Slow driving Houston Texas skyline

slow driving skyline

Johnathan Molina
If u dont u think houston is boring u are wrong there is a lot to do!! Dont hate cause u spent all day in ur couch watching tv, houston is very immense in size!! Many places to go at night very FUN! Best city in texas an american south
I'm definitely going to play some Pat Benatar, when I drive through downtown! :P
Rob Townsend
@danielnunn I lived there for 4 years. Houston and all of Texas can eat dick and balls!!! Fuckin hate Texas. Nothing but steers, cowboys, fucking horses and George Bush and Rick Perry. Kiss my ass Houston. The city has no substance or personailty what-so-ever.
I dont like the state of texas but in all honesty, this is a freakin nice city!
@avery620 This is 4:00am sunday morning!
Massih Pezeshki
@khalsasikh Plus, I am talking about Houston city limits, not the metro area. Houston itself is terrible and you know it, it doesn't even have any zoning laws. Slums can legally be right next to the nicest neighborhood of Houston for that matter. I don't know about you but I've never seen any Germans in Houston besides my cousin which doesn't count. Oh and he lives in L.A now, but I've been connected to the history and entertainment industry of L.A for a long time, East LA is not bad anymore.
Massih Pezeshki
@khalsasikh Okay I'm starting to think you're the dumbass dickbag here. Nazi Germany hasn't existed in over 60 years, you're still going to rant about "them nazis"? Plus you can't fool with a map. Would it have made it 'less ignorant' if the map was made by Houston city council? I think you're the idiot here. And it's obvious to me you have never been to some of these ghettos in Houston. Going to a place with a car parked on the grass is not the worst okay?
@VerticalhorizonXL Ghetto? Hell, I live in Phoenix and before that I lived in L.A. The ghettos in Phoenix and L.A. are ten times worse than in Houston. Not to mention the Chicago and New York ghettos. All major cities have ghettos. Google? When I want to find out something about a city, I go there myself, I don't "google" anything. I also go to the library and read. Google is for ignorant people who are too damn lazy to learn. Germany? Who gives a fuck about that Nazi place.
Massih Pezeshki
@khalsasikh Just go to Google Maps, and put a street view in a random location. It'll most likely be a ghetto area. I'm not even kidding more than 50% of Houstonians within city limits are all low class. The only good area to live in Houston is by Rice University and that's it. Plus the city is ranked the most boring city in America, and 2nd most boring in the world. Just go to a foreign country like Germany, you say that you're from Houston and they'll say "where the heck is that".
Massih Pezeshki
@khalsasikh Okay, the theater I'll give you that. But all the sports centers no, every city has those. And I'm sorry to say this but Kemah sucks, once you go there you'd be something like "oh this is what it's like? been there done that". Space center is probably the only interesting thing that you can ONLY find in Houston and nowhere else. I hate to say this about my hometown Houston but it has no history, it's very unheard of, no movies take place here, and it's very low class.
@VerticalhorizonXL Try the theater district for one, Alley Theater, Houston Ballet, Houston Symphony, Kemah is another, Latin Dance at Metropolis, Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium, Houston Rockets at Toyota Center, Houston Comets, Houston Astros at Enron Field, NASA Space Center, etc, etc, etc.
Massih Pezeshki
@khalsasikh Name me a few exclusive things to do in Houston. Boyfriend? I'm not gay, I don't touch that shit.
@VerticalhorizonXL Get the hell out of there then. If you're bored in Houston, it's because you have no boyfriend or no life. There's ton's to do in Houston. You just have to have a life.
@danielnunn what did chicago ever do you, fudge packer?
Massih Pezeshki
@danielnunn Shut up, I live in Houston and it's boring as hell there is nothing to do here.
J Mo
I've been to Chicago and i gotta say itz HUUUUGGGE BUT i also been to nyc.Chicago is not falling apart it nice and a rich city big too! they just run out of money every so often and that's when chi town needs help but every often the gain their $ back.NYC BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG but itz a very very very filthy city.I've been to houston(when i was young) but i don't remember seeing buildings that tall.Honestly i live in San Antonio and ITS SMALL!!!!!!!!!1
Bruce Alvarez
106.9 THE POINT???
Watch out for bike messengers!
Sergio Maravilla
thats my jam.. =D