TT01 ezrun 5.5T Brushless Set-Up

Here my TT01 hooked up with ezrun's 5.5T brushless motor. Powered by a 3600 NiMH.

look at ties
Connor Pickett
That's not good for the car you need air to cool it down if your going full speed just having it there speeding it up like that will just kill it some time
buruk obumu
I have the exact same rims on my buggy/drift conversion and they work just fine so how did u find that the quality is poor?
Rc Addict
please tell me ur not drifting with that
carbon fiber and alum then Tamiya plugs! nice car though
Nitro Obsidian
Pas terrible .. mon Ansman 10T va beaucoup plus vite
Alextrans Buzau
Put a Li-po and it will fly
Sven Bergmann
Where did you get those rims?
this is a tt-01, just with basicly every piece of the car moded, all aluminium and carbon floor
Kelvin AY
i am sure it is dg01 and made in china
i think you may need to stick down your motor heatsink somehow...
Tyler Carden
your heatsink is moving all over the place man,
stakarat89 fuck off
I swear i was expecting a turbo wastegaste noise at the end, nice.
im a noob to rc, what is a good brushless motor and esc combo for tt-o1,
Nadtella Nafri
webslingercj fuck off
Very very nice please check out my 114mph 1/10scale traxxas rustler vxl with 1/8 scale castle creations mamba monster 2200kv on 6s 22,2 volts 10,000 mah 80 c lipo
woahhh how fast was that going????
i managed to drift mine with a standard motor, did he lock the rear diff?
that's a nice setup, there is so many upgraded parts i don't even know if you can call it a tamiya tt-01 anymore haha. how do you get along with the 5.5T ? i have a 9T ezrun and that seems to be more than enough :)
why does your motor heat sink move around?
George Neale
Are you running upgraded gears in there yeah?? And does debris get on the spur gear and damage it? Looks an amazing set up !!!!
What a waste of money..
but after all it is still a tt01..
how does it drift? A mates put alot of alloy parts on his car and in the end he couldn't even get it to slide. Thats was on the satndard motor though.
tto1 is the tamiya drift model if im remember correctly, but this is far far from standard.
Jonas van Eldik
it sounds like my toothbrush :)
Ben Raymond
street/drift this is a Tamiya tto1
khalifa watup
wat type of rc is and the company
The Average Gamer
get a lipo!
Lau Heng
YR hackmoto 15t and Ezrun vision2 9t which one better?
torque steer or were u playing with the steering
i have a tt 01 D but i have the standard mounts and i need new that go on the front bumper any idea where i can get some
Chad Millikan
Wow that is soooo fast when the wheels aren't touching the ground. And I like how the heat sink moves around
fantasy land'83
this is not a tt 01 any more XD
what's that motor mount?
Tony Allen
Yeah but they're also dirt cheap, I usually buy 3 or 4 sets of em and when the break i don't have to worry bout it. :)
JD Despojo
what is your run time in this kind of set up?
now lick the wheel when its going full throttle hahha
I'm 14 and my dad says i shouldn't play with these cuz im to "old" for that.
Dutch P
How much money have you put into your tt-01 for it to have all those upgrades?
charles cheong
is it nice?
1:00 why move the sink?
Right on. Im just looking for a drift chasis..havent decided on the exspensive belt driven stuff yet or i might just get a tt and build it up as well
C Spolsino
I like those tires and wheels, What kind are they and where can I get them ?
Dave Wu
that's more expensive then a trf417x O.O
RE Amemiya
Just a waste of your money..
is that small heat sink enough to cool the motor? And arent you affraid thet small rocks could get between the toothwheels by the motor that they are not covered? And where can you buy parts like the main body frame witch has no sides like the original tt 01. Thank you
Love the car been out of R/C for awhile. No disrespect but why did you not start out with a associated or losi
. An the the Lipo Hit 60Mh in My 9t EZrun....I Sh*t My Self!!! My Bud Said WTF You Do To It! I Said NO WAY IT RAN THAT FAST! Made Two More Runs At 57Mn and 53Mn and a lot of 40+Well the Street Runs of My Sh*t...LOL...I Have Two 4000 30c Lipo Gen Ace's On The Way To My House!!!!
