Kai & Kang "Leg Workout"

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Tim Z
only king kai can put out a youtube video longer than most standard movies and ill watch the whole damn thing
Adrian Lard
I like how Kai can do a leg workout using lighter weights and still make it look brutal af.
I always feel like Kai is this jedi master in his hoodie with a phd in bodybuilding guiding his young apprentice
Not_your_average Meathead
Until I saw this video I thought I never skipped a leg day, now I realise I've pretty much never had a leg day
Darius Hammond
Worst nightmare is Kai Greene explaining to you how he used his muscles to BANG your girl better than you.
Does that make sense
Savannah Precious
is it me or does kai train in a g string under his sweat pants...
those calves on kang are insane.
Window Smiles
Aint nobody in the world like Kai Greene, love that man. Awesome video with again so much to learn from. It's always fun watching these because its just like an amazing film, you see and learn something new every time you watch it. Thank you Kai Greene.
vídeo not available
Karan Kumar
My workout ends in about 45 mins and that's when his warmup is over. LOL
It is amazing how these huge ass bodybuilders when they train with Kai they can barely finish a full workout.
Hatem Alshwadfy
why not available!!
Ben Graham
kang don't know what you saying B
Still dont understand how all those guys in the gym are not distracted by the appearance of the greatest teacher of bodybuilding...
"does that make sense?" -Kai Greene
I just trained legs, I feel like my workout was minimal to this.
Manjot Saggu
"Does that make sense?"
Magnus Magnusson
It must be very cold in that gym!!
Michael Malaxos
Kai has 100lbs on me and is still more flexible
Tamasaelau Fuimaono Strickland
you're the man kai!! and dr kang too.these videos keep me on track with my training
max maxim
Kai you need to create a new league, more authoritative than the Mr. Olympia, I believe in you
Stratovarius Jake
Kai didn't have him train calves because the Asian dude's calves are so developed. This is the first time I've ever seen kai not do calves when he trains thighs.
more like an assworkout
23:38 wtf this guy doing in the back?? LOL
manuel men
Does that makes sense can you count how many times he said that ? Lol
I really hope that this gets re uploaded as it's not working. 🙏🏻
Maxime Benhaim
Not avaible Kaiiiiiiii ! like this comment for his look !
I put one of my clients through this exact same workout......R.I.P.
Taylor King
@1:31:35 Powerlifter Kevin Oak boy #Caffeine&Kilos
Patrick Jaidy
wtf i can't watch this damnnnn :-(
eric white
Thoughts become things!!!! Awesome video and love how the mindset of Kai everything makes sense when done correctly.
Kai Greene is such a great wise person! I love to watch his training videos... learn alot from them! Peace and love. TBT ;)
What 'cha say Phil?
Rob Late
Why do BB's like wearing hoodies and track pants in the gym? Is it to encourage body heat for warming up or just some sort of ritual? I heard that some like to hide their body until competitions but I've never quite understood it. I need to go as nude as legally possible because being too hot makes me itchy and sweaty as hell but that's just me!
Erick L Williams
Kais technique is flawless. The way he performs the excercises makes it look much harder
Daniel Park
Yo that bar between legs workout looks funny asf so it must give u mad gains foreal hahahha
Arturo Peña
Hello Kai, do workout 3 days a week, please!, saludos desde Peru, muchas gracias!
George Ramos
Kai Greene. Awesome trainer, his working out philosophy!
Nikki No Nose
Lil sweat going kai !?? ....full track suit werkout and sauna all in one
강경원선수도 우리나라에서하면 누구처럼 보조양쪽에 둘씩 끼고 황제헬스가능할텐데 외국에서 고생하시는게보입니다. 그만큼 더욱더 발전하실거라 생각하고 화이팅
Danii Psn
Learn so much and today is leg day. Let's put the knowledge to the test.💪💪💪💪💪
I bet Kang could sit on the toilet for at least a week after this....
Now that everyone's sweaty coochie has been gyrating against the Olympic bar, perhaps someone can come up with an easy off/ on removable bar sanitation sleeve. Like they have in the doctor's office for thermometers. Don't get me wrong .. I appreciate! But some things .. I'd rather NOT know before using the equipment myself.
Dudley GT
man im trying to get that donkey type lower half like kai got going on, ima do these workouts
Malachi Gary
at the beginning it looks like Dr Kang hates life
He is the bodybuilder monk
Mónica Estrada
Este video no está disponible??? Nooo porqué????!!!!!!
20:20 who tf gonna use that bar now?
Alana Rae
im here from Netflix loved what I saw
Davor Azic
if I did a session like this ,I wouldn't recover fora month!
