F1 Spanish grand prix start 2011 from paddock club

F1 Spanish grand prix start 2011 from paddock club, Alonso gets great start at his home grand prix

Alvydas Puodziunas
Sound of god! Awesome
Ano Niem
That sound :(
Cody Wassum
And the crowd goes mild!
Jose Miguel C
muy bueno...
Jim Darcy
yeah i got that mixed up for some reason
I love the reaction from the fans when they see Alonso in first place! Awesome vid
is so cool ><
absolutely electric!!
Guille 8001500
helicopter is 7th at second lap....
Salmi charlie
sound of love
That is the sound of the apocalypses
André Horsten
Alonso on Fire!
Daniel B
the speed and sound is just incredible!
Yury Y
Fantastic support!
Catalunya <3
Andrew Vanderlei
haha Alonso is first!
Shannon Hollis
F1 Cars are like sex to the ear. Honest to god.
best start ever
Awesome shots, mate! Love the music!!!!
Massimo Bigi
I was here!
Thank god for the Doppler effect.
Kyle Bonono
2:53 looks like the helicopter wants to go racing as well...
Jim Darcy
Safety car - HEY WAIT FOR ME
Alasdair Mulhern
Just an incredible sound at the end!
khaled alkady
Alonso from 4th to 1st
Carlos Rodrigues
240 pixels video what a pity !
Diego Schütze
The cars come back after the first round and this one guy looks in his cell phone..oh dear...