Sean Spicer drunk on live TV?

Video taken from BlazeTV's State of the Union (SOTU) afterparty, February 6th 2019; the gentleman to Spicer's left is Eric Bolling. EDIT: Nothing wrong with getting a little tipsy every now and then. But it doesn't make it any less funny. Clip courtesy of BlazeTV. Thanks, Mister Beck. All rights belong to Blaze Media LLC.

International Harvester
I'm not drunk, you're drunk!
Jamison Cheney
They are both hammered
Jose G. Castañeda
Sean Spicer is done politically for life.
What is with that hat behind Sean?
Snake Pliskiin
So you shop at target? Peasants. Remember these people say they are about the middle class.
jon laymon
It's a party.....with booze.....two adults are drunk....WOW! OMG! HOLY CRAP! THIS IS INSANE!.........:/
V Gabriel
Sean "Stay Puft" Spicer needs an activated charcoal capsule... Now!
William Nagel
Damn I wasn't that Drunk after Most of a Bottle of Ouzo!
Paging Melissa McCarthy
Damn Sean spicer is only funny when drunk, or when on liberal late night shows. Either way — he’s waaaaaay more fun now than when he was WH PS for DJT, or DJT spokesperson at Faux news
Luvjeordie Studios
That Fox News guy looks like a vampire!
On this week's episode of "Only The Best People Are Hired..." Overheard seconds later.... Spicey: "Hold my coat...I have a whole lot of lies I haven't told yet...and...I LOVE YOU MAN...bigly. Woo! Tax cuts for more rich guys and....umm...MAGA....and stuff...And...umm. Sarah Sanders? Puhleese..I mean, Gomer Pyle called..he wants his clothes back! And..MAGA. Make America Gringo Again..or somethin'...and...Whaabout this guy? Am I right people?...zzzz" Greatest. Press Secretary. Ever. (just ask him...)
Jay Dawg
SPICEY .... is Wasted ! the drunken uncle explanation .. lol
Adam Miller
Both where stumbling over words!
Repo Man
I wish snl uses this in one of their upcoming skits😂😂😂 its priceless😂
Richard Turner
God I miss spicey..... Not a fan of Huckabee Sanders.
Curtis altschul
Spicer said, "I was agnostic" - in other words, he didn't support Fullofshiticus!
Stephen Ulloa
Legend has it, he drank mad dog 20 20
"You dont understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody"
Brett Short
Lmao this is great
Jose G. Castañeda
people in the background just smile, totally detached from the train wreck in front of them.
Amanda P
Oh this is hilarious 😂😂😂
CN What I'm Saiyan?
“Insightful insights” lmao
Did someone speed up this video? Spicers voice sounds cartoonish
Anthony Childress
Conservative agnostics do get drunk?
Allen Albright
i had a dream...did you have one wa do wa
Go Peace
Did Bolling send Spicer a special pic?
Bruce Wilson
Did blazetv delete their video? lol
jerry noble
True story
Nazario G.
Jimmy Guitar
There's never a suicide bomber around when you really need one.
Ben Richards
as a skunk...
jack shelton
who cares?
Tyler Fireeagle
Train wreck like trump's presidency.
John Richards
These two media professionals are seriously intoxicated, fully aware their incoherent ramblings are being broadcast nationally. Of course even though nearly incoherent they get in a few suck-ups to Trump, just in case. Welcome, folks, to the talent behind the throne.
Twilight Gardens presentations
Can it be ok to be drunk sometimes? Please
N Shea
who is the blonde in the red dress?
Twilight Gardens presentations
He was mocked but now he’s amazing. Human. He doesn’t always have to be right or brave or strong. He’s spicy.