebron hate smh!
LBJ just proclaimed himself the GOAT just because his Cavs beat the 73 regular season wins Warriors after overcoming a 1:3 deficit in the 2015/16 finals, which earned LBJ his 3rd NBA title, ok, my two cents: 1. Kyrie Irving made the winning shot in that game 7 that earned LBJ his 3rd NBA title 2. MJ made the winning shot that earned him his 6th NBA title So, I wonder what LBJ is talking about.
Happy birthday Mike! Absolutely unreal, spinechilling!
jordan gamestyle is too advance for this era
תנצח ישראל
The three best players of all time: 3: Jordan 2: Jordan 1: Jordan
I've never noticed it before... MJ really does fly through the air, back in the 90's I never liked Basketball, but whenever forced to watch it I'm always like "Is the Bulls playing"
It's not about statistics. It's about style, determination, teamwork, delivering and flying. This man was complete on every level. Legend forever.
lilian b
This is art
C Howard
LeBron James is not close to Michael Jordan. And these highlights do not represent the night and in and night out best offensive and defensive player on the floor. These highlights don't depict the nastiness and intensity he played with every game either.
Beautiful Soul
Pure basketball. Thanks for everything, Michael. G.O.A.T
Ken Marko
This is the guy who destroyed the Bad boys Pistons after the Bulls sweep them. He did not whine and told the media he need help but instead sweep them the next season. I miss the old era... Lol 😅
Cristian Cooper
anyone know the name of the songs used in the video?
Jesse Cunningham
If the game was even half as physical as it was when MJ played, LeTard James would be shut down and crying. Players nowadays cant face the toughness that once was...... MJ was owning and posterizing people while getting hit HARD and beat up regularly. In todays day of no touching sissy basketball, MJ would average 80 ppg.
James Mckellar
The sheer volume of Michael Jordans highlights and incredible plays are 5 times that of Lebron James highlights. Nobody ever looked as good as Jordan playing basketball, not Lebron, not Kobe, nor Wilt Chaimbelain, nor Magic. Jordan has that 1 in a billion style and grace, an almost weightlessness and effortless athleticism which is one of a kind. There have been countless players who have impressive vertical leaping ability who are able to dunk impressively, yet none of them possessed hang time - Jordan invented it and Ive never seen another player who has it. In the end if you tally up all of Jordans achievements - Championships, MVP's, scoring titles, defensive player of the year, Slam dunk titles, and combine that with his determination, competitive spirit, extreme athleticism, mid-air body control and creativity, then you have the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME.
Jonson Phim
Anyone else who does not believe MJ is the GOAT ... let me ask you this, go and do a search on any website for highlights of MJ vs Lebron, Kobe etc and see who has the most career highlights not just in points scoring but in defensive plays, steals, dunks, buzzer beaters etc ... MJ is not a man but a GOD who is not from this planet LOL ... #23 original and only GOAT !!!
Adi 24
This man is actually flying at 4:44
Dirt Therapy
How can anyone say Lebron is better?!?
His body and hand control really make him unique. Palming the ball, adjusting his shot in mid air.. you don’t see players do that very often and he did it all the time.
ksi zegov
When Michael Jordan looks in mirror he sees nothing,cause there is only one Michael Jordan
Kuryu hedez
Im cry, and cry again... Then after Im still crying... This man... Is Everything! I mean EVERYTHING! Oh God, please give him a peacefulness life and happy... M.J, are always be inspiration to the world...
Mlchael Wray
''"One,and,only ".😎👌
Cj Armour
Steve Gurgon
There will NEVER be another.. I was blessed to have been at the Stadium and seen His Airness in action during their run in the 90’s and attended several playoff games. Their Championship series with the Utah Jazz will forever be one of the greatest series in Bulls history and in the history of basketball
Jcarlee Pongyan
The REAL GOAT. End of Arguement. No Self Proclaimed
This is one dude you'd never wanna play HORSE with!
