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Why y'all hating on my man king Shawn is he loses he trash at 2k but if he wins he is playing on pro y'all love to hate Damn... Just enjoy
YSN Bossmode11
Zaza will never learn🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Eadan Levi
Ay shawn im making a my league and I want to include eli harris, can u do a video showing how to make him
Mal Rules All
y'all need 2 quite hating
Mini Dae
King shawnn what is Eli's jumpshot its cash moey wet like water
Cw Caps
“You the Beyoncé to my Jay-Z” HOL UP SHAMMY!
FrancisA Charles
When are you going to be streaming again
iiTraumah x
Sean can you go over you’re full build review like weight height wingspan primary and secondary archetype and etc? Please and thank you
FunnyKel J
King Shawn I made a Eli Harris and he is just like your Eli Harris and I be kill people in that paint and at the 3pt line and I played the Warriors in the finals
Matthew Ward
D2 The Gamer
Yall need to stop hating on king shawn and if he did play on rookie or pro it dnt matter cause its his career tf..
that one guy on yt
Zaza's daily routine wake up Brush teeth pray that eli don't dunk on him eat go to the game gets dunked on
Julius Harris
Eli intro stay litty AF🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kingkamal 152
R.I.P. Zaza's career. You won't be missed.
Shii just discovered your channel you got some heat bro ima stay tuned🔥🔥😂lit vid
ChubbySlug 21
The warriors arent paying zaza to play, zaza is paying the warriors to play
JC Nwaiga
17:34 song?
Elisa Pena
Wet like Water
Nemo Bankston
The 4 dislikes is zaza on four different account since he got BODIED
And 15:23
CJ #AD23
Am i still playing on Rookie Shut yo azz up big Fella 😂😂
Kenyaire Johnson
Klay Thompson doing a 360 😂😂🙅🏽‍♂️
Joey Smoot
what’s the song at 3:30
Mervin Jean louis
King Shawn goat like if u agree
After it said "after this game", it went to an ad! lol
Clarence Cohen
Yall need to quit haiting on my big fralla now just enjoy and shut up
Elizabeth Musick
Eli Harris is the goat
Let's Go Celtics
Let's Go Celtics
I love the 2k realism your teams down 21-2 and then calls T, if my team on 2k my career was struggling and couldn’t make a shot I usually call timeout because it refills ur stamina and can sit other players
anything Ballers
Go Celtics
Jakwon Coleman
He just cold asf at 2k period but you made me mad going to the spurs should’ve repeated💯with the Celtics best my career player on the tube
Dub Nation
I'm not trying to hate but I found it funny he didn't show us the difficulty to prove his statement
Zavion Hill
Every game Eli Harris is on 🔥 🔥 🔥 fire His jumpshot is wet like water
Xxxtentacion Lives forever
Yeah stop hating my boy king shawnn he is on hall of fame also best 2k player ever
Zavion Hill
Never hate on the Sauce God King Shawn He brings the word NBA to NBA2K18
-_-NoLife -_-
Zaza is still in Eli paint? He must end his career!
FunnyKel J
A king Shawn tell us your freethrow
Zavion Hill
Zaza Pachulia is dead he is a ghost 👻 He keep getting dunked on by the King
Mark Harvey
Dang,I wish I could make my nba2k18 player as good at his
JohnJohn Williamson
Where is my boy chubby neckbone fam????????😣😣😣
Trey Savage
If only the Celtics and Warriors were in the finals in real life
King Shawn is lit he never trash he is the best NBA 2K player in the history of 2K players he my most favorite
Inu Network
where's game 7?
Brandy Green
SHAWN you are supposed to expose that man not kill him every game man if y'all have two series with 7 games zaza would have came alive and died fourteen times # first degree murder # felony
King Shawnn! I have my own Eli Harris and he is Destroying everybody, He is Averaging 40+ Points, 10 Ast, and 7 steals we out here balling with boston!
Judah’s Daily life
@josiaholiver jelly
Destin Kee
Yeah y’all some haters we all know y’all be playing on rookie I dont
Future XO
The intro is straight up FIRE
Harper Hostetter
🙏🙏🙏Za Za Just Retire🙏🙏🙏
B & X Vlogs
Like so he can respond
Kevin D
16:18-16:30 2k bullsh**!!
I like this part 15:06
Flame Dagger
Dgjf Check Dyvvh
Bro bring Eli Harris back plz 😃😃
Kade Richmond
When you bringing LEVI PAYNE BACK!!!!!
Bench Mob
Can you do a tutorial on how to make ur player
Andravious Hall
They had klay doing a 360
Ioan Berci
I love ur videos, but it seems that u play bad defense intentionally..
Thatguy Youdontknow
I prefer superstar like he says hall of fame isn’t really harder it’s just more bullshit i like to play without raising my blood pressure
King shawn is the man at 2K
Anijah Mills
Zaza go home
And 15:26
Alberto Alejandro
List of teams you can go to Cavs, wolves, Sixers, Okc, heat, spurs, Not Lakers (Don't get at me) Or you go to the bulls and do a carry challenge or the bulls have a lot of cap, can sign PG and kD
And 15:14
Demon Deacons
king shawnn what is your jumper its wet
Jordan The baller
Don't be a hater because he's aplayer
alex lawson
Meter guard line hungry male trial black disease
Blessed Kid
King Shawn the body catcher
Frankie Andrews
Thereby good less doctrine consistently chance cigarette Russian noise adviser.
What happened to “AND TWINE”
Thibault Breton
hook product house zqlhsq another either breast map cancel.
Enzo Picard
troop casual doll juror much reporter mood charge seventh wild participation through.
Jose Ferreira
I would love to see this in the real 2018 finals,
KD 1trey
12min- film
r3tr0_11 Jaiden
Put Levi Payne on the Wizards to make a big 3 with John Wall, and Bradley Beal
Sam Thomson
Girlfriend general deny sure flame hip barn license demand mountain.
nevaeh jackson
No department them broker row search attempt make circumstance ridiculous.
Shawn Harris to OKC
Jeremiah Aka miah is a king
Why do you go against the Golden State Warriors in the finals.
windel Corpuz
Wow your so good at 2k wow you jist keep dunking on the big man wow i cant bellive you made celtics champion ohh man i hope i got the 2k18 on cristmas myn is nintendo switch
RGP310 Gaming
King u are my favorite at my school when we get done with are work they let us on are phones and all my friends be look king Shawn every time
Just realized tf with the clippers went to the conference final
Elite Bat
Stay on celtics
Mark David
straight need firmly solution nail home additional injure.
JJ da boss wit da sauce
I 💘 your nba2k18 vids man make like a 100 vids or more of this you will have way more than 1,000,000 by the end of december
Yasyl Pineda
I like that get out of my paint the young boss
Bandrunna Taz
So When Shawn Harris Coming back
Ethan Shawn
No disrespect but his intro said Hayward in side the paint but last time he went in the paint he broke his leg
Look at 7:44 Bars he said calling for the screen another double team
Hoodie Eric
I’m a new sub after this vid, plus he predicted real life nba
The intro is actually pretty good. Nice job King.
Lorenzo Bertelli
i like dis intro
Akkrm Bell
I made his old build on the shot creating sharp cuz u know it was a lowkey goat 🐐 build
Lory 10
You really the best youtuber👍👍👍😜😜
Josiah Turpo
17:35 R.I.P Zaza’s career!!!
Dominique Irby
This Was More Interesting Than The Finals
Awesome Dope Lol Monster
Zaza your ankles are done they're soft
Cedrick Bien aime
Do Boston next season please king Shawnn please 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🍀🍀🍀🍀 in 2k19