Rush - Toronto 6-19-2015 Losing It (with Ben Mink)

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Recorded in Toronto, Ontario at the Air Canada Centre on June 19th 2015 in support of the R40 Tour.

Mike Kelly
Violin solo!
Hector Barrera
This has been my favorite RUSH song since 1982. I've waited a long time to hear it live! It was well worth the wait!
Pablo Toro
Wow. Finally, 30+ years waiting for this to happen. How I hope this appears on DVD.
Jen McColley
Thanks for posting this. I would give anything to hear this live. I'm seeing them in Boston, but I doubt they will play it. It must have been incredible.
Lance TheShred
Goose Bumps!!!!
Derek Bacharach
Goose bumps!
i dismissed the idea of ever hearing this live years ago,,, But now live WITH Ben Mink??  thats overkill and long overdue thank you RUSH~!!!!!
Thanks for posting this, man. I wasn't there (only saw Atlanta and Greensboro) but a few friends were. Total magic! Watched it from a different vid source from further back. Came across yours here doing a YT search. Great job! Love the interaction with Alex and Ben. Sends a chill down my spine on every listen.
Mud Sh-sh-shark
was there with my boy
Fred F
"Thank you so much.  It's all appreciated.  We'd like to do something a little different right now.  Like to play a song for you tonight that we've never played.  We'll probably mess it up but we're going to try it anyway.  We have a very, very special guest to play with us tonight.  A good friend, a virtuoso violinist. Mr. Ben Fink who played on the song originally on the 'Signals' album.  It's finally a great tune it really is...special tonight...for all you guys.  Oh yes, the song is called 'Losing It.'"  From the 11th row floor left side seats 1, 2, and 3 on 6/19/20.  Someday I'll upload it here.
They didn't perform this in Dallas... DAMMIT!!! Was that Ben Mink on violin??