Macworld San Francisco 2008-The MacBook Air Intro (Pt. 1)

Here we see Steve Jobs introducing the MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop.

Dakota Barnes
Isn’t it funny how Steve can make a near 11 year old product sound just as desirable today as it was back when it was originally announced?
This man can sell you Sand in the desert
Fake Owl
Steve Jobs: we have a new product and let me explain all about it Tim Cook: we have a new product and Craig/Phil will tell you all about it
Rohit Soni
who is here, after new MacBook air 2018.
Nour Imam
The old times when apple products used to be awesome
Steve always praised Sony products compared to other competitors.
Apple is now selling adaptors.
Marco Scarpa
2019: Apple is selling that envelope case for $999...
Genuine Basil NT
0:01 when your friend farts...
Bernhard Waldbrunner
The envelope is a prime example of Steve's superb showmanship. I'm sure lots of people creamed their pants when he took the MacBook Air out of the envelope. lol
Apple then: no compromises Apple now: introducing the core m. for only 1200 dollars
Luke P
That laptop was revolutionary
When Apple was really cool
10 years later and this thing is still thinner than most midrange windows laptops and has a better trackpad
Lovely Momo
Steve looked really happy when he took MacBook Air from the envelope. I love the scene.
Vikas Mehta
This video still gives me goose bumps, the way Steve Jobs introduces "There is something in the Air". Love my 2013 Macbook Air. Awesome Engineering.
David Ben James
I Love How Apple Roasted Other Companies on Stage. XD
One thing Apple has been really good at: take failed or existing concepts and make them work or better. 
Apple died with steve jobs.
Burhan Ikram
Back when the ceo actually walked you through the product and also had the integrity and humility to talk honestly I could never imagine Apple today saying in a presentation it’s pricy but worth it the fact that he recognised and brought up the fact that it’s pricy is commendable. Can’t remember the last time Tim Cook talked us through a product on stage with such passion
Abraham Cantillo
Steve Jobs: *inhales Audience: 😮👏👏👏
raul Rolon
The good old days. I miss this man. His presentation skills really sold me on his products every time. Tim Cook tries but can't really replicate Steve's charisma.
Apple then: Selling MacBooks that can fit inside an envelope Apple now: Selling envelopes for 1000 dollars
What a showman! He's awesome!
Days when Apple compared their product with other company products to show how better theirs are. Nowadays, they compare their own old products to showcase how their new version are better than them.
If Steve had another 10 or 15 years left to live your talking about time travel becoming a reality haha the man was truly a genius.
Hriday Mehta
If Steve was alive today the macbook air would've been made of air.
Hamza Yamin
"There is something in the air." Beautiful.
Zafira LPSTV
I will buy even a bag of potato if Steve will present this ! :D
Harsh Jain
I'm buying a macbook air in 2018 now, at the 10th anniversary, coz I can afford it now. I am amazed how ahead apple under Steve Jobs was, 10 years earlier!
8:58 "We've got a great relationship with Intel" MacBook Pro 2018: Overheating issues with Intel processors MacBook Air 2018: Not dropping the name "Intel" even once during the keynote and just calling it "new processor from 8th generation" (Probably) in 2020: "We got rid of all Intel processors and replaced them with our ARM processors."
Car crashcentral
3:59 he looks so happy, he was really impressed with what they were able to make.
Eliel Rios
Steve Jobs: *Breathes* Crowd: Woo!
Steve Jobs: hey lets make this $300 New apple owner: hey lets make them $3.5k and also make them pay $200 for an adapter.
I miss Steve Job's Apple events.
despacito 2
Before: We sell laptops for $999 Now: We sell stands for $999
Dion Ambrose
Me : using windows today Youtube : introducing macbook air 2008
Maxim Maloshtan
10 year... still amazing product
Vijay Luhan
Back when Apple used to actually innovate. We miss you Steve.
REST IN PEACE for the AIR 2008 - The new Apple say Goodbye for support macOS Sierra 10.12 !
hard rock
Apple just made a huge progress from selling devices at $999 to selling a stand at $999.
Kyle Javier
I noticed Steve was Pissed when the presentation of the GIF's for the new Touchpad gestures was laggy
We would be living in the future if he was still alive. 😭😭
Raghav Sharma
He was the best. A real genius. His thinking was far ahead from his time. #Legend
Moha H
10 years later and I own my very first Apple Product, a Macbook Air
Amanda Capstick
The MacBook Air is so light that when he was holding it both in and out the envelope and when he was taking it out I was scared that he’d drop it
Almost God
I just bought one in Amazon today July 2019 🤣🤣🤣
Now we have 2018 and there are still Notebooks that are worse than this. It’s kind of sad.
