Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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Please 'LIKE' my Facebook page : /> Happy 50th Birthday Michael Jordan! Relive the best plays of Michael Jordan who celebrates his 50th birthday this weekend. It was really hard to eliminate all the plays down to 50 . Enjoy. Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays

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The best in the past, present and future
ksi zegov
When Michael Jordan looks in mirror he sees nothing,cause there is only one Michael Jordan
Amin Salat
Imagine in 90s having Michel Jordan Michael Jackson and mike Tyson at the same time
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2018 anyone?
B Dub
MJ was simultaneously the best offensive AND defensive player in the NBA for most of his career. He led the NBA in steals SEVEN TIMES (3rd all time). He was scoring champ TEN TIMES. He is the #1 shot-blocking guard all time, save the Iceman. LeBron, the #2 (or so) GOAT, only led the league in scoring ONCE and NEVER in any defensive category. You want team leadership? Jordan's Bulls NEVER lost a playoff series to a team they were favored to beat. LeBron's teams (All Cleveland and Miami versions) lost multiple series to inferior teams, with LeBron's wilting taking center stage. JORDAN NEVER WILTED. Closest he ever came to a disappearing act was the "flu game" where actually he suffered severe food poisoning. That game defines Jordan just like LBJ is defined by 2011's game 5 "performance". Hell, FoxSports.com has an entire page dedicated to LeBron's 5 biggest playoff disappearing acts! MJ is the GOAT. If you argue that, you just don't "get" NBA basketball.
Alec lewandowski
Man I wish I was alive during the 90s. I just have to watch him on youtube.
Emrah Bulut
If you ever compare this man to any of the bryants or brons,you'd better consult your doctor..
Sen alfred Gillo
Every time i watch JORDAN playing basketball ! I want to go at the basketball court, and play like him ! I WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE
I think Jordan is the greatest sportsman to have ever lived. I mean just think what Jordan had to do/be to become Jordan! First you got to have the talent to play. Many people have that. Jordan had it in spades. Then you got to put in the hours of practice to hone your skills and become an expert. Many talented individuals are too lazy to put in the work and waste their talent. Jordan developed his skills to the point of perfection! You have to be super focused and driven all the time. Many people achieve some success in their life and immediately forget what brought them there. They become complacent. Jordan never did that. Then, if you're playing a team sport, you got to be a great leader. There are some who are exceptionally talented and hardworking, but get simply let down by their team a lot of time. Jordan on the other hand led by example. He basically developed his own team, he developed Pippen and others. He motivated them by his actions and words. Maybe a few handful in the world could reach this stage, but then you have to face other amazing players/teams with comparable skills. Now here you need that fire, that competitiveness, which will make you come out on top in face of any opposition (Jordan's flu game, getting over the bad boys). Jordan did whatever was required to win. Period. All these things aligned together perfectly in Jordan, and I think its damn near impossible to get someone like him again.
Jeffrey Tademoto
Put simply, Michael Jordan was the closest thing I've ever seen to a living/breathing god. He was the epitome of what it means to be clutch, tenacious, competitive, and a winner with the greatest athletic skill set.
Beautiful Soul
Pure basketball. Thanks for everything, Michael. G.O.A.T
Efe Cantürk
7.7 disslikes from lebum james fans
And just to make sure. This guy is a 6’6 shooting guard and he’s doing all these amazing moves. The real GOAT
Sen alfred Gillo
50’s are not enough or even hundreds highlights that he made and shared to us ! Maybe thousands ! Jordan is the REAL GOAT 🐐 🏀
Jason Marden
It's REALLY hard to imagine any players "Top 50 plays" highlight reel coming even close to looking like this!!! At #39 your already mesmerized and your thinking...." There's 39 more plays BETTER than this!?!? No f***in way!!
Doesn't it look like he almost floats sometimes? Like, he just stays in the air forever.
David Y
I'm privileged to have seen the bulls from the early 90s all the way to their peak. They were unstoppable and it was totally normal to be a bulls fan even if you were not from Chicago. I remember #3 and how I jumped up and down as he scored that one.
D Wayne
Michael Jordan is the only proof, that Jesus once walked the earth 😂
Jordan is like a magnet. He attracts many defenders leaving the others open. But he can take it even with 3 guys guarding him. Sometimes he will pass against 5 guys in foul with basket counts. I have never seen any player doing that even up to now.
Toto Kisaku
Michael Jordan is the best ever !!!
Jordan and LeBron have one thing in common and that is they are both magicians.  Jordan's signature trick - making the ball disappear and then when it reappears, it's going through the hoop.  LeBron's signature trick - just disappearing...disappearing from Cleveland, disappearing from Miami, disappearing from games.
Smooth Criminal
I don’t know but im crying right now.
How could someone argue he isn’t the best to play the game?
