9 DARK SECRETS In Fallout Vault 76 That Will NUKE Your Mind

Vault 76 has a more DARK SECRETS than you've ever imagined! SUBSCRIBE NOW to The Gamer! Click here: WHAT IS HIDING IN FALLOUT’S VAULT 76? Behind every Fallout vault, secrets and rumors lurk to surprise even the most seasoned vault dwellers. This is TheGamer's list 10 DARK SECRETS About Fallout Vault 76 Which Will NUKE Your Mind. Check out these other awesome videos! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Fallout franchise is well known for post apocalyptic wastelands, Vault Boy and vaults. With over 122 known vaults in the Fallout universe, there’s a mind blowing amount of lore surrounding each and every vault in the Fallout universe. With each new Fallout game comes a deeper understanding of these vaults, especially if those vaults are revealed in game. Exploring vaults is much more revealing than reading about them in a terminal entry. With Bethesda’s announcement of Fallout 76, vault dwellers are eager to find out what Vault 76 is all about. As one of Vault-Tec’s 17 known control vaults, it’ll be interesting to see why Vault 76 was chosen as a control group over any of the other vaults. From the Bethesda Fallout 76 reveal trailer released prior to E3 2018, vault dwellers can already tell Bethesda is eager to share Reclamation Day with Fallout fans, but what else will Fallout 76 tell fans about the overall series? What is lurking in the depths of Fallout’s Vault 76? As with any Fallout game, there’s always a force driving vault dwellers out into the nuclear wasteland. With the apparent celebratory vibe in Vault 76, was there a reason for vault dwellers to make their way out into the desolate wasteland? So far, Fallout fans are aware of the fact that Vault 76 was opened later than intended and Fallout fans are eager to find out why that is. What will be waiting for fans of the franchise when Fallout 76 is released? More importantly, what is lurking in Vault 76? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Script by: Valerie M Voice Over by: Justin Freitas Edited by: Valerie M Our Social Media: /> /> Our Website /> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ VIDEO LINKS: Fallout - The RPG Chick (YouTube): /> Fallout - The RPG Chick (YouTube):

Dr dweller
Are you kidding me? Bethesda said like a million times that YOU WOKE UP LATE
Jock Tamsin’s Loddy
Absence of vault dwellers? It’s cos you’re character partied too hard and slept in. The other dwellers (players) have already left...
So, none of these were secrets, nor were they dark...
Cristian Rodríguez
You missed the part were the robot told the player that he is late, and that the others left after the party, meaning that it wasn't thst long ago that the others left, and that probably the player passed out and overslept.
U got almost everything wrong
Vital Signz
You know what rhymes with Red Flannel ? ..... Dead channel.
Dark secrets that will NUKE YOUR MIND!!! It connects with the year 1776?!?? (Ali-a intro plays)
Axton the Meme Guy
The...The game hasn't even come out yet...
Max M
Making a video claiming to have secrets for a game not even out? Pathetic clickbaiting...
You’re the last one out of the vault. So the remaining dwellers/players have already left.
Deutsche Hierarchie
That last idea though... Seriously? the vault 76 dweller helping out richard grey in his transition to becoming the master? Are you high?! So many things just plain wrong with that comment. Let's start with the fact that Richard Grey was in California! As in, the other side of the country from vault 76. The mariposa military base he is sent to investigate and eventually get mutated by... guess where that was? California! In the entire first game, he never leaves california! How do you expect a vault dweller on the other side of the country to just "randomly" bump into someone like that?! Learn to use your brain before you try to speak! Plus, the "master" makes it pretty clear he wants to transform everyone into super mutants. Last I checked, all the vault dwellers in the games start out as human. How is this vault 76 dweller going to help out the master and his great upending goals without going super mutant? Think about that for a minute. your just speaking crazy talk here. Nothing your saying here is even remotely plausible in the grand scheme of things.
Funky Krunch
Top 10 "DARK" secrets about fallout 76. Number something; a dog was seen in the same state where the game takes place in.
The only secret I wanna know is when the damn b.e.t.a is coming
TB Gaming and other stuff
Was this video made by someone who never played fallout and just watched all the trailers?
