The Walking Dead 9x09 EXTENDED TRAILER Season 9 Episode 9 Promo/Preview HD "New Enemy" TWD S09E09

The Walking Dead 9x09 EXTENDED TRAILER Season 9 Episode 9 Promo/Preview HD "New Enemy" TWD S09E09 The Walking Dead 9x09 Season 9 Episode 9 The Walking Dead S10E09 9x10 TWD 9x09 TWD Season 9 Episode 9 A rescue mission hunts for a missing comrade, only to face a deadly threat that could end them all. The Walking Dead official website: />Like The Walking Dead on Facebook: />Follow The Walking Dead on Twitter: /> The Walking Dead 9x09 Promo/Preview The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 9 Promo The Walking Dead 9x10 Trailer The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 10 Promo will be uploaded next week!

NOT extended trailer... just trailer and end of ep 8.
GhostJoey115 - Loquendo & Gameplays
Better than I thought it would be ... I hate to think Rick will not be there for the Whisperers war
Lisa In the cold
Wow just wow. Loved the episode. So scary yet exciting at the same time. Jesus rocked it, sad to see him go.
Maciej Dziubek
Jesus died , Maggie left . Dog will take care hiltop place.
Ben Sutherland
Don't worry guys Jesus will be back in 3 days.
Emmie Ana Ray
I can’t believe we lost Jesus.
*Jesus has left the chat* *Whisperers have joined the Server*
Beta vs Daryl , Man im hyped! EDIT: Thanks for 40 likes Edit 2: Thanks for 50 likes Edit 3: Thanks for 60 likes
Shane Walsh
0:42 if you look at the walls, they're white, i guess Daryl and Beta are fighting in the sanctuary but now it is abandoned and when Negan arrives whistling, that's the same place, my theory is that those 2 scenes take place at the same place and once Daryl is about to got beat by Beta, Negan shows up whistling to help him making his "epic entrance".
Nick Newman
Jesus died as a hero
Dyego Almeida
0:50 negan ?
James Desomma
This is not an extended trailer. So stop with the BS headlines already. You showed the exact same trailer everyone else has seen, and then you did the last three or four minutes of the last episode. How was this an extended trailer?
# Watch-Man
if someone is interested name of this song is "Because You Know" By Becky Shaheen
NO Guests here
All I really wanna know is what happened over the last 6yrs to divide them the way it has.
Mark Jacob
That's Alpha walking with bald head towards the community with whisperers..she wants her daughter back
Jesus was a hero until the end. What a great guy.
Liquid Asylum
I know Jesus got killed but that fight scene was pretty bad ass
Act Of Vengeance
Who play as Beta....? WWE Kane...?
Stephan 21
Cant wait to see negan being good guy and save judith.
Jessie Swaby
This looks epic, I can't wait to watch it and see Daryl fight Beta.
Walkin' Tall
Oh shit. When carol says "this fair could be our last chance" heart dropped. :-( she doesnt realize it will be manys last chance.
Krizzy Reygh
Jesus died.. and, who's next? There will be many death fighting those whisperer.
Daric Seguin
The person bald walking towards Alexandria looks male
Stefan Kozul
0:33 Carol and that archer shoot without arrows
Joseph The Meme Cat
mr. honest
You are where you do not belong!!!
Felicia Lundberg
Jesus !!!!💔💔😭😭
Gara Tefes
It would be great to see more of Judith in season 9 part 2, because they teased her like never when Rick "died".
RobDon RobDon
Next half is going to be frigging awesome, back to loving NEGAN
Mikey Jones Ramone Østergård
That Michonne flashback scene though.
Dheeradj Lachman
Damn cant wait till the next episode!
Franco Ortega
Im hoping beta is much taller than he looks
Altijd Kuba
Carol shooting an invisible arrow wow
Negan is back bois
Clickbait !!
dead onez
damn Daryl vs Beta is gonna b awesome!
damn this shit finna starting to be lit and its almost going to end ffs
what the fuck
Okay now this is epic
Lewis Wellman
Who is the guy at 30secs?
