Liverpool VS Real Madrid / Tactical Preview / Who Can Win the Champions League?

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Legend 27
It’s not Real Madrid vs liverpool It’s Real Madrid vs the whole world
1. Madrid won't get enough time on the ball to make that killer pass to their forwards. 2. Ronaldo/ bale/benzema won't sprint back when they lose the ball in order to win it back. 3. Frimino is a CF plus. He will pull their defence away to create space for mo salah. 4. Gini, Mane, Henderson, Milner are not going to let madrid have the ball. 5 . Liverpool will win with 5 goals!
ahmed eldesouky
liverpool will win
Salvador Fuentes
Winning or losing, LFC will never walk alone #AllezAllezAllez
People are really underestimating real Madrid. They have been through many finals. They know what it is like. They have a fighting passion burning inside of them and never give up. They make impossible seem...posible. Notice how Ronaldo and other attacking players do better in finals. They know what it is like. If real Madrid don't win it, Salah will win the cl if Ronaldo or Messi don't pull of something extordinary in the WC. This means Ronaldo will not let this slip. Best of luck Hala Madrid
Moon Dog
1981- Prince of England marries, Liverpool win Champions cup, Pope dies 2005- Prince of England marries, Liverpool win Champions cup, Pope dies 2018- Prince of England marries, Liverpool make the grand final, Popes future is in Liverpool’s hands
Liverpool win the Champion League 2018!-
Tam Brotal
Real were struggle against Juve in 2nd leg round. But when we look against attacking teams like Bayern and PSG they manage to cope with the high press team style. Liverpool are very dangerous with the counter attack. That's how they destroyed team like Man City, Roma and Porto. With one or two touches they can scores 2-3 goals in less than 10 minutes! It's gonna a great game to watch. I think Zidane will slow the tempo down like they beat Bayern in the 1st leg. They will never win against Liverpool in high pace tempo with Salah, Mane and Firmino lighting pace counter strikes!
Bhutanese YouTuber
lets talk after the final. I know how Zidane will workout his masterplan to win the finals. I know how motivated and determined our players are to lift the trophy.#halamadrid
Liverpool will do it in the 1st half..kill the game early ! But Madrid wont make it easy for Liverpool but .. Liverpool will be champion!
abismail abou yaakoub yousef
With this analyse I see Liverpool can win the title
Madi Shari
I'm a Liverpool supporter and hope that the boys will win and bring the cup back home. However, with Real Madrid you never know what to expect. YNWA
Omar Sossa
Kloppo got his Tactics right in all the previous games in the CL..I hope he will win the Big Ears...Ramos to have a red card
obed orrego
1. Liverpool don't control games they let opposition control and they counter attack problem is real Madrid are lethal wen they control the game unlike Liverpools previous teams they played against 2. Not only do they have to worry about a fit Ronaldo now they'll have to worry about Gareth bales form 3. Real Madrids whole squad is gonna be 100% fit no holes no Vasquez in left back 4. Real Madrid have players tht can play in big games any player in real madrids squad can win the game marcelo yes his terrible at defending but he scored against PSG JUVETUS AND BAYERN Ramos has won them games not to mention reals bench and mid field 5. Liverpool are gonna have to defend for their lives if they are to keep Ronaldo and bale quite to mention bales pace wen real can bring in someone like Asensio or Vazquez. 6 Ronaldo what else do I got to say the man only needs in touch one pass one cross to put it in the net 7. Liverpool had it easy all they say through they seem great because if the easy teams they played while real went through the biggest teams in Italy France Germany who people were saying we're candidates to win 8. Yes real Madrid aren't the best defending team but man they don't crack they can be push and pressured but they don't bend 9. Liverpool can attack but caint defend and they really haven't played well out of home 10. If Liverpool top three caint perform the whole team won't perform Chelsea kept them very quiet so did man u they aren't gods and can be stopped 11. Real have everything to play for in tht final 12. Real will probably win for the third time in a row because they have proved to be the best team
reshmee boodhoo
Liverpool will win
Valentin Kushnini
Good job, well explained but i think you miss some important strattegies from Real Madrid, like Casemiro helping the defense and Modric and Kross as playmakers, it will be really hard for Liverpool to stop Real attacs in wings or in the middle.
