H.Hancock, W.Shorter, S.Clarke & O.Hakim -Cantelope Island-

LIVE UNDER THE SKY '91です。これ生で見た人はホンマ幸せ者と言うか、歴史の瞬間に立ち会えたって感じですよね。15分まで上げれるようになったので、前2分割してアップしてたのを1本でアップし直しました。

That's sick ! The best part is between 0 and 14:23
Wow!!! That snare drum sounds crispy than a fried chicken wind!!
Ridiculously good power quartet. Omar is a beast. My favorite Weather Report drummer.
Johan Brodd
Insanely good and groovy music! Thanks for the shares! I would so pick this up if it was available on Itunes. That thing is like super sure mmmkay!
Micah Newman
Japanese jazz audiences are so great.
Omar Hakim !!!!!!!!
Roy Eraca
How about that Stanley Clark on Bass :)
Lauty Bend
Damn, Stanley leaves that solo balls to the wall for Omar
Sir Benjamin Prevosa
i guess japanese are the best audience ever
Guilherme Ferneda
Amazing. I get goose bumps everytime I hear this!! What an excellent vibe that these artirsts have together
Tim Francis
Omar Hakim!!! ...wow!! ... the way he gets it goin with on Herbie's solo...killin it!!
Gabriel Tosi
MA - RA - VI - LLO - SOOOOO!!!!!
Sheeva Matimbas
There are many legends on piano/keyboard but if I had to choose one it would be the master Herbie Hancock.
Unreal energy and musical brilliance. Wayne is on fire. Thanks for posting! Great to see the Japanese audience go wild and give these guys the repsonse they deserve.
richard flay
Clark, and Hakim are a percussive dream come true
Why 530.000 and Justin B 1/2 billion ??
Wayne is still a bad man!!!!!!!!
Bożenka Żarnowiec
musicianship to the highest level,,,,,amaizing
Jerónimo Rodríguez
Four monsters making the best Canteloupe Island I've ever listened to. But... I don't know if it's because I play drums since I was 16, Omar hakim is at his best, completely unleashed. I would not dare to say Herbie, Wayne or Stanley are not giving everything and unmatching, but the lead of the version is completely driven by the drums. Orgasmic.
Omar is a VASTLY underrated drummer. I saw him with Sting in 1985 and he did a solo that tops just about anything I have ever seen, and I have seen the greatest drummers live.
John Anderson
Right around 09:00 .. Hancock and Hakim blast off into the stratosphere! Incredible!
I would love to meet the 39"thumbs down" people who don't know shit about real music & musicianship!(LMBAO)
Luis David
Would like to watch the entire show. Anyone?
John Anderson
Absolutely incredible...everybody!  But especially Herbie Hancock!
Natural Fitness TV
Wow first time I listen to this version!!!!!!!!!!! it's sooooooooo GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grant Carvalho
Herbie's voicings and Stanley's quick ears make 7:36 a magical moment!
a century of black music
this is too short
11:30 Stanley Clarke says: "Fuck that shit" HAHAH
Kim Ankersen
OMAR !!!
deyan kozhuharov
What a great sweet madness!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!
I cannot stop listening to this piece. FANTASTIC.  Thank you for posting this jazz treasure!!
These guys are just freaking crazy. Awesome. 
Claus Saunte
They are simply so brilliant musicians all Four of Them, especially the two younger ones hakim and stanley are doing so Well in the Company of two such Giants AS herbie and Wayne
Frank Miller
all of these musicians taught me everything I know bless them !
Randy Diaz
They killed it! Amazing!
Spencer Kragseth
Watching their facial expressions is priceless
Denis Richard Jr
If your not moving to this tune your officially dead! Wow...just Wow!
David Ostrowski
Really... If god could speak like this everyone would understand. Oh wait, perhaps music is god and it transcends all nationalities, gender persuaions and philosophical boundaries.... I get it.
Brian somerville
Herbie set that fire like a pyro drinking Sterno ! Wayne showed why he is one of the greatest ever! Stanley and Omar brought it home and shacked up with it on the for real side. That was ILL and worthy of an institutionalization!
