Relive José Mourinho's Internazionale defeat Bayern in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final in Madrid. The #UCL Final Flashback series takes an amazing behind-the-scenes look at some of the greatest finals in the competition's history. An episode will publish every Sunday before a Champions League match-week through the 2018/19 season. -- />Facebook: />Twitter: />G+: />

Fakhri Rafif
WESLEY SNEIJDER deserved Ballon d'or that year, *100%* Guess what, he wasnt even got into top 3 smh
Soham Banerjee
3:47 is Sneijder realising that he didn't win the ballon d'or even after winning the treble and carrying his national team to a world cup final.
L'ultima Italiana a vincere la Coppa. ONORE ALL'INTER! Nessuno può discordare
Inter Milan 2010 was the best team of the 2010's decade.
Inter had a team of real men: Cambiasso, Milito, Sneijder, Etoo, Maicon etc
Leonhard Pohl
The best Champions League Season ever!!
Diego Milito doveva vincere il Pallone d'Oro quell'anno, doppietta in finale e non fu nemmeno inserito tra i candidati. Comunque grande Inter!
eminem eminem
non potete farmi piangere cosí però..
S.F.G. Gameplay
Inter 3 Champions League!🔵⚫🔵
Ah man. What a nostalgic final
We were unlucky to play without Ribery 😣 Nevertheless Inter was a monster in 2010 👏
back when the CL was still exciting. no real madrid to see
Back when Mourinho and a group of men, not Insta posers, could achieve a CL trophy.
Ali Nasrudin
Jose Mourinho ❤️😫
Thabiso Moreti
6:50 love him or hate him, you can’t deny his passion for the beautiful game ❤️. Yours Sincerely, Manchester United fan
Victor Rooroh
Bayern and Inter both were searching for their first season treble and also for the first ever treble for the country they represented. Both came to this match having won their domestic leagues and cups. Inter came out on top that time but Bayern eventually got their and German’s first treble in 2013...
Giovanni Aj
Go Inter🌑🌑💙Juve merda💩💩
Jose Ochoa
Respect inter from mexico
Erik Castilla Optic
Da Juventino sta finale ancora mi fa venire i brividi
Mr. Unboxing
I get hyped for ucl finals more than world cup finals
Simone Mercuri
🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫E' una milinga, è un tango, è un passo argentino, che lega Buenos Aires a Milano. La coppa viaggia verso Piazza Duomo. La coppa vede sempre più nerazzurro per merito del principe d'El Vernal, che ha lasciato sul posto i difensori del Bayern, ha alzato la testa, ha guardato il portiere, poi ha depositato il pallone col piatto nell'angolo più lontano, nemmeno avesse dei polpastrelli al posto degli scarpini. Nulla da fare per Butt! Nulla da fare per Van Buyten! Nulla da fare per il Bayern Monaco! L'Inter ora conduce per 2-0... ....e la Coppa dei Campioni è sempre più vicina🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫
zaf Patel
I'm a liverpool fan and I clearly remember this game was the first champions league final that changed from Wednesday final to a Saturday final
Toro Azzurro1926
Che ricordi, grazie all'Inter per averci regalato queste grandi emozioni, da un napoletano! Gli unici che gli brucia ancora il culo sono gli juventini che il triplette non lo vinceranno mai
Wolf Rain
Dopo 8 anni ancora mi emoziono Sempre e solo INTER 💙🖤💙🖤 Ti amo eterna squadra mia
fernando ordonez
As a Bayern Fan Inter Milan is my Fav Club in Italy
benjur colo colo
sneijder merecia el balon de oro ese año
Jorge Alvar
I Can't contain the tears, the feeling remembering this... Forza Inter! io ti amo!
Victor Rooroh
The greatest night of being Interisti... The pinnacle of Inter achievement
*Back then, Inter were a much more LEGENDARY side than now...*
Haajir Yabre
And to think messi winning ballon dor 2010 instead of milito, sneijder, iniesta. One of the biggest robbery in football but French will let French player win this year without doubt.
As Inter loyal fan, i really hope our team and AC Milan back again as the feared giants in Europe.. Yes AC Milan is our biggest rival, but we grow together in one city and created a lot of history with many great players, to realize we aren't being a giants anymore and struggling right now is just sad...
Peter H
Does Milito Looks like Silvester Stallone from Rambo? I was always and still I am Juventus fan, but I am happy for Inter. This was fabulous Season, and everyone was absolutely great :-) even JM was finally happy ;-)
Inter champions of Europe
Non dimenticheremo mai quel sabato 22 maggio,grazie ragazzi,Madrid è nerazzurra❤
Always Forza Inter 🖤💙🖤💙
Prithvirajan Sridharan
i am not a Inter fan but tearing up after 10 years that's Jose effect. Legend
yordenM 10
it will happen soon again
Alessandro T
INTER!!! 2010 Año de Oro para todos los Interistas de Corazón...FORZA INTER!!! ⚫🔵⚫🔵⚫🔵
Ashra Tempel
Finalmente un club italiano capace di vincere la Champions e fare triplete.
Marco z
I remember when I was 8 years old and seeing this fans buzzing around the our Stadium Both Clubs were at Their Peaks Thank u Inter To Create this Memory But I Felt Sorry For Robben who had a Great Years with Us
Crazy Person
Deluded United fans call this man a bad manager.
Lorenzo Giri
Muntari 1 Champions, Buffon 0
Pier Interista
Marco Materazzi for ever in our hearts like Mou and all the blackandblue players 🖤💙🖤💙 we’re came back....
Sandi Gunawan Kusika
When Italian clubs at his prime.Inter, no doubt have a great squad in 2010. Inter & Milan both a great club with a great history.Time goes back,sooner.
