Dropping the Bomb in Civilization 6

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Taha Sedjal
Gandhi: lets drop on them a 100 tons of peace.
Duke of Lorraine
"he made a radioactive wasteland and called it peace" - Genghis Khan about Gandhi
All hail Ghandi. Ghandi will be the peace maker... or it will rain radioactive fallout for years!
Oh great Gandhi got buffed
So happy that nukes are actually realistically terrifying in Civ6, as opposed to Civ5.
Gameplay footage of AI Ghandi?
Gary Grandy
Our words are backed with NUCLEAR WEAPONS! -Gandhi
*Gandhi heavy breathing*
Ayden Mikita
is warmonger gandhi still a thing in civ 6?
And of course Japan likes high density city's close to each other........
A strange little game. The only winning move is not to play.
fares 17449
the title should be: ghandi tutorial
"Peace through nukes." -Gandhi
books from Windblown
They should also feature a vault tech just to protect the survivors when the bombs drop on the city
Samantha Sunnette
Ghandi is going to love this.
Russia Specialized unit: Tsar bomba: 10 hexes of damage with 30 turns fallout hehehehehe imagine
Yuup Yupup
The city's 'healthbar'' fainting is somehow brutal..
A Space Butterfly
NEVER EVER let Gandhi get his hand on them.
Han Zhang
Great feature, gives players incentive to work together at times so as to prevent thermonuclear war. I hope however, that they seriously updated the AI, because if nukes were this destructive with the unreasonable and often bipolar AI in civ 5, the games on fun difficulty levels would probably all have ended in nuclear war.
Gandhi has the "Nuke Happy" agenda, "Has no hesitation when using nuclear weapons, respects other civilizations that project strength through nuclear weapons." You just couldn't help yourselves but embrace the meme. Dear god.
Caleb Alderson
30 second unskippable ad, 1:46 video. GG ign.
"Other than to deny other civilizations' uranium supplies, which isn't easy." Unless you take my approach to rushing to get nukes first, then using said nukes to capture every uranium deposit on the planet.
Josh Zimmer
Liked by Ghandi and his 3,000 bloodthirsty, nuke loving family members and relatives :)
Johan Johansson
I hope there is a Gandhi achievement for deploying your first nuke xD
Punch Bowl Gaming
The only thing wrong with this is if the AI had no care of being nuked and just mass produces them. I think it will work the best online where I can see the end game turning into some form of cold war
Anthony Moccia
My favorite target to nuke is Japan
Enclave General
Civ 6 is looking great so far. Still not a fan of the cartoony graphics but graphics don't make the game so I'll get over it.
cant wait for a metal gear mod
Mr. rcas
One man wants to see the world burn. His name is Gandhi.
Might as well give Gandhi a Planet Buster from Spore.
this is why i dont play multiplayer in civ
Gandhi strikes back!
David Henchman
We need a star wars inititative to counter them
Liem Solow
"Would you like to play a game?" "Let's play Global-Thermonuclear War" "How about a nice game of chess?" No, let's play Global-Thermonuclear War"
Ghandi, please stop it.
Tchitchouan Inouane
who said ghandi was a pacifist, he clearly loves nukes !
Tokkie Met uitkering
Imagine if they add a nuclear winter and the post apocalypse
"Gotta Nuke 'Em All!" - Gandhi 2016
Mahir Ruhotina
This is how WW3 will be fought
Gee... I used to enjoy building a crap ton of nukes -- and then forcing the nuclear nonproliferation treaty (ensuring my monopoly on nukes).
*Gandhi intensifies*
This nuclear submarine looks god damn awfull :(((
I have become death, destroyer of worlds
Kim Jong IL
Wait if you take out their cities nuclear missile silo then can they not fire back?
And where is Anti-Rocket defence? (Система ПРО?)
Gaurab Chatterjee
Cue the A.I. Gandhi jokes.
is it possible to denie enemy building nukes by politics. like in civ5 the nuclear-proliferation treaty
thermal nuclear bomb?! com'on Gandi is already OP, right now you are making him even more op!
wtf are there no bomb shelters like in civ 5?
