The Camera [ASMR]

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This is one of my favorite triggers but there's not too many videos out there.
Hailie Loakc
I absolutely love the camera sounds, like when an asmrist accidentally hits or moves the camera its always tingly for me:) and wow your camera has to be the best. idk if it's just me but the detail at 6:50 & just in general in the whole video is amazing! the amazing quality and sound makes this perfect thank you!
Here's a humble idea of mine: what if you were some back-alley empty bottle collector? Showing your vast assortment of various bottles. I've always loved the sound of how you twist the lid off and on. And the tapping sound of the bottle is just so soothing.  Keep up the awesomeness! 
Y Whispers
I can't believe this came out 2 YEARS ago.
I'm a new viewer, and I notice that you really have a great flair for theatrics... and I mean that in a good way. You like movies a lot, don't you? I can kind of tell - the fades in your titles and the Lovecraftian style vids of yours... it all says "I wanna work in movies". I've found a kindred spirit, with you, ya know... awesome work  in that respect. I like that you have a traditional ASMR playlist, too,.... huge kudos to you in your scripted (? were they scripted) vids like those Lovecraft ones... awesome using your imagination to do something different in the ASMR community. =)
It feels silly to admit, but I usually shy away from male ASMR content creators.  This was the first video of yours that I watched~  I enjoyed it immensely.  ^^;; I watched this twice and loved its intricate simplicity. There were moments it felt completely unintentional; at other times, I felt sure that you must have planned exactly the way the camera honed in on each individual rivulet of wool in your shirt. The crispness of the sound and the video enchanted me, and I found myself relaxing even despite all the turmoil going on around me. Who knew that a plastic water bottle could be so beautiful? I thought I would find you intimidating [I find most people intimidating] but even when the focus honed in on your face and hands it didn't break the spell. I suppose the siren song of camera noises and water bottles will be my undoing. This is my favorite ASMR video of all time. ^^
Los Mancos del barrio
The best asmr video...
This video is heaven.
I can hear my own heart beat while listening to this. .__.
Matt Rutallie
This video melted my brain, excellent work ER!
Guthrie Hausken
ive always loved the sound it made when you tapped the camera and adjusted it, so this video was just amazing for me!
S3nt1nel Glad3
Person1: So was today interesting? Person2: Oh not really, I became a camera for 15 minutes, a guy kept man handling me, I watched him drink water. So like I said pretty boring
Millennial Muscle
I'm high af and this shit is scaring me
Manuel Alejandro lopez valdez
My favorite sound in this video is when open and close the bottle.. Anyone else?:)
Lou L
some serious gem hidden in your old videos
I keep coming back to this!
Manuel Alejandro lopez valdez
I really want this sounds on spotify! These sounds are so relax for me, makes me sleep EP can you put this sounds on spotify? Thanks!
What camera was this filmed on???
Freezes at 0:03 for me. Anyone else?
Chotre w
This was uploaded on the day release of gta 5 lol
Here I am again.
bby isa
this is still the best asmr video of all time
Michelle Peralta
Part 2?
‘ TheFrick3128
Are you god???😃
Dalton Jackson
0.21 hell of a fart!! 😂
This is truly amazing camera sounds are the Best
J West
Please make another camera video!
can you make more of these
dang this is good
Ephemeral Rift
Tara TheWitch
This was amazing
Heily Contreras
Nothing Important
You remind me of my uncle . I miss him
Heily Contreras
My favorite triggern
CM Punk
Miss 2013-esque ER. Brings me back to when ASMR was new to me ❤️
Part 2?
Love this
The intro to this video feels so cinematic
justqua nation
I love this
I can Hear classical music playing in the background. Anyone else?
0705 minet
理想のvideoに出会いました。 ありがとうございます!☺️
Pleasssee redo this video, the camera sounds are just too good.
Thanks for being #1 now and for the last three years E.R.
A little over 3 years old and I still come back to this video once a week.