Give us back Rick
Jakub Kosowski
Daryl and lydia together ? it would be quite interesting
Catarina Buch
Não acredito Jesus partiu estou de luto
XPlay Tube
Rip Jesus
cenas the walking dead
Rip Jesus :-(
T Slap
I love the way michone blasted that whisper with her katana.
Jrey Kent
I've already seen the episode and I don't understand how no one else has
Windy Priska
episode 9 kapam release nya?
Lucimar Má
Más gostei por eles terem descoberto quem são esses monstros de verdade
donatella poma
to Night will be the last episodes❗ my heart jumping 💓💗I am so so sad😢😢🏆🏆🗡🔫🏹🏏🏍❗🙋🏻‍♀️
Copa Libertadores.
Amé la canción de fondo la quiero AHHHH.
Jack Cooper
I realised the one that killed Jesus is the same one that turned its head at the start of the episode, same clothes
Rick Grimes
Why did u cut Negan whistle
Johnny Metal
Darryl takes out BETA..... My prediction
starring role
honestly I love magna so much
Justin Edwards
Sadiq is just horrible beyond comprehension and an atrocious actor
*negans the new lead character*
Claudine Soares
YouTube manda notificação de canal que eu não estou inscrita ? Youbugue responde
Claudine Soares
YouTube manda notificação de canal que eu não estou inscrita ? Youbugue responde
Duy Đỗ Đức
now we become Game of Throne 2 :))
Jason Kost
Michonne's face as she slashes tells me someone she loves turns. Sadness.
season 10 daryl is the main charter he got the promtion to it season 10 my boys season
Feeh Gomes
name the music of the promo?!?!?!?!?!?!
Austin 1
When does the episode release
Art Vein
Daryl kills Beta and replaces him
Music of the beginning ? pls
William Curry
pole smokers and rump humpers
William Curry
see Aaron and Jesus BUTT PIRATES
Chris Lepper
This is the dumbest comment section i've ever seen
Really scary episode 😞
Dana Griffin
That was so good except for jesus dying..gonna miss him dam..great video wow scary as hell cant wait feb 10th uhhhh
Mason56 Hudson
Daul better not die tho
Daryl vs Omega OMGGGGG
# Watch-Man
someone tell me the name of song in this teaser, I need it
fatoo 50
متى تنزل الحلقه التاسعه
Matt Jim
First when will they find Antivirus Secend when will it end?
Jan Khan
When come 9 episode
Hzjd Hdjdjd
How music for start
Click bait
Yenny Navea
Seyi Ademola
So sad Jesus lost his life in that fight..Others have got some enemies to contend with in subsequent episodes.
hamza benkacimi
welcome home negan
Murat Altas
who did say ''what happen ?
José Voltatoni
Põe este trailer traduzido em portugues.
Lisa Wendling
Tom Payne...forever TWD!
Ron De Castro
José Luis Sáez
0:33 Where is the arrow?
Irish Macky
1:37 whisperers turn into the footpatrol and all we need is Negan to show up in a goalie mask and Lucile for a Casey Jones reenactment
tolga mahsumkırmızı
elen x
Jasus died ,Karl Maggy Rick losted and Meggan out again ready for kills and distroyed every thing what else we will see????
b.ht_47 gaming
When is it coming..?
Vídeo mais engraçado Dá net
Esse e o 8 epsodio
Chima Akpa-Agwu
What song?
Travis Vaughan
Who is the man in black staring down Jerry?
Tatiana COSTA
Jesus 😰😰😰😥😥
Walmick Lisboa
algum brasileiro q poderia mim responde ,se o 10 ep ja lançou?
Dyllan Desko
What's the song In the beginning
luce dufosse
il va etre prenant l'episode 9
RyanRebel 1410
New character, new enemy, new war, another one normal eye character