Some On
Gandhi is smiling is his grave
One Thanosy Boi
In civilization revolution you can build an SDI defence to protect a city from nukes.
its so beautiful ! :,D oh yeah nukes for da win :3
Mossy Ashromancer
the fallout should be permanent until a worker get's rid of it
Civilization IV mods: ROM-AND still unsurpassed...
"War... War never changes." -Mahatma Gandhi
I was like, that nukes not that big then they pulled out the thermonuclear bomb OMG AMAZING
Devlin Mee
"I am become death, destroyer of worlds"
Arthur A.
Quck protip - Bombers rebased to aircraft carriers can launch nukes aswell
Small correction: in every Civ game but Civ 5, you could build SDI Defenses which intercepted all or most nukes, so you could still get into a military stalemate.
In that age of nuclear deterrence, i'll send my top(snake) agent to do the job.
Holy cow that looks awesome. That's impressive.
Munky Bidness
Affected improvement tiles should be nothing but ash heaps.
Mother of god...
Is it me or the technology tree seems kinda short ?
Abdu X4
Wow that's the best thing in this game. I really like to use it.
Dario Oliveira Pereira
"It will be fun!" Gandhi said... "Trust me!" Gandhi said...
Can wait for people to nuke lewis when he is wining the game
The issue with this is the turn based system doesn't allow a realistic response time. During the cold war nobody would have won a nuclear war because the minute one country launches the others respond. Both countries wait for death as both missiles travel. In this it seem you just need to have the first turn. If they made it so you could auto launch when they target you it would add that realism and futility. Also, no other super weapons? Can we get some kinetic bombardment or chemical anthrax?
Dasaun McClinton
Is there a STAR WARS program to combat this, because that seems a bit overpowered without a counter.
"Force it to become what you want to see" - Radioactive Ghandi
I can hear Gandhi in the distance orgasming at the power of these bombs.
Felipe Werner
dont know why, but there is a satisfaction in dropping a nuclear bomb on a city...
the judgment day only are movet 100turns ;)
I actually never use nukes in civ 5, I've always thought it just slows me down.
Артём Торопин
IRL Russia has mobile land units that can launch nukes too
Lam Wing Fung
Nice gandhi gameplay bruh
Extreme Workout Dude
Question if you nuke an enemy will everyone use there nukes with threaties? Like a Nuclair global war?
Otter of Toast
Gandhi is M.A.D!!! *Mutually Assured Destruction* (Is Gandhi M.A.D? Please tell me they left in the aggressive nuke Gandhi. Peace Gandhi is kinda' boring now, lol.)
Alternative title: Playing as Ghandi in Civ6
peepee delmilo
eh its kinda bs why not have anti nuclear missiles like thaads? or keep bomb shelters like in civ 5?
Abbady 89
Civilization V graphics are much more better
wooow finally..nuclear weapons are actually strong.. in civ5 you need like 5nukes to destroy a city.... lol
Well, they did away with SDI way back in Civ III, didn't they?
meh they couldve atleast improve graphics and animation of the nukes from civ 5
The defence against nukes is nukes. 10/10 IGN -just like irl
Anthony Wslls
This is a preview of Trump's foreign "policy."
Coolboy 99
thx IGN for the information what Gandhi can do
I am the light at the end. I am the worlds only friend. I am the one who will guide the people through thermonuclear winter... I am Gandhi.
Brian McGloughlin
So nukes are now properly terrifying! That's...good?
- spazz -
Wish radiation was more of a thing afterwards
Frosty Blizzard Gaming
Wow, way to drop the Knowledge Bomb for everyone! ;P
jordi terrats molina
SAM anti air defense (costs 2000 gold I think) can prevent nukes if placed in the city right?
Madison C. Flores
I can hear the wailing curses of the people drowning in nuclear. It screams the word "GANDHI".
Coolboy 99
We will have fun with Gandhi
doesn't civ 4 have this anti icbm thing?
Nuclear winter zombies dlc confirmed!
Again a civ game with no defense against nukes. Why firaxis has yet to had a mutual destruction setup for nukes is beyond me. If player x launches nuke and if receiving player has nukes set up for defense then they auto launch on preset target.