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You wanted more, you get more! This is an epic, not-so-mini Minis marathon featuring every episode in the series so far, just for you. Let the adorable adventure begin! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel: /> Hey! I’m Talking Ginger and I’m pretty much the coolest kid you’re ever going to meet. I’ve always got loads of amazing ideas bouncing around my head for pranks and jokes and adventures! I’ve packed my channel full of all kinds of awesome things. You can watch the super cute Talking Tom and Friends minis here. But the best things are the ones starring me! I’ve got super cool videos that will teach you how to draw and ones that tell you stories. There are even stories about all the places I’ve explored and things I’ve learned. So what are you waiting for? Come on an adventure with me! I upload lots of new videos all the time. But if you can’t wait for more fun, just check out the Talking Tom and Friends channel. And Talking Tom and Talking Angela have pretty cool channels too, although I’d never tell them that! Haha! See you soon! Ginger For more fun… ▶︎ enjoy our Animated Series on Talking Tom and Friends channel: ▶︎ here’s the very popular Talking Tom’s channel: />▶︎ don’t miss out on Talking Angela’s YouTube channel: /> Talking Ginger is also known as: Sprechender Kater Ginger, Ginger qui parle, Ginger Falante, Ginger el gato parlante, Konuşan Ginger

Talking Ginger
What kind of adventure do you want Talking Tom and the gang to go on next?
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I Love you I'm Very goo Like
Jose Daniela
I like the minis
LOVE IT!!!!!
Look at some cute characters too
keluarga D7
helo may nem chalisa
The next adventure I want them to do is Go ice skating 😊
Ana v. diaz
princess alexa zxxx DUNNO FAV YT MURFIE
I love you tom in Angela
Lạ Người
I love you talking
Natalia Cabaj
kochają się
Cristiane Alves
Amoooo 😍😍😍😍😍💙💙💙❤❤
Nat Xaz
ты лучший супер пупер люблю тебя обажаю я подписана желаю 100000000000000000000000000000000000 подписчиков целую!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of production staff who this anime make is korean. Unbelievable.....
Lara Cristina
Love tom
Bonequinha Blox
amooo Angela fofa e linda ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Керей Найман
Почему никто не хочет играть с киндером
Røshadøw Aj
22:02 Tom:Me Toy:Works and School *_-:"v-_*
Rarity Vrymer ZH Official
1:14:39 Angela Looked Video At My little Pony Tom! (Video Screen) ;3 1:14:58
פיני דאודי
36:18 פיתות גזרים
Johnny Hansen
Have your producers ever cited Lady and the Tramp and The Kid as inspiration for a multipart feature?
Jocelyne Bika
Evelyn Lopez
I love you
Nur Nabyla
Antonio Vasequez
what type of episode of talking tom and friends minis did you watch😇
koier OK?
Alvino Muhammad
tom love angela
Cristiane Alves
Amei muito bom 😍😍😍😍😙😙😘😘😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😀😀
Manuel Cunes
That house is cool and good 😀👍
Evelyn Ofori Amanfo
Dans talking and friends minis Ginger est sage il ne fait pas de bétise .Alor dans talking and friends ginger est insurportable
Mayra Borjas
talking ginger can you make a school adventure please?
Helen Robledo
jjjaa 😄 😄 😄 😄 😄
maria lorena a
Y si hacen mini figuras
faten hamal
Janice Dalcin
quem gosta do tom curti aqui
beast of heroes 獣オフ広末
yosha lucky
Me Hello
Ginger ur my fav character too cute
Yves Pluchard
Martina Coria
😄😄 me encanta
GUILHERME Barbosa De SousBba
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So cool
Michał Rowiński
Od lat 7
xuân hạnh Tran
IamTheOne 719
hazaai booboo
so cute and funny ! ! !😅😅😅
Brett MacWilliamsb
I thought that they were looking at the sky cause it was beautiful not because it has shapes of food in it
Marilia Gonçalves
Esse vídeo é muito legal então eu quero eu Mirela quero falar que esse dia tão tão tão tão muito legal muito legal porque
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sanya sanya
Мне нравилась
Asriel Dreemurr
ginger is very cute though. but my favorite characters are all of them I just can't decide which I like better cause their all so cute!
my miss anushka
I love you Ginger
Readynevada447 awsome
Angela looked like tom is gonna die
Mechelle Rosario
So cute so tiny so cute!!!!
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I Love this 😍😍😍
Scary Skeleton
ginger i love you
bunda sasa
So cute......
Readynevada447 awsome
Angela gets. Mad all the time that dumb
Ana v. diaz
amanda Sima
tem vezes que a Angela é chata
Razi Ahmed
very nice video but I hate Angela in this
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alguem. brasil
Strawberry kids club
thank you very nice :)
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And I love you and ginger
TawnyPaw is done
I came because my Angela was dreaming about it
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10 is later
the oliver
eles são muito fofos
Rarity Vrymer ZH Official
40:06 Premiere!