Lewis Rees
Okkkk this video is awful
Vali Yuuto
I would like to be the One Men with 99 other Womens xD
itsjustgary407 _
Jesus exploiting mid role adds for revenue are we?
My favorite vault is my bedroom!
These theories were already covered by other YouTubers, such as the Skooled Zone. Amazing how you didn't credit any of them.
Leslie Andrews
You know what, whatever is in Vault 76 can be as great as being in Vault 69.
Carloz C
Theres 1 vault dweller because you partied too hard the night before, the overcome voice says that. Everyone left before you.. Nothing more dont over think it
No Sooo
Well the me handy talks about how he missed the party and said he overslept
Ypu said dark, the whole fallout story is dark so this is nothing.
I here you got a copyright claim
48th man!
Jared Stilt
Not one dweller, dozens
Unknown VPN
You are looking too far into this "lone" vault dweller thing. First off Bethesda said there will be no npcs, only real players also when the overseer talks she hints to you sleeping in so everyone has already left
Here's my theory, the lone vault dweller got so extremely hammered the day before everyone left that they slept through the celebrations and the opening of the vault, and woke up the day after, picked up his/her C.A.M.P and pipboy and followed.
Dr dweller
You missed a hell of alot
Fallout Gaming
The vault residents are probably related to important military and government officials.
Adam May
I don't get where everyone says there are 500 that's the capacity doesn't mean they all made it there
Typical Dylan
What if vault 60 something was the bunker 0
Bognog 04
"what makes vault 76 so special? West Virginia."
Oh wow these secrets are super dark this absolutely NUKED my mind. If ya don't get this obvious sarcasm then well tough luck.
Cpl. Yumi Nagumo
The Lone Vault Dweller might have been in a Coma after the Reclamation Day Party and had to stay in the Vault until he woke up
A vault with 999 women and 1 man.. I wish I could be that man..
Matthew Rivas
It’s good to see this channel dying like it should, I mean damn why so many adds
Boof Animations
-OR!- *_They Were The Child And Started Being Responsible And Had A Blast In It Alone_*
Stephen Ratliff
Idt this guy watched the actual trailer... lol
The plague The scourge
There are actually 3 vaults so far (from my experience) Vault 76 (obviously) Vault 63 And Vault 94
Hajo Saurma
I still think: All Dweller are connected in a Braun VR System, and all is Virtual..;)
Jingle Jangle
1. No NPC 2. Spawn Kills 3. Trash Collection 4. Buggy Game 5. Microtransactions 6. Linear quests 7. Poor servers 8. No Jingle Jangle Jingle 9. No Driver Nephi
Julian Egger
Ravonies Ravenshir
Soooo Say we launch a nuke at Vault 76 as a new 'hatchling' emerges... will it "UNEMERSIVELY" do nothing to them?
Jack Holtzapffel
Do more research (watching the full trailer) my guy ✋
Dude....I'm going to call my character the loan Vault dweller
TheBigRague - Tino
Best theory is: everyone partied the night before, our play just woke up late and hung over👍
It might also be possible. *looks at the clock* IM LATE IM LATE. !
Rich HD
The dark story of vault 76 - it's used by youtube channels töten grab cash with 5 friggin' ads
Isaac West
As DLC, I would like the pre-Xbox 360 and PS3 Falloust and ES games to be remastered.
Dr dweller
The overseer sent out a scouting party at 20 years. reclamation day happened five years later
Tate Smith
The gamer obviously you did not do enough research as jn th intro the overseer states that tye lone dweller over drank and over slept and also if your the only one than whys there a overseer. Hate Common sense
LiTe Ghosts
content stealer
zues mello
I wonder if the 500 dwellers is the amount of survivors on a map
RAW Uploads
3 vaults, also its not the John Denver one, its the COPILOT ONE
George wright mercer
What if your charectar is the child grown up
British Empire
Imagine if there was a vault 666, ohhhhh boy👹💀😈
jeff Man
6 ADS good job @TheGamer
Pickle Rick
Yeah...The 500 Vault Dwellers thing. The PC just got drunk and overslept.
