AMY LEE - "With or Without You" by U2

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Beginning a new channel, Amy Lee follows up with a cover of U2's track, "With or Without You". Buy "Recover Vol. 1" now on iTunes: /> Subscribe to Amy Lee on YouTube at: />Like Amy Lee on Facebook at: Follow Amy Lee on Twitter at: />Follow Amy Lee on Instagram at: Follow Amy Lee on Spotify at:

Alannah A
Does she not age?
Paulo Fernandes
I'm not a fan of U2, but this version is amazing...5*
Sarah Gianfortune
one of the most underrated voices in music. everything she sings is just beautiful.
3:53 listen to the harmony. how tf can she go that low? Her voice is amazing.
moonlight shosho
her voice better than Adele
Steph P
See the stone set in your eyes See the thorn twist in your side I'll wait for you Sleight of hand and twist of fate On a bed of nails she makes me wait And I wait without you [Chorus] With or without you With or without you [Verse 2] Through the storm, we reach the shore You give it all but I want more And I'm waiting for you [Chorus] With or without you With or without you, I I can't live with or without you [Bridge] And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give, and you give And you give yourself away [Verse 3] My hands are tied, my body bruised She got me with nothing to win And nothing left to lose [Bridge] And you give yourself away And you give yourself away And you give, and you give And you give yourself away [Chorus] With or without you With or without you I can't live, I can't live with or without you With or without you With or without you I can't live with or without you With or without you
Leticia A.
she completely changed the song vibe, it looks way better than the original!
Juliane Lemes
WHY AM I SEEING THIS JUST NOW? I miss her voice so much!!!
Aline Diniz
I miss Evanescence
Hayley Morris
This is hauntingly beautiful 😇
In 2:50 her voice and the bass sound the same .. amazing how low her voice could reach
Marla Parraguirre
I swear Amy can wake up in the morning with bags under her eyes and look like a total mess, but would still look a lot cuter than I would in a full face of makeup. xD Amy is beautiful, and has a godly voice. <3
Colleen Marsh
Still a goddess after all this time.
Necrocity Entertainment
Amy Lee MADE this song BADASS ! ! !
r o s e
I'll probably get a lot of hate on this by U2 fans, but I think this is better than the original version
SuWanee T
Amy Lee is way better than Ariana Grande in so many ways
Markus Ohayon
Amy Lee has such a angelic voice.... its beautiful.
Abraham Ray
I like Amy's version more than the original, much as I am a fan of the original.
Amy Lee is the only one I know of that can take a U2 song and make it hauntingly beautiful. 😳
Jacqueline Espinosa
Omg holy grails did she really just completely change this song and make it phenomenal?! This is so dark and haunting I LOVE IT!!!!!
Sabrina Lopez
For me she is a legend! Her dark voice brings so much emotions everytime she sing. I love her so much <3 She may not be well known but she is by far the best female vocal artist for me.
WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS??? Why am I only learning of this now?
Justin Shaw
Yo this dark cover is awesome.
thomas jones
She gets it: You don't mimic the original when you cover - you make it your own. Well done.
Jay Monet
I fade deeper into darkness. I am invisible. music is my only escape. my only hope...
I want her to cover, Berlin's Take My Breathe Away. I feel like she can pull it off really well and give it Amy Lee spin with her wonderful amazing vocal cords~
Ana Lessa
Rainha da porra toda.
John Dediu
as for Amy, I think she aged beautifully - altwoghether. She should keep doing music, it's obvious she really loves this, you can actually see it. Artists exist to take us places we don't allow or can't go alone..
Crystal McKinney
I can't get enough of this dramatically beautiful song. I love how she made her own. Bono would probably love it too. ♡
Ricky Lopez
true artist who believes in herself. thank you
Ridzwan Rosman
Feels like there is an "open door" theme to it... That was amazing... Do more!
i may be too old to be listening to this kind of music but i was a fan of amy lee when she first hit the spot light with my immortal and only listened to her for about a year but damn her voice is amazing.  this song has rekindled my interest in her.  time to catch up with her work.  great job amy
Oh my god! If I wasn't already an Amy Lee fan I would have just become one!
Such a voice! I love your creativity with the song as well! You never cease to amaze Amy.
Amy Mizuno Luna
Well, in fact I do not like this song, but Amy Lee makes something interesting with it.
metal... for headbangers only
A haunting Rendition.. I am so in love with this woman.. absolute stellar cover..
Iskra ME
Holy sheet, her voice is so mature now, she has definitely gained even more control of it... This is impressive!
Candres Peredo
Creo que todos los que estamos suscritos al canal damos gracias cada día por la existencia de esta mujer!
riane binkley
I wither without you
I absolutely despise this song, but Amy Lee made it listenable.
David Mosteller
What would Ross & Rachel think?
Bill A
She is so awesome love her voice way bad ass for sure 😘
Zaku II Zaki
Army Lee, your voice is your own. Haunting, eerie, beautiful. You get better with age if that's possible. [sigh]
Yeah, her voice makes me break down and cry. So wonderful.
Pooka Princess
I listened to nothing but Evanescence when I was struggling with anorexia and in and out of the hospital. It was my mental escape and gave me a break from the hell I was in. It helped immensely.
