Tool Parabola

The song Parabola by Tool Album Lateralus Track Number 7 lyrics: We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment, We are choosing to be here right now. hold on, stay inside... This holy reality, this holy experience. choosing to be here in... This body. this body holding me. be my reminder here that I am not alone in This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion. Alive This holy reality, in this holy experience. choosing to be here in... This body. this body holding me. be my reminder here that I am not alone in This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal all this pain is an illusion... Of what it means to be alive Swirling round with this familiar parable. Spinning, weaving round each new experience. Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this Chance to be alive and breathing Chance to be alive and breathing. This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality. Embrace this moment. remember. we are eternal. All this pain is an illusion.

Every time I have a bad day, I like to hear this song... Just to remember ALL THIS PAIN IS JUST AN ILLUSION.
Edgelord Is Risen
Tool is so beautiful.
T Ward
we are infinite and this is just a ride. appreciate the fact we stopped to smell the roses so to speak. enjoy it cause it is short no matter how long you live. then back to the cosmos
Jonathan Morse
this album pretty much defined middle school for me. 
This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in  This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal, all this pain is an illusion... 
The moment Maynard lets loose right before the first solo, with that belting scream I feel explosions in my soul every time.
my holy ears
Sandro Ænima
This song saved my life
nico Trisorio
questo brano è meraviglioso.i tool sono unici!
Sebastian Goldinger
That intro guitar riff is so awesome.
janani lozano
this holy reality
The Michael Vonavi
I wish it was only an illusion. I feel like shit right now. Good song, though.
Nicolas Sarango
Just realized I didn't gaved like Bad mistake
That guitar SOUND
bret holland
The creatures in the beginning of the video bare a strange resemblance to Aleister Crowley and the end of the video looks exactly like what you would see during an Ayahuasca trip.
Lucas Rosa Santos
Eu queria entender por que o Tool não é uma banda popular no Brasil (estou falando entre o povo conhecedor de Rock / Metal, não entre os analfabetos musicais).
Playing parabola without parabol is a sin
Savage Sanity
4:35 - 6:04 <3
My space suit has been ripped a few time's alive
I finally get to see Tool today!!!
Dylan Olger
Danny is hands down the best drummer right now. Sorry. He’s never in that convo which is sad
Stjepan Drenski
I just got the album and listened it your way ...just awesome
kostas Hitchens
at the end i hear the guitar speaking.. with tears..amazing..
ㅤFiv5 Sev7n
1:40 amazing!
damn you are retarded... 26 and 2... lol that shit is even worse than "shadow"
Mark Conklin
Flawless craftsmanship of music and emotion. The message is for all mankind, we need collective evolution.
Yes man you are so right. I just totally rocked out to this song. The breakdown from 3:27 to 4:15 is just totally fucking amazing. Its fearsomely fearless.
your wrong dude its 46 and 2 not 26, its literally one of the recommended videos.
Murph Souls
i personally didn't hate it, i can completely understand why people hate it, but i kind of liked the raw sound, the drums sounded decent imo with that raw sound, that's just me though
have you heard st. anger? it was complete garbage...
Murph Souls
hahaha no, st. anger wasn't bad, it was reload that was absolute shit, and except for 2 songs (Until it Sleeps and Hero of the Day), load was also absolute shit
Joseph Szabo
I think the tool song shadow is the best tool. This is my first youtube comment
nothing wrong with liking metallica, people bash on them because of st. anger and the lou reed album... but all their other albums are still great.
Thanks for just having Parabola... Pisses me off having Parabol and Parabola together to be honest...
not really some just want to hear parabola
Better not - there are too many versions of that combo in youtube, only Parabola is hard to find :) @musicislife2882 - thanks :)
Trent Allen
So inspirational
Walid El Marouri
best part starts at 3:28 magic drumroll at 3:43
@xirote420 If you play the entire album in this order: 6, 7, 5, 8, 4, 9, 13, 1, 12, 2, 11, 3, 10 It all fits together, it's not just Parabol and Parabola :P
@metallica1123456 it's ok my friend...that you noticed it means you've evolved.
Josh Stauffer
@Undurrrrdog1 - I did your experiment and I didn't hear anything matching up. It sounded cool at times... but nothing that I would say sounded "planned".
