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Hey lovelies! My Uta video is finally here!!! Sorry if my voice over seemed a bit rushed... I wanted to get this uploaded before I left for California for a week.. Well somehow my description box stuff got deleted....soo I don't remember exactly what I put originally.. -___- SCROLL BELOW FOR PRODUCTS LIST AND PICTURES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACTS : Pinky Paradise : /> INTRO WALLPAPER : /> INSPO PICTURE : />---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tattoos were hand painted and airbrushed on by myself. It took me HOURS to do it all so I wasn't able to film it. PRODUCT LIST: Elmer's Glue Stick Cover FX Primer Revlon Color Stay Foundation - Ivory Physicians Formula Concealer - Light Airspun Powder - Naturally Neutral MAC Contour Powder - Bone Beige BH Cosmetics Pallet - Matte Grey Palladio Liquid Eyeliner - Black Red Cherry #304 Lashes Custom Cut ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Uta is one of those characters who you love more then the actual characters,i want a full serious about himm
Nonie Fuss
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! So gorgeous! I think you did a great job, and I'm totally crushing on your contacts. Must Buy! Oh, btw, I often use lash glue for quick gems and add ons to my make up when I don't want to go full on spirit gum, seems to work pretty damn good. I just dab off any product with a pointy cotton swab & remover and pop on the glue. Works like a charm :)
Can I ask a question? Hhow did you do the tattoos (like I understood that you airbrushed them) but how did you draw them? like did you use reference pictures? because i'm cosplaying Uta soon and I need pictures.
the power of makeup is unreal and crazy and AMAZING!!
Simon Loyd
Could you PLEASE do a tutorial of his tattoos!!! Cause I'm stuck and idk what they are and where they go
omg she looked completly different after the makeup
Eilidh Connolly
Can someone please tell me where I can but the tattoos or like a Utah tattoo sleeve cause I really want to cosplay him but the female version but I can't find the tattoos anywhere and I don't really want to spend hours drawing on his tattoos with body paint if they're just going to easily smudge, come of and ruin the whole look. Someone plz reply 😥
Rose hussein
Woow really nice
Your contour skills are awesome-- what did you use to contour your nose and lips? Also, the cat eyeliner is perfect... I'm pretty sure Uta is baaaasically a cat. :3
Сергей Колесниченко
Ёпта какая ты крутая на демона похожа была круто
found your channel by chance while watching Simon and Martina play one piece live XD great video!^^
Can you give me a link to that Uta wallpaper you have at 0:09 ? I'm a huge Uta fangirl! You look so attractive as Uta that you make me blush just looking at you! I'd probably attack you at a convention <3
Grace Silva
This looks great! You're really good at makeup
Georgia Jeffries
Those contacts cost so much! I nearly cried because I really want to cosplay uta but without contacts it will look weird , does anyone know where I can get cheaper contacts?
Vinícius Gerlack
This is awesome, congratulations! Uta will be my next Tokyo Ghoul cosplay. Can you tell me how did you do the tattoos on neck, fingers, hands and arms?
Sehun's Nirvana
Awesome!! <33
king chi pang
not get the colored contact lenses and ring will look like a Korean artist CL
Wow! You did a great job! Love it :) Btw, It's pronounced "OOH-ta" not "You-tah".. xo
shaima Maliki
wow wow wow gorgeous <3
Oh that is epic! :)
You're pronouncing his name wrong. c: it's pronounced like an o sound so basically like "oota" lol cx
aokuro outsold
I can do the make-up real good but how do you do those Uta tattoos?
S o n g w e n d y
la verdad sin ofender pero se be mejor con el maquillaje
Cemi Chan
eres muy hermosaaa !! **.** Gracias por este grandioso tutorial! <3
You look amazing ! I love TOKYO GHOUL !
Lizaweta Dark
Прикольно, но этот образ не подходит девушкам
Luke Law
lmao Uta is a genderbend of himself. Also, love the tutorial
Rick Sánchez
Donde ha conseguido o hecho eso de los "tatuajes" de las manos
Deleted Account
This is AMAZING <3! Love the Sclera contacts you are so talented! :)
Terumi *
Я охренел. Скажу вам честно
так ей значительно лучше!