George Krutzik
Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and it's not even close. He's the best scorer of all time and the best defender of all time. He is also the best player in the playoffs, especially the NBA Finals, of all time. Underrated passing and rebounding. The competition was absurd. Absolutely ridiculous. There was the Bulls obviously along with the Celtics, Pistons, 76ers, Knicks, Pacers, Hawks, Magic, Heat, Bucks, and Cavaliers were good just in the East. In the West there was the Lakers, Rockets, Spurs, Suns, Trail Blazers, Super Sonics, Jazz, and Nuggets. 11 good teams in the East and 8 good teams in the West. The great NBA players during this time was, Magic, Larry, Isiah, Kareem, Hakeem, Karl, John, Gary, Clyde, Charles, Scottie, Alonzo, Dominique, David, Shawn, Alex, Kevin, Shaq, Penny, Reggie, Shawn, Patrick, Tim and the list keeps going on. In LeBron's era there was the Celtics, Warriors, and the Spurs. That's it. And the best player during the time LeBron was the best player in the world was Kevin Durant. Wow. And there is Steph, Tim, and Dwayne and that's about it. Wow.
Matthew Jordan
At 11:53 the reaction from the opponent's bench says it all.
I don't know anything about basketball but I know Michael Jordan ....that says a lot.
Wowzers in my trousers
Someone said in my class over so is better he made up false facts even though Jordan’s stats are still better than those what do I do?
Lol number 50 is something I can’t even do
Sofi Castro
“To fly is not human” Jordan fan
AZ brown_knight
I grew up seeing this. You know you the goat when yiur games and dunks are named. No doubt the greatest athelete of the 20th century.
Liban Mohamed
Like this if Michael Jordan is the goat
Champions Prod.
Jordan better than LeBron
Claudio Marcelo Vergara Ramirez
Nunca habrá otro igual...eterno Michael Jordan .
Linggar Eisenring
He Walks in the air
Jose Melendez
John starks Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing LMFAO exposed that should've been number one and is it just me or did he not dunk on literally every person and that's when it was physically tougher smh the GOAT
I used to follow NBA when Michael played... I hardly watch basketball, true genius...miss the old times... I wonder what’s gonna happen to Tennis after Roger and Rafa? 😢 whose gonna beat Bolt... I feel the last 20 years or so have been the golden era of sport...
Christian Charles
This is Jordan against the toughest defenses of the 90s. Unlike today where there are 120 point games, bad defense and 3's happy shooters.
Tyleronzo Nation
The best of the best MICHAEL JORDAN
LeBron Who?
Truth Witness
*From the days as a UNC Tarheel to the Wizards to the Bulls. If you ever saw him play you knew he was truly something special. Jordan had the incredibly ability to make guys like R. Miller, D. Mutombo, P. Ewing, L. Byrd, A. Mourning, L. Johnson, M. Johnson, H. Olajuwon, C. Barkley, and K. Malone (just to name a few) and make them look common and average. And these men themselves, today, are considered NBA legends. Many people will compare Jordan to guys like Iverson, Durant, LeBron, Bryant, and many others. All the while overlooking the rarity of Jordan. It didn't matter who was in front of him. Jordan was special in the complete sense of the word. A rock that was a diamond. A diamond cut and polished in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.* *If you watch these replays carefully and contrast them to plays from today's great players you'll notice one key difference. Jordan's calm before the storm. For example, look at # 6. Jordan is trapped and being swarmed by defenders yet he finds an opening, explodes, and not only scores but slams it down. That's special. Something unique. It's like watching Mozart perform Molto Allegro at the peak of his career. Or seeing Chopin perform Minute Waltz for a sold-out crowd. He defied gravity (# 2, 3, 8, 21, 29 to name a few) and made us wonder if he was truly human underneath all that talent.* *Jordan captured the imagination of his audience just being Jordan. Perhaps one day someone else will come along that'll be able to match his long list of accomplishments and astounding performances. In the eyes of his colleagues, Jordan was regarded as the greatest player they've ever competed against. A player who continues to enthrall generation after generation with his incomparable feats that defied human logic.* *For those of us who were fortunate enough to watch him play, undoubtedly there were moments of astonishment. Sheer awe. And unbridled respect for the spectacle happening before us. The kind of moments that become folklore to grandchildren. The kind of moments I personally remember, and cherish. Thank you Michael for permitting us a glimpse of your greatness.*
clehooda northside
Micheal Jordan’s 23 >lbj 23
Jake Thomas
Can’t make a “Top 50” this happened every night when #23 stepped on the court lol
H C.
The Best there is..... The Best there was..... The Best there ever will be!!!! G.O.A.T
Lorenz Allada
The greatest of all time.
I believe even in 2100, people still watching this and get chills.
