AOC's Radical Chief of Staff | The News & Why It Matters Ep. 221

On this episode of The News & Why It Matters Sara Gonzales, Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere, and Chad Prather discuss Ocasio-Cortez's Chief of Snacks, Ilhan Omar's Twitter controversy, and Cory Booker's crazy eyes. Get your BlazeTV FREE trial NOW:

Odin's missing eye
Cory Booker ( Spartacus) is a joke.
ed biernot
Why is never an elite arrested???
Gigi Devoe
LOOKS & sounds like ALL THE IMMORAL WOMAN are thinking w their snatches instead of their heads, like men think w their little brain instead of their big one... !! Woman now want to kill live babies GOD help us all, save our babies..
Michael Yante
Thank you Glenn Beck..... Please do more you tube it reaches a huge amount of people looking for the bottom line honest truth. You are a great mind.
Andre Corbeil
That new green deal os total insanity
Dave Ransford
On this the day of your birth dear Glen, I wish you glad tidings and merriment!
Research is what Glenn does best.
Please make a list of what is made from petroleum. There are 6000 products, not just fuels. The Green deal is not functional it will hurt everyone. Please keep up spreading truths and sane ideas.
Carmen Nooner
The MSM has made AOC into a rock star. She is now the Pied Piper of the millennials and she isn't lulling them into Socialism. She's showing them the way! This woman should frighten any clear thinking person, Republican or Democrat, because she has the power of persuasion as an attribute. That makes her extremely deadly and dangerous.
richard cline
35 dems still dont equal one trump
Andre Corbeil
Aoc's advisor looks like an evil little weasel gremlin. Be very alarmed people be very alarmed
Jomama 81 ranch
Elizabeth Warren isn't Pocahontas... she is more like "Shi_ _ ing Bull"!! LOL
W Hoggdoc
Hey folks did you ever think that maybe AOC's COS is just plain stupid and didn't know who the person was on his shirt. BTW anyone know what descriptor he puts in front of American to describe himself? Just curious as he has an ethnic look.
Clar Sisk
Cortez is a spokes woman for Agenda 21, Glen Beck wrote a book on this topic, I bought it, why aren't you guys mentioning this, you are acting like she is crazy, you are laughing at her, she is an obvious plant by the United Nations, this is not a laughing matter, Agenda 21 is very real.
Rick M
Booker Spartacus is too much of a fruit cake to be President and he has a weak voice.😃
Jeanette the, which I have a good time Wright
You should look at the huge resemblance between Occasional-Cortex and HUMA ABEDIN'S SISTER!! Think about how she has quickly rose up out of NOWHERE and now she's getting millions from Netflix which is Obama's hub!!! We better be digging into everything we can about this BIMBO!!!
WakeU.S. fromSlumberCensored
Churchill said "Unless we establish some form of world government, it will not be possible for us to avert a World War III in the future." He also said, "without a united Europe there is no prospect of World Government" at his 2nd United Europe speech at he Albert Hall , May 14th 1947 That translates to Churchill pushing for NEW WORLD ORDER. Churchill also covered up Lord Sempill ( a friend of his) who was exposed as giving the Japanese the intelligence to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor. Look it up. Thank you. Communism & Fascism are cut from the same cloth. Churchill was a elitist druid of British secret societies as well as a freemason satanist.
Cory Booker wants to fight Mother Nature? Good luck with that, Boss.
Ron Star
Subhash Chandra Bose is the guy on the t shirt, since the guy on this video never said who it is.
Keith McKnight
Found it further down, Subhas Chandra Bose is the guy on the T-Shirt
I want to marry Sarah and show her why it matters...
Diana Leon
Stu said they have "crazy eyes" hahahahah ....perfect
T Morgan
Thanks for bringing her mouth piece more out in the open. . Any idea who connected this guy to AOC. Looking for the real puppet master. . . . I have to think this guy has some $$ backing.
Jason Sheppard
Its just like agenda 21 its scary that we all might be walking on energy boards
Ro Mary
warren where are your moccasins and your firewater
Maggie Brown
Part 1. is 57:32min Part 2. 38+ min. Helps to find those Nesara Gesara Laws with Kaz .
Mark Vehar
The '"new green deal" is an extremely insane machination of a demented juvenile crazed mind.
The Green New Deal is something I flush in the toilet every morning
hiro down
Green new deal is what plants crave
Elizabeth Warren has never stood on what’s positive about her. Always negative and on the attack.
Diana Leon
Happy Birthday Stu! Happy Birthday Glenn!!!!
Mike Bouck
"Socialism...Bad!" There - I saved you all 28 minutes. You're welcome.
Sandra Holeman
And wearing the Big Red Hat "Make America Great Again" is envoking racial devide??? These people are so blantantly anti-American and people are ok with that. The Left has a real problem. They have allowed a radical/Socialist to speak for them. The Left, They have allowed a radical/Abortionist to speak for them. They have allowed a radical/Green New Deal person to speak for them. They have allowed an radical/Open Borders person to speak for them. What Are They Doing? What Are They Doing In Our Government? Why Are People Following Them? There is a real disconnect in the Left Side. The Left are using the same tactics that the Nazis used in Hitler's day, "If you are not 100% for me then you are against me and your d...."!