Lara Kevia Santos
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ı love the tom and friends
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Agela is a jerk and lazy
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I love talking Tom and talking Angela
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my. Little. pony.
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I like Angela and tom
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amei 😍❤
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I hope Tom and Angela kiss kiss
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This is werid and lame they don't even talk SERIOUSLY i give this vid a thumbs down 👎👎
POTATOES 4 EVAAA or u can call meh Len
Samuel gamer
Samuel gamer
My little brother loves this same with me thank u 😍
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Talking ginger 😙😙😙😗😗😗😗😗
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eu acho o ginger fofo
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У вас крутой видео , только Анджела ругается на тому УВАС ОБАЛДЕН ВИДЕО КЛАСС !!!!!!!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very good tom angela hank and ben very good😃😊
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Wren Giles
Ep 1: Tom and Hank move out of the garage and upstairs of Ben's house, next door to Angela! Of course Ben makes a fuss about it! Ep 2: Tom wakes up after his first night at his new home! He goes through his schedule, but after a long day of moving Tom is having a rough start! And all Hank does is eat and sleep for the whole day. Ben gets his driving test and is so nervous that he'll fail he scares the test taker! As it starts to snow Angela wakes up and Tom trys to impress her with a snow-Angela! But he accidentally brakes it and Angela gets mad! What a rough start! Ep 3: The next morning Tom and Angela gets ready for their day, as soon as Tom gets out of the shower he says hello to Hank and grabs a rose to give to Angela, so he walks over to her house. Since it snowed yesterday it's cold, and Tom figures out that Angela is busy after he rings the doorbell a few times. Later Tom stars to freeze, and his rose is now ice! He rings the door bell one more time and it startles Angela and she messes up her makeup, Angela opens the front for to yell at Tom... but he sees he's freezing in the cold. Tom hands out the iced rose and it brakes it half! Angela feels sorry for him so she invites him inside. They have hot chocolate and snuggle on the couch. Tom trys to kiss her and fails of course! Ep 4: Later that night Angela searches for a new dress. Finally she finds her favorite one! She orders it and goes to sleep. The next day she looks to see if it's comeing or not... YES! Angela is so excited for it to come nothing can bring her down! Not even when Ginger trips and his ice cream lands on Angela's nose! Soon Angela can't stop thinking about it! The next day she gets bored... very, very bored. Soon her boredom leads to anger! She waits outside her gates, and she scarred Ben when he was walking by! FINALLY!!! The delivery truck came and as Angela reaches out to grab the box from the delivery man, he gives the box to... BEN!? Angela is angry her dress STILL isin't here! She will stay up till it comes! Ep 5: Soon after Angela gets her new dress, Spring comes! It's the first day the cherry blossoms will be falling! So Tom and Angela go on a date, Tom is worried the date will go good or not, Tom walks pass people kissing and gets nervous about if Angela will kiss him! Angela and Tom get some cotton candy, and Tom makes Angela mad because instead of putting some of his cotton candy in her mouth, he makes it a Cotton-Candy-Mustache! Later they have a picnic and Angela makes yummy looking sandwiches but when Tom trys to eat his sandwich he almost spits it out but eats it so he doesn't disappoint Angela! And then she makes him eat hers! After the picnic the cheery blossoms fall on Tom and Angela! What a sort-of great date! Ep 6: Tom is working at café but he can't stop thinking about Angela! A big man comes in and asks for lemonade, so Tom makes him a glass of lemonade. But when Tom hands it out the man drinks it out of his hand! He asks for another refill. Tom looks at the "Free Refill" sign, so he makes more and more untill the man gives him only the money for one lemonade! Soon Hank and Ginger come in as Tom takes down the "Free Refill" sign. And Hank asks for alot of stuff and Tom expects alot of money, but Hank has coupons! Ginger asks for an ice cream and gives Tom a cardboard coupon he made! Angela and Ben come in and they order hot chocolate. Tom is happy to see Angela and happy he gets paid! Tom gives Angela and Ben their hot chocolate. Later Angela looks up at the clock from her reading. It's late so she gets up to go. But Tom gives her a free ice cream, so Tom and Angela stay at the café. And Tom gives little spoonfuls of ice cream to Angela. Ep 7: Tom and all of his friends go camping but the car runs out of gas so they have to stay in the field they were driving by till they get more gas. It starts to rain, but Tom has a tent! But it's leaky because Tom forgot the rain cover. After it stops raining there is a rainbow! Soon they get hungry so Hank brings out the grill and pot! Tom has noodles in a cup, Hank opens the grill then closes it and runs away. Tom opens the grill to find its not a grill... it's a repair kit! Later Ben, Hank, and Ginger go to sleep hungy while Tom and Angela stay up to see the stars. And Tom gives Angela a firefly.
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Я тут одна Русская?
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I relate to Hank so much
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#MyFriends ❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘
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