Darlington Harrison
the question is, how will the ball get thru to Liverpool attack , it's Madrid all the way
The teams that have been most successful against Liverpool this season are those who have been set up with a really deep defensive back line and have played very defensively, they only teams that have won like this are those who also have a decent midfield and strong forwards who can counter attack. Real aren’t this type of team and I fear they will be overrun in the first 30 mins, if they can hold Liverpool to 2 goals or less in this time they stand a chance but it will be difficult for them to do this. Over 2 games Liverpool look vulnerable in the second game but over 1 game like the final they are very strong and will attack attack attack and try to finish it in the first half!
emmanuel william
I know Liverpool so well. They will turn-up and I am sorry I am the only one who won't b surprised. 3+ 1st half
Any team that goes all out attack against Liverpool in this season's UCL have lost and Real won't sit back and that suits Liverpool better. I think Liverpool will win with the front 3 all scoring and maybe Salah scores 2 so 4-2 LFC win
Hard to see liverpool win, they might get a early goal or two but reals experience will take over. Also dont think liverpool would have knocked out psg, Juventus and bayern
Ismaila Yekini
I love ur analysis both teams are very dangerous in attack. I think Zidane will know how to deal with the huge space that will be left behind when Marcelo joins the attack. Casemero or kroos will help to cover that space. Also, experience will count a lot for Madrid players in this encounter. Liverpoool strength is always in the first half. I think Madrid needs to keep with the 4-4-2 formation in the first half and do much in the second half. HALLA MADRID!!!!!!!
I say liverpool has a good chance, but again, remember the real juve final, real madrid just don't play during finals, they become absolute beasts, and that is what people are forgetting, and the last time real lost a final was in 30 ish years, but of course liverpool was the last team to deteat real in a final.
Musaid Mohsin
Tamsanqa Lowan
Marcelo is a playmaker. It's not simply a case of getting in behind him. You have to stop him creating the play on that left side. He's a game changer. His attacking benefits far outweigh his defensive weaknesses. If anything I can see Marcelo scoring a goal while Liverpool are staring at the space he's left behind. Another worrying thing is if Ramos keeps his discipline and stay to cover for Marcelo, then what will Liverpool do? Real Madrid don't even need to know Liverpool's weaknesses. They're better technically. They can just outplay them and win. Unless Real Madrid have a really bad day. I don't see Liverpool winning this game let alone scoring a goal.
Vignesh B
Real Madrid will win the title Hala madrid !!!
it will be either a goal fest or a series of counter-attacking each other. either way, the midfield will be a fierce battle.
Paul Kellermann
the trick here is both teams can hit well on the break, but if you give LFC 10 days to rest before a game, they ll crush any opponent.
Johnny DeHoyos
Real will focus on trio of Loveran, TAA, and Karius. Liverpool will score, and RM will have opportunities. The important question is who will attack best. Liverpools pace is the answer. Real Madrid will suffer as the relentless midfield moves relentlessly. Liverpool will then tire by the 80th min. That will be the time they will apply pressure. If Liverpool have a 2 goal lead by this time, they win. If RM are within a goal this gets dicey. My thinking is 6-4 Liverpool.
Juma Casper
Liverpool will win
Agus Alvino
The admin is clearly a Liverpool Fan.... well-said for some facts but some people also did it last year for Juventus n everyone knows what the result was, right? you missed analyzing the midfielders battle, didn't you? as a reminder to everyone.....don't ever write Real Madrid off from any competition finals.... ok
Juma Casper
Pool will win coz any team that leaves space behind its defense is a culprit for punishment from Liverpool of which real can't sit back .
Olaf Weinzer
Would anyone believe that my neighbor who is an Everton fan will cheer for Liverpool? And he does not take Rivotril, 😀
Omar Bseiso
Liver will win
Brian Onyango
I like the way you do your job.keep it up
Tony Gaming
I wish Sir Alex Ferguson will come to see Ronaldo to play
Very well explained, thanks for this awesome preview!
Liver will win i am for Real Madrid
Bladed Umar
Im not the sort of person who will neglect the qualities an opponent possesses, but in this situation, i believe liverpool has a great matchup, we all know of real madrids defensive frailties with only 3 defenders, and how liverpool attack, but this isnt what is going to be their downfall, real madrid play in a sort of way that they think theyre perfect, they dont need to pull the midfield back to defend, and with the movement of liverpools front three, it will be too much for the opponents to defend, now everyone knows of real madrids counter attacking play and how liverpool can be caught out, that is why it is crucial for milner to play this game, he covers every single position if a player is not there, cb, cdm, rb, lb, he is so versatile, it should be an interesting game, but dont be suprised if it is a whitewash and liverpool win 5-1 or real win 5-1, both teams counter eachothers defenses.
