Best 60 Crossovers: 2015 NBA Season

Check out the best 60 killer crossovers and ankle breakers from the 2015 NBA season! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as NBA rosters at the start of the 2014-15 season featuring a record 101 international players from 37 countries and territories. For the 2014-15 season, each of the leagues 30 teams will play 82 regular-season games, followed by a postseason for those that qualify. The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Knicks; Oklahoma City Thunder; Orlando Magic; Philadelphia 76ers; Phoenix Suns; Portland Trail Blazers; Sacramento Kings; San Antonio Spurs; Toronto Raptors; Utah Jazz; Washington Wizards. The NBA offers real time access to live regular season NBA games with a subscription to NBA LEAGUE PASS, available globally for TV, broadband, and mobile. Real-time Stats, Scores, Highlights and more are available to fans on web and mobile with NBA Game Time. For more information, as well as all the latest NBA news and highlights, log onto the leagues official website at Subscribe on YouTube: />Subscribe to NBA LEAGUE PASS />Download NBA Game Time />Like us on Facebook: />Follow us on Twitter: />Follow us on Instagram: />Follow us on Tumblr />Shop for NBA Gear:

MJO Mixes
chris paul said he........ like this or your team has bad luck for the whole of next season.
Felt bad for cp3 in this vid
Sometimes the bench reaction is the best part
This has to be Dellavadovas highlight video
Bay is Bae
Dellavedova went to Milwaukee to search for his ankles.
John Black
I don't mind the ads I don't mind the buffer But when the ads buffer I suffer But I'm not a raper
Kevin Garnet still looking for him
john yoon
Curry has the most efficient best handle in the nba and irving has the best style swag handle in the nba. Iverson has the best handle ever.
Alexander Stewart
The Bulls were crossed too many times in this video
Lavar Ball
lol lebron actually crossed a guy up? I can die a happy man.
Hassan F
6:12 who else got goosebumps when stephen curry made that shot
Luck Fove
Chris Paul always going out bad
1:04 21-28 and its the 3rd quarter???!
Jonathan Estime
At first at 10:40 I thought steph curry double dribbled. But when I played it again he didn't even touch the ball wit his other hand👏🏼👏🏼
This is why Curry is the best.
Alex Moore
Am I the only one who saw in caves @ wizards it was 21-28 IN THE THIRD QUARTER?????!!
Stephen Curry
I like the last one from Curry also I like all of Curry's crossovers
10:56 most ridiculous effect from a crossover. hahaha
Poor Dellavedova :(
t-baby Entertainment
Jamal Crawford best ball hander in the league
splash uce
Jesus Christ! stop hating on the splash bro, give credit where credit is due. Its not like we went out and signed 4 super stars and make a super team 2 win a title. We built through the draft, it took 4 years of hard work 2 get here. We play as a team, no selfishness, everyone contributes. curry is mvp in the most humbled way, its not our fault those other teams were injury rattled. just gives u haters more excuses!
roll tide
of only curry would have won that 2nd championship
Nick Raymond
9:17 you reach I teach
Al capone
Who came here after The Cavaliers beat the warriors in the finals?
Chase Shelton
oh my god all they do is travel😂
Young Nigga
Evan turner stays getting crossed
Nothing's better than seeing Matt Delly getting crossed over 100 times
Keizer Dodge Ghidura
James was like "he'll cross it anyways..." 😂😂😂😎
Ollie Stewart
Great Dedicatipn. Hey how's it going? violet entertaining What do you thmnk?
Generation EPIX
A lot of these were just stepping on someone's foot....just sayin'
joe fontaine
Evan turner always gets schooled 😂
Don 1 Don
I don't why everybody freaking out because the NBA is all over Curry.. They do this with every MVP..
Rezan Goitom
Stephen curry can do everything against chris paul
YouTube Zone
Cleveland and GSW are the finals champions at the Finals 2017
Iamd AJ
LIke my crosserovers (btw im not the real steph curry)
Anthony Baker
Harden travelled so hard on that first crossover
asdf movies
10:50 - my man started doing the nae nae...... shoutout to Silento!!!
People stop crying on why Jason Terry's crossover wasnt on here its pretty obvious 2 Reasons: 1. He crossed him, passed it to Harden but he didnt finish it. Harden missed. (All of the crossovers in this vid are when they cross em and finish em by scoring). 2. I really dont see why people are Criticizing this and Steph. Right after Jason Terry couldnt even guard Curry and Curry made 3's bcuz Jason couldnt stay on him. And every other game in the Series who pit some work in, on Jason? Yea thought so. Probably a bunch of kids that dont even watch the games you just here that Steph got crossed so you watch the 9 sec vid of him getting crossed but it doesnt show Harden completely missing afterword. I swear its the truth. The whole Series Steph was putting the work on Jason. I cant lie it was a nice Crossover but it went unfinished. So it wouldn't be on here obviously. Hope I put some sense into some of you u.u
Crazy Art Awesome
Curry rocks
Ivan Zderic
This year will be more ankle breaking.I guess :)
KendeHD •
They didn't add Mike Conley & Jason Terry because all crossovers on this list ended with a score they didn't score
Eashan OYoung
the best crossover come from Rondo,the brain of team,make teammate be hero
Addie Diakite
I thank God for everything he does
Eashan OYoung
THE CBA own the best player
John R
5:38 that was definetly a travel by Harden it was like 4 steps :O go check it out
Russell Westbrook
lmao 10:48
Kyrie Irving = Crossover Contortionist
I guess this is where 2k16 got that over powered jamal crawford crossover from......
yo its me
LMAO How many times did Evan Turner got crossed in this video? HAHA
Daniel Delsol
cp3 stped on currys foot
Decade R6
Shaan Kamal
Ankle breaker...
