U2 - Electrical Storm

Amazing cinematic experience video directed by Anton Corbijn, and uploaded whit better quality.

Gina-Marie Iezzi
This is the U2 we all secretly miss.
Jennifer Collier
Romantic, sexy and just leaves you craving for pure affection
One of their best songs.
Essa música me dá uma nostalgia que eu não sei explicar !
My God...  What an amazing track!
Ricardo Vega
such a powerful guitar ..... my god....... if there is a heaven i hope it sounds like this.....
Hendrik Ivan Ripley
underrated u2 single
Andrew Houlyn
¨You're in my mind all of the time I know that's not enough....¨
This song brings tears to my eyes for some reason.  It makes me think of love that's been lost. 
João Cautiero
"If the sky can crack there must be some way back For love and only love" Hope... For inspire us all...
Orestis Palampougioukis
Such a beatiful and emotional song...
Spader Holic
One of U2's best songs, by far! Absolutely beautiful and haunting. Love it.
silvia plath
el baterista de U2 es demasiado sexy!!
Suzika Suzana
The most sexiest song ever.
Kristin Crumpler
The sea it swells like a sore head and the night it is aching Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed And the day it is breaking On rainy days we'd go swimming out On rainy days swimming in the sound On rainy days we'd go swimming out You're in my mind all of the time I know that's not enough If the sky can crack there must be someway back For love and only love Electrical Storm Electrical Storm Baby don't cry Car alarm won't let you back to sleep You're kept awake dreaming someone elses dream Coffee is cold but it'll get you through Compromise that's nothing new to you. Let's see colours that have never been seen Let's go places no one else has been You're in my mind all of the time I know that's not enough Well if the sky can crack there must be someway back To love and only love Electrical storm [x3] Baby don't cry It's hot as hell, honey in this room Sure hope the weather will break soon The air is heavy, heavy as a truck We need the rain to wash away our bad luck Well if the sky can crack there must be some way back To love and only love Electrical storm [x3] Baby don't cry [x3]
Lilli Witt
U2  -  Electrical Storm
Blaise's World
I remember watching video on VH1 a few times back when it just came out. I can't believe it's been 14 years already.
Great song!!  My fav from U2!!
Lynda marlem rb
oscar de la peña gracias por acordarme de esta canción, cuando tenia 14 años en el año 2002 , recuerdo que la primera vez que conocí  al grupo de u2 con esta canción y con el video por el canal 11 del IPN, actualmente tengo 26 años y me hace recordar nuevamente esa sensación hermosa que sentí cuando la escuche por primera vez esa emoción que perdura por muchos años.. gracias!
Danica Marjanovic
this was me and my dad's favourite song
Sybil Chenault
This is one of their most obscure songs. And hands down...one of the best! I loved telling my partner to go down to the beach, smoke a joint while he listened to THIS song. He surfed his best waves that day! Love, love, love!
larry mullen is obviously the most handsome of the group hehee :D
Ivone Bühler
GORGEOUS! Thank you Oscar De La Pena for share with us your video.
Lucas Góis Lucão
Uma das Melhores Musicas de todos os TEmpos
Vinicius Oliveira
Como uma amiga descreveu, me sinto no alto de um prédio, numa cobertura, contemplando o céu noturno cheio de estrelas e luzes urbanas, segurando uma taça de vinho, a cabeça levemente nas nuvens, docemente abraçado pela solidão.
the most relaxing song intro i ever heard!! could put a baby to sleep.
Edy Sketty
Samantha Morton rende il video intenso e cinematografico..........superlativa!!!!!!!!!!
June Mc
Good God,Larry is hot af!
Note to self: Age like Larry Mullen, Jr.
vladimir troptchev
Samantha Morton !!!!
It's hard to choose U2's best song, but this is definitly one of there best!
Rose Schweiger
My favorite song forever and ever and the video... is just sublime.
Adam Murphy
So Alpha was a mermaid before the Zombie Apocalypse and the Whisperers.
Rebecca T.
I have 1 thing to say about this song: overlooked
kasandra popiel
i can listen over and over...dreaming of you
Paloma Viega
A fotografia dos clipes do Anton Corbijn são tão bonitas
Draltar Moonwolf
this marked the end of U2 as a creative superband, since then few songs reached this high standard of quality and i'm afraid they reached the point of no return
Vlad Rio
Tesão de canção!!
Fabrizio Lunelli
Canzone sottovalutatissima...
gisele Power
TEMPESTA ELETTRICA Il mare si ingrossa come una testa dolorante la notte é dolorante due innamorati giacciono senza lenzuola nel loro letto e il giorno sta arrivando Nei giorni di pioggia siamo usciti a nuotare Nei giorni di pioggia, nuotando nel suono Nei giorni di pioggia siamo usciti a nuotare Tu sei sempre nei miei pensieri So che non é abbastanza Se il cielo puo crollare ci deve essere un modo per tornare per amore e solo amore L'allarme dell'auto non ti lascia dormire Resti sveglio sognando qualche altro sogno Il caffé é freddo ma andrà bene lo stesso Un compromesso, non é niente di nuovo per te Andiamo a vedere i colori che non sono mai stati visti Andiamo nei posti dove nessuno é mai stato Tu sei sempre nei miei pensieri So che non é abbastanza Se il cielo puo crollare ci deve essere un modo per tornare per amore e solo amore Tempesta elettrica Tempesta elettrica Tempesta elettrica Baby non piangere Dolcezza é caldo come l'inferno in questa stanza Certo spero che il tempo cambi presto L'aria é pesante, pesante come un autocarro Abbiamo bisogno della pioggia per lavar via la nostra sfortuna (amore?)