If you Guys Are thinking of running a LIPO let me just say OOOOYAAA You Got To Get One At Least!!! POP Your EYE's OUT Went You See How Fast Your Car Can Go! I Mean I bin runnig the Ni-Mn For Years and the Lipo can Blow up Thing set me Back, Till I got a Good Charger And I said I'll Try One( this was 3 Mo, Back)Well it's a 3200 What ever 20c Cheepo Let me Tell You I Seen The Light That Lipo Take my Car From 30Mh 40Mh on a Speed Gun The Ni-Mn is a 5000 Good Runnig Tenergy...Well Its Warm Out
i think that might be it. thanks for the reply
I Look my Car Over Each Lipo Run! My Stock TT01's Run For Ever! But my High End One Have to Be Baby! If you See it Starting To F*ck Up Hit The Pits.....LOL...To say Your Driver and Pit Crew.....
If you run Swing Arms not Dog Bones Look at the Knuckles See if your Pins on the Swing Arm Came Out! Mine Did!!!! Made a Groove Inside the Knuckle..The Grub Screws came Lose! Put Some Lock Thread on the Grub Screws.....
Got this thing on my TT01. Damn it's scary on full throttle.
Brendan Moffat
how much money did u put into this car ?
paul knowles
hey do u need to change any parts am thinking of going brushlees on mine
ty for your reply but what i meant was they weren't running true. like in this video: watch?v=mSrfqb9UzGY
when i run at full throttle, my rims shake around a lot but i noticed yours don't.. did you use shims or something?
Check the End play on the Wheels Shafts,If the Wheel come out to much you can Bang the Diff's Side to Side,went you Drifting Right to Left Fast, put some Small O ring's were the Dog bone go's into the Gear Box Joint.......
I have a 8.5T motor but i broke all the diffs. How did you solve that problem?
is this TT01 from Tamiya? can anyone answer me please?
@jaseontheradio what is the top speed of this rc car?
@jaseontheradio Did you see all the Hop Ups at AsiaTees.Not just Tamiya.I may get a Basher Truck, if I do, I'll get some Hop Ups from them.........
All the show but no go......
Daniel Hinterleitner
way to much vibration on the car u should use a belt driven car
this is or was a Tamiya TT01 right ?
how much you pay cause im about to by an ezrun for 5.5t brushles combo kit
@jaseontheradio I got my Hop ups from AsiaTees, they have 9 Colors to pick from and Drift Alloy parts too.I did my TT-01ED in Silver and Gun Metal and some Nice Top Cad Alloy Rims.....But it takes like 8 to 15 Days to get you Sh*t in the US.....I'm Running the EZrun 9T in an All Black Subaru,with Yokomo Light Buckets, It Stands Out.......
holy shit O___O
cameron brown
man that is fast
@jaseontheradio done!!
nice rc man.. im working on the same chassis, my question is.. what part is keeping the exposed spur gear down?. im liking the exposed look.
Jaijuan Brown
What is every part you changed on the car. i have a Tamiya Schnitzer Bmw TT-01 and i will be ordering the EZRUN brushless combo B2 w/ 35A ESC & [email protected] 3650M Brushless Motor from Nitrorcx. i know for a fact you cant use brushless on the Stock parts in a TT-01 especially with a 7.4v that would just melt the gears. whats the best part option. and Wheels/tires ect.
zach black
i dont have the balls to run it with my lipo
brandon mcanally
What battery are u running
The Fringes
I suggest you change those plugs to Deans or Traxxas, and Zip-Tie the heatsink on so it doesn't rattle around.
Yasin Ahmad
how's the TT01e alloy and carbon chassis? I'm thinking of buying one
That has some power behind the shell wow I'm amazed
Ryan Dolin singer/ songwriter
Line up the pinion gear with the spur gear, it looks off quite a bit. Turn the pinion gear around and it'll line up better.
Rinaldo Isaac
LiPo is better.
levi john Tan
can i get a basic spec sheet of this because i have mine for almost 7 months now never worked on it yet so i can finally get it running
Vincent Ali
What gearing are you running ?
fan of series
battery volts?
Andrej Sefcik
I love it...
Jeez…..!!! power!  Awesome set up 
Wrecking old vintage stuff is fun