Djo Tunga
r.i.p ankles 0.57
ts aga
Evan turner just stay getting crossed he was in the video more than anyone.
Stanimal LoC
2:17 Kyrie escape cheese😂😂😂
Idk if this was in order cause the first crossover should have been left for the last ten crossover.
Harden should have gotten MVP but since Curry is NBA golden boy they give it to him. BS
GG Skylerz
Rip CP3'S Ankles 1985 -2015
kemba walker the best handler in the league
Pavle Grebenarević
12:45 the reaction from the Denver bench all the way to the left, lol
Preston Cartman
Bulls Player killer crossover tho
Why is Reggie Jackson always gettin crossed 😂😂
Ivan Marc Garcia
If Chris Smoove saw this he will say “You reach I TEACH!"
Arianator Grande
I'm Just A Lil curious.. I'm a Girl and i got Interested on basketball.. Can It Make Me Taller?
Troy Reaction
Napier tho crossed Kevin and deron nasty
Erin Estrada
Too much delly on this vid.
James Lebron
i like Highlights . i like nba
White Mamba
That last one was not as good as Kyries crossover everyone just likes Stephen curry because he had one good year that means nothing
Daniel Scott
All y'all Guys are awesome
I feel bad for dellavedova
C Kelly
what a killer crossover!
nobody saw that Parsons over the hand carry travel?
Eashan OYoung
Roronoa Levreaux
as much as I love the crossover move, I have to say alot of the time those falls are because of forearm/elbow/shoulder shoves, which is literally forcing momentum into the defending player causing them to fall; not actually from the crossover itself.
Antony Zhuk
iggy took like 4 steps at 9:42
10:56 hit the nae nae
3:44 so fucking beast...
cameron knox
poor cp3 😂
Rena Marie
kemba is the best
Mitchell TJ
They would leave off Steph getting absolutely destroyed by old man Jason Terry #Bias
9:57 look at curry tryna dunk
Bob Carter
One at 14:35 Della doesn't even get phased by all the moves? how is that a cross. Everyone talking like Della got crossed every play, he got crossed 3 times, and Turner got crossed 2 times. Curry doesn't cross anyone, except Chris Paul when he got him in the air, the other time Paul stepped on his shoe. But people think he is the best finisher and has the best handles. Until you look at Kyrie. Best finisher by far and best handles by far.
Owen Mullins
That Landry Fields 3 pointer made me puke. Not only is he trash, but he barely has the courage to take a wide open three pointer.
Richard Boateng
12:26, it's slightly not a crossover cuz as you can see cp3's foot was on Curry's then Curry moved his foot for Cp3's leg to lose balance
Ryan Kelley
Lol I die at that lance Stephenson crossover on Evan turner every time 😂😂😂
Dylan Giles
Curry isn't that good
10:07 that's not a crossover, that's an offensive foul.
Thelonius 84
Always took chris paul as a very good defender, but damn..
9:55 nice walk by Curry
Roblox Kid 99
There missing my nasty crossover on lefag james
delanova the australian casanova got merked on this segment, those chunky australian legs wiggling frantically.
Philthy Phil
1. curry 2. irving 3. crawford 4. wall or rose 5. walker
Crazy Candy Crush
What's wrong with Nba player's name nowadays? I heard "Mayo" & "Semens". And I hearing something wrong?
Nathaniel UncleDrew
Like and the last number is who you are! 1. Allen Iverson 2. Jimmy Butler 3. Lebron James 4. Micheal Jordan 5. John Wall 6. Stephen Curry 7. James Harden' 8. Paul George 9. Kevin Durant 10. Russell Westbrook 0. Yao Ming
lil ube
What about Allen Iverson's crossover on Michael Jordan????
im a phili supporter but i kembas attacks at other people
My favorite crossovers were: Kyle Lowry (0:00) Iman Shumpert (0:14) Jamal Crawford (0:24) Shabazz Napier (0:35) Trey Burke (0:46) Kyrie Irving (1:03) Deron Williams (1:12) Kemba Walker (1:23) Steve Blake (1:35) Ty Lawson (1:48) Ronnie Price (2:03) Kemba Walker (2:17) Deron Williams (2:39) Lance Stephenson (2:53) Kyle Lowry (3:12) John Wall (3:29) LeBron James (3:44) Kyrie Irving (4:07) *Stephen Curry (4:20) Kemba Walker (4:36) Michael Carter-Williams (5:01) Stephen Curry (5:12) James Harden (5:28 and 5:45) Jeff Teague (5:58) *Stephen Curry (6:12) Darren Collison (6:36) Blake Griffin (7:01) Tyreke Evans (7:14) Kyrie Irving (7:26) Jamal Crawford (7:40) James Harden (8:01) O.J. Mayo (8:14) Nick Young (8:31 and 8:44) James Harden (8:57) Kyrie Irving (9:24) Andre Iguodala (9:38) Stephen Curry (9:54) J.R. Smith (10:04) Chandler Parsons (10:19) Stephen Curry (10:33) Lance Stephenson (10:48) Demarcus Cousins (11:00) Rudy Gay (11:15) Deron Williams (11:31) *Stephen Curry (12:06) Kyrie Irving (12:30) Dwight Bikes (12:44) J.R. Smith (12:59) Kyrie Irving (13:13) Deron Williams (13:34) Kyrie Irving (13:47) Stephen Curry (14:18, 14:30 and 14:44) *Was not a crossover, but I like the move
Nicole Spicer
Ddont. Lik. Sporrt.