Charles Shi
miss him
Damn. Those are superb presentation skills. After So many years no one come close. If I had those skills I will sell a fridge to an eskimo 😁
it's crazy to think how the original MacBook Air is still considered thin for the market today. and the new MacBook Pro is thinner now lol
Wei Dong
Never get bored of this. Still better than 2019 presentation :(
Meanwhile apple selling a STAND for 999€
Dyno 8 Ball Pool
the most intriguing presentation from ma boi Steve Jobs
matt bardot
These make the current Apple events look like amateur hour 😂
Daniel Tian
No one: Youtube recommendations: here's an 11 year old video
Dhruv Dogra
When there was innovation in this company Now it makes the fastest chipset but sadly lack of innovation Im still on my 6s plus because i dont want to skip on headphone jack if ill upgrade to xs max But thats just my opinion
Back when Apple used to be innovative Smh when Steve jobs died so did Apple
AEVO Project
Nowdays, we got the stand for a display at the same price with this macbook air
Jason Wong
If Steve Jobs released this today, it would sell better than the current macbook air
nestle rosales
watching in 2019 and i still get chills the moment Steve removed it from that envelop. I miss Steve 😢
"They also compromise on the keyboard"
Credulous RBT
They're still selling these to this day (internals refreshed of course)
Scheich boy Msp
Love my Macbook <3
I love my MacBook air it's cheap and beautiful with freaking power and optimization. MacBook Air 2017
Toast Party
"we've got a great relationship with Intel" cut to ten years later
Le Quang Trung
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Little Bendy
2008: Oooh Apple Just Roasted Sony 2018: I Remember That Time When Apple Roasted Sony The Time Apple Products Were Great
Jamie Stoner
He was such a good presenter! Like I enjoy his presentations he gives evidence and information
Mogen Cheng
As a MacBook Pro owner I want to run out and buy a MacBook Air right now. He really knows how to play with emotions
Fawk Yu
The greatest salesman there ever was...
simon h
Remember when innovation was about having the least compromises? Yeah...
ronan 7
Steve : “There’s something in the air.” audience : “WOO, WOOW *clap* *clap* “
Hit Earth
the microsoft surface laptop is the thinnest LAPTOP IN YOUR FACE
Mohit K
Back then when keynotes used to be amazing.
2008 Steve Job: "Where is the Macbook Air?" 2019 Everyone: "Where is the Macbook Mini?"
Steve: Blowing your mind at every new product release Tim: Blowing your money
ZenBook S UX391UA 1.00kg New MacBook Air 1.25kg ......... MacBook Heavier-than-Air
Varan Mehta
Wish I could buy the same MacBook air that he was holding in his hands. I mean the same model and I would be ready to pay any price..
Hoàng Long nivir
2008 + Steve Job: We have a relationsive with Intel. This macbook have an 1.6Ghz Intel Processor 2020 + Tim Cook: We can made our own ARM chip without Intel
Francisco Santos
I miss him a lot, I don't care what people say about him. I am no one to judge what others did bad or good the only one who judge is God.
I love the Mac book air, even the 08 model had aback lit keyboard bot even the new 2013 laptops these days don't have a back lit keyboard
Luca Yasssa
In ten years he’s going to pull a computer out of a ring...
It was because of this invention that I decided to custom design my.... PC Laptop. No CD drive, SSD, Very light and very fast.
3:38 It gives me pain to see the paper fall, in that bag had the same first Macbook Air.
Can't Get Right
Watching this on my MacBook Air!
Anthony Budisetio
to this date i am still in awe :)
Junior Gabe
Steve: Let me introduce you to, the MacBook Air. *throws MacBook Air into the air* It's very light as you can see.
Evenlyn poon
U need passion for the products to pull this presentation off like him without just memorising scripts This is genuine passion
Bassel Khaled
Whenever I watched a video of Steve Jobs l feel very inspired. He was such an amazing person .
Steve Jobs- Theres something in the ai- The Future Gadgets: Yes.
A. K.
This computer was the toyota camry of the laptops, extremely reliable machines
Marian İvanov
When came Tim hook some MacBook Pro models removed the backlight so interesting why
Great to see Steve praising collaborative efforts and acknowledging/highlighting the feats that apple has overcome. Something dearly missing from today’s presentations.
Juha Romppanen
Just got the 2018 version!
1anakin 20
Just bought my first Mac, a MacBook Air 2017 in 2018
You should change your username...
HikikomoriDev MacBook Pro eye retina is thinner.
I bought my first laptop it was an Asus that looked just like a macbook pro. So I asked myself, "why did I buy an Macbook imitation?" lol I returned it and bought a Macbook Air!