Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros - Streetcore (full album)

The great sound of the unic Joe Strummer. Album release in 2003. 01. [ 00:00 ] - Coma girl 02. [ 03:47 ] - Get down Moses 03. [ 08:52 ] - Long shadow 04. [ 12:25 ] - Arms aloft 05. [ 16:14 ] - Ramshackle Day Parade 06. [ 20:15 ] - Redemption song 07. [ 23:43 ] - All in a day 08. [ 28:39 ] - Burnin streets 09. [ 33:10 ] - Midnight jam 10. [ 39:00 ] - Silver and gold

Pastor Tim Christensen
1 o'clock in the morning in Butte, Montana on Easter 2015, and I couldn't be more grateful for the voice of one of my musical heroes ringing in my ears. I can't stop singing every one of these songs, and I know all 3 Mescaleros LPs will be in regular rotation for the next week or two. Thank you for posting this gracious reminder of why Joe speaks for my generation even too many year after his too-damned-early death. God bless you, Joe. "The late news breaks early," indeed.
Ray Quigley
The real deal - never to be repeated, only emulated. Can't say enough...
Kyle Duncan
The Clash changed my life. Was sad for Joe when he released Cut the Crap. He knew--and we knew--it was not the best he had to offer. And then came his "rebirth" through the Mescaleros, and he found his voice again. So thankful that I was able to see the Clash three times--with the English Beat (twice) at the Hollywood Palladium in 1983, and with the Who. RIP Joe.
Ellen Lee
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery None but ourselves can free our minds!
Raul Whately Sundfeld
This is the first time I'm hearing this! My God how much I was losing. This is just incredible!!
agux chinaski
Jose Plata
What a great contribution to Humantiy, thank you Joe
Jens Larsson
Saw JOE play at an unanounced venue at a pub around Bastille in 92` and was blown away to see that it really was him there... Hadv people had mobile phones in the day the Place would have been flooded in a matter of minutes but this was not the case and he played with maybe unknown musicians but they knew who he was and the evening was unforgettable ... RIP (Rock in Peace) JOE !
Louie Salardino
joe was always right,,,,,look what he said 20 years ago,,the man was a prophet that died to soon,,,but yall cant kill the guy and im 67...ha ha.this is serious!!! life moves too quick..grab it by the sack and twist.
Mick Jones
R.I.P. Joe Every time I hear Silver and Gold it still brings tears to my eyes
Iván Hofman
im gay :)!!! need to say it
Louis Monday
39 minutes of life changing audio. Everything Joe Strummer ever touched turned to gold.
Damn I love this album so much.
Ricky Rinetti
rancid took alot from Joe's book keep his memory alive
Jacinta Montecinos
este es el mejor álbum de Joe, estoy segura de eso. Joe sigue vivo al menos en mi, lo escucho todos los días hace años y es el mejor hombre que ha pisado la tierra, es el único que me me hace más feliz que nadie! JOE TE AMO MÁS QUE LA CONCHETUMARE LINDO HERMOSO. nos vemos donde quiera que estés, pepito lindo.
Thanks for posting.  I love this album but haven't heard it in years.
Missy Bongo
Joe Strummer <3
Mike Harlan
miss Joe every single rotten filthy day.  People like Joe, Warren Zevon, Lux Interior are all dead and worthless people like Mick Jaggger , the loud mouth from Aerosmith live on, what the hell is wrong with this picture???
You the man, Joe.  RIP.
Manuel Mata
He really love THE CLASH and he died thinking of a possible meeting.
Guess there is a reason to call him punk rock warlord.
Juan Elbasso
Never heard this before now. Love it! Thanks for uploading. :-)
mark forde
He never sounded better as he did on this ,love how he 'relaxed' (i dunno) his vocal on this.Beautiful.
Diego Molinuevo
joe strummer cambio al punk y nos enseño a todos una nueva forma de escuchar y compartir la musica gracias joe siempre en mi corazon habra rock and roll
Mark Foster
i love this album. gateway drug to the mescaleros.
Ryan Alex
I think you spelled unique incorrectly in the description. Unic means a very different thing haha
neil phillips
Joe Strummer and the clash bought a nation together with their music in times that were difficult if you was black or white , Where are you now joe when the country needs you to bring us all together as one instead of this fractured Britain. . R.I.P JOE M8.
Mary-Lee Roy Parks
I love you Joe Strummer yer always a stunner in my heart. rest in peace mister slow and easy.
Garrison Ray
Hey Joe..Come back Joe! RnR needs you.
W. Cameron Bigler
I echo the feelings around there being a certain bittersweet quality when listening to any of his music. What's here is all there is, and I also wish there could be more. I think the one quality that I like the best is that his songs make me laugh a lot - he also has the ability to make me melancholy and introspective. His songs actually make me feel something and it never goes away, and I listen to albums and songs alike on repeat a lot. And he is so freaking talented across the board. I am grateful to the person who introduced me to Joe Strummer and his bands.
At least Joe had life figured out before he died. Love you forever Joe
Grego Gregaroo
And there is, LOVE and his story.