Sara Hime :3
Não assisto muito tokyo ghoul mais esse cosplay ficou muito ingual do uta
rimmi prajapati
U r 😍ossmm
Kiri Rodway
I've been doing something like this before the anime came out 😂glad I look like my favourite anime character now
Brighteyes Inthewoods
Oh god I so want to cosplay as a genderbent Uta, I just love his character design so much! The eyes... The tattoos, the hair....
wow! I literally was just looking for ways to insert these contacts and came across your tutorial for the full look! you're so gorgous, like it can't even exolain how jealous I am of you! I really loved this tutorial and this will also help with the makeup of my cosplay so thank you! you're awesome
Naomi Lopez
Es genial!!!!!! buen trabajo
paralos que hablen español no se coloquen esas cosas te pueden matar solo aviso
Are those sclera lenses confortable? I purchased some and it took my 15/30minutes to get used to them, it felt like sandpaper in my eye. After some hours i also took them out cause i got a big headache from it :(
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It looks good on you
Dj Ruquet
Hi sorry to bother you but i was wondering how well dose your contacts work for you? I'm wanting to make shure i can find the right contacts to use.
Ariane Moreau-Lepage
wow! that's the best makeup of my life! :o
Paula Sampaio
Nossa Kk me apaixonei por vc
zoe king
Equius Fullbuster
I should brought red contacts. That meant that I could have cosplayed as him
Yoyrube _
this is my favorite one
Erica B
Lovely look. Thank goodness I came across this because I'm going to be doing a Genderbend!Uta.. Do you think you can do a tutorial for the tattoos?
Sarah Herndon
OMG I love your tattoos!! Especially loved the tutorial!
ashley tracey
where did you get the eye contacts
Alice Madness
I LOVE THIS but i am fkin scared to use contact lenses because eyes are so delicate...
Chiara Karpinski
Your looking is soooo fabulous *A*!!! I <3 you! You are the genius of make up.
Chiara Karpinski
Your looking is soooo fabulous *A*!!! I <3 you! You are the genius of make up.
Dex- SKA-b
Good shit bro
this is the best ive seen
Mrs Cluckens
You look so Cool <3 love it!
Perfect 🖤
Xaimara Sanchez
Chiara Karpinski
Your looking is soooo fabulous *A*!!! I <3 you! You are the genius of make up
Светик - семицветик
It's so cool!
Rikki Perez
I loved it it is like the most awesome thing I've ever seen I just wish I could do it I can't because I'm only 9
John Lloyd
hey gotta quick question! Being that these type of contacts are larger does it irritate the lower portion of your eye or the top part of your eye? Just wondering because I have never worn those type before, I'm used to the regular sized ones
hey! would you mind doing a queen chrysalis make up tutorial? Just to add on to your mlp series
stan legends stan bangtan
Woooahhhh the way u did ur neck tattoo looks easy...did it took long??including the arms?
molly henry
Were u at eirtakon 2016
ednalyn Kim
YOUR CONTACTS ARE BRIGHTER THAN MINE TT^TT and what MM size is your contacts?? TT^TT
Chiara Karpinski
Your looking is soooo fabulous *A*!!! I <3 you! You are the genius of make up
Senji Kiyomasa
Sweet mother of pearls <3 <3
юлия килир
Ну рисници та зачем?😂
John Lloyd
excellent contacts though!
Fabulous Levi
I love your hair
Travis Pinto
Renegade X
paulina Quinn Sykes
wow, i´m so impresed, i want to do that too¡¡ Thanks¡
space kid
whats the song in the begginning?
Ana Sad :'v
wow me encanta
Giovana M.F
cruzis matou o uta
Max Blade
I like how you told us instead of putting it in the description below
Maximiliano Rodriguez
wow quedó igualito
Lina Eberle
No Way *o* Amazing!
beleni -chan
in the beginning it scared me a little ... but was passing the video and looked better... XD
Hi! I wonder how much you have cost lenses Ghoul ... By the way , very good video and of course like you deserve it.
kayla emonster
The tattoos came out really good! A friend linked me that same photo you used as inspo and I thought about doing that look as well. I think your interpretation is great! :]
Eithne Mcgregor
hello, (sorry for my english, i'm french) have you got a wig or it's natural ? 😘
jevon jarrett
this is so cool for the cosplay its amazing
this is awesome!
Aubrey Balberan
This is so awesome!!!!!!!
Shyvana _
excuse me , from where you get your lenses ? *^*
:( can you make a video about how to draw uta's tattoo ???? :( thanks you ♥
Rebecca Santiago
so cool that was awesome too
Kana Chan
OMG you and your makeup are perfect!! 😍
Cayson Brown
Thts so freaking kool
crocodilo maroto
omg you is big!!!!
Jem Jalique
this is so badass!! *Q*
Joanna Gilbert
Stay this way forever and date me!
lol i fell proud idk why
Saijem Tv
whos there make up one :o?
Peter Wakeet 22
i love you Uta
Alexander Posejpal
MARRY ME!! ❤️❤️