Justin Barber
@Undurrrdog1 - upload a video of it :)
Boone Meadows
@Undurrrdog1 God damn it. Now I gotta go clean my brains off the wall, because that just blew my mind....
Damn right it is! =)
Shoulda put parabol/parabola together ;) but awesomeness anyways!
joseph ornelas
4:34-6:05 is the most emotional part of this whole album when it starts my reality is no longer apart of the my current body
Jonas augusto Pereira
Peogressivo, contemporâneo rock de qualidade. ouça. procure também PERFECT CIRCLE. Ótimo!!!!
Diego Monge
Listening to this without Parabol is like cereal without the milk.
Niko Bellic
The universe wrote this song using Tool as a tool it seems.
song's sexy as faq
Timothy thomas
We are all one with the cosmos but why aren't we all one with the wandas?
Hisashi Mitsui
Nothing to say... Just Wonderful!!
They say "a band is only as good as it's weakest member". What happens when you get a group of musicians who're all solid 💯's?? YOU GET MOTHAFUCKIN TOOL 🤘👊
Love this one to!
MaD Matt
Choosing to be here in this body that's holding me I'm alive lol badass
Adam Mickiewicz
One does not simply listen to parabola without parabol
Lu Senillosa
Quién llegó por ZellenDust uwu/
lucas cain
Remember clearly a friend giving me this as a CD-R copy in high school sophomore year! What time for rock 2000-2001 this was probably my favorite track along with the patient. I couldn't forget how they added those frogs swamp sounds in the end.just added that badass touch. Classic album reminds me of good times.
Dee-Bee Kooper
ONe of my favorite all time TOOL songs... used to listen to this to get amped up for soccer game sin HS/College. Worked well...
Ash Legend
Ad after parabol ruining parabola for me , I'll manage:~(
Miyuru Eranda
I got wings after listening in 1.25 speed
Doctora Strange
My fav song ♥♥♥♥
Tacitus Kilgore
Deep song !!
ahahaha))) а мы от с ментами учим английский
Kraken Hunters
The top 2 bands I listen to when I need a better day- Sevendust and Tool.
saiber 98
we barely remember
Cb B
says who? we are the authority now. In 2017 the only excuse is lack of will.
Greg Gatsby
Does anyone know if this was inspired by an orthodox chant? I heard one of the chants, and noticed a similarity.
Danny Hayes
tool reminds me of early black sabbath is it just me or am i crazy
richard trumpet
parabol > parabola don't @ me
Kyle Wagner
me and my friend are chilling out to music he listening to a mix tape with a marshollow and I'm listen to this song. My point is this generation is FUCKED
Matthew Darnell
forty4 six6 people could find two2 reasons to be.
Remulak 9
🔥🌍🔥 FTW 😀
Where is parabol?
Heather Jenkins
1:25 ♡♡♡
Emiliano Gonzalez
I guess the tool band took 5 meO DMT to come up with this song.
Calvin Bowman
Am I the only one who thought he said "In choosing to be human"?
Juan Delgado
that riff at 3:47 to 3:57 is just too cool
chrisav savy
All this an...illusion? 0.0
No había escuchado a Tool :P
indecent proposal
Your commercials kill this album.
Google User
Majjhima Nikaya 119
Inspirational nu-metal, that's what this is. And y'all are just a bunch of inspiration junkies, here for your fix
Anas Mohd Joehary
Superb .....
This is their only tune.
Christo Broogs
This body holding me refers to another person (probably a woman he loves) holding him. Alive is how he feels and by reproducing he is eternal. Stay inside this holy experience, choosing to be here, hold on stay inside (bust a nut, dont pull out). Twirling around with this familiar parable (we are eternal, pain is an illusion is a Tibetan proverb from ancient times) he realizes that reproduction makes us eternal and pain is therefore an illusion that exists only in each individuals mind. So hold on stay inside, dont be afraid to reproduce. You only die if you don't reproduce and when your identity dies your pain dies with you. We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment is about an orgasm. We make sex into a nasty concept. This song reminds me that it is not and that we are not.
Steven Criscione
Funny thing is, in some of their songs, they remind me of Mastodon and I looked up the members and the singer is Aries just like Mastodon and the guitarist is Capricorn just like Mastodon!
Alexander bach