Norris susan
go inter go!
Catalin Cucuteanu
The club that I love for 20 years had offered me one of the best moments of my life and I want to say I love you Inter forever and always. Paza Inter Amala ♥
Anxhelo YT
5:06 the most beautiful flag in the world
The first final I watched, Milito was so electric and passionate, I'd never seen anything like it. Great memories
Giuse 80
So emotional, I nearly cried to see that again I‘m Inter fan
christo james
Both managers in this final couldn't keep man utd from being shite..that club is truly something else
Ilham naxmamiz
A moment who made many people on my place become Interista. Eventually many of then just a glory hunter
Teacher vs Student Van gaal vs Mourinho What a match😍😍😍
Sungkar Cityzens
Ballon d'Or is just group of man who vote for their friends , Sneijder deserve to get it that year
Maurito Adr
Diego milito was during one season the best 9 in the world and by far, I’ve never seen a player having such an amazing season winning everything and having so much impact at a club in such a short time. Always our Principe 💙🖤
Bisha Bisha
Best Team in the HISTORY INTER❤ amala❤🇦🇱
im a juventus fan but inter though. i have so much respect for what they did in 2010.
Daniel Ifedapo
But to be sincere, Mourinho is actually the greatest coach ever
Giulione 4ever
Julio Cesar best goalkepper of all time
Mika Nsumbu
Merci milito
Thanks to Inter and Mou Pep's Farza didn't have any chance to win The Champions League in Madrid.
Forza INTER!
Giacomo P
Alex Super
Cette époque où le Ac Milan et Inter Milan était comme le Real Madrid et le Barça,deux clubs qui dominait la Champions League surtout l'Ac milan,sa sera super que l'Inter passe les phrases de groupe et aie au moins en quart sa pourra nous rappelé des souvenirs et surtout que Inter commence à redevenir un gros club comme a l'époque,espérant qu'on reverra Ac milan l'année prochaine et qui sait ses deux gros clubs italien remporteront sûrement une Championne League dans 6 7 ans 😍😍😍
Mo Ab
Im a milan fan and i get goosebumps by watching this, i dunno why 😂
Forza el NERAZZURI 🖤💙
anugrah atmaja
Jayalah INTER ku Panjang Umur, Jose Mourinho 🖤💙
Bin Dong
Seriously, the commentator must have got an A in literacy.
Kirc Cohen
Inter will always be with you, Jose (God I was so emotional watching this)
Alex Cole
Diego Milito is the older brother of Novak Djokovic and the son of Rocky Balboa 👍😎 The great player. 😊
One of the most exciting game in years between 2 tactical masters, hope Jose and LVG come back strong again... Their passion in football is infinite <3
IntForest 1
Solo Noi⚫️🔵❤️🔥 3 Champions League💪🏻⚫️🔵 Triplete Primi ed unici, solo Noi!⚫️🔵
a year when so many tears from Interisti... very emotional.. i cried like a child when Milito scoring the second goal..
Edynho Interisti
Forza INTER !!!!
Now both these managers would get sacked by Manchester United years later...
Ld Ramos Pérez
Para mi este inter a sido de los mejores equipos en la historia le paso por encima al Barcelona de guardiola y Messi en semifinales, además de que todos solo hablan del que si el Barcelona o el Real Madrid consiguieron títulos etc. Nadie habla del iconico inter de mourinho de sneijder que injustamente se quedó sin balón de oro e inclusive podía también haberlo ganado milito ya que al igual que sneijder la rompieron esa temporada, pero en fin esos premios son todo menos justos.
Marcell Szurkos
I feel that this inter would win the final vs everyone of latter CL winners...
Wira Prakasa Nurdia
Diego Milito looks like young Robert de Niro
Anderson Silva
Love to Inter Congratulations on your perfect season. From a Man U fan.
Nat Dando
Prime sneijder what a player
Emanuele Miglietta
Dopo tanti anni ancora mi scendono le lacrime FORZA INTER🖤💙
And then these managers went crazy due to age while managing Man utd.
Tanapon Suwanawong
good job John Rambo.
This is the symbol of the gap between INTER with Juventus an Ac Milan
Back when inter and Jose were good
Andrea Perazzo
Tintin Singsit
I wish the Italians would be great again one the champions league is too predictable
Luh Widiasih
Sneijder for ballon d'or 2010🔥🔥🔥
Davy me Come
I'm a messi fan,but 2010 he wasn't the best....Sneijder was way better and deserved to win
Alex Macleod
I actually went to watch the final at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.
Diego Milito, Il underrated.
Heri Sinulingga
The best team old INTER MILAN
I'm crying when i'm watching this match, Forza 1NTERr!!!
alfredo martinez
8:48 what a picture
Isaac Urbano
Bellos recuerdos de mi amado Inter! Interista por siempre! Queremos otra UCL, saludos desde México! Venga Inter!!!!
Diti Diti
I'm an inter fan since the phenomenal Ronaldo, my only team till I die now remains inter!hope to see inter now only winning....
Gamon Prelol
Wow inter dress exactly in 2010 and now is the same kit
Odisseo Nerazzurro
Una finale Indimenticabile , giocata con sudore, orgoglio e onore alla maglia . Guardando questa partita mi fa capire che questa squadra è stata un orgoglio e che è stata nei nostri cuori (nel profondo ) FORZA INTER AMALA!!!🖤💙🖤💙
Inter in 2010, the Perfect Team.
Adam Othman
Jose built a great team that played with swagger. What happened at Man U?
Arief Purwoharminto
In 2019,, and the year to come, i want to see it like 2010,, my hope Interisti from Cilandak Barat, Jak-Sel