Mighty Max
New Drinking Game. Everytime he says "Lone Vault Dweller" you take a shot
Warfolk Gaming
So no you are like the last one to leave you slept in or something and there was a small group of people that left after 20 years to scope out the area then 5 years later the rest left so you are not the only vault dweller left otherwise how would you meet other people if they are also from Vault 76 so you slept in and you just leave late you didn't throw the party for yourself everyone else is gone but every one you see left the year you did, the day you did, and you just slept in. It wouldn't make sense of you were the only one left yet other people were walking around West Virginia from Vault 76. They could make you the last on left but the game is online it wouldn't make sense if you met other people from Valut 76 who were also "The Last Survivor" So I hope you get it now
Gold D Ace
Lone vault dweller? WTF are you thinking? This is to be a multiplayer game! EVERY player will be a vault dweller from 76!
Mr. Prodigy
Question: Is there going to be VATS..
Mason F
you forgot vault 94, but otherwise a nice video my guy.
Dre lude
There is vault 63 94 76 and 96
I think the lone vault dweller was there because it was probably every one else already left the vault after a going away party
The Schizophrenic Pyro
OOOOOR... The other vault dwellers who left are supposed to be the players who get the game before you
getthehobbit eh
When you wake up in the vault a robotic voice specifically said that your person slept in and others had already left
Or they could've just had the reclamation day party the previous day, and your character overslept.
They could just be alone because no other players have the game? Maybe it's a destiny/call of duty type free range
plush player gamingEMBER
Run-on paragraph parodies? Did you just, make this stuff up?
Taffy Apple
Why can't Americans say Tri-centenial?? 😂 It's "Tri"...not "Tir" 🙈
Lucas Ponce
Uhm... The dweller didin't exit up 4 days later, he just woke up late xD
The BenC
5 ads in 6 minutes? Dafuq you doing man?
R D Reeves
Secret #1: "76" is a cash grab.
Infinite Bruh
Imagine leaving the vault after being there for 25 years and opening the door to be killed by a sqarchbeast
Jacob Reynolds
Is it just me or is it funny how in 2019 playing the game and seeing how wrong all the stuff he says is or what
Megan Lindsey
You missed that there was an audio stating that the lone vault dweller had overslept (Is the jist of it)
Anonymous Army
They played a demo game and the mr handy robot said everybody left before him.
Finished in 2069 69... Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I liked vault 101 because Fallout 3 is the game that I started to play.
Ethan Poindexter
The vault with the puppet man is very dark cuz he went crazy. It was made into a real comic before fallout3
Kingslimey That Make Movies
I love Fallout 4 but i gotta get my hands on Fallout 76 oh yeah i heard about Vault 76 from a video at first hearing i was all Fallout 76 confirmed
Remus Campeanu
I left vulte 76 with another player and I wasent alone.
Nice video but you got one thing wrong: Fallout 76 isn't solely Multiplayer you can still play it Solo on your own server.
Charles Howard
why not vault 13'' [from fallout 1]
apex 69 jarvis
A mr handy said at th volte finaly you are awake all the others have left
Gav&N8te Gaming
Hard dee har har
Tim McWilliams
Also you can find a vault dweller body at the civil war re-enactment area
Connor Wilson
The vault dweller leaves the vault the day after the reclamation day party, he/she is the last awake because he/she drank too much. The Mr Handy tells you as much.
Kenneth D. Aston Jr.
I used to work at Raven Rock and love this game
Angel Medina
There was no theory of you being the only vault dweller leaving 5 years later, you just partied too hard and woke up late. Everyone else left early that's how you explain running into another Vault 76 dweller.
Potato the Flof
there should be a vault in Michigan like in urban detroit but it would have been nice so flash backs should be in it
Or you just woke up late LIKE BETHESDA SAID
Seiyuōkami Himura
At first I was all: *Science!!!* now I'm all: *Science???*
Morbidly Obese Wizard
No,The player character just woke up after everyone left (Like a day)
Eleazar Moscoso
How are these 9 dark secrets... they're more conspiracies.
wesley perry
When you play fallout shelter again after a while start a new vault and get xo1 power armor on the first lunchbox It is totally randomized