1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Big Block Muscle Car

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I thought you might like a look at this very slick 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS in Marina Blue. It's powered by the awesome 396 Big-block V8, backed by a turbo 400 automatic and a 12 Bolt rear. It has only covered about 5,xxx miles since the restoration. The paint is slick, the black vinyly interior looks like new, and it's riding on a set of 17" SS style wheels. This car is ready to go. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for taking a look! Be sure to check us out on Facebook at: /> Video filmed at Gateway Classic Cars near St Louis, MO www.GatewayClassicCars.com The first background track used in this video was Open Road by Jason Shaw. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download: /> The last background music track is Whiskey on the Mississippi by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:

Paper Plane
only downside is that it's automatic.
That color really pops on there!! Very sharp wheels too!!☺
Nice car automatic havnt seen that one nice clean car
Sounds Great and Looks Great!!
Lucky Duck
The 1966 Chevelle SS is my all time favorite muscle car ...........this blue one is awesome ..
The Shade Tree Fix-it Man
My first ride in a "real" muscle car was a brand new 66 Chevelle SS with a 396, 4 spd. I will never forget the feeling of being plastered to the seat when my friend went through the gears. Very nice example of this iconic car. My buddies car was this color with the then popular, black vinyl top.
Edmund Williams
Nice car way too much money.
David Huffman
See this is so odd.. my father has a 67 camaro with a 454 and 3" flowmasters. it sounds almost IDENTICAL to this car.. I have a 66 chevelle with a 396 and stock everything.. it sounds nothing like this car. Frankly, a lot of classics from that era sound pretty damn close to my dad's camaro and i love that sound. don't get me wrong, my chevelle sounds great but its just not as meaty as this when idling. Dad's motor is stock- all I can think is that the exhaust must be the big factor- can anyone else chime in?
I like that stock look.
Pixel Gamer
this is my dad's car he bought from Idaho to Texas guys 515 HP with a 427
Tom Larsen
To experience a muscle car from 1966 with 100 % metal would be amazing, would adding a modern after market suspension to this detract from its value if you kept the original pieces to go back on later, coming from Illinois it’s always amazing to see a solid metal Chevy, we had some Chevys but the body work and quarter panel replacement and rust repair would be in the thousands of dollars !
Jane Spaulding
What a Fabulous car. Just Love the color! I bet it's very Fast. What was the price? Very nice Restoration/ it looks brand new 😊
Erik Sinaga
Can i have this car. I love so much this car
paul rose
Stunning car love the colour and the chrome details
Bobby Knight
What a bad ass looking car. I love that color too. This car would also look sweet with a black paint job.
Jeff Moore
I love your cars but I also love that opening guitar very nice and smooth
Cash Money
How much?
That's a mean looking motor :) It is a lovely blue.
Nice Chevelle Jeff. I recently saw the same type of wheels on a complete frame off, no expense spared 69 Chevelle SS (Real SS) 396 with a factory tach, factory air, power windows and locks, 12 bolt rear end w/ highway gears, upgraded suspension from FlemingsUltimateGarage.
You may have said but my volume is down.  where are these cars from, and are they for sale ? 
Anthony Vaccaro
I love the bigger wheels!
Very nice, one of my favorite cars in one of my favorite colors.
It's got the knee knocker Tach.
Nice car
James Eggerth
That blue is my favorite color also beautiful restoration on this car, wish I had the money to invest in this fine automobile... :)
Capt. John's Bar
That is freakin' sweet !
396 Big Block !!!
alberto gorin
am first.impressive
That is just a beautiful car!! Great vid bud
This is a super nice Chevrolet chevelle its no wonder 66 chevelles are my most favorite cars jus that mean but nice look, the stance, that big block powering, its just an incredibly awesome car I wish I could buy one to have as a project car.
Rabona Maria
To anyone who wants to get ripped some day. Go and Google  Max Muscle Method to find out more.
simply perfect, needs a 4 speed but other than that 100%, it's almost majestic.
The Rebel 22
Nice vid Jeff !
Renzee White
this car is SWEAT!!!!!!! i love the blue paint 66 is one of the first Chevelle
Gaston mercado
aguanten los super autos clasicos de USA
Joseph Whiteman
Is this car still for sale? Nice color!
wild child
Looks great
Roger Jackson
better looking to me than any girl I've ever seen
Nancy Vélez
Cool man😝
 What is that guitar song at the begining-Awsome color Chevelle-which it had AC though
Just an awesome car love classic vehicles. Simple motor not too much electronic shit the new cars has now a day. A lot of room to work on too.
My cousin has a 67 with a 454 in just like that its bad to the bone. Scary fast too.