Travis Staggs
Why are there even talks of LeBron being in the same league as jordan.the only thing in common is the number 23.which LeBron wears because of jordan.no comparison between the two of them.
I believe even in 2100, people still watching this and get chills.
Golf 072
Still the GOAT in Basketball, nobody has come close.
The greatest basketball player the world has ever seen😤
Daniel Cole
Best of the Best nobody comes close
ben runyon
One word describes that man , “clutch”
Joseph Hensley
Michael Jordan made Basketball look absolutely Beautiful. Greatest of all Time!!!
• ðємợ 么 мäή ̧.•* ́ ̈
Jordan expectacular .... es el numero 1 sin duda ninguna LEYENDA!
Mr Mike
Best scorer ever, best dunker ever, best perimeter defender ever, best player ever Period! Sorry Lebron fans thanks for playing. LOL
Remember not every game was televised, so there may be plays that we’ve never seen
Thomas Johnathan Stonewall Jackson
What is the name of the first music?
Jordan and LeBron have one thing in common and that is they are both magicians.  Jordan's signature trick - making the ball disappear and then when it reappears, it's going through the hoop.  LeBron's signature trick - just disappearing...disappearing from Cleveland, disappearing from Miami, disappearing from games.
Alex Borges
O maior de todos os tempos, incrível Jordan
Bronx Mili
There is no good player in existence after year 2000. NBA just got boring. Just pretty models with tattoos running the court.
Jenko Dixon
Born 1990 in Chicago on the west side. I thought the nba was the bulls. Every year my city celebrating another title I thought Micheal Jordan invented basketball growing up my childhood was awesome big part because of that bald head black dude wearing #23 til this day I mimic his every move on the court
Gui Oliver
Michael Jordan is not a Basketball Player, Michael Jordan is a RELIGION.
Murtaza S
Here's to all the young millenials (Kobe & LeBron fans) - welcome to the world of Jordan.
*mike jordan so good. i wear air jordans every time i got a test to take. i wanna perform like jordan on my test days.*
Vedant Goyal
I come here when I want to see real magic!!!!
Aj Lance
Next GOAT not yet born!
Mira Singh
If someone argues that Lebron is better than Jordan, then just send this video to them!
what is this beautiful music I wanna know
izard jeremiah feliciano
the greatest nba player of all time
Dash Chabikwa
i have never seen anything like this, Jordan is the past,present and future
Jordan is not only the GOAT. His style of play is just so graceful like watching someone play an instrument waiting for the hook. The way he moved, on the court , the way he floated through the air , his body language and how he carried himself compared to the players today doesn’t even compare
Armando Morales
Larry Bird was still better
Hands down Michael Jordan is simply the greatest of all time, no doubt, nuff said.
Hanes Banes
What's the song at 1:00
marshall morrow
G.O.A.T. Period...
Nicholus Baker
The GOAT. No question. Offense AND defense.
KN the-ultimate23
I think that Michel Jordan is the Greatest Player of the all time NBA.I LOVE Michel so much.
How could anyone have the nerve to compare lebron to Jordan?? There will only be one Jordan.
Robert Delafuente
If #JORDAN23 never played for the CHICAGO BULLS nobody would look at the bulls like they do today #FACTZ
Haci Ekinci
One stage during the video a commentator says “theirs a few people in the world that can do that”,I beg to differ,no one can even come remotely close to what this man was capable of doing with a basketball....
Lebron is great. Michael is the greatest.
Liban Mohamed
Like this if Michael Jordan is the goat
Loki RIP
Number 26, a past his prime mj is pissed that he got blocked, runs to the defensive hoop to take back the ball by force. I fell out of my chair when I watched that game. Flash of previous greatness. I was never more impressed with mj. 🐐
Mike Tyson
91,92, 93. It was all MJ carry The Chicago Bulls. After 96 the team picked up...The rest is history.
linh nguyen
You don't see MJ lowering his shoulder and ramming into defenders to draw foul like today's NBA players. That's why he's great. His moves meant to dodge around and then fly over defenders, not lowering his shoulder and charging them out of the way.