A crazy ending to the 1998 British Grand Prix

Copyright: Formula One Management (FOM). Michael Schumacher was given a drive through penalty late in the race. He served it after crossing the finish line via the pitlane! He would keep the win from Mika Hakkinen, after ''the race stewards had failed to notify the Ferrari pit (wall) of the penalty within the time limit for doing so.''

How can a yellow square with a number on it look so nostalgic?
Daniel Bamberger
Notice that the three stewards who issued the penalty lost their jobs: 1. They issued the penalty too late: The rules state a stop-and-go penalty must be issued within 25 minutes of the incident; this one took 31 minutes. When they learned about this problem shortly after the race, they tried to change the penalty into a 10-second addition, post race. But they forgot that this can only be done if the incident happened during the last 12 laps of the race (this was in lap 43 of 60). 2. The handwritten note sent to Ferrari was unclear what kind of penalty was issued (a stop-and-go, drive-through, or a 10-second addition). As a result, the penalty was rescinded altogether, and the stewards involved lost their license.
I was at this race, nobody had a clue what was going on!
Luke Montgomery
Murray Walker: "WINNER! You are right! You are right! Well done! Fabulous! Martin Brundle: "Well hang on that's the guy who puts the captions up Murray, he's not the steward *laughing internally*. Murray Walker: "Yeah but he get, he, err, well he err, I know, but he get's official information, I'll go with that..." Amazing.
“That’s the guy that puts the captions up, Murray” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The cameraman must be drunk...
Thus Schumacher remains the only F1 driver to win a race while in the pits, only the Ferrari A team could pull off a trick like this.
F1 sucks. First it was Schumacher, now it's Hamilton.
Yushin Yan
Love it when Martin and Murray's voice overlaps at 3:20
Anton Redhead
Murray was so good at what he did but he was even better when he had no idea what the hell was going on
Thomas Harrison-Lord
5:10 - Quality.
can we just acknowledge 3:20
Metin Akkusoglu
Miss you Michael
Giovanni D
I remember an italian sport newspaper the day after titling: GENIALE! (Genial!) :)
what a great era for F1 *tears
Schumacher. The greatest wet weather driver ever. God, F1 used to be absolutely amazing. Murray Walker, best commentator of all time.
Man, I remember this, Brawn and Todt were tactical geniuses. So much so they changed the rules after the race lol.
1998 season was so great, I think the good old 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points system was good enough
Frankie Teague
A master in the dry pure genius in the wet.
Adam Zillin
That was the very definition of genius. I bet it was Brawn who made that call...
Vinnie L
No one ever mention Ross Brawn? Both Schumacher and Ferrari owed him so much in those years
JB toy's
And .............The winner issssssssssss...........Heineken.
John Wasgeht
Pure genius, back in those days with Schumacher the were so many legendary races. Somehow today there is rarely something memorable happening. Baku 2017 maybe. And Brazil 2008 and 2012... But back then it was much more common.
Nx Doyle
That was very clever, back in more clever times for Ferrari. Oh God, Murray was great value. And he still looks 60, for the 102nd straight year.
Brings back amazing memories!
Usman Chaudhry
I love the 98 and 99 Ferraris. MSC drove the balls off them! Great racing vs Hakkinen
Chris Thomas
I was actually there on that cold, wet day in Sliverstone in 1998. This was a great performance by the Regenmeister, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.
“Interesting tactics” -Hamilton 2018
Geelong Cable Locations
Yep, I remember this race. I stayed up to 3-4 in the morning to watch it. What an epic finish!
So glad he lost the championship that year!
thechriz87 nvp
Hat er wirklich 3 Sekunden in einer Runde gut gemacht
Published on 1 Apr 2017.  Yes, this was certainly a joke.
I often wondered whether somebody placed a bet on this.
Cheaters 😃😃
Friendly Robot
This Schumacher/Hakkinen era was my intro to F1. I still think I love those cars the most, before they became all curvy and elegant. They just seemed satisfyingly brutish, bouncing and screaming out of corners, particularly in the wet. I think the 2017's come a close second. If only they'd get rid of the shark fin.
Francesco Tomaselli
"WINNA! you are right, you are right Martin! Well done! Fabulous!" I miss him <3
I think Ferrari/Schumacher pretended to mis-count the laps left. He drives pretty hard after he served his penalty (when the race had already finished). He also crosses the finish line again instead of returning to parc ferme.
Greg Rowlerson
Not sure what all the fuss was about. Everyone knows that F1 races are always won in the pit lane ;)
Jesus you know! Almost got that one from the Michael
I remember this like it was 20 years ago. Haha
Mark O
I don't get it, how can you serve a stop/go after the race has finished? :/
As much as I'd of loved Mika to win that Ferrari decision was a masterpiece.
The reason why serving penalty before final lap is now mandatory and cannot serve on last lap. Makes sense.
Ben Houghton
I loved murrays excitement sometimes so excited he didn't even know what he was saying absolute true legend
mark dietrich
Ross Brawn is a genius!!!!
V10 was the golden age of Formula 1, the politics in Formula 1 today is just shit, these sponsors and stakeholders just felt guilty of their exploits throughout the year and trying to compensate of "being greener" (which doesn't do anything good or anything significant really) and thus the sport getting smaller and smaller engine. It's really damaging the pinnacle of motorsports.
"Modern problems require modern solutions"
Raden Ujang
Hole of rule ! Smart ferarri's strategy!
