8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown S09E09 (15 October 2016)

Host: Jimmy Carr, Rachel Riley Sean's Team: Victoria Coren Mitchell Jon's Team: Lee Mack (guest captain), Bob Mortimer Dictionary Corner: Susie Dent, Alex Horne and The Horne Section

Nara Dreamland
i think binge-watching this show has actually made me better at mental math.. when i started watching i couldn't do shit in the numbers rounds but now i get it sometimes :o
praketing richraft
I love it when Rachel plays fast and loose with the rules.
We The People
6:43 Sean puts the bin on the table, somewhere Jon fainted and vowed to bring Lysol in with him next go-round.
Don't you just love it when Sean lock and Lee Mack are together on a show
5:45 somewhere in England, David Mitchell incredulously spits out his tea, his freshly-polished monocle falling askew....
Rachel being a bad dancer only makes her even more perfect.
L Williams
So no one else thinks Bob Mortimer looks like Martin Freeman's older brother?
Robert R
Is that "Jon Richardson doll" just the "Jimmy Carr doll" with stubble?
Gwenyth Paltrow getting her rectum sandblasted.....lol.
The Police
huge fan of the show. i appreciate the uploads
Bob Mortimer and Victoria Coren Mitchell are so precious
Lee Mack shodus why he's a comedic legend.
I like how Rachel paused and looked back with a grin, expecting the easy sexual joke after 6 and 9 came up first in the numbers round and no one bit.
Haze H
damn this is a top notch line-up, pity Jon isn't there. anyone know what Lee said that was edited out after Victoria said "I've got curves too"?
Big mistake sitting down to dinner and popping this on.
Lee Mack, Bob, Sean... Feel like WILTY just went next door or something. I love it.
Main Drain Studios
lol what in the world are Sean & Lee doing in the background around :59 :PPP
Zigi Samblak
Rachel Riley is amazing. :)
The mini Jon altar Victoria pulled out there, haha.
Is it weird to live in Canada's frozen north and only watch British panel shows and Top Gear reruns?
They completely missed that Victoria claimed a seven but used an S that wasn't there.
Lastman Standing
23:29...I've never seen a woman sit more lovelier .
Veian Demontrond
Jimmy with that hair looked like Peter Steele if he'd become an investment banker.
this show wouldnt be half as good without sean :)
19:46 What is happening with Rachel's arm??? I literally had to rewind and pause it and stare for 10 seconds to figure that out. That's so uncomfortable...
sometimes rachel is the star! indeed in this one.
Need David Mitchell in this series.
Ashley Lindstrand (Student)
Jimmy's hair is as fabulous as Lucius Malfoy.
Suomi mainittu !
Daniel S
20:54, 885 i mean you defo couldve done it with all the numbers, without the *1 thing (100 + 75 + 8 - 6) * (4 + 1) 177 * 5 i was so ready for rachel to tell sean off
This episode should have been called 10 out of 10 cats because Rachel is looking fineeeee!!!
27:30 Simpler solution (that Sean nearly had) 75 + 1 = 76; 6 + 6 -2 = 10; 76 * 10 = 760; 760 + 25 = 785
Mark Henderson
I love that Lee Mack wasn't paying attention at all to what Jimmy was doing with the rubber bands till he was called on.
all star teams? also, love how Rachel threw away that letter. It was brilliant.
50 frames feels like it goes too fast, maybe it's just me. But these uploads are great for non-uk people, cheers mate!
Atte Kangas
suomi mainittu!!!
Zack Staal
i think this is my favorite episode
When Victoria said she had 'curves' as well, Lee Mack said something which was edited out of the programme.
Joey Jalal
Thank you so much for this break from finals week T! Appreciate the uploads
Rara Zap
Well, it can be carried by goop! They sell bullocks there.
43:50 antimeres smh. Bio majors everywhere shed a tear for Lee and Bob
Android Neox
Brilliant program. But, I don't like when they cut out the part where the word challenge for the break is displayed. I can't tell what the clue is. I can't understand what he says.
174k views, and not a single fart joke for 28:38 ?
Eric Burkheimer
God bless God for making Fabio.
victoria the just the best <3 she cracks me up
there should be more late night versions of quiz shows!
Henry Griffiths
Suomi mainittu. Torille
e san
I love when Susie pretends to look up nonsense words
Alois Trancy
29:58 I feel I am oblicated to say torilla tavataan
Antti Tapani Koskinen
Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!
Graham Barth
I'm so proud of myself for getting 'Matinees' at the end. Every dog has his day.
Paul K
For the math at 27:00, there was an easier way than rachel's: 6+6-2=10, 75+1=76, 76*10+25=785
6+6-2 =10 75+1=76 76×10=760 760+25=785 And 75×9 = 675 675+50 = 725 6-2=4 4×5= 20 725+20=745
Rm Stacy
the guy singing ts as funny as a cry for help
Datin Scott
You ever just think about how your name should be Jeff ?
Best cast I´ve seen on this show so far.
i forget how quality Victoria is
Manel Bonnet
Exhibition establish no enough peer champion site confidence revolutionary.
David Dylan
After binge-watching these for the past couple of days I finally got one.....to bad it was the easiest one. 8x100 = 800 75 + 6 + 4 = 85 800 + 85 = 885
Torilla tavataan!
seriously though, 9+6 x 50 +5?
27.40 what's Rachel's thought patterns which allows her to break up the numbers like that? Even when I was good in school I wouldn't have thought like that
Cassidy West
40:06 that smile <3
Johan Arnundsson
I think "delight" is the word for Alex Horne and the Horne Section
wow... was just looking for a new one of these. First! XD
Utkarsh Trivedi
Rachel Riley is looking unbelievably hot in this episode.
ayo thanks for the upload mate
When does the series end? Thank you for uploading mate, love this show
Is Rectums not in the british dictionary?
PeanutButter NoJam
Freakin golden lineup!!!
I'm from Boro so I understand the Gateshead joke quite well
Julia Connell
18:03 pollies?! WTF? I'm a New Zealander NEVER heard of this term - ever!!! only reference I can find to this is "(Australia, informal) A politician"
honestly... Antimeres! But I did have matinee too
I doubt one trash can could hold all the trash from one of Jimmy Carrs specials
Thanks for the upload boss
Awesome thanks for sharing...from Australia
Hamish Giec
Even Victoria Coren-Mitchell's stoic demeanor is no match for the concept of rectal sand-blasting.
Life-sized Jon Richardson doll.
Julia Connell
41:25 - oh brings back good old days of Distraction
Matinees :D I got that straightaway lmao
Dante Bonaccorso
Jimmy's tie knot looks really fat.
Caffeinated King
I appreciate the talent of the Horn section, but I find them to just be a bit tedious for the show.
James Neustaedter
Sipping on Bin and Juice!
jan rees
There was also another way to get 785. I can't remember all my steps but I started by 75 x 12
Jesse Ngatai
They could of said "rectums" for seven
Nicole Petersen
Also could have done ((9+6)x50)-5
Chris Hoy loves a Saveloy is an excellent song.
jimmy carr with long hair, looks like neil from the young ones
Jon would have hurled watching Sean
jan rees
I thought you had to use all the numbers so my solution was the same as Lee's. And I got the same word as Victoria. I must be a mind reader 😂
Maryam Arif
43:57 there was a nine: antimeres.
Andy Galloway
you are the man Tobi
I love the French film.
i like watching this series on youtubes better so i can skip the shit parts, like that dood and his band, jimmies 30-second skits and mortimer attempts at being phunnie
"i like girls with very wide backs"
Lee and Bob are a killer combination.
thank you!