Mahluli Dhlamini
Liverpool FC 7 : 2 CF Real Madrid
Olaf Weinzer
I don't understand why the London press does not value Liverpool's gold trio.
Zakir Hussain
Let's be practical and don't get carried away. GK: karius has been good recently but navas is better than him. Def: Liverpool has only one good reliable defender. Although their fullbacks are good in attack Madrid's fullbacks are world class and the CB pair of varane and ramos...!!! Mid: real madrid has one of the best trio in midfield. Forward: this is the only area where Liverpool is better and the outcome of the match will depend on how the Liverpool trio will perform. However RMA has the UCL king and only a fool will underestimate him on this stage.
Ahmed skiller
Big improvement bro keep it up
Liverpool is going to win it , one quick counter on the right while marcelo is still on our half ...
i want liverpool to win but i think real madrid will win if they exploit the trent arnold as he's very young and inexperienced, espcally as that's ronaldo's side. Klopp will need to put van dijk at rcb just to cover trent arnold. I mean ik trent arnold has had a good season but i don't see him keeping ronaldo quiet all game
The way Madrid have been defending all season and the way we have been attacking we could very well rip them apart.
Mike Marin
Real Madrid , come on guys , real play vs Borussia ,Tottenham , PSG , Bayern , Real Madrid win 🔥💪💪👑
VKS family
I don't know who is gonna win but would like to say that the result will be 3-2 or 2-1or 1-0 once again I don't know which team will be the winner like if anyone agree
Abdul M. Ismail
After watching Real Madrid's performance against previous Champions League opponents, they're not the same team they were 2 or 3 years ago. Had it been 2/3 years ago, I would have given Real Madrid a proper chance - but this time, I'm not sure they will. If Liverpool are on their game and the front three are less selfish, they'll blow Real Madrid away. That's why we were winning 5-0 and 7-0 in the group stages. The only thing I fear is our complacency. We have to defend like the world depended on it. Either way, it will be a superb game.
Suvajeet Das
Your assumption of the starting line up was skewed by some margin. Expect it to be a 4312 with Bale and Ronaldo as the forwards. Real Madrid will not play offensively for the first 60 minutes at all. Everyone knows Liverpool aint that great with creative football and that is precisely what Real would ask them to do. It will be intense pressing in real's half, no pressing in Pool's half,with the midfield of Madrid trying to keep the ball as well as play those killer throughs for Bale and Ronaldo. There would be no marcelo or carvajal bombing up the wings, as the games against PSG and Bayern have shown. After the 60th minute, expect Isco to be subbed by asensio and Bale by vazquez, with the formation switching to a 4141, creating width on the field. By this time Liverpool's mid will have tired a little, and would have to cross an average of 5 metres every 1-2 seconds for the next 30 minutes as real keep changing flanks and spreading the attack, followed by the occasional cross into the box. We have all seen how Real plays against good attacking teams and this time would be no different. 3-1 for Madrid.
Mista Raam
klopp is deserved to get silverware this season after 5 times failure in finals and lose in champions league 2013 with Dortmund against Bayern
The Maestro
Liverpool Should win this based on usual tactics but real Madrid always have the gods with them in finals
Goddie_ruto Cars
Of course real Madrid are a threat but considering their main attacking man , Karim Benzema is wasteful of chances, and an unforgiving Liverpool attack with salah rarely missing a chance in front of goal Liverpool look the favourites in winning this tie
Naved Hashmi
There is one big loophole in this analysis, That is Midfielders and specially the role of Casemiro as a CDM. My My those who all thinks below that It's a piece of cake for Liverpool then just go through Our (Real Madrid) Last 3 Matches, It seems like we lack in defend but we are defending Against the Champions Juventus, FC Bayern, PSG. We Scored past them with ease. So, Those who think that Only Attacking will win you final then Go watch Argentina Vs Germany ( World Cup ) As Argentina Got like what a whole Squad + Messi Aguero In front what you expect ? Surprise Kids, Real Madrid will wrap up the game in first half. Sorry for you guys making this far in tournament but you aren't lucky enough as your Opponent are Real Madrid. 😈😳
3-2 in favor of Liverpool due to midfield in my opinion Real's is more expensive but Liverpool's performs much better that and the threesome up front will kill the game and Liverpool will win
Lakers/RealMadrid Loyal Fan
The thing is, yeah Liverpool are great at pressing, but time and time again they showed that they cant do anything if the other team completely parks the bus.