Roger H Werner
I was lucky enough to see Baylor, Hawkins, and Earving play, and Chamberlain vs. Russell or Reed. And West/Goodrich, Barry, Havlicek, Maravich, Bird, and so many outstanding ballplayers. I didn't catch on to Jordan right away. I had to watch him play ball. It was very clear that watching this guy was watching history. He wasn't just outstanding he had incredible artistry and an enormous sense of style. He was in a league by himself. I loved watching the 1971 Knicks put on basketball clinic after clinic: They played team ball perhaps better than anyone else. Watching Jordan was like watching a master put on a one man clinic for his opposition: When he was on his game here was just no stopping him. It was a privilege watching him play.
Kenneth Gafabusa nganzi
The greatest, just like Ali...
What Democrats don't want black Americans to know is that their hero, Margaret Sanger, who started Planned Parenthood also spoke at a Klan rally. She wanted to use abortion to "weed out" the black race. I just thought you all might want to know that the Klan never left the Democrat party, they just changed the rhetoric.
D Wayne
8:22 when a grown man comes up to you and copies your stance, then celebrates like a kid in a candy store you know you are the best
I was only able to catch the tail end of his Bull's career..but I will forever have wonderful memories of watching this man put on the best show on earth. He was and still is the greatest. I got goosebumps watching this whole video. His last shot as a Bull to win his sixth finals trophy against the Jazz will always have a special place in my heart. I remember being worried that MJ might not save the Bulls this time around. But as usual his airness proved me and everyone else wrong. Calling Michael Jordan a legend isn't enough. He was his own Legacy.
Courtney Johnson
People really think Lebron was better than this man?
Robert Hymans-Williams
All I have to say is wow.
Sahil Najeeb
This is real life 2K
LeBron who ?
Deryck Halstead
"A lot of players have skill, but none have this level of artistry". Couldnt have said it better myself
Pop Fu
The G.O.A.T! Now Let's movie on.
Terrance Morrison Jr.
LeBron ain't nothin like this
Kodjo Swole
#goat 🐐
He is GOD
Hands down Michael Jordan is simply the greatest of all time, no doubt, nuff said.
4:45 Proof man can fly
Krzysztof Wiluk
The Greatest Ever
Harry Hanjob
Best Sport Vines
like the commrnt if you think michael jordan is the best
Shit I don’t think Bron can beat this guy
The Answer To 1984 Is 1776!
To all you millennials who have grown up only watching Lebron and saying he is the GOAT...well this video pokes a huge hole in that theory! There is no denying that Michael Jordan is the single greatest basketball player to have ever lived. Lebron may have gone to 9 straight NBA finals but he’s only won 3 of them. Jordan on the other hand has won every NBA finals he’s ever gone too (6-0) and not once did Jordan ever have to play a game 7 in those 6 finals! Jordan also played in a much more aggressive era of basketball where hand checking was legal whereas Lebron plays in an era where no one can be touched! This video also shows that Michael Jordan made some of the most difficult and impossible shots that Lebron couldn’t do in his dizziest daydreams! And to top it all off, this video also proves that Jordan was the most clutch player in NBA history! Sorry Lebron but Michael Jordan is and always will be the GOAT!
Tom Martinez
Their missing that play when he stretched his arm out at half court when a monster was holding him down lol
Wish I could sit on the porch with MJ and talk about competitiveness
As of 2016: 30-point playoff games Michael Jordan = 109 Kobe Bryant = 88 LeBron James = 83 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar = 75 Jerry West = 74 40-point playoff games Michael Jordan = 38 Jerry West = 20 LeBron James = 15 Elgin Baylor = 14 Wilt Chamberlain & Kobe Bryant = 13 50-point playoff games Michael Jordan = 8 Wilt Chamberlain = 4 Allen Iverson = 3 Jerry West = 2 16 others = 1 60-point playoff games Elgin Baylor & Michael Jordan = 1 Career playoff points per game Michael Jordan = 33.45 (.487 fg%) Allen Iverson = 29.73 (.401 fg%) Jerry West = 29.13 (.469 fg%) Kevin Durant = 28.79 (.455 fg%) LeBron James = 28.00 (.478 fg%) Career playoff total points Michael Jordan = 5987 (179 games, 7474 minutes) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar = 5762 (237 games, 8851 minutes) Kobe Bryant = 5640 (220 games, 8641 minutes) LeBron James = 5572 (199 games, 8383 minutes) Shaquille O'Neal = 5250 (216 games, 8098 minutes) Postseason >>>>>>>>>> Regular season
Brandon Givens
Nick Wright needs to watch this video! After watching this video, anybody that LeBron James is better than Jordan is absolutely delusional! LeBron can't do half the things Jordan could do! It's not even close! The acrobatic shots, the pull up jumper, the signature fade away jumper, great defense etc...Does LeBron even have a signature move? Jordan was absolutely unbelievable and that's why he will always be the GOAT!!
