Hotel Persona feat. Brian Molko - Modern Kids

I don't own this song ! Video with pictures of Brian Molko,a kind of tribute ^^

Sayvon Haynes
stef should definetly sing more, hell they should sing together more
Absolut Music
Absolut Music.
carolyn ilves
Hotel Persona: When Stefan meets his husband.
The last picture *-*
her younger sister had a blister where i kissed her
Brian is the most beautiful man in the universe.
Maybe I'm crazy but I really like Hotel Persona's sound.
Posting comments-you're doing it right ;)
Ryan Bissonnette
Thumbs up if this is relevant to your generation. Also, Stefan's voice is amazing.
Giovanni Marchionni
Very beautiful song! Stef and Brian are the best!
This is a tripp
Lorelei Müller
@PlaceboFTWx give me your email adress :)
charlotte rose
please can you send me the song too? :D
@NaegaJayo u can also hear stefan singing in bright lights ;D
Stef and Brian are here, so we can add Steve's name. Then the video's name change into Placebo. That's nice :D
Lorelei Müller
@MissSharper give me your email adress and i will send this song ^^
Narco Karma
Magnifique <3 Wonderful <3
Clokay Kay
hotel persona a new album please!
@placebodu68 [email protected]
Lorelei Müller
@kUlGeNiUs give me your email adress , i'll send it to you ^^
@placebodu68 can you send it to me find justin bieber everywhere, but you can't find Brian Molko
@ryanreuben what makes you say that Julien was written for Vincent Valentino? sorry if you were offended by my previous comment for some reason.
@ryanreuben I know BRIAN MOLKO exists for fuck's sake!!!!!! Placebo are my fave band, I saw them live in September,and I like Hotel Persona too. And the fact that he's bi, dont worry I'm aware of that too.I'm talking about the so called Vincent Valentino, who was supposed to be Brian's boyfriend who died or something. I've seen people talking about him in forums and in video comments, but I havent found a single thing about him.So does anyone know if he existed or are you all repeating rumours?
@MarilynMolkoLove I've heard about this person before, and I've searched for him but cant find a single thing... Are you sure he exists? maybe it is a rumour... Molko dated an actress I cant remember her name....
Ashley Allen
@Billiejoex310 Brian had a known boyfriend too Vincent Valentino aside from the mother of his child, he's never been open about ANY relationships, men or women
Lorelei Müller
@Billiejoex310 i knew it ^_^'
lol hotel persona FEATURING brian molko and the whole video is with molko XD
Sara Folgar Delgado
Perfect.. But his song with Indochine, is the most beautiful feature I ever heard T///////T
@placebodu68 pls send me this song! and if you have to the light it would be greatly appreciated
I love this song
not a placebo song in my opinion. But its good, but I can't have an objective opinion when Molko is involved, I love everything he does:-D.
this should have been on placebo!
Ed Diaz
you know, the one with the beard?
Charlie Zebra
Brian is so cute and so sexy !
Tish Lugosi
@WickedMuse i can send it to you if you want :D
White Rose
OMG!!! Stef's voice is so good! Nice to hear his voice =) Tnx for sharing.
ooh want please upload somwhere
scilla chessa cappuccio
where i can download this song???
I love this song <3 well done Stef (:
Ed Diaz
were did you get the picture at 0:37 and 1:09?
Ravid Ravidr
coz his voice isnt as beautiful as brian's.
Lorelei Müller
i can send it to you ^^
belle girl
i love the song Hotel Pesona son buenisimos,buena canción con Molko
Gabriela Plačková
I guess it is the most perfect song on the world. ^_^
Mo Nete
i want his eyes....
Really cool video, love the soundz, text's & pictures...New age has hit the humanity.2009,year of transformation.2011 - 2013.New awakening.
Anastazja Anastasja
I love this song
Anastazja Anastasja
I'm in love with Brians stomach! very sexi
Ska Ta
i'm in love with brians voice<3
Maja Cigla
I like this... And he looks great!!! <3
Decent song. I'd like to hear more of Hotel Persona's stuff.