Real madrid have beaten each first place team in ligue 1, serie A and bundesliga in the run up to this final against Liverpool - they are clearly the favourites to win. But man do I want Liverpool to smash real madrid.
ThankGod Horsfall
I'm a Liverpool fan and i fear for Madrid. This can be by their reputation a great humbling!!! I see Liverpool doing a Germany 7-1 Brazil. Especially if Ronaldo's recent injury returns through a hard tackle. Experience is not everything in football and that'd surely be proved by this match!!! "A Por La 13" shows the level of confidence they come into this match with, confidence inspired by an underestimation of a final clash either with Roma or Liverpool. Liverpool is unlike Atletico or Juventus, we relish the big fights with the best teams and a game like this, I see every single LIverpool player giving 250% to win the ball back and stick it behind the net. It'd be beautiful to watch.
PSG / juventus / Bayern > Porto / Man City / Roma Real easy win. I think they have forgotten that the best player of the world is playing in Real Madrid.
neha chauhan
i think it will be 3_1. liverpool wins.
I really hope Benzema doesn't start
Zane 2.0
Uhh the match day isn't too far, do you guys really think Zidane didn't know all of this when Real played against some of the best clubs in the world this season? Real is gonna win no matter what Liverpool do, I'll be back in these comments after the match.
The money gamer The money gamer
We don’t ho is gonna win 2 of the teams worked really hard to get in the final if Liverpool it’s because salah liv didn’t do any thing just salah salah let Liverpool go to final salah did a great job at Liverpool he haved a great season with Liverpool but Real Madrid did everything they are the strongest in chaimpons league of Europe
My personal analysis. When Liverpool play with high pressing, they do phenomenal in the first half, and shut down in the second. This is not good considering they will rely on counter attacks to get past real madrid, but you have to remember, real Madrid are lethal when they have possession. My prediction 1-0 Real Madrid HT 2-1 Real Madrid FT Ronaldo and Isco on the scoresheet for RM Salah For Liverpool
Great analysis keep it up 👍 good job ^^
Samuel Lhunjangam Haokip
I have no doubt, Real will win again. No matter how LFC play, but it's also going to be tough game for Real. My guess Real 3, LFC 2. Let's talk after the match.
Musa Afsat
All dis r noting Madrid winning
For all the ppl who were saying that this video underestimates real Madrid and shows their defensive problems only.. imo, I think this video is talking only about the champions league which is clear that Liverpool lost only once against Roma away and that Liverpool is way better defensively in this league. Also the ppl who were comparing marcelo's attacking with robertson. It's totally different, Robertson doesn't create these spaces behind him and stays forward like Marcelo. People should know what they r talking about before just speaking
Henry Ramos
Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool
Patryk Stachnik
Liverpool will win the UCL This year because 75% of football fans say Liverpool and ONLY 24% says Real will win i think the match will end with a score of 3-2 for Liverpool.
Great analysis, keep it up! I hope liverpool wins 3-2 :3
satria bimasakti
great explanation @MitsoJR , but next time you need to add your conclusion, your own prediction depend on your tactical preview, who should win. Nice video by the way. Goodluck 2 you.
What The Heck
We r going to win our 13th UCL title. Hala Madrid.
mega foo
Brian K
You analyse Liverpool tactics using Stoke city, a small team, whereas you analyse Madrid tactics using Barcelona and Bilbao. Levels??
jimmy leo
Liverpool 5 Madrid 2
Omar Ch
Salha Nyumba
liver win
chaetu sharma
liverpool build up was very strong in previous matches as comparsion to real madrid only because of carvajal absence and both teams are very much offensive , match will be interesting .... let's see !!
Olaf Weinzer
I'm a German from Bremen, and I lived in Liverpool from 8 years to 14 years, and I believe that if there aren't those incredible mistakes that have damaged Roma and Bayern, Liverpool can win Real Madrid without surprises.