I disagree that Churchill was bad for India. The worst thing that happened to India wad the Japanese invasion. Blame Chamberlain and the appeasers for that, not Churchill.
"Why do people think they can mess with Bronx women without getting roasted? They act as though our borough hasn’t been perfecting the clapback game since the Sugarhill Gang 🤣 y’all just found it on Twitter"
I'm your REAL dad.
Glenn Beck is a traitor.
rmb yen
Tulsi for president.
James Henry
I am waiting and waiting for this tee shirt dude to be named.
Long Horn
Cory "Crazy eyes" Booker aka. Cow Fartacus 🐄💩
Steven Rauch
Thank GOD for Cory (Spartacus) Booker!!! I knew he would jump up and save us from Godzilla!!! HAIL SPARTACUS!!!!
Ro Mary
john muir, natuonal parks , johnny chapman aka appleseed teddy rooosevelt were conservationists long before the nazi
Lorne Green
The Nazis were not the first to have major polices towards the environment . Both of the pres. Roosevelt`s were first.
Ashley McClung
wow! I thought the guy had his own face on his t-shirt, lol. Guess he looks just like his hero...
YouTwitFace McGee
Must be one of those soy snacks...
The Last Rebel Show
The arrogance of AOC is astounding . Her parents told her she was special growing up. They still do.
mmmadog Smith
Who cares what shirt this progressive wears. Glenn still working up his base.
Jam O
the butheads name is chakrabati
I thought he had his own face on his t shirt
Mary M. Tucker
Yep, Photosynthesis...
Marla castro hlavac
Socialism is the water that helps grow the government into a full dictatorship.
Craig R
TULSI 2020
James Allen jr.
Imagine a Universe... our universe, part of a multi-verse. A Universe inside a Universe, both also inside another Universe. Principalities and Powers in the second universe leading puppets in our bottom (b!t.h) universe. This is how I justify/explain the psycho progressives in the demo party.
Way to long Glenn
Just because he is in America, he is protected by freedom of speech. He dares to wear it while working for a congresswoman, it’s because the congresswoman is stupid enough not to know the difference.
Rev John O'Toole
The green deal sounds like they used the Hungary Games movies as a map. Rest assured there will be a class of people eating, sleeping and traveling well and in style
Maggie Brown
Hi Glenn and all. I have a concern about a video I listened to a few days ago. It's not too long but I'd like you to review it. I trust your site and you. The title is "Bill rats in Hill and Cheney rats on Bush". These men having a conversation have some very interesting things to say. I'm the end. They seem to believe the new incoming AG is in quest. And that LG is bm the Pres . Please ck it out. Sources seem OK. Thank you. Lj
She’s the chosen female equivalent to godbama. The MSM pushes these unqualified SJW communist fools upon the public. She’s everything we’ve come to expect from a progressive public indoctrination system.
Steve Jordan
They balance their life on a lie
Ro Mary
jidian struggle , who wrote it
Angel Martell
I wish the entire country was independent. How ppl smile being part bias when it comes to politics smh. It requires stretching truths and ignoring others (don lemon for example lol)
Sreve Carey
My sincere apologies. I am sorry and embarrassed. My only recompense, after listening to the entire report, is I support your news program. The best I can to do is to support you and add you to the list of great reporting. I dislike Socialism with dagger like enthusiasm. Thank you for your balanced reporting.
Mark Gardner
Did i miss the name of this person on his shirt.couldn't see.
Diary Productions
the coming battle for america us upon us
Frank M
He looks different without the cheetos on his face.
PLEASE keep putting AOC on the air as much as possible. She is the perfect rep for socialism. She is the biggest PR gift the left has ever given the right. She is the left wing version of Sarah Palin. Bravo NY Liberals!!
Mark Vehar
I've had problems with listening to AOC from the very begining. The more AOC is exposed the more I'm adamantly opposed to her, she & her chief of staff are ominous, not to mention the other democrats.
Is Cortez used to do the dirty stupid exposure of the dems policy to wreck our economic system for their own party's political gains?
Sylvia Jean Adams
Warren has a white teepee hat to go with her white outfit.
Mary M. Tucker
Hey guys...
Mary M. Tucker
They all have crazy eyes...
Eugene Arokiasamy
Hilarious - Glenn Beck - if you don't know the history of politics of India - I suggest you don't make yourself a fool by trying to show others you know about it.
