A crazy ending to the 1998 British Grand Prix

Copyright: Formula One Management (FOM). Michael Schumacher was given a drive through penalty late in the race. He served it after crossing the finish line via the pitlane! He would keep the win from Mika Hakkinen, after ''the race stewards had failed to notify the Ferrari pit (wall) of the penalty within the time limit for doing so.''

How can a yellow square with a number on it look so nostalgic?
Daniel Bamberger
Notice that the three stewards who issued the penalty lost their jobs: 1. They issued the penalty too late: The rules state a stop-and-go penalty must be issued within 25 minutes of the incident; this one took 31 minutes. When they learned about this problem shortly after the race, they tried to change the penalty into a 10-second addition, post race. But they forgot that this can only be done if the incident happened during the last 12 laps of the race (this was in lap 43 of 60). 2. The handwritten note sent to Ferrari was unclear what kind of penalty was issued (a stop-and-go, drive-through, or a 10-second addition). As a result, the penalty was rescinded altogether, and the stewards involved lost their license.
Scott Gregory
Back when Ferrari were tactical masters.
I was at this race, nobody had a clue what was going on!
Luke Montgomery
Murray Walker: "WINNER! You are right! You are right! Well done! Fabulous! Martin Brundle: "Well hang on that's the guy who puts the captions up Murray, he's not the steward *laughing internally*. Murray Walker: "Yeah but he get, he, err, well he err, I know, but he get's official information, I'll go with that..." Amazing.
Yushin Yan
Love it when Martin and Murray's voice overlaps at 3:20
Thus Schumacher remains the only F1 driver to win a race while in the pits, only the Ferrari A team could pull off a trick like this.
Anton Redhead
Murray was so good at what he did but he was even better when he had no idea what the hell was going on
The cameraman must be drunk...
Man, I remember this, Brawn and Todt were tactical geniuses. So much so they changed the rules after the race lol.
can we just acknowledge 3:20
Thomas Harrison-Lord
5:10 - Quality.
Nx Doyle
That was very clever, back in more clever times for Ferrari. Oh God, Murray was great value. And he still looks 60, for the 102nd straight year.
Metin Akkusoglu
Miss you Michael
Vinnie L
No one ever mention Ross Brawn? Both Schumacher and Ferrari owed him so much in those years
Adam Zillin
That was the very definition of genius. I bet it was Brawn who made that call...
Giovanni D
I remember an italian sport newspaper the day after titling: GENIALE! (Genial!) :)
1998 season was so great, I think the good old 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 points system was good enough
And .............The winner issssssssssss...........Heineken.
Usman Chaudhry
I love the 98 and 99 Ferraris. MSC drove the balls off them! Great racing vs Hakkinen
Friendly Robot
This Schumacher/Hakkinen era was my intro to F1. I still think I love those cars the most, before they became all curvy and elegant. They just seemed satisfyingly brutish, bouncing and screaming out of corners, particularly in the wet. I think the 2017's come a close second. If only they'd get rid of the shark fin.
I think Ferrari/Schumacher pretended to mis-count the laps left. He drives pretty hard after he served his penalty (when the race had already finished). He also crosses the finish line again instead of returning to parc ferme.
As much as I'd of loved Mika to win that Ferrari decision was a masterpiece.
Chris Thomas
I was actually there on that cold, wet day in Sliverstone in 1998. This was a great performance by the Regenmeister, Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.
John Wasgeht
Pure genius, back in those days with Schumacher the were so many legendary races. Somehow today there is rarely something memorable happening. Baku 2017 maybe. And Brazil 2008 and 2012... But back then it was much more common.
Published on 1 Apr 2017.  Yes, this was certainly a joke.
Mark O
I don't get it, how can you serve a stop/go after the race has finished? :/
Francesco Tomaselli
"WINNA! you are right, you are right Martin! Well done! Fabulous!" I miss him <3
dick fitzwelliner
If you hear Murray Walker's voice you know its f1 from a good era. The man is a legend in sportscastering
Frankie Teague
A master in the dry pure genius in the wet.
Max Smith
I stopped watching F1 once Schumacher retired. He was the greatest to win while driving at times a slower car.
Geelong Cable Locations
Yep, I remember this race. I stayed up to 3-4 in the morning to watch it. What an epic finish!
I remember this like it was 20 years ago. Haha
I often wondered whether somebody placed a bet on this.
V10 was the golden age of Formula 1, the politics in Formula 1 today is just shit, these sponsors and stakeholders just felt guilty of their exploits throughout the year and trying to compensate of "being greener" (which doesn't do anything good or anything significant really) and thus the sport getting smaller and smaller engine. It's really damaging the pinnacle of motorsports.
bodie of ci5
Back when F1 really was F1. Schuey in his prime woukd have run rings around Shamilton.
“That’s the guy that puts the captions up, Murray” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The reason why serving penalty before final lap is now mandatory and cannot serve on last lap. Makes sense.
mark dietrich
Ross Brawn is a genius!!!!
“Interesting tactics” -Hamilton 2018
Android 16
Murray backtracking like a politician lol. Miss the legend.
Nosex Please
Union flag on the track an no safety car oh how times av changed 😂😂😂
M. Schumacher THE BEST OF THE BEST """""THE LEGEND""""
DaC27 96
Murray getting shot down by brundle when it said Schumacher won😂😂😂
I wish those squeaky commentators would should the hell up.
