Players demanding trades has ‘gotten a little out of control’ — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss NBA Commissioner Adam Silver's recent comments regarding trade demands becoming an issue that must be addressed. Hear why Skip thinks the player movement around the league, including forcing trades, has gotten a little out of control and reveals an radical thought about trades. #Undisputed #NBA #AdamSilver #NBAtrade SUBSCRIBE to get the latest UNDISPUTED content: /> ▶Watch our latest NFL content: />▶Watch our latest NBA content: />▶Watch our latest MLB content: /> ▶First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright's YouTube channel: />▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel: />▶Speak for Yourself’s YouTube channel: /> See more from UNDISPUTED: />Like UNDISPUTED on Facebook: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Twitter: />Follow UNDISPUTED on Instagram: /> Follow Skip Bayless on Twitter: />Follow Shannon Sharpe on Twitter: /> About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED: UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day. Players demanding trades has ‘gotten a little out of control’ — Skip Bayless | NBA | UNDISPUTED /> Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Have player trades gotten out of control?
This bitch loud in every movie
The leauge is starting to become the real life version of Mycareer 💀
Johnathan W
BREAKING NEWS: Pat McCaw demands to be signed by the Knicks. "I'm gonna give the city of New York what they want"
Endo Kenzo
Carmelo about to get traded from his local ymca to the Lakers
Jared Watt
Ask demar derozen about loyalty
LeeTravius Mckay
Where was Adam silver when masai traded demar after demar resigned with the raptors
Shak S
Skip: I'll always side with the player Also Skip: BOLOGNA!!! The Spurs doctors told me there was NOOOOOOTHING wrong with him and Number 2 just quit on my spurs
Wine is fine But whiskeys quicker
Ask Blake Griffin and IT what needs to be addressed....
TeaTime Podcast
y'all keep having chris broussard up there has 'gotten a little out of control'
David Shaw
Its crazy how everyone lost respect for Chris Broussard so quickly
415 East Boxing
Demanding a trade isn’t the problem, the problem is players quitting on their teams
quinton sheridan
I wish we could demand a trade from jobs but keep the same pay or more like these dudes lol
Kawhi and Paul George really got the whole league shook, they tryna change the rules 😂
JG14 Gerhard_Bar
Demanding a place on the Olympic team is next. bout to have a 100 man bench.
*Lmao Paul George requested 2 trades in like 3-4 seasons. Smh*
calvin watson
The two year contract area is on it's demands will stop teams from offering long term contracts...i seen this coming years ago.
But When the team trades you its “just business”? miss me with that💯!
Kawhi called KD AND Kyrie 😂 PG was just the 3rd fallback option 😂
Frantz Nelson
The Anthony Davis situation is one thing. He had one year left on his deal. The Paul George thing is something else. Nobody put a gun to OKC's head and made them trade him. They could have easily said no and he couldn't have done anything about it. They had him locked up for 3 more years. So at the end of the day it's not about anything other than OKC made a decision to trade him because they wanted to.
It’s hard buying a jersey for a player when you have the feeling they’re going to ask for a trade soon
Ty Redd
It's good for the players but bad for the fans. You watch your team go from contenders to tanking. That's depressing.
Proppa Music
*Lets not forget the FACT.. Chris Broussard got more Sources than drake got ghostwriters*
nabil chowdhury
Kyrie and Kawhi left $80 million on the table since the demanded a trade from their OG team.
RXR 117
Pop should be an example on what to do when a player wants a trade. Send them to were they don't want to go. I can't believe OKC trade one of there best players to their competitors.
Mixed feelings on this topic because in most cases, the player asking to be traded is just trying to get out of bad ownership. Instead of player empowerment, it's more like management accountability. On the other hand there are also players who are shallow and only care about teams helping their brand over playing in a good situation but a small market.
LeeTravius Mckay
Adam silver is just mad because kawhi worked around the system with his savage move
aidan fischer
Kawhi left waay more on the table with all the other incentives the city of Toronto was going to give him
King Luckey
Soon before we know it. Players are going to sign only 1 year deals. If things dont look right, they are out 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mobile Apps And Games
I just wish the nba could make a way to make small market teams relevant like the nfl does .
