Living in Germany - MUNICH APARTMENT TOUR | Accommodation in Munich for $164 Per Night!

I booked this Germany apartment on Airbnb and paid $164 USD per night► (use my affiliate link for $32 off your first booking). Subscribe► />T-shirts► /> JULY 2017 - On this trip to Munich, Germany, rather than staying in a hotel, we decided to rent an Airbnb apartment in a local neighborhood in Munich. The prices are not cheap in Germany, but I think in comparison to what you get for a hotel room, it's still a very good value. I was with my wife, my wife's sister, and our baby Micah. In this Munich apartment tour, I walk you through the apartment. It's just a 1 bedroom apartment, but it's really spacious and would be very comfortable living for a single or couple. One thing I love most about living in Germany or renting an apartment in Munich / Germany, is that German design and the awareness of natural light in the house. During the day, you don't need to use any electricity for lighting. Thank you for watching, I hope this gives you an idea about accommodation options in Munich, Germany if you plan to visit or to live in Germany. If you want to use Airbnb, you can use my affiliate link here: to get $32 off your first booking. -- MUSIC: Solar - /> CAMERA GEAR used to make this video (these are affiliate links): GH5: />Main lens: />Microphone: />Tripod: /> SOCIAL MEDIA: My main channel: />Instagram: />Facebook: /> Thank you for watching!

Steve CVNT Niko's Lawyer
The world would be such a nicer place to live in if more people were like Mark! Such a positive guy.
Hey Guy's, The thing I've always liked about Mark is that he always sees the positive in everything....he rarely complains about anything. Definately a glass half full kinda guy ! Those windows/doors were interesting ; haven't seen them before. Regards to Micah & Ying ! Jim.
Loro Moro
It's so nice to see people appreciate the things we take for granted - like the way windows open. I never knew that these types of windows are not used outside of Europe. :)
Sasha Gonzalez
It's so wonderful that you, your baby, and your amazing wonder woman wife get to travel together. We watch all your videos and love them. Keep up the great work!
Mary Leialoha
I'm so happy you made this channel as well as this video. This is another side of seeing different parts of the world that is so interesting. Great insight and so very useful for novice travellers like me. Aloha and Mahalo Mark Weins Family!
J Fall
He thanks her for washing his clothes, thts cool.
Chriss G.
I had to laugh a little watching this (as a german). Like when Mark explained how he controls the temperature of the shower with the main valve. I just wanted to tell him that he's doing it all wrong. 😂 BTW this isn't average german, more like average german student apartment.
Lincoln Paul
I live in Germany and in Munich. My first apartment in 1970 looks similar to yours. The apartment I have now is far more modern than your living in. So your apartment is most certainly not how most Germans live today. And your paying way to much for this old apartment. That said, I wish you well.
Seiji Fuji
164? a day for THIS? You got ripped off good
R Wil
I really enjoyed the tour of the apartment but I enjoyed your excitement even more.thank you
nina j.
I am German and I grew up with these windows/doors. That's one thing I like about this channel: You not only get to learn about other countries but can appreciate things you take for granted at home as well - like "Kippfenster". Thanks Mark for your enthusiasm!
Tosh T
Nicely done on the room entrances, cuts and editing. Smooth. Would like a brief mention of public transportation (i.e. bus stop on the corner, 100 meters to nearest metro, etc.) but otherwise loving this new channel. 👍👍
Dee Mic
I have those windows my bedroom. They're also great for allowing the air in even when it's raining,, as the angle promotes runoff to the outside. Germans are synonymous with quality.
its always fascinating how something completely normal to you like the "Kippfenster" (window mechanic) can be a new and innovative thing to someone else :)
“Ohhh the cheese, I better have a cheese real fast while I open the fridge” 😂👌
This made me giggle a bit. Its a typical European apartment :)
Ilhe at kab -
Hey Mark, i live and work in germany and 164 is wayyy to much for this apartment !
Those in the bathroom are only the central water metering which u don't use to regulate temperature but only to open or close the water supplies in the apartment. U regulate the temperature straight at the tap
The kitchen style is called Frankfurter Küche and the idea behind is, that the wife, who is alone at home, and prepares the meal for the working husband, can easily reach to both sides of the kitchen. Nowadays we have "Wohnküchen" which are bigger and allow to cook, eat and live as a whole family. More like an american kitchen.