Natasha Sallès
Impossible not to smile with the first minutes of the video... actually with its entirety...
Nor Bass
Jazz performance absolu !
Hakim rules
dave beck
When I pass, play this for the crowd.
Jeff Bruce
heh folks~~~with all regards to the top end~~~Clarke and Hakim deserve credit for foundation and over the top reserves in supply of such~~~i speak from a bassist point of view and i know how under-rated a foundation of any structure can be lost to all that stands upon it~~~peace/out
Bret M
these guys are beyond the most talented known to mankind...
Stephen Murray
Wow! Amazing performance. Lots of great energy coming from these guys.
Now we know potatoes can actually be used as mouse as 51 of our friends proved. Problem is, it's not particularly accurate.
Mark Sears Sr.
Jamming!!! That's all I can say
Frank Huizar
Almost Speechless... thanks for posting this treasure!
Maria De Los Ángeles Rodriguez
Aumentan mis ganas de vivir
Arthur Craig
fantastic full of joy and intensity, the whole group really rocks. !!!!!!!
franc ben
amazing, big band
vonj productions
Thanks for sharing this video with us, utter brilliance!
Todd Lorenc Ukulele Music
Tony Rapa
Superb.... two of the greatest living jazzmen making some damn fine music, not to mention a not-too-shabby backing duo.... I wanna cry!
Nice! They were jamming.
aurora d'arienzo
<3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isn´t the drummer extremely good ?
P Mon
OMG ! Simply Wonderful.Don Pedro.
antonio coppola
hi all i like this fantastic musicians but ovrrer all Omar hakim
Hagbard Celine
Gotta be in Japan, where the people love the music but are way too polite to get up, dance and obstruct the view of those behind them. ;-)
Daniel Duret
holter polter
Really 😀😀😀😀 look at 9:00 how happy is Omar 😀😀
kock K
毎秒毎秒、奇跡が起きてる.. .
Ed Mouk
Amazing musicians !!! Cheers !
javier Azmat
Great music !...
Casey Ram
Awesome music. Everytime I watch/hear this video tears roll down! Superb sync among the musicians and that energy from the audience, wow wonderful. Though each one was amazing, Stanley and Omar solo were out of this world !
David Graham
All my heroes in one place! :)
Dream team
Luciano Nogueira
e o que são aqueles olhos "esbugalhados" do Herbie no início do vídeo....kkkk....muita marofa? kkk
Ced Northman
If I had an extra life I would play the keyboard like H.Hancock and If I had one more extra life I would play the sax like W.Shorter and if I had ....ohh fuck it a thousand lives might even not be enough....
Javier Morales
I also love Kenny Kirkland's playing on this type of groove, especially with Omar!
Paul Rivet
this is epic.
Gene Trujillo
Wow, what a confluence of great musicians! Thanks for sharing!
77 heiwajima77
Jeffrey Lebowski
lol have anybody should write down that in notes... how long would this take ^^
Oscar Groucho
Amazing time. Despite the intense groove and their chops pushed to their extremes... they don't speed up. Astounding!
魂を揺るがすような素晴らし演奏をありがとう!感動しました!投稿者様ありがとう!Thank You!
Jonathan Huhn
This performance. Price: less
Fernando Rossi
Super Group"" 4 Master'' Wayne, Herbie ,Omar, Stanley.
Anna B.
<3 <3
Moyses Serfaty
Magnífica apresentação !!! Me deliciei os 14:23 min.
S Hitomi
I always come back to this version so i guess to me, this is the best version of Cantloupe Island
Michael Huber
Holy shit. This is most hard rockin' performance of this song I've ever heard.
Hancock smashed it but Shorter is really struggling to go any where with the solo. Disappointed :(
dominique GUIZIER
Magnifique ..j'écoute!..Merci.
Bodo Klopfer
schön, alle zusammen in eine Musik- Entwicklung gezeigt
What year is this from??? ...it appears to be from the late 1980s...
At "Live under the sky" 1991, in Yomiuri Land near Tokyo.
hmm... wayne shorter.....:P
Dubailand 1555