August Burns Red - "Composure" (Lyrics)

These are the lyrics for August Burns Red's Composure, released on their album "Messengers". Sorry if the lyrics are a little bit slow, I was too lazy to render a new file after I found out.

There was a time when I wasn't ready for ABR. But now my body is ready.
This song has gotten me through some serious shit. I owe August Burns Red my life, I love this.
Korian Woods
These lyrics are so great. Christian Metal is the best of both worlds for a guy who looking for an uplifting message with brutal instrumentation.
Mercenary Hoplite
This song is really uplifting actually.
dillon LONG
when i hear this song and read the lyrics i truly get chills. It relates to anybody honestly pure poetry right here. They way they make you feel the way they express lyrics by the way they change up the tempo and key signature. pure genius. This song and back burner bring me back to my life this past year and my father committing suicide last april what I as a 17 year old teenage feel about it and my expression.
Simon Stanley
This entire song, from the lyrics to the instruments is incredible!!! I suffer from depression and anxiety. This song resonates with me. It speaks about struggles with mental illness. AUGUST BURNS RED IS INCREDIBLE
Christopher cuntbag
Some of those riffs are just pure gold
Patrick Robichaud
the wave goodbye to the past you got your hold life to lead just give me goose bump everytime
Ryan Smith
Everyone please lets get this to the Lost In Vegas reaction channel!
Haunted Knight
Met the singer and drummer few years back at Warped, told them how much I loved them playing this song and "White washed" that day. Such cool dudes.
A.J. Morris
this shit brings me back to high school damn
workout song yeahhhhhhh
Jacob Johnson
im a fan of this band
Victoria Motionless
Omg I love this band
Andrea Lattarulo
That breakdown cures cancer
jeff hicks
00:40 to 00:58 best part
Live Nation Clubs and Theaters
Ascended Hippie
2:05 - 2:16
Ryan Runyan
Favorite song. The bass slide before the last breakdown gives me chills
Max L
NEW FAVORITE!!!! Raise your hand if you like bvb, ptv, sws, fal, or any other band and someone called you emo. This song is for the weirdos, not close minded people. Liked, subbed, and added to favorites!
Ameera 28803
why robertIDK brought me here Why robert
Mr. Christopher
It’s time to Gain some GROUND!
Liam Christiansen
This album was ahead of its time
Renee Motionless
Is to bad that my teacher told me to listen to this band?
JuanD Finn
The Best. Just saw them in concert 6 days ago  and I am still rocking...
Ascended Hippie
2:05 - 2:16
Nick O
superb drumming, riffs and uplifting lyrics! very motivational song. 10/10
SS division 2018
This is by far the most advanced song in metalcore genre period.
Excelente tema.. muy buena banda!
Kayla Carter
only came here coz RobertIDK brought me here lol but I like it
503 DEAD
Jev brought me here.
Moon Star
I miss when music was this good.
Veronica Gilman
Jarrod Brought me here .
Wiz Khaleesi
lol delayed lyrics...
1:20-1:45 <3
Silver GHOST
the demons my only friends I believe I will take my only way outta this world today. the earth will be rid of me. to all I say bye
As someone who struggles with heroin addiction this song is one I can really relate to
Vitor Henrique
I'm a PE teacher, searching for professoral placement. I used to work in a gym, then I met a girl and we started to get involved. When I saw I was obcessed with that girl because she becomes my girlfriend, and my everything, thanks for Dallas for at city and color. I felt. now I dont want to say I'm deprest, It's not a big deal, but I allways remember sad songs, and is nice to start listen songs like that. Here I'm, come on, world. Show me what you got. Even If I tell you all the ways I whould easily improve my self to adaptate me and learn through you, to become what I realy want to see, of me. Or the best I can be, see what I can do if I aplicate my time life through, and If I can live of this, né a good teacher, teach good values, the right way, or what they can make of this knowledgh, to become what they realy want, even If they had to walk through the vale of death, theres away a plan your contienst, and you will find your self better. There is somethings that even if I'll could, I can't take of anyone. The time life, we all deserve it. The time goes, we dont even know what can happens from every moment, if we whrite of stay calm and thinking about something else that you just let It go, when I blow the air and band my proud. There is nothing against me now then my own thoughts. Everything is hunted by the now. Than I should shake it off, pick my self up. They data the life fell apart in my hands, and It's not the first time. Should I don't let they see I'm down. Even if I've been taking risks, I've been developing my way of beeing. Another deep breath and I exsale smoke cuz I've been working like a camel, same as this another breath of this cigaret, red blend. I'm Brazilian trying to improve my english, if you can understand what I mean, leave a coment bellow.