Yvonne Poole
Merkel has screwed all of you!
Rahila Ishtiaq
God bless u n ur sweet family
Phyllis Anastasiades
Ghastly apt. No cupboards Micro?
Shamayah David
Looks like an Ikea store!
Trisha Rudra
I've been at this for the last 4 hours, watching video after video of your different apartments in different cities/countries, neighbourhood walks and tours... I have a few things to say... I love your videos..I don't know you but you seem to be extremely affable and genuine and just such a happy person :) I love little Micah and your wife seems to be a wonderful person.. Very rare to see families these days, traveling the world. Thanks for the little glimpse into your life around the globe.. Please pass on my best to your lovely wife, and little Micah! <3
Alexander Haag
A million city where mountain spring water comes out of the tab. Munich worked over 30 years on this and promoted ecological agriculture between the city and the Alps to reach this quality.
Carla Hasley
I love the old look of Germany's houses and buildings
James Brown
Annalisa Padilla
Ive been there and Frankfort germany..i was born in rasied live in az.i miss the food and everything eles wish could go bak..
Lee Francis
I call that humble living.
Simply Cherie
Thanks for the tour! Mark, come her to Arizona, and I will take you to Costco and give you a large pack of Babybel! lol.
Maguy Joseph
Very big one bedroom apartment , but is expensive almost 2.000 dollars for 1 month
6:39 asians have a lotta honor Hes sleeping on the couch not with his wife bc her sister is with them , thats respect mark,
Kris Rose
What a nice, smiley guy 😊A pleasure to watch
Carole St. louis
I guess all apartments in Germany must have the same architecture. My son's apartment is the same as yours in Berlin. It ; s great that you are renting from someone who is living somewhere else now. Otherwise you would have to purchase all appliances and plus. I plan to visit my grand babies in 2 weeks. A K
Nishah Gopal
Love all your videos Mark.Have a safe trip and happy eating. 😊
Phineas Fogg
Munich is one of the most expensive cities in Germany and for that reason not quite representative of your "typical" living conditions in Germany.
Tammy Wines
This young man always I mean always stays positive in everything !! He gives hope for the future . This apartment is very nice, wow so big and roomy .
Winner Singh
164 per night Damm costly
Dr. Safety
Nice apartment presented by a very bubbly handsome happy friendly Asian man...😀
apartment looks great. COULD NOT USE THAT ELEVATOR. claustrophobic trap just watching!
adnan kitchen
Woow i have been there too BMW museum marienplatz it was very amazing trip
Karla D.
Please go to Switzerland! Love y'all!
Steven Obinator
Kinda cool, but 164$ a night for that!!
Theo Panaritis
Haha cried out loud with the elevator. In Greece we have the same (also retro) and we also have some that you have to close internal doors to get it started.
Nicky Chuaybamrung
One thing that love about stay in Europe is NO beeping and NO race the motor bike .
Kashyap Tank
How about getting a drone and filming some cinematic aireal sequences? Oh, and Micah gets to play with it.
ProGamer Tv 3
Dis boy eating cheese 😂
The shower is controlled by a mixing valve, pretty neat invention. Left: Hotter water. Right: Colder water .
Swing Albert
hello nice video, thanks for sharing Mark
Daniel Hammond
This is a fabulous video! Many thanks for making it. The price seems very reasonable for so much space. I am looking forward to the next installment.
that was not retro Mark XD, if you ever come to Gothenburg, Sweden I'll show you retro
Chris A
I really enjoy watching him because he has a very calm Spirit about him and his family and it's really nice but I just have to wonder where in the world can you get all this money to travel all over the place you have to stop and work save up and then go I'm just wondering cuz it can get quite expensive traveling
Johny Ang
It's a very nice Modern retro apartment
It’s a classic after war housing project, most german cities have those in place of the original old buildings that got destroyed by bombing runs
Nice large apartment for a 1BR! Wish mine was that big here in the U.S.!!! I'm looking to move and buy a house because I like doing too many things and my stuff doesn't fit in my 650 s.f. space! My rent is $650.00 per month.
Marcellinus Jonathan
Love how you arrange the camera, Mark. It's like you use 2 or 3 cameras at same time. Great job!
$164 per night?.. day? .. a little too much, but I think Mark got ripped off.. Oh well. only for a short term anyway.
Investor INDIA
How do you manage all of this travel express?
