Apple Music Event 2007-The iPod Touch Introduction (Pt.1)

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the long awaited iPod Touch.

Who watches because of Steve Jobs 😥
Would watch this man presenting his grocery list. Steve there is a huge hole where you used to be.
joshua bushell
3:11 he said iPhone instead of iPod
derek serpas
I have no Idea how I end here, I was watching Audi A4 2017!
Harry Nguyen
everytime a new product comes out it's revolutionary lol
I have an old iPod touch 4th gen, when it was new, it worked pretty flawlessly, I loved it, now its gotten so laggy and crashes often, its almost unusable, I now use it as a music player, alarm, as well as for light surfing and email
Steve where did you go...
Kawaii Girl Juanita
I love iPods
Watching this on my iPod 6😂📱
i had the 1st or second gen (cant remember) and i got stolen. i was walking in the park and a flying phish stole
damn steve jobs would listen to stoner music xD
absolutely genius. obviously a full fledged iphone wasn't for a kid/teenager, so they made the ipod touch, pretty much the same product. smart marketing
I still have and use my 1st Generation iPod Touch.
Mark Villanueva
i got the newest ipod touch 6th generation gold color... this ipod i bought when i got my 1st job was so proud plus shocked cuz of the price 299.99 for the 8GB LOL
omg! i can't wait! when is this ipod coming out?
Tiffany Marlow
I have a 4g and it's INCREDIBLE
Sean Cooney
I miss coverflow.
Ronnie King
Wish we still had cover flow😣
Matthew Walsh
I have the 4th gen and 5th gen iPod touch. 2nd gen iPad mini.
Kawaii Girl Juanita
Watching this on 5g
Brad Meyer
I which cover flow stayed, I like that feature.
Just got one of these on eBay for $25. It used to be really expensive back in the day.
newbie reacts 42
my 2 generation doesnt work any more i want to get the new ipod touch 5 generation
Josh Swayze
I honestly hate apple but without this there would be no players or mabey even tablets so I like the first gen
Stupid Epic Video!
Watching this on a 4th Generation!
Robert Lee
I remember this I got a 4g RIP Steve
John De Leon
wolfson audio chip at that time..
Renzo Bamf
watching this from my windows 8!!!!
Tom Lamberty
Oh that looks SO awesome!! When can I get one of those things???
Cr8N8 Pegasus
Steve you was hollier then jesus
Andrei Petrea
6 years since the 1st generation iPod Touch. :) Steve, we still love you!
Vya Domus
you need serious help before it's to late
Vya Domus
are you kidding me ? in 5 years since ios was released they haven't changed ios a bit now we can finally see something new
Vya Domus
it was good enough what else could have been done ?
RIP Legend
New Millennium Christ
3:12 iPhone?
The first gen ipod just doesnt have speakers no. The audio gone through the cable and then to the speakers in the place
3:12 he said iphone :P
Jacob Sabastian
Can everyone PLEASE stop commenting on what device theyre watching this on!? Please!?
watching this on i pod 4
Jobs is so much funnier then the current team
Tim Cook always gets some guy to do the presentation for him. Steve Jobs did his job as a CEO incredibly well.
Ronald Pitre
I'm sure that Steve Jobs was still involved with the apple products that we use today. Although yes, he may have died prior to their release, there's still a very good chance that those products are directly from the mind of Steve Jobs. Apple is at it's best right now, and although apple will continue to amaze us with new products, they won't be able to improve and introduce products nearly as quickly from this point on. R.I.P Steve
iPod for music, and some non need wifi games. iPhone apps (no music) and expecially apps that need wireless. So i can use 3g (4g doesnt exist here)
Milo Trinity
you're going to combine an iphone and an ipod touch? how on earth are you going to do that?
I now have the iPod 5g and next year i gonna buy a iPhone 5S and combine these two :D
Jack Parry
RIP Steve
Miss you Steve
Cuong Pham
me too lol
jacob huffman
Amazing absoulutley amazing!
apple is now crap after steve jobs died
I remember getting this device when i was a kid, i loved it until i got my iPhone. It was the gateway to apple for me
Noah King
Apple fanboy, or idiot?
I honestly think that Sony and Microsoft should learn from Steve. As much as I hate to admit it, Jobs was probably the best marketer of the 21st century. In his Keynotes, he could market elephant shit and make it a best seller. I always found the XBox One Reveal to be a very bland and unexciting experience. For some reason, Jobs always made the Keynotes enjoyable and corporate-worthy.
When new things
And this was typed on a yellow 5th generation iPod touch! :D
iPod touch = best ever PDA + PMP + Game Player combo! ;)
I watch this on my iPod touch 4g
elena greenberg
thetimelapseguy ft. wii
I Watch this on my iPod touch 5g:)
God bless Steve Jobs <3
I agreed with you :)))
Nick lon
I wish Steve jobs was here so he can make the iPod touch 5g better
JL leichter
Rip Steve you changed the world forever
Only if he could see the iPod touch 5
Bernardo Carvalho
Fucking delay
Seth Bower
I'm watching this on my 5th generation iPod touch.
..compared to the 5th gen
It's a little more than your average "MP4 player"... You get an iPhone without GPS, light sensor, and possibilty to place calls. For 300$.
Insta-upgrade! :D
Ipod is increlible
sportsfanatic 006
I own this
lol the iOS 5.0.0 iPod logo XD
i do goe to scool mises kelly helps me evry day at scool
@XboxZen Learn how to spell or go back to school dumbass.
lol but ef i was evan retrated , i woodnt even kill miself becuz i woudlnt be smart enuff to evn figur out how to ddo it. /'
So its an iPhone with less features?
Alli Sullivan
I have the iPod touch 5 and 3 and the iPod nano 6 and and iPad 2
Mark Villanueva
me tooo i am a apple fanboy i love my apple devices
I hate being that guy. But it's quite obvious.
Your mom's a laptop.
Watching this on my iPod Touch 5th Gen!!! 🙆
John Loco
Maximilian Reisch
Maximilian Reisch
Ja means yes in German and this shits the fuck out of me. SAY HAHA WHEN YOU LAUGHT!!
Jean M Perez Ch
Everybody use to watch porn on these in high school lol
Jean M Perez Ch
i don't now!!!
iPad mini is pointless its even slower than iPad 2
Laptop i think... :P
I don't see him
Gavin Tai
I was in my 12th grade in Canada when I got this. I remember cherish it like my baby and bring it with me everywhere around. It's still in my house somewhere, even thought I never really use it anymore but sometime I will still turn it on and play around with it. 
Jake Duller
R.I.P Mr. Steve Jobs thank you! for everything youve given us
Deez nuts
Rip Steve
Amir Hassan
it's a macbook air
Amir Hassan
3:05 same pic that was used in the october 2012 keynote?
Ricky Dhami
holy shit $299 for an 8GB model lol
nope, its a laptop false alarm
Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook Steve jobs wins.