Bleach Brave Souls- 6 Star Ticket x3-[62]

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This took time but here's 3, 6 star ticket summons. These 6 Stars are fully maxed and to get the actual ticket you can't log in for 31 days. Song-

Chris .T
3 6 star tickets 3 trash characters wow
To Get These Tickets Don't Log Into a Account for 31 Days. I Recommend making an alt ( try pull a 5 star) and leaving it for that amount of time.
Wow this song is insane LOL
Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya
1:50 RIP orihime
The Joker
Wait so you telling me if I don't login for 31 days i get a 6* ticket??
I got the Ichigo when he use Full Bring with his Bankai.
I want lost agent ichigo soooooo badly
The Mashiro is alright atleast.
XCCC Unknown
I wish I could pull a Haineko :(
how did u get those tickets?
Don’t log in for a month easy?
Wheee do you get that ticket
Tнε lισи кιиg
I'm not gonna come back just for a 6ix stars ._.
Ronie Perodes
Dis is true i got my welcomebck ticket x1... i got 150 max.. kane..
Smo yan
How many times can you get those tickets?
This is legit i already got mine like last week because i just got back to the game its old not many people know about it.
Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya
1:10 i listen a voice like zangetsu
Είμαι σχετικά καινούριος στο παιχνίδι, αν θες κάνε με αδδ.ID:61 110 394
Aπαγε Σατανά
I got Tsukishima from that ticket
How to get those tickets??
Huyvu Nguyen
where did you get these tickets?
Ark Amvs
Wow I can’t even save a 5* ticket lol but thanks for making this video I really wanted to see what I can get but I think I’m going with izens
Ark Amvs
And insane song but cool at the same time lol
nau sang
What if I already used it can I get another one?
Apostolis Tasios
exeis elliniko guild sto game?
Beatriz Flores
someone has some hack or generator for bleach brave souls?
Seth Mc Dougall
At midnight I get my first 5 star ticket
Rip i got blu kenny
Kiryushhh Time
Got bad people 😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆
Terence Cheng