I knew I had a similar function in my balcony door (turn the handle all the way up) from seeing some of the neighbors use it, but I never knew how to activate it! What a find, thanks Mark!!
RE Ohtz
You're in Germany and you eat Baby Bel cheese? Finally had enough of this lame channel!
John Ross
Oh, lets stop the tour and have cheese. LOL
s m imtiaz
I love Germany & I love Europe...
Hyunsu Jang
Omg.... Mark Wiens the LEGEND. I clicked this vid so fast.
hooby marburg
WOW ... and it's amazing in Germany, That it is light in the day and dark in the night. ;-)
Pari Shalvi
Hii ..can I get ur Whatpp No Actually I wna knw more about Germany
Blue Clouds
Hi Mark. Great to see you n family , Bee👍🏻😍
Larry Song
The apartment is spacious and natural lighting design to conserve energy back in 60s.
Büsra Halime Süheyla
I live in munic since 2008 and have seen a few apartmens and i have to say this is 100% real and a very veryy tipical apartment. Also Mark pls dont use those nobs to control the warm water for showering! You have to move the tap to the right or left to shower warm or cold 😂
some one
Great presentation! Love your videos! Hope you keep making lots of them 😊 Your energy is so positive and kind and friendly. Sign of a wonderful heart and soul.
omg 164 for one bed apartment!!! I thought it was at least 2beds for that price..
Maha Noor
Germany and Singapore are the most cleanest country’s I have seen in my life, I had an amazing time in Germany even though it was short! Miss it so much❤️
Tara Singh
167$ one day? too expensive
Irene George
I love your videos! You are such a pleasure to listen to! You genuinely seem to be a very happy person! And are perfect for what you are doing! 😊
300 kilo, 4 persons, or one US person!
glad you show us how to eat a baby bell cheese.........yawn
whippedupwire bw
Agenda 21 housing
Sawroz Tuladhar
Enjoy your video in every channel... love from Nepal
164$ per night that’s 10,563.06 in Russian $, wow
I enjoyed this video. Makes me want to start traveling.
Nature Murali
in YouTube watch naturemurali save nature stop pollution please avoid plastic disposal things stop global warming save Earth
SPOOKY CAM.. Shot at 9:32 looks like it's really long Shot at 9:37 wohh.. it's too small . Was there some camera work at previous shot?
sanjay chetty
Superb apartment's very inclusive with all aminities.....the window n door to the balcony is a real highlight......kudos to German engineering....god safe mark
Wei Wei Lai
I enjoy watching the apartment tour channel. Hope to have more coming up 👍🏻
Barry Vernon
I love this video,youre a very positive guy...
Boy Aditya
Hey mark. Did you use external mic (separate audio) now?
Sandr. D.
"I love cheese" then eats a babybell... lol this would be insulting if it wasn't funny ;-)
Mary Rose Dwyer
Looks really nice. Big apartment good high ceilings and a balcony however small is a must.
Teguh Santoso
But 168 USD per night? such a huge money!
metal yasu
いつも楽しませて貰っています。私も今日初めて動画をアップしてみました^^; 結構時間掛かりますね><;頑張ってください。^^
Jason Reedy
I wonder how much magical mushrooms, acid and weed Mark did when he was younger. Hmmm.... Lol. Love the videos keep it up. Congratulations on almost a million subscribers on your main channel! Keep leaning my friend!
Dmi serv
I think Holland 🏡 more beautiful than Germany 😂😂😂😂
Gloria Guzman
I love your videos and family keep them coming ok
Grumpy Cat
munchen is the most expensive city to live in.. compared to frankfurt, hannover, bremen etc.. no wonder its priced at that range..
I lived in Germany for 6 years and this remind me so much of my old apartment. We didnt have an elevator though thats a plus.
Harvey 23
That is very expensive You shouldn't have to pay than 60 euros night You need to complain and ask for a refund
i noticed the table placemet, did u brought it all the way there from thailand :-)
amel s
I have the feeling that you have never seen an apartment in your life.
Anne Corey
It is awesome your apartment you boy grow up fast how you manage to carry so much stuffs with you on your travels .thank you for sharing good video .
zoom andaboom
To me it's too weird to rent a place that's got a bunch of someone else's stuff all over the place. That happened to me at an air BNB.
lol i found a door like that when i was in austria. and i thought i broke it bc it's off the hinges on the top ahahha