Glen beck needs to just shut up because this is the same guy who was willing to have the Constitution shredded and the Country tune into a Communist Country all because he hates Trump! This man trashed Trump for almost two years and he sacrificed Friendships with folks like Sean Hannity, Ted Cruz because they supported Trump because they new that Hillary would be a complete disaster but Mr. Glen Beck wanted Hillary Rotten Clinton knowing that she would own the Supreme Court and would have shredded the Constitution all because of his hate that he has for Trump! I heard Glen Beck on three of his radio shows say that he wanted Hillary to win so that a so-called real Conservative can come back in 2020 to try to win back the White House. Let that sink in....! This guy felt that his personal feelings were more important than the Countries future so he would rather the Country suffer and for the People to lose freedoms under Hillary Clinton because his personal feelings are more important. On one of his shows he had Ben Shapiro on and Ben agreed with Glen because he too hates Trump. They both only support Trump now because his policies work and they would look even dumber to trash him now and not to mention Glen lost millions because of his hatred lots of his fans like me wont support him and any of his advertisers! I use to love listening to Glen but I cant get past that he wanted the most corrupt Politician in history so when Glen pretends to stand up for the Constitution just know its all phony he does not care about the Constitution. So I am sure he will take this comment down because he has blocked me from his Facebook page because he doesnt want People to know or remember what he did! He is whats wrong with the Country this guy would have shredded the Constitution him self if that kept Trump from winning this guy would rather have 20% unemployment than support Trump in 2016. Beck is pure scum!! This can not be denied just fact check!!!!!
Maggie Brown
It's on pale yellow paper W maybe navy blue lettering. My eyes are old but it's easy to spot W yellow paper. 😉
Asha Krishna
Glen i love your show i am a psychiatrist i was born in India left the country 25 yrs ago i am a catholic i dont know where he got that teashirt it is not available in INDIA . I think he should have designed it himself i dont know why he looks like a zombie dropping eyelids no sleep crazy
Ben Gray
I love trump I want to give him kiss yummy kiss!
shannon washburn
What do you mean, your watching us??? I'm kidding. I'm a new subscriber, and I'm enjoying your show immensely. I haven't perused any but you, Phil in the Woods, and Eric, and his sideburns, and overly youthful haircut. Oh, and Beck . Looking forward to them all.😃🌷
Chas Peking
Captain Puddin', The Bloomer, and Chiquita Loca. Nothing to suggest your daughter watch. Sooner or later a 3 way mud wrestle when the real world no longer is fended off by their handlers.
Nancy Monaghan
She's got "Everyone wants to be me" written all over her.
Mary M. Tucker
Have to watch her. Let the President know our thoughts...on her crazy behavior like all the new head dress ladies. Out there quoting GBs book "It is about Islam ". Thank you for that book super helpful at this time.
Frog Hopper
Great Program! CNN sucks!
Steve Jordan
Grab the water,start a fire, scream fire, and put the fire a savior. The deep state has been playing both sides of the coin since the French revolution.... come on you guys know this!!!! Wake up!!!!
I can't believe anyone ever listened to her.
CJ Lowe
Bathhouse Booger
Well sure they are a tight little group. they will fight to the death to hang onto their entitled rich powerful lives just watch them in Sacramento Ca, dems and rinos both have joined forces and declared war against us. In Ca they have stolen the state away from the real voters and are thus stealing elections in every state in the country now.
Royal Wins
Cant ever tell if Booker is looking at me
I didn't catch the name of the guy whose face is on the t shirt, who?
Priscilla Sabatino
If the American born or those who came and entered into the this country and became American citizens and uphold the laws of our land do not wake up and get involved in educating themselves about this country and those they will put into offices of governing bodies throughout our nation, we will lose all that we have fight for, in being a free nation.
Keith McKnight
So who is the guy on the T-shirt?
lou korpas
J Clm
glenn, what do i do when shtf????
Sreve Carey
Good points. Thank you. Thank you American Financing - giving all the Demcrats preferential deal - not trying to swindle you. Unlike the democrats swindle plus with stealth. The Democrats - they are the party of Socialism and Fascism. And ultimately a dictatorship. I don't understand why this fact is hidden. Their leaders and overpaid twisted tongue snake mouthpieces (along with many of the people that come on their "shows") like you and the likes of CNN, ABC MSNBC MBSN ... ++ media ought be charged with treason. You are idiots at best.
Ford Cobra Boss 427
Blaze TV, because you have to be blazed to watch it. Only a stoner would be entertained by Glenns rants and half baked conspiracies.
Judith Elledge
Hey guys, Jesus could not save people from themselves why do we think we can. People are dumber than dirt, and that is a fact Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!
That person on the t-shirt is" Subhash Chandra Bose"
Stop talking about AOC and she will be dumped into the dust bin of history. We stopped talking about school shooters by name, didn't we?
Tim Scarbrough
I appreciate your work… I really do but I have selected to not listen to you for over a week because I want to hear something good about the United States of America not about a cautious few idiots trying to destroy it
Iain King
Sorry Stu my fingers are too big for my phone
Maggie Brown
Nesara Gesara By kaz Her write up is long and in parts. I've heard+read along with Kaz and this it telling..... The whole background on Hill, Obama, Bush, Cheney plus more high level deep state going back till 08,or 09 and all their lies and money and pizza gate and much more. Best place for this I think. So much plus more. Plse Cj it out. Tks 😇
Brian M
The Blaze staff is ugly art