Gerry D
Murray was a legend but retired 5/6 years too late as when he commentated last few years his errors got really anoying brundle did well not to turn his mike off lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Schumacher the GOAT..
Toni Marschall
Schumacher war wirklich ein weltklasse Fahrer, gerade bei Regen.
Schumy 7
Masterpeace by Ros brawn.
Eddie Da Silva
this same day French wins the WC98
Rodrigo Tchamps
Michael Jackson >>>>Chumi
Well, 20 years later the British GP served another great race with a lot of drama too. And another Ferrari-Mercedes(power)-Ferrari podium!
Toni Eid
Like it or not haters Michael Schumacher is the best f1 driver
TorQue WreNcH
It's so much fun watching F1 race back then when i was a kid during this era..full of surprises..
does anybody else hear Murray pronounce "Fisichellar"..? or Martin saying something like "Dinitz"? :D love the retro feeling.
Michael Martin
That "not really" tobacco advertising haha. Of course things are going to get better and we'll once again see those glorious Malboro, Rothman's and John Player liveries going round. In the meantime, it's not illegal to vinyl-wrap your hatchback those liveries. The silent majority strikes back!
Joe Colclough
The Ferrari cars look so good here
Casey Douds
Absolute bullcrap michel was a good driver but was a sneaky cheat
Greg Rowlerson
Typical race it seems from the '98 season of massive car quality discrepancy. Ferrari's and McLaren's lapping the entire field! Strangely though, it was probably still one of the most interesting racing seasons.
Lucho Altimori - Official Channel
Another disaster misteriously favoring the schumachers again!!
Kiei Luahi
Truly iconic lol. Silly people nowadays call everything iconic, but this is actually worthy of that word. Iconic commentary, iconic Ferrari, Iconic Schumacher, Iconic move by finishing in the pits. What a legendary moment.
2:20 Reel 2 Real - I Like to Move It?
In today's F1, ferrari probably would have been disqualified or some bs like that. Missing those good times.
Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf
Stewards like nfl officals both blind as a bat
Marco Monetto
Gaining 3 seconds in the last lap on Hakkinen. And somebody still say that Michael was not good on wet tracks...
Andre Beretta
He decided to make his own rules and the FIA had absolutely no problem with it. If anybody else would’ve done something like this it would be disqualified immediately. Great stuff
I THINK HE'S TRYING TO... perfect harmony. =)
S. O.
This Times when a Ferrari has a gap of 20 seconds to a mercedes.
James Bond
Adorable unforgettable nostalgic F1 ages... I wish DeLorean time machine existed to go back just for a few seconds....
Lol. This is genius from Ferrari. Brilliant
Shay Patrick Cormac
after 20 years later... now we are witnessing a small minded Ferrari team boss who let his drivers race in Monza start or who always making aggressive(stupid) strategies and giving track positions to Mercedes.
Matthew Okot
This was fantastic. Murray Walker's comic timing is phenomenal and Martin Brundle is brilliant as the straight man. I love the exasperated groan Murray lets out when Martin says that Michael has got a penalty. Then: "I'll go with that until someone tells me officially that that is not the situation" "Mika Hakkinen is going to get a very unpleasant shock in a minute" I loved this era of F1.
Paolo Ciarpaglini
Schumacher leterally walks on the water, takes more than 1,5 seconds at lap on Mika ... comon was incredible, was the undiscuss king, "the driver". And don't talk to me about Ayrton becouse after some year of experience Michael was better and faster than the brasilian, king of the one lap time and overtakes ..
Sanchez King
I remember this as if it was yesterday, it was surreal
Singer Joe Shamoun
انك أسطورة لن تتكرر كنت اعشق الفورمولا واحد لاجلك مايكل شوماخر
Flavio KS
3:21 wow they sync
Dom Smith
Murray reminds me more of RedBullKim every time I hear him. "YES, YOU'RE RIGHT MARTIN, THERE'S THE RESULTS! SCUMACHER WINS!!" "That's just the graphics guy Murray, he ain't a stewards..."
Jack Reacher
The Rain master.
john tuckwood
The old bar code advertisement
Ci Guy
These cars were just perfect
Dugland Jean Michel
Epic ! I miss you Michael !
AndyMB601 Cars and Guitars
Schumacher is an absolute madlad
Simon White
Where can you get these full ITV F1 videos from?
Storm RE
Schumi was a great driver but dirty af too
Julian Kuhnert
the video missing the part were Schumacher comes into the pit on they are telling him that he won the race. would have loved to see that
Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial
Respect where it's due, that was a master stroke of genius to know that loophole.
Time when F1 are very entertaining Old desain V10 engines Ulimited bugdet for car and engines research No restriction at speed That was makes F1 really entertaining
It was deemed not to have been a penalty at all. They never needed to stop in the first place.
House Station Live .com
i wasn't aware than brundle commented grand prix for so long. i live in france.
Max Smith
I stopped watching F1 once Schumacher retired. He was the greatest to win while driving at times a slower car.
Pinto S
What a engine sound
Shubham Joshi
I hear gotenks at 3:20
Kevin Prior
Schu should have just finished the race in normal circumstances and then debate with stewards after event
Bob Boberson
Yeah, this wasn't carzy when you think about it. He had 20 seconds on Mika. Weird decision. As Murray said: moot point.
Gareth Davies
I was at that race it didn't stop raining for the whole day.
leo -.-
Love that F1!