I'm in love with the songs. Too bad I can't find it... Placebo rocks ^^
placebo rock and brian is gorgeous but this song? nope.
Stephanie Lee
He's bi
Gabriela Plačková
Yes, I understand. I was only joking. 8))) But I think that Stef deserve it also. He´s an important member...I like him. :)))
Gabriela Plačková
Hey! Where are pictures of Stef? He is the very important member of this song and of the Hotel Persona :D :D :D Ok. I am quiet...:-P :-D
wish i never heard this :) IMHO placebo is great, but Hotel Persona....nah, didnt like it
This song would be really, really bad if it wasn't for Brian Molko.. but it's actually kinda intresting anyways.
Well Stef is from sweden (svensk här, du med?), that may have somethin to do with it?
Ronald Peña
I miss Brian the androgen
Yeah, thats Stef.
HAHA, i live at a mental hospital now? Good thing i never went to LA, id be like, im from bellevue, and everyone d run away from me :) (In case i dont look scarry enough?)
love this song :D stefan can sing good ! But its so wierd to hear him sing because its always like stefan and brian=placebo stefan always plays the bass and back vocals....i cant explain but anyways
`I know` `i do` ;-)
David DM
Dori The Freckle
This song is soo beautiful...i ll aways love you Bri <3333333
Bárbara Fernández Vargas
Brian is everything to me!
That song clearly shows why Brian's the singer of Placebo... *hihi* sorry Stef ;)
Valerie Bee
everybody loves brian :P :D
Jenny Flaws
thats really nice from you!! but can you send me these via yahoo email?
Jenny Flaws
Hey everybody!! Has someone of you this song??? In Germany I can not buy these CD!!! Lg Jenny
Very good song!
Great song!!!
Hotel Persona is sooo great!!! and this Vid is amazing!thx for this!
oh my, my.
Clokay Kay
I 'm not shame because I bought this album
Clokay Kay
I'm not because I bought this album. I am not like the others person?
It's a good music but i think i'm stay with the Placebo, but it's good to hear their other projects. Anyway my favourite HP job is their Infra-red remix, very very very good :)
I don't like it. Brian should use his bitchy voice again... like in days before you came.
Jenny Flaws
It´s like depeche mode!!!
Radostina Ivanova
Hm...I know that's not Placebo,still it scares me.Ok,the song isn't so bad(although some parts are quite funny,in my opinion)It's already on my mp3 player and you don't want to see me dancing while listening to it.:D But I want...I need Placebo to be what they were.Tha fact that this is Stefan's side ptoject and it features Brian IS imortant.I think it shows us what Placebo tend to become(I'm talking about lyrics)And...I'm just not OK with it. Anyway,my opinion doesn't matter.
i don't believe the message is simple :/ i mean c'mon... how many metaphores do you want on a line? about stefan's voice... i cannot say anything it's your opinion... (personally, i like how it sounds)
of course i knew that i'm not the only one ;) i feel much better now :) placebo love :D
am i the only one who likes the song? :P well, i think its good song :D i loove brian's voice i love stef i miss placebo... :(
this is so cheap:(( i dont like it at all. the message is fine, but it's too uncomplicated, simple, childish a little the other voice is stefan's? it sucks:P molko's voice saves this song a little. but only a little:D
This album is only available on Spain
Juste pr la voix de Molko :D Le morceau, lui est moyen
has anyone tell me.! this is a soLo album from brian!? o is just an colaboration!! si cOoL. love hiz voice.. but i miss placeboO!!! placebOO effect.!
Not bad, but not original at all. It sounds like the early Depeche Mode.
Shyvonne Ramsay
Saw placebo again on their 20th was great ..but stefan was wearing the most bizarre butterfly printed suit and hairstyle..brian was great and funny as always he's still a honey love 20+ yrs later😍
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