Samantha Morton looks amazing in this video. A great performance from her.
WOW... just WOW
Donovan Henan
Beautiful song, Beautiful video
Impazzisco per questa canzone!
Redmist 78
And now she's on The Walking Dead as Alpha. She's come a long way. I love Samantha Morton
Pablo Federico Fidel Améndola
One of my favourite songs!!!. Love it!!!.
Henrik Palmkvist
I have problems to keep the tears away to this song and video -art. So powerful. So strong.
Arjun Singh
Just stay with me my Mermaid... where have you gone this time??? see I have swam for so long and so deep, looking for you, chasing all them reflections shimmering over the waves. Come back my darling girl. This time you have to come to me, with not a single lie in sight.
Samantha Miranda
A atriz que faz esse clip se chama Samantha!! S2!!!! *.*
Nagela Ottoni
Simplismente #Maravilhoso!😍Saúdades de uma época que ja não volta...
Kathy H
This song is so beautiful and Bono's sexy voice makes it even better!  I totally love it!
Estás todo el tiempo en mi mente, sé que no es suficiente... Si el cielo puede estallar, debe haber alguna forma de regresar, para amar y sólo amar... Ale.
Jayme Mendonça
This beautiful music makes you dream beyond the impossible. She is beautiful!! Thank.
Carlos Rodriguez
Sublime canción, excelente vídeo !!!
Cristiano Porto Porto
Bono & Anton Corbijn! Great <3
Valerio Acciardi
Bellissima canzone, ma come mai compare il Patronus di Harry Potter al minuto 2,52?
Vilma Silva
é um dos videos mais lindo do U2 sem falar na musica que é muito linda.
Rafael Lincoln
Someone in March 2019 listening?
Sandra Dutkevičiūtė
Electrical storm... So wonderful. Hypnotising . Perfect .
khesha littrell
I got an electrical storm in my mind I love this song and u2!!!!
panos eddie
Another masterpiece , out of an u2 album , thats the level of this band.
David Hancock
Beautiful song. U2 at there best.
this song makes me feel lonely, even though i got lots of friends in my life :/
carlos enrique diaz mayorga
buena canción. No sé porqué no tuvo tanto éxito.
Anna Martine
Linda essa música! Amoooo! E o vídeo... bem, eu gostaria de ser a modelo..........
Nívea Ferraz
AMO essa música!
Elisa Brenna
this song is the most wonderful in the whole world
Edipo Matheus
edge's guitar in this songs is so amazing
Stuart Streasand
a melhor musica do mundo
"Coffee is cold but it will get you through."
U2...Something for everyone...
Matilda Larkins
And so it was that Larry learnt never to fall in love with a mermaid, or, indeed, to accept the main role in a music video...
Kátia Cristina
Simplesmente fantástica!
Elisa Zurita
Indescriptible lo hermosa que es esta canción.. Insuperable
Stephen Key
Samantha mortgage Edit: morton 🤦
Samantha Morton, hell of an actress.
Holy S***! that is one HOT Video and Larry!! Omg! what a sexy Man!! 😍 I've never seen or heard this song but damn I soo would've auditioned for the female lead *fat smile*.
Amy Always
this one is a favorite. :)
Miguel Flores
This song is genius!
Андрей Мельников
 <3 <3 <3
Cherry_ Pie_
Melhor música ever ♥️
shankar sharma
u2's masterpiece.
Josefina Planzer
love this song u.u
Yusuf Piskin
2019 still masterpiece And Samantha Morton still beautiful
Mar T Music
absolutely great!
Samantha Miranda
Amo Bono, Amo U2, amo essa músicaaaaaaa....................................
Soraia Couto
<3 esta música faz-me levitar à altura das estrelas e aconchega-me o coração
Theo McBride
the intro to this song gets me then the rest comes and im happy, excellent song
Jody Essers
Anton Corbijn
no comment
It was no secret they put Larry in the videos or gave him more airtime than the others because he was the best looking one of the group, plus when hes the drummer he was always at the back of the stage and nobody ever spotted him in the shows
James Potter is in this video
Alexander Steff
Poppy Milburn
This song was epic back in the day! 👌
R J Jagdeo
Thanks for the upload :)
thiago lima
😏🎧🎶🎵💾 Nunca sai das paradas. Suceeeeesso.
Adriana Raquel
definitely still my fave u2 song!!!❤❤❤
Tommy Nico
This song is timeless. Everyone gets taken to a different place when they hear it. Me...well it was the Australian summer of 2002/2003 spending it with family and friends on the Victorian coast. I got given the 'best of' album for Christmas and played it non stop. It's the sole reason why i'm a huge U2 fan still to this day. Good times!
L'ho ascoltata per decine di volte di fila.. non stanca mai. Anch eil video con quel tocco retrò è spettacolare..