NATO Summit : Chicago Evacuation Plans for possible National Security Incident (Apr 25, 2012)

News Article:

So nothing happened but still they planned for it. Never before have I ever heard them planning such a crazy thing. Maybe they know something the rest of us don't know!? Maybe people are reaching a boiling point. Did you see a picture of the number of SS men (cops) they had standing guard?
Ambient Horizon
LOL! Did I miss something major?! SIGH...
Bean Cube
Can Internet be also part of human rights now-a-day?
Chava Ayanna
I'm sorry....why on EARTH would you want to evacuate, simply for an international meeting? Do they ask New York residents to evacuate every single time the United Nations meet?? Usurper Soetoro needs to get OVER himself.
yes he did
Russians are going to be training to use U.S weapons in Colorado next month
And prepare for the people? What people they will be vaporized if a nuclear attack happened.
The false flag will prolly be canceled because everyone knows about it. Prepare for it to be somewhere else
I smell another False Flag Incident.
Dedra is exactly right! How else can you force people to leave their homes? This is really scary. TPTB will create hundreds of thousands of American refugees, who will be sheltered ( imprisoned ) in FEMA camps. People wake up !!!!
TPTB are planning something and are going to blame it on 'terrorist's'. Then 'they' are going to inflict martial law and things are going to get fucking crazy. If not Chicago, then somewhere else. 'They' are chomping at the bit to lock us down. Within the next few months America will not be reconizable any more. Then watch for the Olympics to have a huge 'disaster' that will further 'their' control on humans. I hope I am wrong, but I have been reading too much on upcoming events.