Steven Skidmore
Dude how hard would it have been to have the text appear before or along with the lyrics? Great song subpar editing. If this is a early stage effort good job but improvements can be made. Gave the video a thumbs up keep at it.
Mtl Mike
love this song helped me through some rough times, glad im still here for my daughter thanks ABR
World Bible Authority
If August Burns Red and Phinehas came together for a joint album I think I would disintegrate from pleasure
Cory Cox
Is this about heroin?
Alex Methvin
Beating that China like the boxer rebellion. Matt Greiner is savage.
Zach F
This is one of the songs I use to get pumped up before almost anything I do.
Trenton DeLaughter
+matman727 He does both fry's and false chord. Mostly false chord it sounds like. So you should be good on the cover.
John Lewis
They have the best breakdowns of any band!
Epi Drol
Wow I can really relate to this song.
This song is so uplifting! It's my favorite ABR song!
Martin Francisco
That's why I love Christian Metalcore you don't even have to be a Christian. These songs def helped me through though times, the lyrics are always positive and influential.
Freakgaming Channel
Wanna be parkway drive
Lovin' this song.
This ABR track in particular has always meant a lot to me. It's helped given me some motivation through really dark times in my life.
I wish this song had Max Cavaleras style vocals.I hate the "teen-angry" vocal crap
Raven Has No Life
Yo I love this song
The Music Junkie
Is this song about cutting
DeSouL BendeR
& They Are Getting Deeper!
The Min0taur
love this
this song speaks to me on so many levels
the autistic pier champion of herb and peace
And said goodbye to the past
Shelldon Fernando
03:03 to 03:20 Best part.
Friar Schnaupps
Big Blue Swish
Taylor Bliss
ew scremo
Obscure Creation
I really like this band. They remind me of Unearth and Parkway Drive. 
Max L
Did anybody else not know that this band is Christian?
As stupid as this question sounds, is this fry screaming, or is it just "normal harsh vocals"? I know that's an extremely vague thing to ask, but all I know to do is basic death growls, a generic scream, and false chords. However, I would really like to do a vocal cover of this song. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated!
Brandon Sarver
It would mean the world if you would check out my band. We are from the same general are as August Burns Red. I'm the vocalist, I'm 15, and still have much room for improvement. Please remember that if you decide to check us out. Just click my name to find the video of Meet Me At The Post Office on my channel. Thank you so much to anyone who read this.
Danial Arif Rauf
That china sounds too good.
Thank God, right!? lol
Nick Sargent
you have a funny name
Going to be playing Back Burner, Marianas Trench, and Composure at my school's battle of the bands! Drumming it up! :D
John Towey
That break downs so nasty lol
They are amazing live it's out of this world
Dustin Nelson
my god that crash symbol instantly makes start headbanging haha
justin curry
Hows that even possible? Id be listenin to this kickass song more than id be studying
Hayden Hamilton
Nick Greenhow
TheNextGenoratiion seems like it won't be lasting long.
Very nice song
Prince Vegeta
Listen to this while studying hell yeah!
Yavor Vitov
This song literally saved my life when I was going through the worst break up of my life 5 years ago. Thank you ABR, this is real music , this is the real value and point of music
Sora Light
NOOO! stop the fade effect on lyric videos!!
Chad Wilson
up up
obviously never seen them live. or from the mosh pitt pound of view at least. SMH
Cheo Samad
Song about cutting yourself and still awesome.
fuck this band!they suck [email protected]!!!
The Black Dahlia Nigga
IT'S PULLING YOU UNDER!! :D best lyric
Ima put my hard thing in your ass
Nick Greenhow
This comment looks like its trying oh so hard to be funny.
this sounds like a dead hooker trying to breath:)
what the fuck are you talking about? i must have forgotten, fat is spelled "s c e n e"...
its wave goodbye, Don't look back
He didn't call her fat necessarily, I mean if she want to take it that way then that's on her. Then again its just YouTube, but I see what you're saying for sure.
Jessica McMinn
I like fried chicken..
Thank you XD
Your** Demeanor.