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Through modeling and mapping technologies, witness from above what happened in Hiroshima, Japan on Aug. 6, 1945.  By: Kaitlyn Mullin, Veda Shastri, Nicole Fineman, and Samantha Quick Subscribe on YouTube:  /> The first nuclear weapon to be dropped on humans was the "Little Boy" atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima, Japan during World War II. The destruction caused killed thousands of people, injured many more, and caused long-lasting effects such as cancer and birth defects. --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York Times? Watch more videos at:  /> Facebook:  /> Twitter:  /> Instagram:  /> Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch. On YouTube. The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

Lucas Kranjec
Am i the only 1 who was disappointed that I didnt see how the bomb exploded?
Noel Abhilash
Humans made the atomic bomb but mice never made a mouse trap -Albert Einstein
Luke Rolley
It’s a bird It’s a plane Oh it’s a—
The U.S.A. did have a *third bomb* nearly ready to use ( on August 19, 1945 ). After Nagasaki, U.S. Officials subtly dropped hints to the Japanese Government that the third city hit, if they did not surrender, would be a ' *VERY* large one '. It is quite possible that either Osaka or Tokyo were the probable targets. No doubt the mere idea that this could happen shook the Emperor and Japanese Government to the core. Especially because the Emperor and the entire Japanese government lived in and around Tokyo itself.
p. f.
1941 Japan: omae wa mou shindeiru USA: NANI?! 1945 USA: omae wa mou shindeiru Japan: NANI?! I didn't know this meme was so old yet so deadly.
Wow thanks for that google earth simulation never would’ve known that bomb fell and stuff died
Imagine if Germany released a 360° video of the Blitz, the entire planet would prob go insane
The Spectosphere
“No warning was given” Except the “LeMay” leaflets saying to run were going to bomb you with the biggest bomb ever made.
FBI: Ladies and Gentelman, We Got Em.
Andres Hernandez
Japan 1945: *is actually good Japan now: SEMPAIIIIIIII!!!!!!
Cool Guy
whats the deal with airline food amirite guys
Slime Slayer
I can’t believe the us dropped a little boy into Japan
One step back
Where we dropping boys
murfee 123
If two bombs can create anime 3 can destroy it
The f u mean there was no warning given? They posted signs weeks in advance
"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" A statement of success and also the most terrible of warnings to the future
Ethan Larsen
There was no warning? We had warned the empires that we had a powerful bomb that we would drop on a city had he not surrendered. He didn’t surrender. We dropped the bomb. He didn’t surrender a second time and so a second bomb was dropped. Finally, we told him Tokyo was next and he surrendered. The Japanese would have kept fighting had we not dropped or developed those bombs. Those bombs ended the war.
Max Bogle
Technically the bombs saved lives from both sides if we could not drop the A bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki USA and Japan would continue fighting and USA might have invaded japan which it had the man power for.
The comments here: 90%: It was definitely right and good to drop the Atomic bombs 7%: Anime 2%: People who notice that it's 360° 1%: Other
Lego Master
I don't know what wepons will be used in World War 3 but I know that World war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein.
Dr. Extendedick Pussybag
This guy lowkey didn’t look at the bomb 🤣
ELON MUSK BOMBS HIROSHIMA —————— Those konichiwa nibbas need to be taught a lesson
Eriz Sharper
for a moment i thought the thumbnail was GTA5
Hugh Adams
Don’t read the comments. They will make you mad
Brandon Sovocool
Who else knew you could touch the video and move the angle thingy, I just found that out
There is a survived both of them Nagasaki and Hiroshima I think he died 2010 at the age of like 90 or so
yas yogurtt
Correction: “A nuclear weapon has not been used SINCE (not counting tests)”.
British Titan
Somone hit that 30 killstreak
Bringing in the democracy
It’s incredible because it was the little boy and now we have the tsar bomb!!! Imagine the explosion
SCP foundation
Hiroshima says, " we shall give you ANIME!"
Jake Bauman
Why is this have the quality of sand Edit spelling mistake
*Flyers dropped in Hiroshima before the nukes* Some of you Japanese are alright, don't come to Hiroshima tomorrow.
Tactical nuke incoming! It’s over!
Dog Meat
I love this video interactive
Speedbird 118
H... How was I able to move the map on my screen? THE HECK?
moe al
6 months 25days until I take off and be bigger than earth in a few days !!!!!!
Stopped watching at 0:50 due to the false information that "no warning was given." Thousands of pamphlets and warning were dumped weeks prior to dropping the bombs informing the citizens to vacate the area to avoid deadly consequences. No one took the warning seriously
Good Krypollo
Using a current geographical sample of ground zero when back then they didn't have modern buildings and a soccer stadium XD.