Pinco Pallo
Ciao Joe! Sei e sarai sempre nel mio cuore.
dick head
See you at the great gig in the sky my man...
ramshackle day parade. mi favorita. excelente álbum.
Cristo Gomez
the sounds are happy to be back from the death
oneill's all in a day
just bliss, I needed this...
Dario Rodríguez
no words, just an open heart for listen to you Joe, my bigger inspiration....
Nutjay Woody
Joe ... love you
Jeffrey Williams
Chompin on a tablet of L.S.D. LOL!! only you Joe.
carolann bagan
i know i miss him a lot
Tina Harrison
Jacek Bąk
easily my favorate mesc's album. too bad joe never saw it go to pressing. i miss ya big joe ...yes even your 5 in the blessed am phone calls
Hugo Soares
rip genius
Rusty Shackleford
R.I.P. Joe. I still think about you almost every day. You continue to inspire, influence, and provide hope for people all over the world. You were truly one of a kind and the world would be a better place if you were still here.
22/12/18 16 years ago R.I.P. Joe
Peter Daigle
Paul Fodz
I've not listened to this album since about 2008-09, but this has to be one of the great, and most under-rated, albums of the 00s. One of the things that I love about the album is the fact that Hellcat Records didn't tamper with it after Joe's sudden death, releasing it in its raw, unpolished & unfinished state, proving that, if the music's good enough, there's no need to embellish it further, and this album was more than good enough, and still is . .
Shawn Sarro
            RIP JOE STRUMMER
Peter Blass
Love it.
one of the best
Rock deCedelú
85-08 Drum Co.
Joe immensely talented musician that has left this world all too soon.  RIP!!  Thank you for all you've done in the world of music.
Petr Holis
Joe Greatest
Lana Doherty
Hey! This cat is a real rocker! Gonna dance with my baby to this. Betcha it'll turn her key proper.
Dino Gira
a looong shadoooowww... <3
kevin urban
great disc--rock eternal joe
Mase Ras
Pretty Rockin Good!
I've been on a Joe tour all day at work.  Really can't say enough his music.  Great, great  stuff.  Thanks, man.
Fabrício Lima Barradas
Ótimo disco!!!!
Leonardo Brant Fernandes
Bom demais!
Brad Cordova
A great musician and a true musical pioneer.
Antonio Tafur
Más Strummer que nunca.
James Bell jr.
Tomasz Tkocz
T. Meriadoc
My mother cried when he died... 
Georgie Thumbs
Mescalero is an Apache tribe in the USA. I wonder why he called the band that
Gus Klimt
Is it true that Joe Strummer died on 2-22-12?
Pedro Nuñez Valdez
El dia que Joe Strummer estuvo Santiago de Chile y nadie lo pesco...
Bartolomeu Feltrin
Bom disco! Superou minhas expectativas.
Greg Jones
Incomparable Joe Strummer. Who licensed adverts!!! Bill Hicks was right.
Newton Simoes
Ernie Leitch
This album is a memorial masterpiece. Lovingly produced and mixed we get the best of Joe's amazing baritone voice, his grinding Telecaster through an old Fender blackface amp, simply awesome lyrics. punk and pop sensibility and a mix of sounds he could never have gotten with the Clash. A fitting farewell from the man I have looked up to since I bought the first Clash album and experienced an epiphany that forever changed the way I looked at playing live. Kudos to Tymon Dogg his old subway busker mate for still being with him all the way. RIP Joe you'll never be forgotten as long as their is real live music and pirate radio. All the best from me.
This style sounds cool. Wish someone'd make more today.
Scott Leipski
Gustavo Farhat
One of the best records ever done. Joe put his soul into the music, and it makes the hole difference. Very especial and wonderful album! Thanx Joe, you are my idol!
rip sweet joe.
Angelo Cordero
The best idea is to let your idea go and free your mind.
David Carpenter
Many fine songs here, but Joe was never better than on "Get Down Moses". The song would not have sounded out of place on the Sandinista! album.
Italo Gustavo
supr killr
Vinyl Fiend668
Seems severely influenced by tim timebomb and friends...everyone knows tim Armstrong and joe strummer are great friends so not surprised there.
John Hennry
STREETCORE is one album you take when on an island all by yourself.
mark tony lindo
Hafnadull Hafnadul
Pump up the volume and hear it loud!!!!
Edina Vamos
Wonderful music!!
Maxi Channel
Viva Perón
Bob Kreckler
Might be Joes best album. The world misses your voice Joe
kim pisarski
Joe had that great unique voice. He left us way too soon!
Vinyl Fiend668
this is not the clash just doesn't hit for me.
Jaume Llaberia
First Minstrel boy
Bread Baker
Damn It Joe, you are missed...
R o c c o
ive been born on the day he died on the night of 21 to 22 december 2002, idk wtf is in my brain now, never knew him before
I love this album Because I do - - end of
marvin todachiny
Best there is , keep up .
Alessia Cogato
Cristiano, hai anche la lista titoli?