Allie B
biggest tingles i've ever gotten
You should make another video like this or at least a camera sounds video where you play with the camera for 30-40 minutes like in this video.
Jonathan N. W. Hunt
The Buggles - I am a Camera. Need i say more?
Pipo 2002
nariz video :D
I'm hoping for a part 2 of this.
HOPE asmr
never have i ever expected to be triggered by a beard
Ricardo Long
I love this
Stupid... do not waste or time!
Taylor King
I had gone through all of your videos just to find one I hadn't watched so I picked this.if you could respond back Just so that I know that you relax how much you bed changed my life from me being a insomniac to a peacefull sleeping teenager it's just amazing .
Taylor King
I wanted to test something and you're my favorite asmr artist and I wanted to see how easily you could put me to sleep so I ate four packs of skittles.(note I'm 14 6'4 and 160) so it wasn't that bad for me to eat it and I wanted to see if you would put me to sleep on a sugar buzz and about 5 minutes into the video I just fell asleep I did this a little bit ago and I had put a timer on for 20 minutes and it worked so all I can say is that you Uncle E for being on YouTube
Aaron W
I hope you take it as a complement that I've never seen the end of this video... Honestly man, this is my favorite ASMR vid of all. From the second it starts... Tingle-splosion.
Oh man did this give me massive tingles....i almost fell out of my chair. i had to take my laptop to my bed and just crashed. lol thanx :)
Holy crap i got unsubbed so i resubbed almost had a panic attack
Hands down best camera trigger video there can ever be.
You're still the man
I would still beat you in MTG rift.. You're lucky I live in NC or I would have to go ahead and show you how to play. Hahahah. I'm just kidding man.....but seriously
39th second was so tired it disappeared off the video xD
Shane Wicher
My mother said I could be anything..... so I became a camera
You have introduced a family to this wonderful world.
jack michaels
i have the ability to a quire a gropro, would you recommend the Panasonic instead?
This is definitely my favorite ASMR video now.
Shannon Rahn
Someone has to do my homework now since I'm a camera.
Your the man ephemeral I think ur the best ASMRtist out there
Brice Ames
Is that a Bill Cosby sweater?
I was worried that I thought you deleted your channel.
Alain Mulder
Nolan Fisher
awesome video
Ephemeral Rift
I will make relax of the potates, yes? Then I make of them the nutritional suppliments.
Ephemeral Rift
Thanks for the resub!
Moose Murmur
Oh no wonder I wasn't subbed to you anymore uncle E. I'm glad I found out why and resubbed. Thanks for the video.
jamie miller
:) knew camera clicking was tingly. Lovely work. Yours Subs are growing, be well.
Will Martorana
Nice work
Ephemeral Rift
Panasonic TM-90
Ephemeral Rift
Same here. But you're far too kind. Thank you.
Ephemeral Rift
Me too. And thank you for watching.
Ephemeral Rift
Thank you :)
Plague Doctor!! :'(
He tried to delete his google+ account, but since it was connected to his Youtube, it deleted his channel as well. He contacted Youtube and they got the page and videos back up, but now he has to gain back all his subscribers.
why did he lose so many subs?
Personally a huge fan of camera sounds. Great work.
there must have been subliminal messaging in that xD, I go so thirsty during this vid
Tom Cole
My earphones have been dead for about a week, which means I havn't listened to ASMR for a week.. just got new headphones today and geeewiz. This video shreds Unc.E.R, great work!
Kat O
Wow. I love how clean the sounds are :j Keep up the good work, E.R!
John Mayer
Just very crisp...
John Mayer
Really honestly one of the most well edited and thought out performances I've seen in a while... good job Rift!
Jonah Loperena
Asmr shave tutorial??
6:00 wow
Everyday i check to see how many subscribers you've gotten back.
Denise Chavez
Just uploaded my first attempt at an asmr video and it would be great if i got some feedback:) I really dont know if i am good or not, but i thought i would give it a shot just because i love asmr so much:) so if you are interested just check my channel.