2 Clowns and drug addicted junkies. Does that makes sense? www.muskeln-kaufen.de
Another day another bootie workout
Kang's hoody is bigger
No rep. www.muskeln-kaufen.de
tiago mota
ewww thats all i can say...
carsten nielsen
47:20 ; Evolutionary related involvement of the limbs, is here beautifully shown; Continiued, circulary patterns of movement is natures way of optimizing creatures behaviour. It creates functional flow and min. energyconsumption for optimal functionality for the energy invested, which is natures way. Correct usage of the bones and joints as evolutionary intended, is what Kai here show and not often seen elsewhere. I really appreciate the real dynamic approach Kai here show. Kai is identical with the perception or meaning of the name or phrase "Dynamik".
great workout and all... but damm kai cut yo fingernails before one gets popped off by accident bruh.
Louis Joseph
this is pretty much why I couldn't get into body building. the exercises are not fun. I don't want to do a million sets for a million reps. there are strange exercises in powerlifting but it's generally more fun in the pursuit of blowing people's and your own mind with what your able to lift.
Robert PumPed up GarciA
why he looks light the kid that won the ..a day with kai..
Stebbings Muhammd
Kai always Breakin when he showing something
Calvinsing along
Chest Workout next King Kai!!
1:23:20 , 1:46:15
finished yesterday morning and now it hurts to sit
Take a bunch of steroids and live in the gym all day: life of modern bb. Not much point in watching unless you got the genetics in the first place.
cris sanchez
not every need a hoodie in the gym he's the fat type that why this world copy every damn thing they see people don't even think no more its like the brain is just there for looks damn its sad
LiveLeaner 365
What is the purpose of placing the bar in between your legs?
Swapna Hari
Super thanks...
Ricco Ingram
Dang's English was like "Ouuu Shit " towards the end of his workout !!!!! (1:31:10)
Let me just say that Kai Green does the workout to perfection. There's no short cut on his sets and reps. It's full range of motion and, I'm surprised that he hasn't won any Olympia. Just goes to show that judges are bias when it comes to their favorite body builder. That's why I hate any sports that's Subjective. SO, I prefer Track and Field events because it's Totally Unbiased--Bar None! I'd like to see Kai, one day, finally get acknowledge by those damn bias Judges and become recognized as Mr. Olympia! Otherwise, Fire those Sons of Bitches! Hey, but that's just me thinking out-loud! ;-)
Martin SP3K
En pierna kai levanta lo q una señora lastimada de la columna jajaj Aún así está bien mamado :v
Dr ranjana kaushal
use weight gain formula of planet ayurveda for effective results
Debora Olivs
as vzs aqui no brasil nos preocupamos com maquina nova, mas vejo que o importante é a biomecanica. a serie
At 1 hour 28 minutes and 16 seconds....Dr Kang was thinking to himself...This guy is serious.....RESPECT to Kang for grinding it out..and RESPECT to Kai for leading the way....SEMPER FI
Vaughn Copeland
I swear I've been having the hardest time for years trying to open my hips and just your slight tweak with the toes Pointed out helped me turn on my glutes, TY X a million!
Paula Headley
Hello love the video,, would you recommend this sort of training for someone who is now getting into exercising
Cedric Dalton
very good video. great training bascis. its not about weight but about function, longevity of body and injury minimization. great vid.
Just me gets maaaaad gay vibes from Kai? Not hating just saying
Dr kang, more like dr tren
Kai is a very smart man. Anyone see the paintings he produces? He’s an artist in and out the gym. Very intelligent man and not just muscle, he’s got brains too!
auandi // Andreas Trumpp
I like this between the leg squat starting at 18:50. It's an exercise for hometraining also.
Kai Greene out here teaching a whole college course on muscle contraction
John Honcho
Kai is the king of all king..................... #flatbushbrooklyn
Eduardo & Adriely
Kang Destroy dead 😂😂😂😂😂
Healthify My Life
Toujours un défi pour y pas à arrêter long de tout le entraînement. Thank you for the motivation 👍💙
Danny Boy
@36:25 Kai crazy for this one 🤣
rosco michael
Kai has the best legs and back.. most muscular development.
Prince Naseem Hamed
Don’t forget my man Kang with those MONSTER calve genetics and upper leg genetics... his quad insertions literally sit on his knee cap, absolute beast.
Qassim Mohammed
It's your time Kia green to get the world championship me olampei I blive in your self you can c.J
C. A.
WTF Kai Jr Mongoloid version (Japanese)
Thomas Wilkinson
Outstanding, strictly business and humble
Coin Interview
you dont have to go heavy. just mad volume lolz
Edward Cook
Thank you Kai Green
Ip Dan
Kai repeated the importance of flex the glutes so often that I started flexing my glutes while watching this everytime he'd flex 'em lol
Queen's Studio 5 Project
I think I'm in love!! 🤩😍😍😍🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️💣💣👑👑👑👑
Tom-Jones DeLeon
Every thing they are doing is making me think of bacon