Trevor Philips
both players AND owners got the right to do what's in their best interest -- get that cheddar ! if I invest hundreds of millions in a business, and some 'asset' wants to leave -- and he has ever right to do what's best for his legacy and his money -- then I also have every right to voice concerns.
Nba is rigged folks.
Deont6y Wild9r
PG wanted more money, so he signed with OKC, knowing he would demand a trade to LA the very following year. AD signed with NO, knowing he would demand a trade before his last year, so his next team is allowed to offer him a max contract. Money talks. They are no ball players anymore, they are mercenaries.
Jim Morrison
Anthony Davis needs to shave his damn eye brows
Ben F
I think the celtics told the entire league that "its just business" after IT played his heart out there and got shipped off.
Mike Johnson
Smh just silly stuff then don't sign for the money
When Skip changed jobs did he think "those reporters have gotten a little out of control"  ?
Reset the NBA and have a major draft with every players out there
Kenyata Jones
Owners has no loyalty therefore players no longer do examples ask Blake Griffin and IT.
Chris Houston
Eventually we will just start following players and not the teams
Mr. Juhrie Bonds.
It’s a business. “Authentic” fans don’t like the okie doke. Lol. “Cough” Rucker blackout “cough”
Lacy A.
I think ALL NBA players should be signed to ONE year contracts. And renegotiate each year.
daniel matsunga
And the 1st overall pick of the 2020 draft me to this team or i wont play...yep power to the players...
Bruce Rivers
Wasn't Shannon crying when Kyrie demanded a trade to leave LeBron but now it's ok. Smfh.
Po Weather
Well lebron from.2003 to present he demands coaches and players ... Shannon my boy but he talks out both sides hos mouth
Loyalty goes both ways, contracts are signed by two parties, both parties should honour the contract. Trading should be restricted. I miss the Bird/Magic/Jordan era, real superstars who started from the bottom and built their teams up by hard work not by romancing other superstars.
Richard Pablo
Nobody: Shannon Sharpe: "Now Skip"
E Derrell
Just because a player wants a trade doesn't mean the team has to do it..
Mid season trades are a part of basketball since the mid 90s
John Paradise
Teams and players should be penalized for breaking a contract early. Wether the player demands a trade like AD or Paul George or an organization moves someone like Blake Griffen or DeMar Derozen, they should be punished for that. If an org offers a player a 4 year contract and they end up regretting they should face consequences if it backfires. Same goes for players signing a deal.
Kammy Kaze
Shannon got that player perspective and skip got that media perspective 🤫
Stephen Dunker
Sharpe 'The team is never the villain' Please sir reference: raptors with deman, celtics with IT
New Dayz Tapes Videos
Silver is trying protect small market teams
The FPV Life
Kawaih saved the NBA. His request prevented the Lakers from another dynasty.
B Noble
I normally tire of the excessive football talk but I welcome it now.
Eric Allen
And ESPN promoting big superstars to go popular markets and forget the small markets is getting out of control
Larry Jacobs
So what if a player is underperforming his max contract and a owner decides not to pay them. Would everyone who thinks this is ok be fine with that?
If your workplace or employer is not living up to your expectations, you find another gig. This is life. We stand to see one of the best nba seasons ever,, and people have a problem with this??
Hispanic PANiC
Nah Bro, players requesting trades while on rookie contracts will ruin the league. The new era of players are just copy cats and follow what others are doing instead of carving their own path.
Robert Williams
I love how Skip and others in the media know so much more about the players than the players know about themselves.......
Michael Fernandez
Never forgot what the Clippers did to Blake Griffin
G-notes Johnson
It's hard for teams to dominate now and days. You think you have a great team one year. Then next thing you know you have to keep adjusting, due to the fact players are teaming up.