Robert Smith
Miss that V10 screaming, now they all sound like hairdryers.
just amazing how schumi is dancing in the rain.. and then, V10. this is better than any season nowadays.
Vishnu narayanan
Turn on caption. You will see" British Brawl pre " thats but true
Jesus you know! Almost got that one from the Michael
Gerry D
Murray was a legend but retired 5/6 years too late as when he commentated last few years his errors got really anoying brundle did well not to turn his mike off lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raden Ujang
Hole of rule ! Smart ferarri's strategy!
Schumacher. The greatest wet weather driver ever. God, F1 used to be absolutely amazing. Murray Walker, best commentator of all time.
Greatest ever. MS
Boys and Girls and that's why Ferrari hired Ross Brawn Michael Schumacher combo. Absolute Geniuses! You can't end in the pitlane. Says who? Show me😃 😆
Always forget just how good Murray Walker was.
congress tart
Winner winner you are right well done now hang on murray that's just a guy who puts captions up
F300 is my favourite Ferrari. No, it isn't a championship winning car, but my god, it's a thing of pure beauty.
Yoruichi The Extra Terrestrial
Respect where it's due, that was a master stroke of genius to know that loophole.
The sound. THE SOUND!
Marin Staykov
Back to the time when Ferrari had actual strategists :D
Mikes Karaoke
Murray walker was great at making a race exciting to watch. The voice over really made it fun. The cars were louder with more Turbo. My friend went to Silverstone and said it used to be loud as they drove past the stands. I remember this race how time fly's 🌟
Ben Houghton
I loved murrays excitement sometimes so excited he didn't even know what he was saying absolute true legend
TorQue WreNcH
It's so much fun watching F1 race back then when i was a kid during this era..full of surprises..
Edd AntoniS
One word LEGEND
kiely 456
never take what the man who puts the captions up as gospel Murray lol
Genius Ross Brawn.
Greg Rowlerson
Typical race it seems from the '98 season of massive car quality discrepancy. Ferrari's and McLaren's lapping the entire field! Strangely though, it was probably still one of the most interesting racing seasons.
I like when people clamor for the "good ol days" of F1 and here we see schumacher lapping fourth place.
In today's F1, ferrari probably would have been disqualified or some bs like that. Missing those good times.
Say my Name
3:21 « IM MR. MEESEEKS !!
Will Vine
I miss Murray Walker sounding like his trousers are on fire .
That sound brings back memories.
chris bobobo
any other team wouldn't of got the win
I THINK HE'S TRYING TO... perfect harmony. =)
Eddie Da Silva
this same day French wins the WC98
Ayşen Gruda'nın Çöpçüler Kralındaki abileri
after 20 years later... now we are witnessing a small minded Ferrari team boss who let his drivers race in Monza start or who always making aggressive(stupid) strategies and giving track positions to Mercedes.
murray walker should commentate f1 forever
I remember this, absolutely brilliant. You have 3 laps to obey a flag and he did so.
Vincent Laurensius
Once upon a time, ferrari's pit strategy guy is a absolute madlad
It was deemed not to have been a penalty at all. They never needed to stop in the first place.
Schumy 7
Masterpeace by Ros brawn.
So Schumacher won right?
House Station Live .com
i wasn't aware than brundle commented grand prix for so long. i live in france.
"Modern problems require modern solutions"
Marco Monetto
Gaining 3 seconds in the last lap on Hakkinen. And somebody still say that Michael was not good on wet tracks...
PenguinBadger TurkeyBear
How on Earth do you get twenty seconds ahead?? The man was an absolute legend!
Eugene Musumba
Schumacher is a genius
Bob Boberson
Yeah, this wasn't carzy when you think about it. He had 20 seconds on Mika. Weird decision. As Murray said: moot point.
Jack Reacher
The Rain master.
Time when F1 are very entertaining Old desain V10 engines Ulimited bugdet for car and engines research No restriction at speed That was makes F1 really entertaining
Flavio KS
3:21 wow they sync
F1 these days just aint that exiting anymore.. This was . Rergardless of the stop and go story, that was some epic wet weather driving.
AndyMB601 Official Autosport
Schumacher is an absolute madlad
I help anytime
This is how I beat penalties in sim-racing games.
Matthew Okot
This was fantastic. Murray Walker's comic timing is phenomenal and Martin Brundle is brilliant as the straight man. I love the exasperated groan Murray lets out when Martin says that Michael has got a penalty. Then: "I'll go with that until someone tells me officially that that is not the situation" "Mika Hakkinen is going to get a very unpleasant shock in a minute" I loved this era of F1.
Simon White
Where can you get these full ITV F1 videos from?
Rodrigo Tchamps
Michael Jackson >>>>Chumi
To Ferrari fans this was tactical genius. To McLaren fans it was plain cheating. The three stewards made an absolute shambles of the whole thing, issuing an incorrect penalty due to the odd f1 rules regarding that a stop go must be issued no more than 25 mins after a race and that it can’t be issued in the last three laps. All the stewards involved resigned but it didn’t half lead to a brilliant finish
RoadHawk HD Dash Cam User
Schumacher should of been penalised for taking the chequered flag twice.