Ministerie van defensie
This is epic on a nuclear level
dan lam
China may be one day will get the same bomb. if keep thinking how to still the world.
John Smith
Now that's what I call...Fried Rice
'There was no warning', BS. Flyers warning Japanese citizens to flee were dropped in Hiroshima and other cities in the war. The imperial govt ordered all Japanese citizens to remain in their cities to resist the US invasion so the WARNINGS had little effect. 'A nuclear weapon has not been used on a civilian target since.' Or any target since. The corrections at the end are a shameless and intentional tactic you are still using. Responsible journalist would remake the video and do it right. Great short piece of propaganda as always, #CommunistNYT.
Dominic Fox
I like the 360° feature
Вячеслав Платонов
Твари! Просто так людей уничтожили! Вам бомбу скинуть и поржать как вам!?
Franek Dolas
USA: You know i had to do it to em
If you look str8 down, you can see filthy frank
Tyler MacDonald
Plus there was warnings for the Japanese people to evacuate cities but they didn’t listen.
Fascinating fact; the bomb design was so inefficient that the amount of matter which turned into energy was roughly the weight of a paperclip.
people in the suburbs: *THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE*
Zain Syed
Sure this solved ww2 but look in the future and tell me that someone isn't going to start a nuclear war.
borna saikia
I can move the screen
Matt Brine
You can thank Canada for these, they where made in Ontario Nuclear Labs.
SokoL 3DF
The United States remains the only country to use nuclear weapons, we must remember this
Who tried to minimize the video by swiping but it didnt work?
Mike Ruttman
they called it a gadget no idea what they had or even they long term effects from it would do
Thoughts 3rased
This video is the BOMB I'll see myself out.
Charlie Gibbon
Who was surprised that you can MOVE THE VIEW FROM THE VIDEO?!
Austin Emma
Total clickbait no actual bombing shoen
I can’t get out of the video 🤦‍♂️
Jeb! 2020
I'm sorry we dropped a bomb on Japan after they slaughtered millions of Chinese, skewered Chinese babies, etc. sorry we didn't want to continue a war with such a reprehensible opponent
I was hopeing to see the nuke explode but still nice video
Bonnie Richardson
This is the first time in 10 years that I have seen a video that lets me look around... wow!
Dude imagine if it actually touched the GROUND! R I P
roblox noob
Its pretty cool how you can move your camera around
"There was no warning" The united states said "Don't be there when the bombs drop" And if you are confused on how they would've read it, they had Japanese P.O.W.'s write it in Japanese.
thunder slash :v 1
Is strange... i can move the screen Mmm... what is hapening? Is amazing :D
Raymond Qin
I want to say they deserved it. And two is clearly not enough when you know Japanese leaders repeatedly paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine.
jungle animal hunter
*top 10 deadliest anime weapons*
Oh wow I can control the screen and look around that's so cool I didn't know you could do that with some vids
Nathan m
You are wrong when you say ' no warning given ' for 3 days befor the dropped the nuke they been flying over the city's and I believe for the same for Nagasaki had dropped papers warning the people a nuke was on the way
Explained the earth is Flat
Actually the americans did give warning it was just ignored Being enemies in war does not change how human someone is
Luan S2
Quantos gringos Aki '-')
NO fight!!
Other damp Wood
There was a warning we dropped papers say we were going to bomb
The US did drop papers warning about the bombing in their language days before, but they did not believe it and thought it was propaganda. Do your journalism properly
alok mitthu yadav
Not good with Japanese (Indian)
Mohanned Iskanderani
Top view for the explosion radius ? or too ashamed to show that
原爆… 醜い兵器ですね…
Sullustan Rebel1892
You can move the screen
yas yogurtt
The Japanese are incredibly lucky that the third bomb was not dropped on them the Soviet union was days away from walking through Japan
Rickey Peace
Time travel Albert Einstein books
Wow genial:3 great
Hanz 88
Just wanted to let you know that the bomb was dropped by the 'peace loving country'
CT- 2273
I know this is “sad” but get over it. Like this is war, you can not change it. Deal with it.
Hildebeast Clinton
Pearl Harbor wasn't a play ride.
Gabe Oliger
The bomb was dropped with warning because the Americans dropped leaflets telling them to run because a nuke was coming so nyt tou lied like usual
If any of you ever feel bad for Japan then remember, they created anime.
Noynoy Sanoy
k n
Rest in peace to all those Japanese people who were killed by the atomic bomb 🙏
Da bro go Derin
Guys go to 1:56 you can move the map around
"plz bro i have a ray gun"
The ting went *BOOM*
*_Top 10 best anime endings_*
Noynoy Sanoy
J. S
When you realize you can move your screen to actually see what is happening