Best of Biggest RC 2017

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G. Confa
I imagine lost hikers in the Alps waving at the red cross helicopter.
Максим Гришин
Hello my name is max me 30 year I'm From Russia city moskow Moskow and USA and Russia Friends Real. I no have car sorry my friends :-(((
Justso Yaknow
i can't get over the sounds they make, so realistic ... amazing work by the creators of these machines ... I was hoping the 18 wheeler had a realistic air horn tho lol
Paul Hazeltine
No virgin Atlantic why show it on thread
mo shaff
Nothing new wright brothers did it on 1903 and we are living 2019 lol
W.M. Aslam - Author
Very impressive machines, especially the helicopters.
Nathan's Gaming
Quality video!! i loved it all thanks for sharing!! hope you're well :-)
4:22 Now all you need is gunpowder and metal balls down that barrel.
Mohamed Waheed
I so wanted that lil tank to fire a missile :(
Niko Bellic
RIP Headphone Users....
Аноним PlAYy
Настолько крутих игрушек я в жизни не видел
Pinkie Love
truck in begining makes too much noise ,red heli is a beauty, tank is just bad ass,love the tri wing
adam kane
😲🧐🤓🙄 awesome awesome awesome loveum all amazing amazing beautiful🤙👍
Glasses Kid
The power is amazing!
The Red Barron is just slightly overpowered
Leo Goria
In soviet russia, the tank controls you.
IT is not UNCOMMON for pilots of Virgins airlines, to be AT least 18 feet tall....
Fred Giopi
It would be awesome if u put some small firepower on that little tank then get a bunch of your buddies to fight each other with the tanks that's what I call fun
Elcio A. Budai
Heykon Gabriel
Ayud ame poró ró zach Marley god ✝☯♉☣
Paul R
I think it is interesting that someone would have a helicopter with two jet engines and blades so short that it did not make it off the ground.
Sadik Review
Movements and maneuring look more realistic than usual rc models
How you get tractor to sound like that
Jacob Obara
Imma put some cockaroaches in that plane and call them humans
When your to lazy to shovel your driveway 5:00
Chloe Hennessey
I love RC turbines. What I don’t love is the limited time between maintenance. I get roughly 80 hours of engine running time. Not flight time, just the engine running time total. When they come out with more robust designs I’ll be happier. Running twin JetCat P-60s in my A-10 and a single P-90 in my A-4 Skyhawk. I’ll be taking delivery of a turboprop engine in August from Germany. Can’t wait to finish that plane and see it fly.
Elizabeth Coen
The jet airliners were my favorite. I can’t believe how enormous they were!
They're awesome, but look too much like the real thing from far. Not sure if that's good or bad!
John Christie
what size scale is this i want to get into the hobby
I Love Memes
Headphone users - turn down volume when you get to the Hind.
Reminded me of the movie Flight @ 3:08
Nick H
what was the point of that helicopter it didn't take off it only had a stabilizer
maria altagracia chala zorrilla
Great swiss medivac rescue, nice action motion slow and deliberate...
Carson Whitlock
Cool vid my grandad has a big helicopter to his Badery last for 24 hours and only takes 5 hours to charge
Даниел Потд
how much money did that thing cost I'm talking about the 747 and where did you get it
Tell it Like it is
Where can I buy a truck like the very first one??????
clorox bleach
I wish I had that truck Edit and the plane
Ethan’s Football
2:41 he is moving the BMW Z4
North 2345
The snow On my way! Was practical
bushra hussain
Do u have any idea where to buy the best rc
They never show the power train of the big trucks...
Can a person hold on an RC Helicopter and take off?
I'm curious, can anyone into RC aircraft tell me if the FAA governs this hobby? I mean, do you have to follow any set FAA rules?
พนัส ฉุนชาติ
แนะนำเพลงมาคนเดียว.ขับร้องโดย.คุณป๋องณปะมิวสิกโดยคุณกบสุวนันท์ดนตรีโดย น้าแอ็ดคาราบาวจากป๋องณปะนักล่าจากที่สูงชาวเมื่องปะคำตก
Manuel Fortunato sandobal
wow 😱😱 que lindos tus videos .... me encantan todos tus video!!! 👍👍👍
2:33 7:54 9:25 your neighbors must think you are psycho
Ben Finlaw
3:30 the other wheel thing didn't close all the way
7:00いや、飛ばんのんかい (  '-' )ノ)`-' )ぺし
Jungle Jim
Awesome models and the Planes are incredible.
Madan Balram
There is a lot of rd toys on your side Sorry that's not a toy it is a serious machine Can you please give one of it to me Please
John Christie
what size is the blue truck in the beginning of the video
Tyson Keating
Thunderbird's are go.
The people moving the snow with the rc tractor are genius
Avi Black
The wheels for the airplane actually went in
Sparklin Waffles Tubin'
I feel at that point id just ratherlearn how to fly a real helicopter
pizza pie guy
disliked, didn't see any big remote controls
Beep Beep Left rear landing gear warning
Tony Smith
That Fokker TRI-WING at the end had almost ground roll before it was airborne, The first heli looked so real. The plane with the camera underneath looked wingless.
8:30 who else thought thats an actual plane landing
Gorillion Dollar Extreme
8:58, german plane, arabic writings. Good thing there weren't any skyscrapers around.
That helicopter was huge it looked real!
Cali Christ
Imagine being stranded, you see the red rescue helicopter and all they brought you was a napkin!!
tommy dommer
so cool I like the front end loader
Brandon Paci
That boeing 747 proab cost about 100 grand. These things are not cheap at all my friends. They arent kid toys. This is strictly for the parents lolol
Young baby Carl
The red baron one is awesome
TOP-TOP studio
very exciting show and great models
Gorillion Dollar Extreme
4:18 of course it's russians making a tank lol
Anthony Bush
And the grass blowing
Tarun Ghosh
I can't belive
akshay gm
Omg now I understand how they shoot in movies
Boy Good
Mr Elite Ice
Obsolete Technologies
These people with who come up with these ideas and actually build this stuff.And here i am, and i can't even cook toast right...
Abdul khalik Khan
where to get from this r.c. plane?
Francisco Sanchez
Where can I buy that first diesel the blue one
Konstantin Kozlov
Сел такой на самолёт и полетел в магазин😂
Andalucí18 SP
Nice video where can we buy all these things?
Good viedo. (For God loved the world so much that he gave his only-begotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life.-John 3:16 The righteous will possess the earth, And they will live forever on it.- Psalm 37:29)
c magnifique chapo.
duncanluke 13
You fit a kid in that plane lol.
Rodrigo Silva
It in realistc ❤😉
Aby Mayu
Que graça..
Hai Pham
damn that last one was hudge
UD Reviews and blogs
That plane is like seriously in air
@7:30 for when you need to hide a body without the need for a shovel.
if I had a strong RC I'd hook a rope to my brother while he's asleep and drag him out of bed 😉
Noel Le Roux
I would of crashed most them!!
Cyrus tpb
I like that tractor that clears snow. You could get paid for clearing parking lots with it.
I was reading an answer on Quora and somehow ended up here? WTF....
Jets over Deland?
Colby McCombs
4:50 winter was never this easy
Jarlon Silva Matos
A pá mecânica é a que mais gostei kk
nana beatriz nogueira
Esses brinquedos é ótimo
Franklin Warner
dont act like you not secretly praying for crash :)