Get that garbage outta here
Whats the point of building a team to win just for the star players to demand trades to big markets everytime
Charlie Martinez
One day, at this rate... Two teams (one from east and west), will no longer be due to this a list players wanting to play with each other... Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing that. 😎
R Rocket77
Antoine Hicks, Gr8 feedback and reply. Keep it rocking bud!😎👊
Benoit Crevier
Shannon is definetely a lebron pon pon girl...
Endtimelion !
Skip and shannon together is awesome. "What you gon say about that skip baylus". Lol
Zee Khan
Soon before we know it the NBA will only have teams in Southern California 😂
Byron Anderson
It's plain & simple, you can either take charge of your career (life) or you can leave it up to someone else. Most of us aren't in position to do so, so we're jealous and upset when others can. Things change, when will you?
They do it in baseball all the time lol. They deserve to have control of where they play ad well
Once skipped said, as usual you always have a point, sharpe" yeah i know (in his my mind), lmao
Jonathon Odum
A rule requiring players to forfeit a percentage of the salary remaining in their contract as well as from any new contracts in a 4-year time period after should be introduced. It would work.
Sacramento King
Nothing matters in the NBA. This is a complete joke.
ItsThat Pc
OKC was actually shopping PG and Westbrook, they were planning on trading them to Toronto
Danny Woodard
Skip killing me with the #2 lmao 😂 he really been calling kawhi #2
lamar mikell
Brainiac 5
The rule should be no trade can be made on a player that's under 80-90% of his contract. People also have to understand that these teams are also losing out on other players trying to retain some of these stars. Not to mention the damage it does to the Franchise. Us Drafting Zion actually saved the possible dire times.
William Miller
Skip, it's all out of hand :-) Players are paid so much now, they basically are one-man band's of their own.
The league has never seen more parity, but now the players have too much control? 🤔 🙃 🤡
Angel G.
All this complaining is because nobody wanted to play for the Lakers but no one says that
DJ Great G
I love this show so much!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Truth Finder
I’m for players. The work hard and that’s why people come out. The should control where they go. Period.
Vintage Drugrug
Bruh the league makes no sense how you gonna force a player to be on your team , but then if the team wants to trade you its alllllll good
Mackenzie Davis
In football you don't have trades you sign players in the summee and January transfer windows.
C. mao
"This is a problem, what should they do about it ?" Shannon - "Nothing" ? wtf. Shannon? 'nothing' isn't a solution.
Anthony S
Don't forget how they did Blake Griffin
Bud Mon
European football/soccer players do this all the time lol
Rata Paga
Is absurd Nba should impose the most you can sign with another team is 10mil. and can't more than two players at a time. Stay with your team max.out
Shackartion Mchenry
Players getting smart now and dayz)) 2019 skip things or not the same. AZ
Nick Mougros
whats the point of contracts then if they could be broken on an ask?
James Mcghee
Skips only hates the trade demands due to #2 bouncing out of San Antonio
Just make them sign a no trade clause when they sign a max deal...
west Side
Teams have been forcing trades almost since nba started now players are out of control suddenly?
Alexander Ortigoza
What if a player demands a trade the punishment is a 15% cut to their contract A player taking up 35% of the cap for example will receive a 15% cut in salary but the cap to the new team will remain at 35%
Ernest Alvarado
Simple..only allow the team that drafts the player to be able to offer max/supermax. Supermax don't work, they can change teams and 1 yr later they can get a supermax..
H20 1958
I agree. You should have to stay for 75% of your contract....
Led Entertainment
I agreed with Skin, is it a contract mean you agreed to do whatever the owner said and wanted, if they signed a contract they should play for that team until their contract run out and go to other teams. These athletes got paid so much for what they love to do and still complain about it.
Empower the players more! This is a beginning of a great trend.
Adam Williams
Shannon Sharpe needs to be protected at all costs 😂 this fool is welcome at any function ✊🏾
Kevin Tingzon
i say a contract should be at least 2 yrs. teams will have to do their best to keep top players satisfied to stay.
The RantingNerds
Shannon- nobody gets mad at the team for trading a player Me- I refer you to Toronto last year when they split up Kyle and demar