Brandon Levings
He did it all first. Simply because of that, there will never be another. He took the veil off. He was beautiful.
Misha Tate
Michael, I'm so sorry that I comapred with LeBron. my apologize
This brings back old memories. Waking up at 1am, just so i could watch the Bulls play. Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, 3 of the very best in the world on 1 team, was always fun and exciting to watch. Watching Jordan play was a blessing. He was, in my opinion, the absolute best all round player there ever was. Not only was he a scoring machine, he could defend like no one else. My all time favorite player!! Today's players just doesn't live up to the tough 80s and 90s basketball.
Recon 2014
4 elements of basketball 1- LeBron James: slam dunks 2- Stephen Curry: shooting accuracy 3- Kobe Bryant: Bribbles/handles 4- Shaq'eille O'neil: Defence But 1 guys has 'em all Most skilled athlete in NBA history Michael Jordan
B Dub
Peak Michael Jordan was peak America We all know it
WannaBeJellyFam _Jay
He is the goat they should have retired the number for all teams and then they try and compare Jordan to Lebron he will never be better or even on the same level
Lamine Samba Diouf
The best EVER
Maikol The Peligroso Vasquez Vera
Jordan El Dios Del Basqueball
תנצח ישראל
The three best players of all time: 3: Jordan 2: Jordan 1: Jordan
Greatest Highlights
Greatest video about basketball
Jason Tobey
Jordan WOULD burn all them stars today.It was a known fact that he could NOT be stopped and knew that the WHOLE world knew it!
Delbert Williams
It is so great to see great things going on in this world life is struggle struggle to the top as the Pittsburgh Steelers this is still a nation all day coming from Delbert Anthony Williams also known as the doc been loving the doctor J and Michael Jordan all my and why not that's the way it should be you still me you feel me don't feel me just hear me I love it sports music Sports and cartoons God Bless America the land of the free and the home of the brave and the few
Its unfair saying that Lebron has achieved everything that Michael did because Michael Jordan has retired and can’t achieve more. Eventually, all big players are going to pass Michael but he will always remain, the best player of all time.
How could anyone have the nerve to compare lebron to Jordan?? There will only be one Jordan.
ZaddyOc & Mohamedissavage
Jordan is just crazy, he just came into the league and he never had any siblings in the league with him, he didn’t have any parents who had a history in NBA basketball and he still survived the rough NBA and brought him self to the level he was at and it’s just amazing and he school everybody and dominated everybody there. Like come on look at 5:58! That’s just ridiculous.
Agra Nam
Lebron and MJ may very well be equal, but then theres a part of the game called DEFENSE.
Max Neal
If anyone knows how Mike is so good then you are the new Einstein.
Fernando Cordoba
Q bajón tener q jugar en contra de Jordan ,por más esfuerzo q hagas sabés q pierdes El Maradona del básquet!!
Eric Zhu
LeBron who ? MJ the greatest of All Time
pedropaciencia YT
Legendes Never Die
umojah souljah
Alessandro Fiorentino
who knows these 3 songs ?
He earned his title
daniel brand
plays 8, 7, 6 just watch the reactions from the opposing teams bench, disbelief and awe, from his fellow professionals tells you all you need to know about how Michael was capable all things no one else ever could or ever will be able to do
rich McKinney
I'm a early 80's baby... I like Bron, but watching Mike play in the 90's was an experience that we will probably never see again.. You were low key surprised when he made a bad play because the majority of the time he didn't.. He was just that damn good.. His feel for the game was and is unparallel.. And to think, back then you could play way more physical on defense. The best player ever.
Freddie Dinglasan
To many greats but michael is the only one nobody els here n the philippines jordan is the god of basketball
Krzysztof Wiluk
Zawsze mi w glowie utkwia slowa Do dumarsa: MJ nigdy nie slyszalem Hahahahah z Detroit Pistons
Eth D
Michael Jordan dominated the Golden Age of basketball. In an era with Hall of Famers galore, physical play and tougher defenses, MJ still toyed with the league. Today's game is soft. You can't touch anyone now days. You get ejected for having bad breath. It was a man's game then. I can't even imagine the utter destruction MJ would do to the NBA today. He would slice through these weak defenses like a knife through warm butter. Combine that with his deadly mid range game and superior fundamentals, his field goal percentage would be absurd. Plus he would probably get 12-15 FT's a night. The media can hype up Kobe and Lebron all they want, real basketball fans know nothing beats the original.
CKS siung
Yes, they can jump, run, lay up, jump shoot, hanging, jump far n running fast..act. But, U know what? He can fly! Do U know the meaning of Flying?? Do U know about ability to walk in the Air??