Paul Coley
absolutely awesome. .. Amy lee gets better and better
This sounds a lot like earlier Evanescence music. It's beautiful.
eygenia den yparxh
My hands are tied My body bruised I've got nothing to win and Nothing left to lose ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣ ✍✍✍✍✍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
John Zambales
i heard she can sing a shopping list and it still sounds good i heard that
This woman is my all-time favorite musical artist.
No matter what kind of music You make Amy, its just perfect <3
An extremely haunting version of one of my all time favourite song.Great work Amy.
Rebecca Shergold
😍😍❤️ beautiful. New favourite song ❤️❤️😍
Lon W.
It's nice to see this. This babe sure has a set of pipes. Very strong voice.
Awesome. It sounds so Portishead. Love it.
Jenn Miller
This is so beautifully creepy...amazing.
Michael Rotaru
she still the best female vocal singer † love her dark voice †
Edward Adams
beautiful job, your voice is flawless
Joshua Herrera
I loved all of her music, it all sang to my soul but her hauntingly beautiful voice in this song...holy shit my heroine.
kathleen caruana smith
Love U2 but i have to say this version is out of this world Well done amy 👏👏👏 Although i am surprised she didn't change the word from SHE to HE so that the lyric would fit as its a woman singing
Tammy Armstrong
Omg! She is so captivating! Such an angelic, captivating voice..... Drawing dragging me don with her.........
Some Body
amy could scream and cough in my ear and still make it sound amazing
Sailor Mars
LOVE.... the way she re-did the song and made it her way, the way she sings and the sound of her voice, the way the black & white backround goes perfeectly with the scratchiness of the video, the way she changed the lyrics just slightly to make the song even more perfect than it was, the way NY keeps telling Synchronicity to tell me hello & the way she makes the song feel like she is talking to me. Sending her absolute LOVE & Light Energy.... always, forever, Eternity. <3 x .
Marie Omalley
Fair play her cover of that song sounds amazing.
D. N.
So is evanescence still together. I'm not really such a big fan of her solo albums but I like evanescence
­Rafael ­Cevidanes
This is one of the best efforts by Amy Lee in her solo act. It completely gives the feeling of the early demos and Origin, that magical dark aura those songs are capable to evoke. She created a brand new song over the U2 basis and the final result came to simply become something amazing!
better than the original and oh sooo haunting,,,,, love it
Annette Johnson
Her version is simply amazing. This sounds incredible in my kia soul. Mannnn.........
Gina Cappelletti
Still love her love this version amazing there will never be another Amy Lee this sounds hauntingly beautiful......
Evanescence Crew
We're all anxiously waiting for Recover, Vol. 2 Amy! It's been quite some time since we got something new ;)
jk mac
Another amazing performance by one of the all time best her voice is hauntingly beautiful
Daniel Rios
Amy Lee. You rock.
Geisa de Carvalho
Better that U2 version,but i love U2 too so...
Jay Man
love her voice gives me chills
Pablo Castro
That layered voice is a MASTERPIECE
Dennis Barger
I am not a fan of U2. Never liked any of their music. You have changed that for me. Thanks! This a great version of their song. You still sound amazing!
Francesco Rota
seems an old 'depeche mode' style of U2 song... great Amy Lee rulez!
stepping razor
Falling in the fire of love breath rises in the cold of night no tears fall from bitter eyes and shove the call away so far deep inside Where it needs to stay bury it in mind eyes closed so to forget the place so no one ever finds where I layed my heart for the rest of time #steppingrazor
AC Maeve
I love this woman! She never ceases to amazing me; just like Maria Brink. 😍
Your voice gives my soul a way to speak, your words give it something to say.
Never Ask
Voice of the angel......!!!!
Robin Kissinger
awesome voice love her music!!
James Scobie
this is awesome!
Sean Thomas
I love this WOMAN <33
Trash Bin
Better than U2
A. D A R K
i love this women!
danny bolton
Really great cover.
If she could sing Japanese
Lô Lee
quando o cover é melhor que a versão original ❤
Brian Volpe
Nice, now I’m under a trance!!
Bobby Martin
Her voice kills me and makes me want more and less in amy
kerryann pettit
Literally had a moment listening to this for the first time tonight. words.. speechless. Beautiful. I rarely like covers of songs but amy defiantly does this justice. Perfect in every way 💜
Padron Rock
Epic!!!! love this dark electronic sound :3
Lindsey Benner
im a girl and she is like a godess a strong godess
William Thompson
I’ve loved the voice she’s been blessed with for almost 20 years now. Thank you amen lee for using your talents to serenade us over and over again
Crys Marie
I'm not a huge fan of U2 I like maybe three songs of theirs, but this cover is amazing. Love it.
Tiffany Fandl
Amy was silenced, after she was heard.
Dana Stankovich
I had a heart attack. This is incredible. Her voice is haunting and I love it and the music as well. I love her covers!! Perfect excuse to listen to MCR.
Ligth Moon TN
I ask my God to make you happy in your life..😊 Because you song go through my heart ♥
Sean Bartram
Wow Amy Lee solo. Haunting voice like always, great voice. Totally different feel on a classic of "U2's". Without Evanescence...still love her.