WWE Survivor Series 2010 - Free Or Fired (Wade Barrett VS Randy Orton WWE Championship Match) Promo

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WWE Survivor Series 2010 WWE Championship Match Nexus Leader Wade Barrett VS The Viper WWE Champion Randy Orton Special Guest Ref: John Cena if John Cena let Wade win then hes free from Nexus but if he doesnt then he's fired from WWE for good. Will John Cena do the right thing or let Randy Retain WWE Championship at WWE Survivor Series Note: CM Punk has an Updated New Raw Titantron used on WWE Superstars 18/11/2010

Wade Barrett was amazing they ruined him ..
EoR 2B4GOT10
so a promo about wade barret vs randy orton contains 90% john cena.....
Smooth Woodson
John Cena will never betray The WWE
back at 2010,when cena was forced to join nexus,this randy vs wade clash at survivor series was an ethical dilemma for him.still watching this now in 2015 makes me proud to be a cena fan.
Independent Serious Tay J
This was me a year ago struggling with keeping a job.....
Aggelos Amilitos
The fact that the hole storyline was to push Wade and it ended up being all about Cena still makes me sick
What great story line only to have super Cena shit on Barrett at the end of it all.
Buga Voorhees
I've been a John Cena since 2005
Independent Serious Tay J
Sheesh! I know the feeling
Justin Hamlin
I can not be in the Wwe?
Faduma Omar
The nexus suck
Callum Williams
I love cena !!!!!!!!!!!
ProBot gaming
8yrs ago goodness time does fly by 😔 I was 10 now I’m 18
Skill Cosby
Perfect time for a heel turn. nope, that would be interesting. can't have that. "Wrestlers who don't reinvent themselves to stay fresh, aren't in it for the fans" - Bobby Heenan
lol have to add in melina's entrance just because
John Cena
CENA only did this cause he loves the wwe
John Cena
I am proud to be a CENA fan
When Wade was great.
Jesse Owens
What was the second song called?
Anyone know what the first song was?
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Nikolay Trocenko
как эта песня называеться?
Stefan Siara Siarzewski
Remember that... I had 13 years, and wwe was the best. FROM POLAND.
Lahoree Vinez, Vlogs and Info
It was a storyline that really made me emotional as a 10 year old kid
Gary Evans
Funny thing is is that all he had to do was let barret win the title. Never said barret had to leave with the title.
Agent T. Yang
I know it was 7 years ago but what Randy Orton said to John Cena was DAMN
The quality is shit on this promo
King Abonmai
I am proud of cena
Amilcar Zelaya
Name of the song please ???
NH12 42
Classic times
Stormshadow Productions
What song was playing?
le pro gameur
ses triste
Olivier Paix
Non c est
Noah Champagne
I Can't believe in the old school Raw they used the WWF logo
zamasu black
what did Johan sina Pike
NH12 42
When wwe was good
Rabeh Saleh
RIchard C
Whats the name to the second song
Faduma Omar
Jesus Ibarra
hate wade he sucks
Katy Perry is the best
jesus cazares
hy friends im the cuestin what his name from the song of te minute 1:39???
I Love This Promo & The Song
Hail Heidi
I can't believe people thought this song ruined the promo, it made it so much better!
Nima Hass
The song made the promo awful
what was so good about the match it was average at best
boring promo
They aren't going to lose Cena to TNA wrestling or another company because, even though everyone "hates" him, all his fans and haters will follow him.
It was obviously a storyline which they explained during Cena's backstage promo after he had attacked the nexus in the parking lot.
Angel Salas
I liked it.
Gaspare Monteleone
it sucked
AJ Tucker
Great Promo One Of the Greatest Matches In 2010
the song was just perfect for the story
Love what Randy Orton says at 2:10, so true!
PK James
i dont belive in N
Mark Salsana
Whats the name to the second song
Nikias Besant
the first song is "apollo" by angels & airwaves :)
I'm sorry for John cena
They should of just let him go and then let him return at 2013 royal rumble
Was Orton was a heel or face on this video?
Flight of the apollo :)
What's the name of the first song!
Wwelayla IS The Best
what melina doing in this video ????????????
Wwelayla IS The Best
Isaac Bell
I agree
saddest promo in WWE history
Angel Salas
Survivor Series 2010 was amazing
Hayden Withers
@asdf4567ize yes
he coud be rappin if he wasnt wrestlin
hahaaa , u were so wrong
Wat is the match at 1:11
Which Road Am I Walking Down Tonight
goood thank you body
Which Road Am I Walking Down Tonight song
Renzo Tan
Cenation 4 Ever! :))
Pie Faceable
it's not that i don't like cena i just want other superstars to have oppertunites :)
Azz Ford
if cena didnt have wwe hd have tna lol
What is the song during Cena's "thinking".. Anyone know?
cena is the wwe cena is the champ cena is cenation nexus is just a stone on the road he can do this cenation forever
John Cena Forever Champion WWE yeah I Believe In You Cena Your Champ
@GayMcNugget Which Road Am I Walking Down Tonight.
Cena i think is the one and only champion to me he was the best there was im hoping he comes back but hey you never know
The first song is Angels & Airwaves - The flight of the Apollo
Andrew Dow
dont cry people i bet u 100 dollars that cena will be back withen 4-6 months
David Mijic
SONG 1:35 PLEASE!!!!!
your fired!!!!!!!!
@4everutube4ever randy orton won
the song : 1:35 ?? pleaseee
You know I've been wondering about the name of the song at 1:35 too for quite some time, doesn't anyone know it ?
Key Kurono
anyone knows whats the nam of the song in 1:35 ???
Barret becomes WWE champion and Cena betrays the WWE willingly god please do it Vince!!!
Tsvetanka Teofilova
anyone knows how to say the songs?
Dushyant Acharya
JOHN CENA, IS MY ROLE MODLE...I DON'T KNOW Y, BUT YA, his Slogun "U CAN"T C ME , MY TiME iS NOW" Always encourage me...So , John Cena believe in Jesus Christ and hey JESUS Please keep CENA in WWE And wash out d "NEXUS--THE BLUDY FUCKiNG NEXUS MEMBER" from this whole WWE UNIVERSE....!!!!!