Ahmed Atwan
awesome preview 👍👍
Oliver Bendiksen
Liverpool 2-1 Real Madrid
roderick Mpatisha
3-1 to liverpool
Sanjay Prakash
Whoever wins its gonna be pure magic
Hussain Ahmed
Very poor analysis
Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews
Welldone my friend.Liverpool 2-1
congrats for mo salah for the bollon dor
Geri LFC
Very good video
Moussa Seye
Madrid will let Liverpool press in the beginning of the game. Zizou may line up 4-4-2 with Asensio and Vasquez on board and bale with CR7 upfront. Salah will struggle and Sadio Mane won't get rid of carvajal and vasquez easily. Then after 15mns, liverpool players will calm a little down and madrid will have the rest of the 1st half under control. And if ever we score 2 goals, casemiro and isco will replace asensio and bale and the last 10mns, benzema will replace vasquez. Vasquez will be key for this game so zizou better line him up
elbert panjaitan
If Liverpool play like they beat man CITY in primer league I think Madrid will face a difficult situation, cause Liverpool play with high pressure, very offensive, but in the other hand Madrid if they play like beat Juventus in the last champions final, they will use the speed of player and Acceleration of isco, Ronaldo, Luca modrid, so this final very awesome to watch, but I take Liverpool to win this champions 2017/2018. So beat Madrid, Liverpool you never walk alone.
Sanskar todkar
All those saying that liverpool will win,remember no team reaches 3 ucl finals in a row with the help of luck,there is a reason why they have done it.People have been underestimatings madrid a lot.I really congratulate liverpool for making it against the odds and reaching the finals.But liverpool is going to face a team which is on the verge of winning 3 ucl in a row.Real have defeated psg the champions of france,juventus the champions of italy,bayern the champions of germany.Liverpool has a great attack,look at the score vs roma,they scored 7 but also conceded 6.Think once again if you are sure that liverpool would win..
Sunderland will win of course.
Not Quite Kiddle
Very hard to predict. If anything we've seen over and over again is that Liverpools hard pressing game leaves the team exhausted come the last 20 mins and this tends to make games nervy. I predict Liverpool to be 2 goals up with Madrid coming back in the last 20 to win in extra time.
Johnny DeHoyos
Feel so sad for Mo Salah. Real Madrid are Champions again. Such a nice man, maybe next season. Just praying he heals up after terrible takedown. I thought he broke it. Ramos is is world class and nobody can tell me it was not intentional. I played this sport and know that slick move. Bale is World Class. Congrats on #13.
here is my analysis Rm isnt playing a good football in 1 rst half and since its final they will be probably mostly defending and counting on counter atacks in 2nd half rm wil search for a goal definately between 55-80 and thats the problem if rm scores it would be very dificult t turn down the score ..truth :they cannot phase the lfc atacking philosophy lfces is much better so they will mostly count on counter atacks and second rm knows how t defend a if liverpool concece a goal in second half we all know that it would taugh
It simply does not matter what system will Liverpool imply? they will lose 1-3 or 1-4 because simply Real has much better players and much more experience at this level. It is called the winning mentality which compose 30% of the final success plus the quality of the players .... sorry guys but no chance for Liverpool they will be outplayed by Real,
Queen Isabella's Revenge
The key to beating Real Madrid in a huge final game like this is to never crack under pressure because Real Madrid players has a lot of experience playing big games. Watch how relax they are in their half time against Juventus last year, they were completely dominated by Juventus tactical-wise in the 1st half but still managed to bounce back in the 2nd half.
mohammed shabab
Liverpool clearly has an edge over Real madrid at the final..this is because the weakness of madrid (in defence due to space left by marcelo) on the left flank is just where Liverpool's greatest attacking prowess lies. To counter this 'marcelo-conundrum' Zidane could deploy a 3-4-1-2, where marcelo and carvajal could be used as wing backs and adding an extra stopper back.
Emmanuel Ochoa Ortiz
My heart says Liverpool will win. My head thinks Liverpool has a very good chance. If the play like they played against City and Roma (1st legg), they will win with a good margin, like 4-2. Still, Real Madrid is the greatest team in history. Their confidence is beyond the clouds. And LFC defense tends to be weak (it's been improving thogh). My realistic outcome is Liverpool 4-3 Real Madrid. GO REDS!